Thursday, March 14, 2013

Africa Network of Prayer

Calendar Events

24 Feb-03 Mar    EQUATORIAL GUINEA     Intercessory Week of Prayer
26-27 Feb           UGANDA     Seminar in North Kyoga Region
01 Mar                CÔTE IVOIRE (Ivory Coast) Journée Nationale de Prière et Jeûne (National Day of Prayer for the Youth)
01 Mar                LIBERIA     Missionary trip to Fassama  
01 Mar                UGANDA     Pastors meeting in Gulu, West Nile Region
02 Mar                MADAGASCAR     Barnabas seminar in Bemasoandro Itaosy
03 Mar                EQUATORIAL GUINEA     National Board Meeting
03-04 Mar           UGANDA     Seminar in West Nile/ Adjumani
07 Mar                EQUATORIAL GUINEA     Ladies Fellowship
07  Mar               CÔTE d'IVOIRE (Ivory Coast)  Réunion du Conseil National (National Board Meeting)
07-08 Mar           UGANDA     General Board Meeting UACU
07-09 Mar           REUNION       First National Youth Conference
08 Mar                MADAGASCAR     Womens' day
08-09  Mar          CÔTE d'IVOIRE (Ivory Coast)  Convention des Femmes à N'Ziannoua Zone2 (Ladies Convention at N'Ziannoua, Zone 2)
09 Mar                ZAMBIA     Esther Ministries/Timothy Ministries    9 March, , 23 March
10 Mar                GHANA       Bible School ACTS - Students Day Fund Raising
10 Mar                LIBERIA     National Leaders installation
10-16 Mar           MADAGASCAR     National mens' days of fasting
10-17 Mar           EQUATORIAL GUINEA     Follow-up Week
16 Mar                ZAMBIA     Esther Ministries/Timothy Ministries
16 Mar                ZIMBABWE      Youth Rally, Midlands
16 Mar                ZIMBABWE      Men & Ladies Fellowship, Mashonaland
21 Mar                EQUATORIAL GUINEA     Ladies Fasting And Prayers
21-24 Mar           CAMEROON     French Convention in Yaounde with Rev. Donald Knight
23 Mar                MADAGASCAR     Barnabas Seminar in Antsahabe Gosena G10
23 Mar                CAMEROON     District board meeting
23 Mar                ZAMBIA     Esther Ministries/Timothy Ministries   
24 Mar                EQUATORIAL GUINEA     Youth Business Meeting         
24-31 Mar           EQUATORIAL GUINEA     Intercessory Week of Prayer
26-27 Mar           GUINEA      UPC Conference (Thank you UPC Liberia for your burden and labors)
26-28 Mar           CÔTE d'IVOIRE (Ivory Coast)    Croisade d'Evangélisation à Grand-Bassam (Evangelistic Crusade at Grand-Bassam, Abidjan)
27-29 Mar           MADAGASCAR     Sunday school teachers' training seminar in Ampandrana
28-30 Mar           KENYA      Evangelism Seminar in Nakuru
28-31 Mar           GHANA     Regional Conventions
29-30 Mar           MAURITIUS      Evangelistic Crusade
29-31 Mar           SOUTH AFRICA     Seven District Conferences in SA
29 Mar-01 Apr    ZIMBABWE      General Conference, Kwekwe
30-31 Mar           ZAMBIA     Copperbelt Prayer Conference         
30-31 Mar          MADAGASCAR     National youth days of fasting 
31 Mar                LIBERIA     Section I first Fellowship Service at Weakamai UPC

Prayer & Praise

Africa Region & Beyond

04 March     AFRICA REGION     Pray for Africa's Children
14 March     GLOBALLY     Pray for the French-speaking nations of the Africa Region
                                       and around the world....

Prayer Requests

EQUATORIAL GUINEA - Pray that the truth will be reveled to pastors and church leaders in Equatorial Guinea and that they will accept the truth.  Pray that God will establish the new converts.  And, pray that Lord of the Harvest will send laborers in the Field of Equatorial Guinea.

