Friday, November 30, 2018

News from Switzerland

Every Tribe and Tongue

In January, it will have been 10 years since I first came to the German Speaking Nations as an AIMer for Bro. and Sis. Robinette. Had you told me then where I would be today I never could have imagined it. It sounds like a cliché to be sure, but its true.I don’t know what I pictured, really, but I know I didn’t have a mind big enough for what I see now.

Day by day, year by year, the Lord has broadened my vision to see beyond a church’s wall, past city limits and truly, beyond borders. I’ve seen God light fires in in the hearts of immigrant cultures and bring to life the dry bones of native peoples. I’ve seen God give revelation of His Word and power in English, German, French, Spanish, Farsi, Russian, Portuguese and so many more. Regardless of the barriers or opposition, Jesus is pouring out His Spirit on all flesh. I am so thankful the Lord has brought me to be a messenger to the German Speaking Nations, and by extension, the World. And none of it is possible, except that you gave.
Thank you partners for having a global heartbeat. 

Your servant in Christ,
Amber Hackenbruch


Holy Ghost,
Jesus Name Baptism & Miracle

Sis Rose and her husband are unaffiliated ministers living in Switzerland.
Bro and Sis Robinette came into contact with them and invited them to come to the annual Elisha Conference in Munich, Germany.
God had revealed to them water baptism in Jesus name and the need for the Holy Ghost. Her husband had received the Holy Ghost, but she had not. 

On the first night of the conference, at the alter,
God filled Sis Rose with the Holy Ghost in such a powerful way! 

Account by Sarah Draper (AIMer to Switzerland)

Seven year old Sandro came forward with simple child-like faith and received the Holy Ghost at the Bible study held in Basel, Switzerland. Right after he received it, his grandmother, Doris, said she wanted it too, and God filled her with the Holy Ghost. What a good God we serve! 

Account and Photos by Megan Hanson (AIMer to Switzerland)

Hillary has been serving God faithfully for three years while waiting for permission to be baptized in Jesus name. Even as a teenager, she has been firm in her faith while facing strong pressure from those around her. It was such a beautiful day when she was finally allowed to be buried in the Name of Jesus! (Vienna, Austria)

Sis Amelie had a tumor on the right side of her brain. During the morning service, she testified that when the word of faith went forth, she felt a strong tingle where the tumor was and said she felt it fall out of her brain!
Account and Photo by Nathan Hulsman (Missionary to Switzerland)



AMTC, Purpose Institute, Bible Quizzing


This year the GSN hosted our annual Apostolic Ministry Training Center.
We hosted 17 campuses and had 73 teachers. 
In 2015, we had 39 students attend AMTC.
This year, we had 305 students! Most of which were from churches that had never before heard this Apostolic teaching.
We are praising God for the continued growth of our AMTC program!  

AMTC, Bern Campus

Farsi speaking students studying in Vienna at AMTC. The highlighted text is Acts 2:38.
Account and Photos (2) by Whitney Bateman (AIMer to Austria)


Purpose Institute and Bible Quizzing

The goals of Purpose Institute and Bible Quizzing are to train students for the ministry of the Gospel and the Word of God. We have seen a lot of growth in the participation of these programs including a new Bible Quizzing team out of Switzerland. 


Youth Camp, General Conference, Elisha Conference

Youth Camp

What an incredible time we had in Bad Lausick, Germany for this year's camp!
We had 115 total campers with at least 20 campers coming for the very first time.
Bro Victor Jackson preached the word of God with great authority and many strongholds were broken. God filled at least 10 young people and children with the Holy Ghost for the very first time! 

Account by Samual Ackah (GSN Youth President ) / Photos by Whitney Bateman

General Conference

During this year's General Conference -- 
4 visitors received the Holy Ghost!
75 notable miracles occured! 
Record Global Missions offering was received! 
Powerful moves of God!

God is doing great things in the German Speaking Nations!

