Friday, December 24, 2010

From the Cooneys: Appointed to Ireland

September - October -November 2010
Appointed - Ireland

One hundred twenty six times in the Bible the word "appointed" is used to denote the setting in place of individuals, groups of people, and set times for things to take place.

In 2 Chronicles 31, King Hezekiah appointed Priests & Levites to minister to the people--burning their offerings and giving continual thanks & praise to the Lord. In Luke 10, Jesus commissioned and appointed 70 and sent them out two by two into every city to prepare the people's hearts before he would come. In 2 Timothy 1, the Apostle Paul explains he was appointed a preacher, apostle & teacher to sinners.

In 1 Thessalonians 5, we’re told God doesn’t appoint us to wrath, hatred or anger…but he does appoint us to salvation through Christ. In Psalms 104:19, the Lord appoints the moon & sun for the seasons. The Word lets us know in Hebrews 9:27 that men are appointed once to die, and that the Lord(Acts 17:31) has appointed a day that he will judge the world in righteousness. It's safe to say everyone is appointed for some things!

I like the definition of "appoint" that I found within the dictionary. It means “to select or designate, to fill an office or position, to fix or set by authority or mutual agreement, to furnish.” The adjective "appointed" is even more powerful! It means “decided, set, chosen, established, determined, settled, fixed, arranged, assigned, designated, allotted, commissioned, selected, elected, installed, delegated, nominated, equipped, provided, supplied, furnished, fitted out.” What a blessing it is to be appointed by our master and maker Jesus Christ!

We were recently appointed missionaries to the country of Ireland at the UPCI General
Conference in Houston, Tx. We consider it a great privilege to be called to Europe and appointed to Ireland, and we thank those involved in the decision making process and all those that support us presently and have supported us in the past. We are thankful to be part of a great missionary family all over the world and body of Christ that is never ceasing to reach the lost! This will always be a special year for us. We found out we were being interviewed on my birthday, and we were appointed on Fanny’s birthday.

Upon entering the U.S. the Lord blessed us with a 2006 van that only had 9,600 miles on
it, that we purchased for a 2006 price. We are currently evangelizing and have already traveled 9,000 miles ministering in Ohio, Texas, Indiana & New York. We give God all glory for 30 that have received the Holy Ghost & 6 baptized with many receiving breakthroughs. I guess this will be our last newsletter for this year and before beginning our official deputation; it’s been a great year of reaping souls... And a very challenging and trying year too. Time to regroup for 2011...Going to magnify the number next year!

Our official deputation begins the first week of January 2011, and because of this our travels will most likely have us here in the U.S. for a year and a half. We would greatly appreciate your prayers & financial support during this time.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

God has appointed everyone……….what appointment are you fulfilling for the cause of his Kingdom?

Rev Joe, Fanny & Jaylon Cooney

Missionaries to Ireland - Evangelists to the World

From the Tolstads (Uganda Update)

Dear Partners and Friends,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

e greet you from Kampala, Uganda where the temperature never changes. Being so close to the Equator (@20 miles) and over 4,000 feet high, we have a very nice year-round warm temperature. Christmas is an important time for Ugandans as they travel back to their home villages and spend several weeks visiting, reuniting with family and their clans. Christmas Day is an important time to go to Church and Celebrate the Birth of Jesus the Savior. We trust you are able to spend time with family and loved ones to Celebrate this special time.

We are making preparations for our General Conference in January. We are honored to have Bro David Bernard with us as special guest and speaker. We are looking forward to a great time of teaching and preaching that strengthens the Church of Uganda.

This month of December has been busy, as we had our Quarterly General Board meeting to plan and organize for the General Conference. It was exciting to see what all God is doing in Uganda.

I just returned late last night from a Seminar in Llyama. This is a new area with new pastors. Bro Kiria Erisama pastors in Llyama and is building a great church. He also has a Nursery/Primary School with over 150 Children in his school. He further cares for over forty Orphans who live at the school. Bro Kiria has a great desire to reach his area with this Gospel. We taught Apostolic Doctrine, Family Life/Bible Values and Prophecy for four days. In the Evening we went to the Trading Center and preached a Crusade. Over 51 people received the Holy Ghost. (I say "over" because, when we finished praying at the Crusade, it was so dark you couldn't see anyone or anything; all you could hear were people praying and worshiping!) On Saturday night as we were concluding our message, there was a near riot as a parade of several thousand people marched right through our Crusade. It was the Circumcision Initiation ritual for young boys, and they always march through their area with the Witch Doctors and Traditional Men. I thought we had lost the crowd, but on Sunday, two men from the Crusade Service on Saturday came to church, received the Holy Ghost and were baptized. On Sunday the church marched to the swamp where they dammed up a little creek in the rice paddies and baptized 23 folks. Three of the men and one Woman were Muslims. Not only were they baptized in the Name of Jesus, they changed their names from Muslim names to Christian Names to mark their conversion to Christ! (When people accept the Muslim Faith, they have to change their names to Muslim names; we tell folks when they become Disciples of Jesus they should take a Christian name to be a Witness to their family and friends, and they are now "Christians.")

Thank you all for your prayers and faithful giving in your "Faith Promise;" your faithful giving continues to spread the Gospel throughout Uganda. Thank you for your sacrifices and giving to our Projects. One young couple in Louisiana did not give Christmas gifts to each other, rather they bought a bicycle for a Pastor in Uganda with their Christmas Gift funds. This type of sacrifice is eternal as Bro. Erisama now is able to travel and preach the Gospel throughout his area. He is an Area Coordinator and over 13 Churches.

