Friday, May 20, 2011

Africa in Revival - May

Randy Adams family, reported by AIMer Jaydie Johnson

At a recent crusade, twenty-five received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Randy Adams family, reported by Pastor Désiré Rakotondratsimba

During Children's Day, five children received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

In regular service, two received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and one was baptized in Jesus' name.

Jim Poitras, Colleen Carter, & Nick Sisco families

In Easter Sunday services, a total of 126 received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and sixty-four were baptized in Jesus' name.

Reported by Albert Stewart family

During regular church services, three received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and six were baptized in Jesus' name.

Jim Crumpacker & Patrick Groves families

In regular church services, a total of 245 baptized in Jesus' name, 231 received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and sixty were healed.


David Kline family

A total of eighteen received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and ten were baptized in Jesus' name.

The Sunday school department has completed training new teachers.

The Outreach program has been promoting personal evangelism by teaching Bible studies and bringing visitors to church. There have been 233 visitors this past quarter.

One seventeen year old lady has personally taught more than 330 Bible studies to her friends. She is presently teaching two Chinese friends.

At Bible study in the missionary's home, one lady came by for prayer. The missionary prayed for her and she received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and was baptized in Jesus' name.


Albert Stewart family

A total of fifty-three received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and eighty-eight were baptized in Jesus' name during regular services.

During Easter services at the headquarters church, fifty-four were baptized in Jesus' name and eight received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Chris Richardson family

At two regional conferences, a total of 1,173 received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.


Randall Richardson family

A new church opened with twenty in attendance.

Gerry McLean family

Over the Bible school term break, seven students baptized a total of twenty-three in Jesus' name and four received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Four students formed an evangelism team and are planting a church in a nearby village.

Sierra Leone
Area Coordinator, Jim Poitras, reported by Pastor Christopher Conteh

At a regional conference, thirty were baptized in Jesus' name and several received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Over 200 attended the conference. This conference was considered one of the best ones in the history of the church.

Randy Adams family, reported by AIMer, Jaydie Johnson

Five received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Several new church plants started.

Phil Tolstad & Steve Phelps families

Four churches started.

A total of 189 baptized in Jesus' name.

In a prayer meeting, fifty-four received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and a deaf man was instantly healed.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

News Bulletin from the General Superintendent

Tornado damage and relief efforts

Many have asked about the effects of the recent tornados in Missouri and Alabama. Our headquarters office, World Evangelism Center, did not sustain any damage from the F4 tornado that hit the St. Louis area, and no lives were lost. However, the airport took a direct hit and suffered tremendous damage. Many homes were destroyed and several neighborhoods were flattened. Several members of our churches lost homes, and the church in Bridgeton was damaged. The home of Sister Catherine Chambers, wife of our former general superintendent, was destroyed, but thankfully she was not home at the time. The home of Brother and Sister Ray Agnew, former manager of the Pentecostal Publishing House, had some damage, but many homes around them were totally destroyed.

Alabama was hit hard with an F5 tornado, and many of our saints and churches suffered losses. David Hall, a newly licensed minister, is in critical condition, and his wife was killed in the tornado that hit their home. A twelve-year-old girl from the Moulton church was also killed. Please keep Brother Hall and these two families in your prayers.

Compassion Services International (CSI) has been in contact with district superintendents from the hardest hit states including Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Georgia. Brother Scotty Slaydon is now visiting the affected areas. CSI will send funding immediately for those who have requested it, but there is an immediate need for bottled water, as some areas will be without electricity for another week or more. To donate funds toward relief in these states you may do so through Compassion Services at You may also donate by text. For general text donations, simply text "CSI" to 85944 and reply "YES" to confirm your gift. A one-time donation of $10 will be billed to your mobile phone bill.

(Messaging and data rates may apply. Donations are collected for CSI by Reply STOP to 85944 to stop. Reply HELP to 85944 for help. For terms, click here.) To become part of the CSI broadcast list and be updated via text whenever new alerts are sent, text "CSIHELP" to 27138.

Planting Daughter Churches

At I discuss "The Why and How of Planting Daughter Churches" with Carlton Coon, general director of Home Missions.

Update on Foreign Minister

Late last year I reported to you concerning a minister in a totalitarian country. He was arrested and sentenced to death. He is still in prison, but thankfully his execution has been postponed indefinitely. We would appreciate your continued prayer for this country and for this minister and his family.

Sincerely in Christ,

David K. Bernard

Africa Network of Prayer

Special Prayer Requests

We have had a few months of unrest in Burkina Faso. The last week was exceptionally amazing as the military looted and shot guns into the sky. We have had our government dissolved and are undergoing some major changes. The last 4 days have been calm, but the population is waiting to see if the calm is going to remain.

One thing that I have learned this past week: "With chaos, Truth always remains." Please continue to pray for our safety, but especially that a mighty harvest will be brought in from the fields.