Elisha Conference

This conference was designed to empower active ministers and inspire the future leaders; and each year, the Lord amazes us with how He does that by unifying us all into one vision. The Lord has cast such a vision that others are able to see it. In this conference alone, not only were we joined by many unaffiliated ministers from our region who are receiving a revelation of Apostolic doctrine, but also by the head of a 400 church organization from Angola who has asked our team to bring Apostolic training to their ministers!


We are so thankful for our missionary team members here in Switzerland and the GSN. One of our newest team members is Sis. Sarah Draper (AIMer) who has been doing a fantastic job supporting the churches throughout Switzerland. Welcome to the team Sarah!


Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Pace Missions: Winter 2018 Update

Sending out Workers!

Because of your faithful support, we are able to equip, train, and SEND out nationally trained ministers to work in non-affiliated churches throughout Austria.  We are building bridges with new pastors and congregations and watching the Full Gospel transform many lives.  Please continue to support all of the endeavors across the German speaking nations in your prayers!

Watch the video below for a short introduction of 3 young ministers currently being sent out of Vienna!


for your continued support!
Pace Missions

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Missions News from Lebanon

November 4, 2018

October News

Trust God. He knows all things and is perfect in all His ways.

At the three month point of our term, we knew we would have to leave the country for a few days and return to apply for a new three month visa.  In the previous weeks we considered where we should travel (at the beginning of October), but felt God's assurance that we shouldn't make any decisions or book any flights.  On September 21st we understood why.  That was the day we received the shocking news of the passing of Jonathon's father.  On October 1st we all flew to Manitoba for the funeral and to spend time with family.  We arrived back in Lebanon on October 12th, with our new visas in hand.  God is in control.

We are overwhelmed by the tremendous support from our families, as well as, individuals and churches in The Middle East and North America.  Thank you for your help with our airfare expenses and your words of comfort and prayers.  We thank God for ordering our steps and giving us peace that passes understanding.   

(Top Photo) We first met Cheryl in 2010 when our family served as AIMers in Jordan.  We quickly fell in love with her humble spirit and grew close to her.  She even babysat Matthew and Shalyn who were only age 10 and 8 at that time.  Imagine our mutual surprise when we discovered that we would work together again, in an entirely different country.  Cheryl was one of the leaders who filled in for us while we travelled to Canada in October.

(Bottom Photo) God provided another leader to fill in for us while in Canada.  Nada is a Lebanese Canadian, living in Montreal, Quebec.  She attends the St. Laurent Church pastored by Rev. Paul Graham.  She came to Lebanon for 3 weeks to visit her family.  The timing of her visit was clearly God ordained.  She did some interpreting, and lead Bible Studies in our absence.

Wednesday Bible Study at the house of Nada's mother.

New French Bible Study began in October. It is a weekly class in the northern, unchurched city of Tripoli.  

Thank you Sean for your burden to provide Bibles in Lebanon.  With your donation, we bought 10 French Bibles in Canada and brought them back in our carry on luggage.  These French ladies had given away their bibles to others who were in need.  We were able to give them brand new Bibles.  They were thrilled!!

Matthew teaching at a Saturday house Bible Study.

Prayer Requests

A large percent of the Lebanese church are new believers.  Please pray with us for a further outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  Also pray that these new believers will be set free from ancient cultural beliefs and practices.

Six months after the election, the politicians are finally close to forming a coalition government.  The country will soon be bankrupt if it does not establish a parliament that can receive funding from western nations.  Pray that this parliament will formed according to God's timing and plan.

God bless you!