Phil & Twyla Tolstad

Friday, December 17, 2010

Revival Reports from Africa

Terry Riddick & Rusty Riddick families

Seven full time and three correspondence students graduated from the UPC College of Theology. One graduate was a young converted Muslim lady. This is the first Muslim graduate from the school.

Equatorial Guinea

Area Coordinator, Jim Poitras, & Regional Missionary, Peter Mua family

Six were baptized in Jesus' name, and four received the gift of the Holy Spirit. Five were healed of various sicknesses.


Area Coordinator, Randy Adams - reported by Pastor Desire Rakotondratsimba

One family with several children obeyed the plan of Salvation. Two others were also baptized in Jesus' name.

Jim Poitras, Colleen Carter, & Nick Sisco families

Throughout the country in regular church services, 178 received the gift of the Holy Spirit and 168 were baptized in Jesus' name.

In one region, the youth became active in evangelism and outreach and as a result thirty-two were baptized in Jesus' name and five received the Holy Spirit.

In two regions 7,000 tracts were distributed and as a result nineteen were baptized in Jesus' name and twenty-seven received the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Three Bible school students from other organizations have embraced the truth and were baptized in Jesus' name.

A deacon has been preaching on the local radio station for three years now. The Chief and Elders in one town invited him to visit. As a result a church has been planted and thirty-nine have already been baptized in Jesus' name.

A pastor and congregation from another denomination expressed their interest in the Oneness Truth. So far twenty-eight members have been baptized in Jesus' name.

Jim Crumpacker & Patrick Groves families

A total of 270 were baptized in Jesus' name, 108 received the gift of the Holy Spirit, and 190 testified of healing.

Gerry McLean family

Two Bible school student pastors baptized a total of twenty-nine in Jesus' name, and fifteen received the gift of the Holy Spirit.

The evangelism director baptized seventeen in Jesus' name.

The missionary witnessed to two pastors about the Oneness of God and Jesus' name baptism, and he baptized both.

Randall Richardson family - reported by Brother Mamy Razanajatovo

Two were baptized in Jesus' name.

South Africa
Dan Davis family

Two were baptized in Jesus' name. Twenty completed the membership class and are now members of the church.

Randy Adams family - reported by AIMer Jaydie Johnson

A total of fourteen received the gift of the Holy Spirit, three were baptized in Jesus' name, and four reported healing in regular services.

Phil Tolstad family

Throughout the country in regular church services, 273 were baptized in Jesus' name and 293 received the gift of the Holy Spirit. Nine new churches have been started. Among those baptized were three Trinitarian pastors.

During a Regional Conference, fifty-four received the gift of the Holy Spirit and twenty-six were baptized in Jesus' name, including four Trinitarian pastors. Among those who received the Holy Spirit was the Mayor of the section of town where the conference was held and also some visiting pastors.

A pastor was invited to preach on the radio. A group of churches in the south-western part of the country heard his message and called him to come and preach the message of Apostolic Doctrine and Baptism in Jesus' name. We pray that this opens a new area to the Gospel.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tolstad / Uganda December Update

Dear Friends and Partners,

Finished a four day General Board Meeting! It was long but very beneficial, as we were making plans for our General Conference in January and schedule for 2011. We have some great men who are committed to Revival and Truth.

In the last couple of months, we've had some great Regional Conferences and the reports from the Presbyters were very encouraging as the churches are continuing to grow and denominational pastors are coming to visit our Presbyters to see "Why are you growing." Giving the Presbyters time to witness to them of the Power of the Name of Jesus and the Apostolic Doctrine!

The Presbyters reported at the Board Meeting: Ten new churches added last month and two Presbyters are going to go preach at Trinity Churches this Sunday--one in the North and one in the West. They are expecting to baptize most of the people in the churches!

Presbyter Jacob reports two new churches in the Rwenzori (West) Region, 31 Baptized in Jesus Name and 27 have received the Holy Ghost this month. Pastor Jacob became very sick last month; he had a severe case of malaria, and his family were making preparations to take him to the hospital here in Kampala. God spoke to him and told him not to go but to trust Him. It caused the church to have overnight prayers; many pastors came to pray with him and then to go home and pray more. Revival broke out. Bro Jacob is doing well and attended the Board Meeting. Due to the church's praying, many miracles are being testified to: one church had over 15 receive the Holy Ghost in a prayer meeting.

Presbyter Monzira in West Nile reports three new churches. They baptized a Trinity pastor last week in Omoro Village, and he is going to go baptize the whole church in Jesus Name this week. They are holding a Youth Conference next week in Adjumani Town. A crusade is planned over the holidays in Koboko to plant a new church north of Arua.

Presbyter Christia reported a new church in Kamanjja. The pastor is a lady we baptized at the Ministers Conference in August. They are meeting under a tarp under a Mango Tree, and many people are attending.

Presbyter Dison rode his bicycle to a new church in Bududa where 20 where baptized and 13 received the Holy Ghost. We now have two churches in Bududa. A Trinitarian pastor was baptized in Kalilo and has brought his church into the truth. The presbyter is going, in two weeks, to baptize the church. In Amudat, a pastor who was baptized last month at the Conference baptized ten of his people and three received the Holy Ghost. In Nyamtaraduza ( a new church), 15 have received the Holy Ghost.

Presbyter Ogwal reports that last month over 91 people were baptized in his region--with over 60 receiving the Holy Ghost. New churches are in Apach, Pader, Otuke and Oyoung in the North Kyoga Region.