KENYA - Prayer that the elections to be held on March 4th will be peaceful.

LIBERIA -  Revivals to be held during the month of March - Pray for many souls to come to Jesus:  
1) Section III UPC Crusade at Revival UPC  
2) Zion Praise Revival Service   
3) Temple of Praise Revival Service

Special prayer is being requested for Sis. Zoe T. Ross, the National Secretary of the Ladies Ministry.  She has been diagnosed with sugar diabetes.  She is believing for a miracle of healing.

MAURITIUS  - A new Bible School class begins in March with 12 applicants in addition to the class of 11 students on Rodrigues Island.  We are asking for prayer for Church Growth for the church on the Island of Rodrigues.  There are visitors who come to services, so pray that they will obey to the Lord and receive their salvation.

MOZAMBIQUE - We believe that 2013 is the Year for Maputo, Mozambique.  Regional Missionary Vágner Moraes and his family have rented an apartment and during the month of March plans are to begin their first church in the capital city.  Please pray for this very important endeavor.  Thank you for all your prayers for Mozambique.

SEYCHELLES - A new Bible School class will start in March.

SIERRA LEONE - The National board is planning a trip to visit two of the provincial churches.  Pray for their safe travels and successful meetings.

SOUTH SUDAN - We ask that you pray for continued revival and growth spiritually and numerically in Jesus name of the infant UPChurch of South Sudan.

UGANDA - A miracle is needed to find land for churches in Kampala that is affordable.  We also desire your prayers as we work on securing Bible School Land/Building.  We definitely need God's direction and help.

OUR MISSIONARIES - Several of our missionaries are in the United States on deputation. We have had requests from some of them in particular for prayer.  Please remember to pray for the Rusty Riddick family who are just finishing and will be going to the Cameroon in April.  Pray for the Patrick Groves family as they travel.  And pray for for safety on the highways and favor among the churches for others who are also traveling:  The David Klines, the Keith Ikerds, the Brandon Abernathys, and the Steve Phelps family.  Prayers would be greatly appreciated for newly-appointed Craig and Lyna Sully.  They along with their daughter and an AIMer just arrived in Africa to work for several weeks while waiting to begin their deputational travels. 

Praise Reports

EQUATORIAL GUINEA - We are thankful to God for what He is doing in Equatorial Guinea and want to use this opportunity to thank the ANOP for praying for our revival crusade.  It was a great success.  The three-night crusade had an attendance of 350- 400 with many more listening from the sidewalks, streets, verandas and hillsides surrounding the grounds.  A total of eighty-seven received Holy Spirit baptism, eleven were baptized in Jesus name and 128 reported healing.

A seminar was held with 20-30 preachers, pastors and church leaders in attendance. All our national and local leaders were there, and a good number of pastors and preachers from other churches.  There were two days of teaching covering the Apostolic doctrine evangelism and leadership.  Twenty-four received certificates of participation at the end of the seminar.

LIBERIA -  We praise God that one of our UPC pastors, Elder Mark V. G. Murphy who nearly died at the closing of the Annual General Conference, has recovered from the sickness.  We also praise God for Bro. Zinnah Carsell, who was hit by a vehicle while riding his motorcycle. Thank you Jesus that he was not badly injured.

MAURITIUS - A woman, who was bound by many evil spirits, visited the church.   She was delivered, and now is planning to attend services with her family.   One young man, also oppressed by evil spirits, received his deliverance after special prayer.

SOUTH AFRICA - The Ministers & Wife's Conference was very successful.  All enjoyed the sessions and the fellowship together and left refreshed and ready to go back into the Harvest Field.

UGANDA - Two Trinitarian Pastors were baptized in Kampala.  Rejoice in revelation of Truth!  On a recent Sunday, eight received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and five were baptized in Jesus Name in a new church in Kampala.