The Deweys
Jonathon, Sherry, Matthew, Shaylyn

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Africa Network of Prayer (ANOP): November 2018

"Every movement for the advancement of the Gospel must be created by and inspired by prayer. In all these movements of God, prayer precedes and attends as an invariable and necessary condition. In this relation, God makes prayer identical in force and power with Himself and says to those on earth who pray: "You are on the earth to carry on My cause. I am in heaven, the Lord of all, the Maker of all, the Holy One of all. Now whatever you need for My cause, ask Me and I will do it. Shape the future by your prayers...  I made heaven and earth, and all things in them. Ask largely. Open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it. It is My work which you are doing. It concerns My cause. Be praying."
E.M. Bounds, - The Weapon of Prayer - Enhanced Version



01-03 - MADAGASCAR - Marriage Seminar - Region E- llakaka
                                       - Marriage Seminar Region E- Fort Dauphin
02-  MAURITIUS - Youth Trip to the Seaside
03- UGANDA - Pastors Meeting  (Kampala)
03-ZAMBIA - Youth Fundraising - Copperbelt Region
04-ZAMBIA - National Offering  (all churches)


05-08 - MALAWI- GETHSEMANE -Leadership Training
05-11 - NIGERIA - H.O.P.E Week
06-09 - MADAGASCAR - General Committee Meeting (Camp at Ambohidratrimo)
07-09 - NIGERIA - Enugu State Convention
08-10 - ZAMBIA - WISH Conference  (Copperbelt Region)
08 - UGANDA - Regional Board Meeting ( North Kyoga Region)
09 - LIBERIA - National Board Meeting
10 - LIBERIA-  National Leaders Meeting
10 - ZAMBIA - Youth Fundraising  (Lusaka)
10 - MAURITIUS - Sunday School Teachers & Helpers Meeting
11 - MAURITIUS - Youth Bible Quizzing
11-12 - UGANDA - Crusade (Buhemba , Lake Victoria Region)


14-16 - NIGERIA - Kaduna State Convention
14-16 -TOGO - Ministers and Wives Spiritual Retreat (Adétikopé)
14-16 - GUINEA - Revival
14-17 - UGANDA- Board Members/ Leaders Training
15-16 - MALAWI - S.A.L.T.  Training Seminar
15-17 - ZAMBIA - Regional Apostolic Men Conference (Lusaka)
15-18 - ZAMBIA - Youth Fundraising/Camp Meeting (Northern Region)
16-17 - BURUNDI-Teachers Training Seminar (Bujumbura)
16-18 - BURKINA FASO - Crusade - Zongo Church
17 November -01 December - DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO - Meeting of  Sunday School Teachers
17 - MAURITIUS -  Ladies Meeting
18 - MAURITIUS - Ladies and Men's Meeting


20-23 - LIBERIA- National Youth Revival
21-24 - LIBERIA- Conference - Section IV
21-24 - GHANA -  Jubilee Crusade
21-24 - MAURITIUS - Retreat 2018
23-24 - NIGERIA - MTC graduation - Lagos
23-25 - UGANDA - Seminar (Kamusanene (Aligandira, Lake Wamala Region)
23-25 - UGANDA - District Conference (Kabarole, Region Mt. Rwenzori)
25 - UGANDA - Open Air Evangelism  (Kampala)
25- LIBERIA - Pastors Appreciation Day - Section I


29 - LIBERIA - Pastors Appreciation Day - Section III 
29-01 December - ZAMBIA - WISH Conference (Lusaka) 
29-02 December - UGANDA - Regional Ladies Conference ( Mahulu, Lake Albert Region)


Pray for Randriamanantsoa Gilbert for healing from Cancer, we believe that God will perform a miracle for him.   
Pray the families of Pastor Herizo and Pastor Rinochard- two of our National Youth committee members were in a bus accident. The newly-elected secretary (Pastor Herizo ) was killed  along with at least six other people in the bus) and the out-going secretary, Pastor Rinochard was injured, Please pray for all the families but especially the family of Pastor Herizo. He left behind a young wife and a 10 month- old baby.  

Pray for the Regional Missionaries Rene and Clarice Gistoph - they lost an adult son. 

Missionary Ken Cantrell's dad passed away, please pray for his mother. 