In Omoloto last month, the Trinitarian pastors had organized a protest against our pastor and even blocked the road to stop people from attending the church. Some of the men from the church went to the group and asked them, "Why are you stopping people from being healed." They said, "We don't like your doctrine," and the men replied, "God is going to answer the prayers of those that worship Him. Are people healed in your church? Are people delivered? NO? Well, they are here were we Worship Jesus as God!" They left and went home. In the last month, many of the people from the villages have come to visit and many are being healed and delivered. The church has grown with over 42 people have been baptized in Jesus Name! A total of four Trinitarian pastors have been baptized in Jesus Name this past month in his Region.

We want to thank Pastor Rufus Parker and some of his friends for donating five bicycles for our Pastors. The Pentecostals of Alexandria have donated fifteen bicycles! A bicycle allows a Pastor to travel and preach in different villages and trading centers. It gives him the ability to attend the Pastors Meetings and evangelize his area. Many times they will bring their Youth Pastor or their Wife to help them reach a new area for the Gospel. Pastor Jerry Dean's church in Bossier City sponsored a motorcycle for Presbyter Dison. Thank you, all!

We are working hard to complete five church buildings this month; we still need some help with them. Prices are getting high as supplies are dwindling due to the General Elections being held next year in February. Many companies are not importing supplies till after the results of the Election and the anticipated violence. We covet your prayers for a peaceful election so that we can continue to preach the Gospel.

Thank you for all your faithfulness in Prayers and Finance. Without your support, we cannot build a strong church in Uganda. It takes the power of God and also money to travel and hold seminars throughout Uganda.

United Apostolic Primary School Graduation: At the end of the year, there is a Parents/Student Assembly where the students sing, perform and have a "Parade" of their cultural dress. As UAPS is an International School, it represents 19 different countries and many different tribes from Uganda. With our primary and secondary schools here in Kampala, there are over 900 students and 80 staff and teachers. In the UACU, there are 13 schools throughout the country, as our churches reach out to educate and train young people and orphans.

Phil and Twyla Tolstad


Friday, December 10, 2010

Merry Christmas from the Richardson Family

We wish you a Merrry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sunshine, rain, flowers blooming, green grass, mosquitos, mangos, letchis, turkeys, hot and humid days, traffic jams, skinny dark-skinned Santas, neon green Christmas trees, chocolate...Did we mention how hot it is? ...rice fields, barbecues, thunderstorms...these are just a few things we experience on our island during the holiday season.

We listen to songs like "I'm Dreaming of a Wh
ite Christmas," and it truly is a dream. The song "I'll Be Home for Christmas..If Only in My Dreams" is sung with great heartfelt sincerity. And yet, there is a great peace and contentment in our hearts because the reason for the season is JESUS and everybody oughta know who JESUS is. He was born so that He might die...and purchase salvation for ALL. So while our thouhts may linger over dreams of one home, we are happy and blessed in another home...all the while yearning for the ETERNAL HOME.

The Richardson Family: Chris, Paula, Richae, & Jared

Friday, November 12, 2010

Tolstad Report on Uganda

Dear Friends and Partners,

Folks crowded into the building in Zaipi for the Conference

October saw many victories and blessings! We were able to travel to the Mt. Elgon Regional Conference and to three other seminars.
-- one Pastors Seminar,

-- two Apostolic Doctrine Seminars

Preaching at a new church in the north--translating into ATeso.
Choirs sang in ATeso and Karamajjong.

We were also able to attend the opening of three new churches in t
he North and to visit the construction of two church buildings. Doing all this around our quarterly General Board Meeting!

In the month of October at the services we attended, 113 Received the Holy Ghost, 72 were baptized in Jesus Name, 7 new churches are now called United Apostolic Churches and 3 Trinitarian pastors where baptized in the saving name. This is j
ust in the places we were at; God is adding to the church daily!

Elephants Beside the Road

Our Regional Conference for North Kyoga Region is starting on Nov 19 in Lira in Northern Uganda. We are expecting great things in the Lord. God has given us a great move of God; last Sunday 21 people were baptized at the Headquarters Church in Lira town.

On Nov 26-30, we will be going to the Lake Victoria Region to visit six different churches. This area is the oldest area of the UACU, but it also is the slowest developing. We are praying for a mighty move of God to bring a reviving spirit of God. We had to cancel the Regional Conference in this region due to political violence. Instead of bringing everyone to one place, we are dividing the churches into the six area locations.

Pastor Peterson of Masejja had been invited to preach on the radio two weeks ago. A group of churches in southwestern Uganda heard his message and called him and asked him to come and preach this Apostolic Doctrine and Baptism. We are praying this will open this new area to the Gospel message!

Muddy Roads Hinder Vehicle Travel

We are still needing help with bicycles for pastors. Can you help a Pastor? Most of our pastors have several branch churches and preaching points they minister at each week. A bicycle will make a big difference.

We appreciate so much your faithful continued support and prayers. Without your participation, we would not be able to accomplish much.

Phil & Twyla Tolstad

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ringing Out the Good News -- Ghana

Winter 2010 Report
Colleen Carter

"Just Having Church"

Throughout the country in regular church services, 178 received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and 168 were baptized in Jesus' name.

"Youth In Action"

In one region, the youth became active in evangelism and outreach. As a result, 32 were baptized in Jesus' name and 5 were filled with the Holy Ghost.

"Paper Preacher Conversations..."

In one region, 4,000 tracts were distributed and, as a result, 19 were baptized in Jesus' name and 22 received the Holy Ghost.

In another region, 3,000 tracts were distributed and, so far, 5 have received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

"ACTS Students Apprenticeship..."

Three of our students from other organizations have embraced the truth and were baptized in Jesus' name.

