Friday, June 14, 2019

Luxembourg Mission Update

Greetings from Luxembourg in the Name of Jesus! 

 The first week of May we hosted a team of prayer warriors from Scotland, United Kingdom, Norway, Romania, Austria, France, and Luxembourg which joined in prayer for four days straight.

Many times what we see in the physical realm is a “reflection” of what is taking place in the spiritual realm. During this prayer event the Grand Duke of Luxembourg’s funeral was held and his son, the Duke of Luxembourg, assumed his title and role. There was a shift in national authority. I believe there was a shift in spiritual authority in Luxembourg during this time as well. My attention was directed to Exodus 2:1-4. I felt that something had been “born” that could no longer be hidden. It would be protected and placed in a “flow” that would deliver it to its destiny!

There are 170 different nationalities in Luxembourg and we want to reach them all with the Gospel. We are trusting God’s direction to lead us to key people in each community to “unlock” that family, cultural group, city, or region.

An interesting door the Lord opened is a Bible study with a Roman Catholic lady from Costa Rica who is married to a French atheist (top picture). She recently got the revelation of Oneness and God is doing great things in her life!

Two new families we have started meeting are a Russian family (left) and an Indian family (right). We believe this connection will be key in reaching the Hindu community in Luxembourg.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and sponsorship!

In His Service,
Jeremy & Khrista Favors

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Good News from Northern Europe

The past month has been more than busy, and it has been a joy to experience God’s abundant blessings in the midst of severe challenges that we have faced.

Your part in our ministry means more than we can ever adequately express.  Our hearts are full of gratitude.  Rejoice with us in the reports below.


The Ladies in ACTSion Department of Great Britain & Ireland conducted a wonderful ladies conference this year.  The theme of the conference was “Building Bridges”.  Each speaker was blessed and anointed of the Lord and ladies were ministered to in a wonderful way.

Harvest Bible College took a missions trip to Romania in April.  Also, the Regional Prayer Trip to Luxembourg took place.  Both of these trips were outstanding and will be reported on in our next Partners in Missions letter. 


AIMer, Derek Fyfe, felt a need and desire to have a conference that focused on the north of Scotland and the needs of this area.  This proved to be a great time of challenge and inspiration.  Bro. David Trammell and Missionary John Hemus ministered powerfully.  Lives were blessed and inspired during this conference. 

Japan Harvest

Dear Partners for Japan,

Praise the Lord!  This month, we have still been focused on language study and are established in our weekly study routine. God has blessed us with great teachers and we’re so thankful for this opportunity to further our Japanese skills. Language study is our top priority right now.

The church is enjoying meeting in a nearby community center that is a hub for many local events including one of our Japanese classes. It is conveniently located near two main train stations. We are taking our weekly prayer meetings to the streets and beginning to pray at the city offices in each of the seven wards in Fukuoka. Believing that this will open up those areas to receive the light of the gospel. We have already seen a positive result from prayer in the first ward-Sawara Ward.

Please keep the saints in Hiroshima in prayer. We will be traveling there soon to visit and encourage them. God has great things for that city and we are already setting our eyes on a disciple there who will be able to lead the work in the future

AYC is coming to Okinawa in June! Though we will not be attending this year, we are keeping everyone in prayer and are eager to see great results from the time of God’s impacting these young lives in Japan.

General Conference in Nagoya was wonderful! There was a great sense of unity among the leaders and saints, which we know attracts the favor and blessing of God. Brother Joe Ellis and Brother Eli Hernandez ministered in the day and evening sessions. People were healed, filled with the Holy Ghost, and some were baptized in Jesus’ Name when they returned home. We are so blessed to be a part of the Japan United Pentecostal Church.

In a land where idolatry abounds, God has His church that is happily worshipping and serving the one true God. Each day, we are challenged by His call and trusting in His power to impact Japan. Please pray for the prefectures in Japan that are listed below. THANK YOU for praying and for giving so that we can continue to GO. Praying God's blessings on you and your families,

For the Japanese,
Les & Laura Clevenger

Japan's Prefectures (States)