By God's grace, we are continuing our evangelism/training targeting two new regions of South Sudan, Upper Nile & Equatoria but please pray the Lord will open doors and provide protection for all those travelling and ministering in these regions. Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.

Sister Aliette Bovalo one of the Reunion preachers is scheduled for several chemotherapeutic sessions. Please pray for her healing.

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO - Les assemblées locales à Kinshasa
Pray for the finances to finish a Church Building; the stability of our churches ;Great revival in the providence; Pray healing for the wife of Pastor Guylain, sister Nelly; Apostolic Bible Studies by correspondence.

Pray for: 
- our teens at Chinonanquila for them to keep the word of God in their hearts, for them to decide to serve God, for them to keep serving him and seeking for the new birth so they can make the difference in Mozambique. 
- the numerical and spiritual growth of the church at Polana Caniço B. 
- those that have already finished the bible studies and are making their decisions. 
- those that are involved in the conducting of the service for the continual outpouring of the Holy Ghost over each one of them. 
- the two congregations, during the 3 months that we will be away, so that not only they remain firm but that they continue growing both numerically and spiritually and experiencing the richest of Gods blessings and wonderful things coming from the Lord. 



1 Chronicles 16:24
 "Declare his glory among the nations, 
his marvelous deeds among all peoples"

We are grateful to God for National Ladies Thanksgiving Service. We thank God for the out pouring of the Holy Ghost in our local churches. To God be the glory for the great things He is doing in the UPCL.

We praise God for the different Ministries of the Church.

At our recent Bible School graduation, sixty (60) students graduated. A total of one hundred fifty-four (154) full-time students are enrolled at three campuses.


We thank the Lord for four (4) people that were baptized. God is great and He will save our families.

Oct 3 received a report of the results from evangelism in the Equatoria Region. Thirty-One (31) people were baptized in Jebel Dinka and eight (8) were baptized in Khor William including, three (3) area Chiefs. Several Children were also dedicated and one (1) person received the Holy Ghost.

GATS Graduation: forty-five (45) students graduated, same week six (6) people received the Holy Spirit. October 5-7 there were five ( 5) people that the Holy Spirit; three (3) people were delivered from demons; seven (7) people were healed; twenty (20) people are waiting to be baptized, (because they could not find water in the area).  

Seventy-one (71) people were baptized; Ninety-Nine (99) people received the Holy Spirit; Sixty-Four (64) people were healed.  
Morogoro region: a nursery school was opened and also a preaching point was established. 
Mbeya region: A teacher from the Zambia border area was prayed for and healed. He was baptized and received the Holy Ghost and is now planning to open a preaching point in the area where he lives, and a new preaching point was opened at the Mbeya/Malawi roads intersection with 15 members.
There have been fifteen (15) Teacher Training Seminars since December 2017. One hundred fifty-four (154) teachers completed the course and received their certificate.

Un-named Nation
 A new church has been started, there are now 2 worship centers, please continue to pray for this un-named nation (God knows the name). They have baptized four (4) from the new church. We praise God for the great things He is doing among these people. 

One hundred seventy-three (173) people were baptized and one hundred sixty five (165) people were filled with the baptism of the Holy Ghost. 


NOVEMBER 4 - Focused Prayer for Africa's Children

Missionary Paula Richardson - Coordinator for Reaching Africa's Children and Youth. 

Continue to pray for the 600 million children and youth of Africa. 
Continuing with the Teachers Training Seminars in each nation on the African Continent where we have an established work