Students helped a pastor with evangelism and tract distribution -- 4 visitors came to the next. Sunday service. Since then, 5 were baptized in Jesus' name.

"Gospel on 102.7 FM..."

A deacon has been preaching on the local radio station for three years now. The Chief and Elders in one town invited him to visit. As a result, a church has been planted and 39 have already been baptized in Jesus' name.

"The Gift of Truth"

A pastor and congregation from another denomination expressed their interest in the Oneness Truth. So far, 28 members have been baptized in Jesus' name and the other 22 will soon follow.

Thank you dear, faithful Partners in Missions for your prayers, love, and financial support. The above revival reports are possible because of your sacrifice to the Kingdom of God.

It is my prayer that the "Good News" will ring out loud and clear in your church, community, and city this beautiful time of year when we celebrate the greatest gift of all -- Truth wrapped Himself in flesh and came to dwell among us to save our lost souls!

Africa Network of Prayer

Calendar of Events

Nov 1-3
-- Cameroon - - Ministers' Conference in Buea with Rev. Donald Knight
Nov 2-4
-- Madagascar -- Regional Marriage Seminar in Moramang
Nov 4-7
-- Cameroon -- Annual National Convention in Buea with Rev. Myron Wideman
Nov 6
-- Togo -- National Board Meeting
Nov 6-7
-- Uganda -- Rwenzori Region Karonga Seminar
Nov 9-12
-- Kenya -- General Board Meeting
Nov 12-14
-- Cameroon -- Ladies Seminar in Yaounde
Nov 13
-- Benin -- National Board Meeting
Nov 13-14
-- Uganda -- North Kyoga Lira Seminar
Nov 18-22
-- Uganda -- North Kyoga Regional Conference
Nov 26-29
-- Uganda -- Lake Victoria Seminar

Special Prayer Requests

Burkina Faso

Purchasing property in Ouagadougou is quite a challenge. We have
two churches that are needing to make some decisions in the next few months. Both will most likely need to be relocated. Please pray that we not only find good properties at a good price, but that the purchase of the properties goes smoothly. We need wisdom on how to work through this process.

We have a unique opportunity to buy a building in Nairobi. One of our local churches is renting this building at present, and the owner wants to sell it. The price is close to $31,000.00, and we are believing God is going to help us raise this here in Kenya. Please pray with us about this building.

There will be a referendum vote this month while we're away. There were some demonstrations/protests in town last week because of a trial of someone accused of things that took place during the 'coup' that happened a couple of years ago.


Please continue praying for the church legal registration which is now
in process. Pray, also, for the executive board members that God will give them wisdom for leading the work of the Lord with a zeal and fervor.

Please bind together with Pastor Damien as he prayers for 300 AIDS patients from 1:00 to 4:00 every day.

Sierra Leone

Pray for the Last Hour program that is to take place at end of the months of November and December. We are thankful for a recent land purchase for a local church. Help us pray that God will provide the funds needed for the building.


Pray for an upcoming mission trip into Sudan, one of Africa's Target countries. There are some contacts. Please pray that the doors will open to be able to get into the country. Also, pray for national referendum which is scheduled to be held in January, 20

International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church
November 7, 2010

Most of us can be grateful that we have never been persecuted for our faith. Maybe we have been laughed at, ignored or thought to be silly because we believe in God. But most of us have never been beaten, imprisoned or threatened because we follow
Christ. Did you know in other countries that approximately 160 million Christians today are suffering because of their faith in Jesus? Earlier this year, 500 Christians in Nigeria were murdered overnight. In Afghanistan, Christians live in constant fear of violence. In North Korea, it is a crime to be a Christian. Join with people all over the world on November 7 to pray for all Christians who are suffering for their faith. Pray for their persecutors. Pray that the Gospel will spread rapidly in countries where Christians are oppressed, and that ungodly regimes will change as their people are changed by the power of God.

Praise Reports

Burkina Faso

Every day we are receiving calls about someone getting baptized in Jesus Name. The pastors have their eyes focused on the fields. Just 2 weeks ago, we baptized 2 Trinitarian ministers and their wives. We are working with a pastor who lives in the s
outh of Burkina who has received the Word of God, and we will be traveling down to baptize him one the first of December. God is doing a quick work here in Burkina Faso!


In a recent crusade in the Coastal city of For
t Dauphine,

204 were filled with the Holy Ghost. The local church is so thankful and excited! Continue to pray as they begin the "follow up" work this week.

Eleven have received the Holy Ghost, two were healed, and three are to be baptized in Jesus' name this coming weekend!


One couple in Reunion said, "We are going to church there," as they drove past our church sign. During their first visit, he was healed after four specialists had told him he would never be healed. On their second Sunday, she received the gift of the Holy Ghost. On their fourth Sunday, they were both baptized in Jesus' name. They are from a city where we have been praying for an open door to establish a church.

People are receiving the Holy Ghost, and we also have baptized two in Jesus' name. On the 10th, we held a three hour prayer meeting with all the pastors; three days later, there was a failed coup attempt. We are able to continue our services in peace. Also through the power of prayer, a woman & a child diagnosed with AIDS were healed!

In four Regional meetings, 111 received the Holy Ghost and 70 were baptized. There were seven new churches added, and three Trinitarian pastors were baptized in Jesus' name.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Africa in Revival

Randy Adams family

Eight received the Holy Ghost at a special service.


Ted Grosbach family, reported by Pastor Lesang Legotlho

Thirty-five men attended the Apostolic Man regional meeting.

The Ladies Conference was also a great success with several ladies from around the country in attendance. They were blessed by the teachings.

Eight received the Holy Ghost in regular services.