Special prayer is requested for our pastors, families and churches in the Ivory Coast. There continues to be killing, looting and other violent acts throughout the country, and especially in Abidjan. Our headquarters and Bible school buildings have been looted and damaged. It is not yet safe to go there to assess the extent of the damage and theft. Many of our pastors in Abidjan have been displaced and are not able to have services in the local churches. Pray for the rule of law to be reestablished and for peace and reconciliation among the population.


Pray for peace to reign in Nigeria. After the recent national and state elections there have been violent protests in several cities. In some of these areas, Christian churches have been targeted. The military has been called out to restore peace.

The South Sudanese are marching toward the declaration and celebration day of new nation independence on 9th July 2011. South Sudanese churches are praying for peaceful celebration and walk to total freedom. There are issues that are hard to make head way in like the Abey issue, Blue Nile and boarder of the South and North Sudan.

Please pray that these issues will not hinder this celebration and that peaceful celebration and walk to freedom will take place. Pray that no bloodshed, loss of lives and destruction of properties may be experienced again in this land of South Sudan. Pray that God takes control of the new nation.

Pray for Uganda! Riots and demonstrations are throughout Kampala because food and fuel prices have doubled. People are not able to take taxis to work or buy food; most schools have closed due to the fact they can't afford to feed the students and the teachers can't get to work.

Pray also for the seminars scheduled in May:

1) Pastor Otile has a seminar in Tororo a new church that the pastor has just been baptized, 2) Pastor Christia has a seminar in Bududa in a new area where we have three new churches, and 3) Pastor Jacob has a seminar in Kasese.

Praise Reports

The church in Gaborone has reported that people are receiving the Holy Ghost in every service for the past three months! The group from Sydney, Australia was a great blessing to the music ministry of the church, creating powerful music and dramatizations.

We just baptized a trinitarian pastor. He will be working in a village just north of Ouagadougou in a village. This area was a target city that was selected by our Vice President of the work here. Many people are to be baptized this next week.

We held the first annual conference for the United Pentecostal Church of Guinea. We had an average attendance of 120 each service. Fourteen were baptized in Jesus Name, and 8 filled with the Holy Ghost.

First General conference in many years--110 present and 14 received the Holy Ghost! The National church registration is to be signed any day now!

We praise the Lord for a great General Conference held over Easter weekend in Bloemfontein. We had peak crowds of 850. The Lord richly blessed, and we were encouraged and strengthened by the Word. Bro. David Bernard, General Superintendent UPCI, was our guest speaker.

Calendar of Events

1-8 May GHANA Children's Week: God's Chosen Children, 2011

5-8 May TOGO Local Evangelism Crusade in Lome

6-8 May D.R. CONGO Dedication Services of Melissa Anderson Training Facility in Kinshasa

7 May TOGO National Board Meeting

8 May CONGO (Brazzaville) Doctrine Teaching in Kintele

9 May
MADAGASCAR National Sunday School Teachers' Fast Day

10 May
LIBERIA Pastor Anniversary, Manna UPC

10-11 May MADAGASCAR Region D Sunday School Teachers' Training in Antsirabe

10-11 May MADAGASCAR Region D Ministers Conference in Antsirabe

11-13 May MADAGASCAR Region F Youth Camp in Tsiroanmondidy

11-15 May MADAGASCAR Region D Conference

13 May
LIBERIA Section III Ministerial Meeting

13-15 May
SOUTH AFRICA Central District Conference in Phoenix, KwaZulu-Natal

14 May
BENIN National Board Meeting

14 May GLOBAL Special prayer for the French-speaking countries worldwide

17-18 May MADAGASCAR District A-5 Sunday School Teachers' Training in Diego

17-18 May MADAGASCAR Region F Sunday School Teachers' training in Tsiroanomandidy

17-19 May MADAGASCAR Regional Youth camp in Tanambe

18-20 May
LIBERIA Section I Annual Conference

18-20 May TOGO Annual Leadership Seminar for all pastors from Togo, Benin, Niger, Burkina Faso, Gabon, & Central African Republic. Guest Speakers: Bro. S.L. Poe & Pastor Affa (Ivory Coast)

18-20 May
NIGERIA National Ministers' Convention & National Board Meeting

19-22 May KENYA North Rift Region Leadership Seminar in Eldoret

21-22 May
ZAMBIA National Men's Conference

23-27 May SOUTH/CENTRAL AFRICA Sub-regional Conference in South Africa

24-25 May MADAGASCAR A5 Sunday School Teachers' Training in Antanimalandy

24-25 May
MADAGASCAR Region A Ministers Conference in Majunga

25 May LIBERIA LNOP Prayer/Revival Visit to Section I

25-29 May MADAGASCAR Region A Conference

26-29 May KENYA Lake Region Leadership Seminar in Oyguis

27 May CONGO (Brazzaville) Doctrine Teaching in Casis

27 May
LIBERIA National Board Meeting

29 May CONGO (Brazzaville) Revival in Mikalou

31 May-3 June MADAGASCAR National Ladies Convention in Ambohidratrimo

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Elkin, NC Tent Revival

Please join us this week for the launch of a new church in Elkin, NC.