Below is what has been recorded: 
Tanzania - fifteen (15) seminars for a total of 154 certificates issued
Kenya - 20 certificates
Ghana - three (3) seminars - 73 certificates
Togo - 144 certificates 
Benin - 77 certificates
Gabon - 36 certificates
South Africa - 37 certificates (21 children filled with the Holy Spirit) 
Zambia - 107 certificates (103 children filled with the Holy Spirit)
Malawi - 185 certificates (587 children filled with the Holy Spirit)
Seychelles - 11 certificates
eSwatini (Swaziland)  - 26 certificates
Madagascar - eight (8) seminars - 2,405 certificates 
Total certificates issued: 3,275 
We are so grateful for the committee members of "Reaching Africa's Youth and Children": Paula Richardson (Coordinator) Beth Ikerd and Pamela Sisco, who have worked in their sub-regions to oversee several of these seminars. We continue to develop literature and promote children's ministry and youth ministry across the region. Madagascar, recently had two seminars, one for the young men and one for the young ladies. There were over 1,000 young people in attendance. We're thankful for leaders who are capturing a vision for the importance of reaching Africa's children and youth.  

NOVEMBER 14 - Focused Prayer for French Nations

Praying that revival continues to grow among the French Speaking Nations and peoples of Africa. God is working and opening doors into French speaking nations where we have contacts but no established church. God is working in the nations, continue to pray, God is hearing and answering our prayers. 

Carolyn Adams, Coordinator ANOP

Missions Newsletter: Northern Germany & Berlin

November 2018

Remember that no heart petition sent up in the name of Jesus Christ can lose its way between earth and Heaven. Remember that He is more ready to hear than we to pray. Remember that He still says, "According to your faith be it unto you," and if you ask for the faith, He loves and longs to give it.
-from Expectation Corner by Emily Steele Elliott

As amazingly simple as it sounds, we have learned and are learning that nothing pleases Jesus more than for us to depend on Him and receive His blessings. We ask, expecting to receive, and see His faithfulness continually - a course of action we highly recommend!

During this month we have seen doors open, for which we have been praying. The presence of the Lord through the services and in the altar are drawing people closer to Him.

This month we met a lady in our apartment, with whom we wanted to connect for some time. She invited Sister Sledge to her apartment. During the conversation, she said she would like to visit more. She wants to learn English better, and I promised to help her...if she would teach me some Swahili. We started with "Mungu akubariki" (God bless you). Some of the ladies in the church in Potsdam speak Swahili and were quite surprised to be greeting in that language on Sunday!

No place is safer that the center of the will of God. This week while Brother Sledge rode his bicycle, Sister Sledge felt an unrgency to pray for his protection. After the burden lifted, she sent a text message, asking him to be careful and letting him know avout the prayer. Though he was well withing the bicycle lane and his bike and helmet wel-lit, a double-car bus almost ran over him. Immediately when he was out of harm's way, his phone alerted him he had a text. The angel of the Lord protected him every step.

And that bike ride led to another answered prayer and an open door. He went with a friend to a gathering, where he met some people hungry for truth. Although he offered to meet them for coffee, one emphatically, "I'm coming to church!"

Blessings, fellowship, solid teaching, anointed singing, powerful preaching...nothing was missing from the Elisha Conference in Munich! Brothers Joe Ellis and Harold Linder fed us richly as they unfolded the Word of God with skill and spiritual sensitivity. the HeavenView worship team facilitated our praise (and introduced some beautiful songs we brought back to the churches here). Bro. Charles Robinette cast a vision for far-reaching revival to every culture, generation, and ethnic group. One day in class, prayers were led by various individuals in German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, and Filipino. This was a foretaste of Heaven, when people from every nation and language will give praise to the Lord (Revelation 7:9-10).

Both of us taught Purpose Institute classes at the conference, a true privilege. The classes were translated into German, Portuguese, French, and Spanish. What a wonderful time to be part of the Kingdom of God!

A young lady from an Apostolic church in the Philippines, working in Germany, came to church in Berlin. She took a pamphlet on the new-birth experience to her roommate, and that young lady said she wants to attend church as well.

How great as our God! We live in excitement and expectation as we walk with Jesus...and with you, who share the journey and labor with us. In this month of Thanksgiving, we thank God for you.

For the purpose of glorifying Jesus,
Carl and Bethany Sledge
United Pentecostal Church Int'l

Going with the Gospel