Approximately 120 children attended the Power Hour service.

Burkina Faso

Ken Cantrell family

Several were recently baptized in Jesus' name, including two ministers from other denominations and their wives.

Two new works have been started, one in the north and the other just outside the capital city.

Each pastor has selected a city or village for a spiritual partnership. They are responsible for prayer and for personal evangelism in that city.


Jim Poitras, Colleen Carter, & Nick Sisco families

One Bible school student from another organization was baptized in Jesus' name.

Three received the Holy Ghost, and eight were baptized in Jesus' name at one church.


Jim Crumpacker & Patrick Groves families

A total of ninety-seven were baptized in Jesus' name, and thirty-one received the Holy Ghost throughout the country. Thirty-five also received healing.

One lady was told to terminate her pregnancy because the baby would not live. The church prayed and a healthy baby was born.

A lame person was prayed for in Jesus' name and was made whole.


David Kline family

Seven received the Holy Ghost.

Global Association of Theological Studies - Lesotho has been established and opened for classes. The first group has four students, and all have a call to ministry.

Three received the Holy Ghost at the Leadership and Training Seminar.


Albert Stewart family

During regular services, sixty-four were baptized in Jesus' name and forty-one received the Holy Ghost.


Chris Richardson family

One of the local churches had "Family Sunday" with over 1,000 in attendance, and around 200 of those were visitors.


Tremayne Simoneaux family

At District Conferences, a total of 166 received the Holy Ghost and forty-five were baptized in Jesus' name.


Gerry McLean family

The National Treasurer traveled to attend a funeral. While there he baptized seven, including a Catholic nun.

Two of the Bible school students baptized thirteen while visiting their home town. Another student had a breakthrough in his village church and baptized four, and one received the Holy Ghost.

A new UPCI minister baptized six in Jesus' name.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Ted Grosbach family, reported by Pastor Gokalo

The Conference had 583 in attendance. Eight were baptized in Jesus' name, and fifty-two received the Holy Ghost.


Randall Richardson family

One couple said "We are going to church there", as they drove past our church sign. During their first visit, he was healed after four specialists had told him he would never be healed. On their second Sunday, she received the gift of the Holy Ghost. On their fourth Sunday, they were both baptized in Jesus' name. They are from a city where we have been praying for an open door to establish a church.


Randy Adams & Michael Benson families, reported by AIMer Jaydie Johnson

A total of sixteen people were healed by the power of God at various churches. One lady regained her failing eyesight, a man left to die was healed, and three barren women were healed.

A demon sent to terrorize and hurt the children of one particular church was unable to touch or harm anyone.


Phil Tolstad family

One region's first conference yielded sixty-six who received the Holy Ghost and thirteen baptized in Jesus' name. Six new pastors were also interviewed.

Throughout the country there are eighteen new churches. A total of forty-six received the Holy Ghost in regular church services, and 110 were baptized in Jesus' name including two congregations.

There were several miracles. While children were receiving medical attention, two men who had brought their children were also sick. They were prayed for and instantly healed.

Temporary church buildings have been constructed so that worship can move from under the trees for several congregations. Each place is now working to find land to construct permanent church buildings.

Monday, October 11, 2010

General Conference Report 2010

Highlights (estimated or round numbers)
  • Total attendance: 17,500
  • Peak attendance (Sunday night): 13,000
  • Total baptized with the Holy Ghost: 3,600
  • Total views on Internet (English, Spanish, deaf): 86,000
  • Total countries with viewers: 111 (English), 28 (Spanish)
Other Information
  • Registrations: 11,361 (excludes children and complimentary passes for some volunteers)
  • Volunteers: 2,700
  • Unique IPS addresses for English and deaf viewers (individuals, families, or churches): 16,034
  • Baptized in water onsite: 135
  • Baptized with Holy Ghost in children’s service: 94
  • Baptized with Holy Ghost on the street: 107
  • Baptized with Holy Ghost via Internet in English (reported by text): 356
  • Baptized with Holy Ghost via internet in Spanish (reported by e-mail): 30, in 11 countries
  • Refilled with Holy Ghost: 1,000
  • People receiving the Holy Ghost included an Ethiopian van driver for our street workers, a Honduran worker in the ladies meeting, and a security guard Sunday night (also baptized).
  • Many healings. The daughter of a pastor in South Texas received healing of complete deafness in one ear caused by a lack of internal bones. She now uses that ear to listen to her cell phone.

The attendance estimates were based on registrations, volunteer passes, and reports from building security and district leadership. Because of stringent control by building security, we were not able to conduct a full altar call at the front, so we turned the entire arena into an altar. When we asked for a show of hands of how many spoke in tongues for the first time, the crusade team on the platform estimated that 1,500 hands were raised on each side for a total of 3,000. When we asked how many were either filled or refilled after not speaking in tongues for a long time, there were an estimated 4,000 to 5,000. We had 600 trained altar workers stationed throughout the audience and approximately 1,000 ministers. In interviews, individual workers reported praying with 2-10 people who received the Holy Ghost and said many were filled instantaneously and simultaneously. The estimate of 3,000 filled is easily substantiated by 600 workers praying with 5 people each, not counting others filled.


Truly we experienced a reenactment of the Day of Pentecost, when “suddenly” the Holy Spirit fell on “about 120,” and then a short time later “about 3,000” from many nations were added to that number. This conference was one of our greatest ever, and it is unprecedented in several ways:

  • The greatest outpouring of the Holy Ghost at one place and one time in the U.S.
  • The greatest number of attendees and viewers for a UPCI conference
  • The most countries reached by a UPCI conference
To all this we can say, “Praise the Lord” and “To God be the glory!”

