Friday, July 25, 2014

Mission Senegal

Since June 1, we have been privileged to work with amazing young people from across North America. The 12 NEXT STEPS volunteers, along with the missionary team have ministered both in Lomé and in churches across Togo. More than 100 people have been filled with the Holy Ghost in the last 7 weeks and many lives have been delivered and transformed.  Click here for photos and stories of this amazing experience!

As part of our NEXT STEPS adventure, we visited a local orphanage on several occasions, delivering medicines, water filters, food, toys and other items to over 65 needy children. We are thankful that during one of our children's crusades, several of these orphans received the baptism of the HOLY GHOST!! Who knows what eternal impact our ministry among these young people may be.Click on this link or this link to see some of our ministry at this orphanage!

On July 28, we will be arriving in Fredericton, NB to prepare for our deputation! We are excited to be moving forward with our dream and calling to establish a great Apostolic Church in Senegal and the many surrounding countries! Please check our deputation schedule to see when we will be near you! (Click the link and scroll to our name on the drop down menu!)

Please contact us if you would like us to visit your church for a missionary service!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Trinidad and Tobago Missions Update

Pentecostal Fire still is Falling

God is pouring His spirit out upon the hearts and souls of the precious people of Trinidad and Tobago (photo above) and the precious people of Puerto Rico (photos below).   During Special services in Puerto Rico 20 received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.  In the country of Trinidad/Tobago 21 received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.  GOD IS NO RESPECTER OF ISLANDS OR PEOPLE!  REJOICE WITH US!!!!

Ireland Missions

Pentecost Sunday
Hundreds of flyers were passed out, people ministered and prayed for, and contacts made while doing outreach leading up to Pentecost Sunday.  We thank the Lord for our visitors, moving mightily and giving breakthroughs to all that attended this service.

New Bible Studies

We have a few bible studies already and have just scratched the surface in beginning to reach for people.  We thank the Lord for divine appointments that He is giving us thus far, and look forward to being over our head in follow up very soon.

Chrissy Duke & Emily Crilley
We were especially blessed to have two great young ladies with us this past month. Chrissy Duke is from Pastor Jeff Harpole's church (Terre Haute, IN) and Emily Crilley is from Pastor Nick Strange's church (Massillion, OH). These two young ladies served in a tremendous way helping get things back in order around the church property, evangelizing, praying, ministering, exploring, and assisting us in our services. We thank them for their burden and investment in the field of Ireland.

Sheaves For Christ Vehicle
We deeply appreciate the General Youth Division of the UPCI, and all the young people all around the U.S that have given toward Sheaves For Christ, making a way for us to purchase a vehicle for ministry use in Ireland.  We've had our vehicle for a little over a month and have put 2,000 miles on it already.  It's being well used :)  Thank you again for your fund raising and sacrifices that help put vehicles in the hands of missionaries all around the world.  #BE

Thank you for your continued support in helping us to effectively minister the gospel in Ireland and throughout Europe.

Rev. Joe, Fanny & Jaylon Cooney

Senegal Missions Update

Saturday, June 7, marked the first of many "Pentecost for Kids" Crusades here in Togo! With exciting skits, games, and songs, along with a short message, the truth that the Holy Ghost is a promise for children stirred the faith of those present!

By the end of the altar service, 7 children had been filled with the Holy Ghost! What an awesome and caring God that we serve!

The next day was Pentecost Sunday!! In the service where we were blessed to preach, 13 new souls were baptized with the Holy Ghost. Among them were more children! It is exciting to see what God can do  in the lives of the those that reach out to Him in faith!

In all, our missionary team (including the Next Step Volunteers) saw 40 people filled with or renewed in the Holy Ghost in the three churches we visited on Pentecost Sunday!

For more pictures from our Pentecost Sunday, click here!
On Sunday, June 1, a tremendous group of young people from across America began arriving here in Lomé, Togo to participate in Next Steps 2014! This is a subsidiary program to AIM in Global Missions! It creates an opportunity for young people to spend 8 weeks in a global mission field and both learn about and do the work of a missionary!

11 young ladies and one young man have joined with 4 AIM workers, 3 missionary families, the Africa Regional Director and his wife, and a number of Global Missions Executives for a life changing experience. Already they have seen close to 50 people receive the Holy Ghost, healings, deliverances, and many other works of the Spirit. (We can't wait for week 2!)

Equally important, they are learning from experienced missionaries about the amazing possibilities that exist for them not only in West Africa, but around the world in Global Missions! We are thankful for these young lives who have placed themselves on the Potter's wheel to be made into a vessel He will use!

To connect with the Next Steps Togo 2014 Facebook page, click here!

New Bible School in Uganda!

Exciting things are happening in Uganda! 

The very first official class of Apostolic Bible College has started! Seven students from three regions of the nation have come for GATS certificate level program.

Already a couple of weeks into their classes and homework we are seeing the Holy Ghost move in class and in chapel hour. 

We are happy to have a great staff/instructors working diligently with the students: Missionary Phil Tolstad (Superintendent of Uganda); Missionary Steve Phelps (Director of ABC); Rev. Don Eastham (Associate in Missions AIM); Rev. Ronald Gamukama (Dean of Students); and Yvette Phelps (Comptroller).