Sincerely in Christ,

David K. Bernard

General Superintendent

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Revival Update from Spain

Times of Refreshing

In September it was an honor to have the
Times of Refreshing team with us in Barcelona, Spain. During this leadership meeting, we had over 430 national leaders from all across Spain come to Barcelona to be a part of this meeting. There was outstanding preaching and teaching that encouraged our national Pastors and Leaders.
It was an h
onor to have Elias Limones, Times of Refreshing Director and Pastor from Pittsburg, Ca; Gary Sones, Missionary and President of the work in Spain; Vicente Rojas, Pastor from Oakland, Ca; Miguel Quintero Pastor from San Jose, Ca; Monte Showalter, Missionary Evangelist; Leroy Francis, Superintendent of Great Britain and Ireland; and Antonino Giacalones, Secretary of the UPC of Italy. We appreciate every one of these men that did an outstanding job ministering to the Leadership of Spain.

Holy Ghost Outpouring

The first Sunday of October was "friends day" at The Pentecostals of Barcelona. We had over 360 in attendance--with 44 visitors in the Sunday morning service. It was wonderful to have 17 of them receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost for the first time. To God be the glory!

Prayer Request

Continue to pray for the country of Andorra. This in a country on the border of France and Spain that does not yet have an apostolic church. We now have a family that is willing to move from Barcelona to Andorra to help us establish the work in this country. We hope to have them established there before the end of the year. Please pray for us as we reach out to this un-evangelized field.

Family News

We're excited to ann
ounce that we are expecting the arrival of baby number two at the beginning of May 2011. Tanya has found a doctor here in Barcelona, and we plan to have the baby here in Spain. Please keep her in your prayers during these next few months.

Thank you for all your prayers and support. Together we are claiming Spain in Jesus' name!

God Bless,

Nathan, Tanya, and Alaina Harrod

Friday, October 1, 2010

Uganda Report

Visitors from America
Sis Donna Parker, AIMer from Greenwood Arkansas
Sis Jackson and Sis Larabee, both visiting for two weeks from Leavenworth, Kansas

Dear Friends and Partners,

A church asked us for translation of several languages of "Every Tribe, Every Tongue, Every Nation....Everyone.... We Worship", for their Missions Conference, and I thought you might find it interesting.

1. Kiswahili (East Africa): Kila Kabila, Kila Lulimiokila inchi, Kila
mmoja Tuabudu
2. Kenya: Kila Kabila, kila thok, kila pinyi, kila gato, w
a pak
3. Makabira (Congo): rureme roothe, mukirega wothe, mudu woothe nitogoche

4. French (Congo): Tout tribu, Tonte langue, Tonte Nation
, tout le monde, Nous Atorons
5. Lingala (Congo): Bikolo Nyonso, Munoko nyonso, Babboka Nyoso, Bato nyonso, to sanjola

6. Kikongo (Congo): Ndinga Inso, Bwala Inso, Beto Banso, Tukembile

7. Lugbara (Uganda): Suru woro, Tii woro, Angu woro,
ba woro, amu ma injii
8. Nub (Uganda): Krila Kabila, Kila outan, Kila bele, Kita ajol, ina Kul Kede abudu

9. Kinyarwanda (Rwanda): buri bboko, buri rurimi, buri igihobu, buri muntu twese duhimbaze

10. Kiriga (Congo): Ila ilongo, ila lulomi ila isi, bashu bose, Inabudu

11. Kibembe (Congo): Ila ilongo, ila lulimi, ila iba, lo bashu bo
se tuabudu
12. Karamojong (Uganda): Ngini tunganan daadang, Ngina
ngajep daadang, ngina teker daadang,
Ngina kwaf danadang elifa akuj papa

13. Luo (Uganda): Rok ducu, Les ducu, Lubo ducu, dawo ducu myero pak rwot

14. Kuman (Uganda): Rok wena, leb, ducu, Lobo bene, dano dedede, pak rwot

15. Rootoro (Uganda): Buli Ihanga, Buli Rulimi, buli Ensi, Buli Omu, Tukugize

16. Ruganda (Uganda): Buli Gwanga, Buli Rulimi, Buli Ensi, Bulyomu, Tusiinze

17. Susamia (Uganda): Buli Kabila, Buli Lulimmi, Buli Sialo, Buli Mundu, fesi hugukirira

Kasambya Altar Call

"We Worship"

1. Rutooro (Uganda): Buli Opiu Tukugize

2. Ruganda (Uganda): Bulyomu Tusiinze Mukama

3. Runyankole (Uganda): Buryomwe Tukugize

4. Luo (Uganda): Jo Ducu myero pak Rivot

5. Kuman (Uganda): Dano Dedede Pak Rwot

6. Kiswahili (International, East Africa): Kila Mmoja Tuabudu

7. Kinyarwanda (Rwanda): Twese Duhimbaze

8. Kirundi (Burundi): Twese Duhamye

9. Kisamya (Uganda): Buli Mundu Tubinnze

10. Kikuyu (Kenya): Ithui othe ni Tugoshe Ngai

11. Ateso (Uganda): Oni Ker Eturoto

12. Kijaluo (Kenya): Ji Dutote Kapak

13. Kiluya (Kenya): Twhese Tuabudu

14. Karia Majong (Uganda): I won daadang elipa

15. Kinubi (Uganda): Ina Kulu Kede abuid

16. Lugbara (Uganda): Amamia inji

17. Kirega (Congo): Bashu Bose Tuabudu

18. Kibembe(Congo): Ilia Mutu Turbudu

19. Lingala (Congo): Batu Myonso Tonyetola

20. Chichewa (Malawi): Aliese Kupembedza

21. Kigisu (Uganda): Buli Mutwela Kane Esaye

Updates from Uganda

We had to cancel our Regional Conference in the eastern part of Uganda as there were severe riots over the political primary elections this past week. Most of the trouble was right next to our church where our conference was to be held. Three people were killed, and many cars and buildings were destroyed. We will plan to reschedule in Nov
ember. Since we were not able to go East, we went West and visited six churches in two days -- having services in the first church each day and then meeting with the saints in the other churches. Eleven received the Holy Ghost in the two services. Four of the churches had purchased land and were in the process of building permanent church structures. If you would like to help in these projects, please let us know; there isn't any greater gift than giving a church for people to find God!

Pastor John's Church - Construction Incomplete

In Kasambya, four received the Holy Ghost.

In Igunda on Friday, seven received the Holy Ghost. The church was packed with many sitting outside the building and packing inside during the altar time. It was raining, and the road was difficult and slick. Thankfully, the SFC Toyota got us there and back.

The Road

In the North in the city of Dokolo, one new church was started last week, and
another church received the truth. Presbyter Ogwal baptized the whole church. Two new churches in this area!

In Kinyinya, four were baptized in Jesus Name as the church has continued in Revival. This church is one of our oldest and, in the last year, has started two branch churches that now number over three hundred--now outnumber their mother church.

In the Village of Kassasa, eight received the Holy Ghost and were baptized.

In Kyenjojo, a young man witnessed to a pastor of a church he attended as he had just moved into the area and it was to far to walk to his own church. The pastor came to the Ministers Seminar in August and was baptized and received the Holy Ghost. This church is now an United Apostolic Church.

In a Kabalagala/Kibuli church here in Kampala, seven received the Holy Ghost.

We want to thank all of you for your faithful continued support in Prayers and Finances. Your faithful PIM is what makes it possible to reach Uganda.

Pastor John's church in the mountains of the West
They ran out of money and couldn't finish the roof and walls of the Church.
It was raining inside!

We are continuing to need your help in purchasing and registering land for our churches; there are also six churches who need help to put on iron sheets for their roofs. A complete roof with trusses (etc.) will run about $1,500. ( 103.FA.033215.21.2112.-.114). We are also in desperate need of bicycles for our pastors who pastor several churches. A bike with spare parts and an extra tire is $100 ( 103.FA.033215.24.2411.-.114). Your help in these areas would be greatly appreciated.

Phil and Twyla Tolstad


Monday, September 20, 2010

Uganda Monthly Report

Above: Service under the trees

Dear Friends and Partners,

We are thankful that a miracle happened and Kampala Electric Company "Uneme" outdid themselves and restored our electric in record time. Though the surge that blew the transformers also destroyed power strips, transformers, light bulbs, sockets, and many circuit boards in electrical equipment. All this happened in the middle of our Ministers Conference.

There were many adversaries; there was a lot of sickness in pastors' homes, but many testified that they had to come to the conference. When they called home, they found their family members were all healed!

In addition, the Educational Ministry changed the starting dates of secondary schools, and many parents had to find money for the school fees and could not come. Through it all, God provided many miracles of healing and supplied the needs of his Ministry.

Above: Bro. Rufus Parker

Thank you, Bro Rufus Parker, for teaching and preaching! I could see the Church as it was maturing and growing each day through the powerfull teaching and preaching. The General Board of the UACU also taught exceptionally, ...annointed teaching and preaching!

Above: Ministers Conference

A total of 171 pastors attended, as well as fifty-three were Pastors' wives and youth leaders. A total of 229 church leaders were in Bible School Classes. There were many visiting pastors.

Twenty-eight received the Holy Ghost, and seventeen were baptized. Nine of these were Trinitarian Pastors, all were leaders and/or pastors wives. We rejoice in the revelation of Truth and power of God's Word.

Nine branch churches became new churches last month! Forty-two new churches joined the United Apostolic Church of Uganda to preach this Oneness Message of Salvation!

Five days of intensive classes, with a powerfull service at night, culminated with a great Service on Sunday as over 340 were in attendance for the Service.

We are rejoicing in the growth of the Church as we receive reports daily of people receiving the Holy Ghost in Churches, people being baptized, and miracles and healings. Here in Uganda, there is a False Prophet who calls himself, "The God Almighty" and goes by the name of "Bisaka". He dresses his ministers in White robes and produces many signs through witchcraft and sorcery. He is also called the "Prince of Demons and Witchcraft". One of his leading ministers had a very sick 13 year old daughter. She brought the girl to "Bisaka" to heal, but he could not. He attempted many times to heal her and failed. When the lady returned home, she was told to take the daughter to the Apostolic Church as they have many healings. She was taken to Pastor Charles Ntegemisi.He prayed for this girl, she began to open her eyes, she began to talk, she began to eat, sand he began to walk. The Lady said, "You truly have the power of God. I am no longer a minister of "Bisaka." I am coming to be a member of this church. She took of her white robe and gave it to Pastor Charles, and he brought it to the conference to show that the Power of God is in the Name of Jesus! The conference prayed over an anointed handkerchief to take back to the young girl for complete restoration, for a testimony of the power of God!

It is interesting that now we have churches on each border in Uganda. The church in Kisoro is on the southern border with Rwanda, three kilometers from the border and the gate to the Gorilla Game Park. One church in Busia is twenty feet inside the border with Kenya on the East. On the North there was a church started in Moyo this month that is one kilometer from the Sudan border, and on the west, we have several churches that are within eyesight of the DRC.

West Nile Conference

At the West Nile Conference, 33 received the Holy Ghost, and 28 were baptized in Jesus Name. In the City of Gololo on the Sudan border, there were 23 baptized. The pastor received the Holy Ghost and was baptized at the Pastors' Seminar. In ONE Coordinators' area in the Rwenzori Region last month, 61 received the Holy Ghost, and 134 were baptized. At Mt. Elgon, ten new churches joined the UACU. In Kabalagala, seven received the Holy Ghost.

Above: 28 baptized at West Nile Conference

Above: Mom and little boy at Baptizmal

This past weekend we were in the Western part of Uganda. We visited six churches in 2 1/2 days; people were so excited to have guests come to see them. We had a service in each morning, and then met with the saints of each church. Due to the bad roads and the services going long, most people waited for many hours for us to arrive. Eleven received the Holy Ghost in two services. Churches were encouraged, and we were able to see many plots of land that the churches had purchased to build new church buildings. In Kasambya during the altar service, there was a town elder "Big Man" who was sitting in the back of the church. As he was observing people receive the Holy Ghost, he saw an Angel stand in front of the people with his hands raised over the people, and he said "truly this is the church of God". On Saturday and Sunday, we held a teaching seminar in Kyegegwa where sixteen pastors attended.

We want to thank all of you for your faithful continued support in prayers and finances. Your faithful PIM is what makes it possible to reach Uganda.

Phil and Twyla Tolstad

Above: Sunday School Choir

Above: Trio of pastors singing in "Madi"

Africa in Revival

Ted Grosbach family, Reported by Pastor Lesang Legotlho

The capital city church had two receive the Holy Ghost. One was filled during the Youth Service, and the other in a Home Fellowship Group meeting. Eight new Home Fellowship groups have been started with many visitors coming.

Burkina Faso
Ken Cantrell family

An evangelism tool called "Fete Des Amis" (celebration of friends) is a special time of fellowship for the church with their neighborhood. One small congregation recently had at least one hundred people packed into its building. There were several visitors to the next church service as a result.

There are four more "Fete Des Amis" events planned in the upcoming weeks. There is a deep stirring happening in the hearts of the pastors to evangelize their communities.

Equatorial Guinea
Regional Missionary, Peter Mua & Area Coordinator, Jim Poitras

The regional missionary and his wife were both healed from malaria.

The church permit and personal documents were renewed for another two years, and they are continuing to preach the gospel throughout the country.


Jim Poitras, Colleen Carter, & Nick Sisco families

Two students from another organization were baptized in Jesus' name.

Five received the Holy Ghost at one church.

A village church received four visitors after tracts were distributed.

Jim Crumpacker & Patrick Groves families

During General Conference, forty-seven received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

Albert Stewart family

In regular church services, twenty-nine were baptized in Jesus' name, and fifty-six received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

Chris Richardson family

Over 15,000 attended the services of National Conference, and 1,884 received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

Tremayne Simoneaux family

In a District Conference, twelve received the Holy Ghost, and the Missions offering for the District was more than double the previous year.

Tremayne Simoneaux family & Regional Missionary, Cezar Moraes family

Eight received the baptism of the Holy Ghost at a special service in one town.

At a regional conference, twelve received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

Gerry McLean family

One pastor baptized five in Jesus' name, and three received the Holy Ghost.

After teaching a group of pastors on the Oneness of God and baptism in Jesus' Name, one of our pastors baptized five pastors and their wives in Jesus' name.

One pastor, who was baptized at a Oneness Seminar in the north of the country, recently baptized eight in Jesus' name, including four pastors.

Richard Smoak family

Reports from four regional conferences give a total of 996 attending daytime sessions and 1,821 attending the night services. Seventy-four received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, thirty-two were baptized in Jesus' name, and eighty-one were healed of various sicknesses. There was also a young man delivered from demons.

In the crusade services of one of the regional meetings, there was a crowd of over 1,000 visitors. This is an area where the church has been under strong spiritual attack and the saints have stood strong and believed in the delivering power of God.

Randy Adams & Michael Benson families

At two Sunday School Seminars, twenty-five teachers were empowered to reach their children effectively.

At one church, four received the Holy Ghost, and the pastor also testified of being healed from the effects of several strokes. One of the missionaries preached at this church about "The Champion in Our Camp," and the church symbolically recreated a modern-day Jericho by marching around the outside of the building seven times to see their problems destroyed. One lady who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer testified that as she made the journey outside she felt pain, but by the time she returned inside the church the pain and lump were both gone.

A total of three received the Holy Ghost at two other churches, and five were healed.


Phil Tolstad family

At a Ministers Conference, there were 229 church leaders in five days of classes. Twenty-eight received the Holy Ghost, and seventeen were baptized in Jesus' name-including nine Trinitarian pastors. Nine branch churches became new churches, and forty-two churches joined our church. Sunday service had over 340 in attendance.

At a Regional Conference, thirty-three received the Holy Ghost and twenty-eight were baptized in Jesus' name.

In a city on the Sudan border, there were twenty-three baptized in Jesus' name. The pastor was one who received the Holy Ghost and was baptized in Jesus' name at the Pastors Seminar.

Throughout other areas of the country, a total of eighty-seven received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and 146 were baptized in Jesus' name. Also, twelve new churches were started, including a church that recently received the truth. The presbyter baptized the whole congregation.

Gary Abernathy family

There were over 5,500 in attendance at a recent conference where fifty-eight received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and forty-five were baptized in Jesus' name. We thank the Lord for the powerful preaching, teaching, and services.

Eleven have recently graduated from Word Aflame Bible College.