Monday, March 31, 2014

Tolstad/Uganda Update

Dear Partners and Friends,

Many things have transpired in the last few weeks and God is giving great Victory. We had our General Conference in January and have seen some great things happen throughout the country. Three new Church Buildings have been finished, many new churches started and many people have found their personal Pentecost!

I have  just finished four trips in the last two months, two to the West to the Hoima/Buliisa Districts on the Congo Border / Lake Albert and another to the Central mountains, one to the Manafwa and Bududa Districts on the Kenya Border. and one to the North.  I was able to visit several new churches and see how God is moving and changing peoples lives. We were able to start several new churches and conduct city wide crusade/seminars in new areas. We want to thank Global Missions for the offering taken at the last General Conference for their help with the funds to have city crusades to start new Churches in Agweng / Pader and Bangala/Amolatar!

At these City crusades,  the local area Pastors gathered together with an evangelistic team and we held three day, city wide services and Open Air meetings to establish Churches for the first time in these cities. Having teaching seminars during the day and evangelistic services in the open air in the evenings. With choirs, worship and preaching, we saw a tremendous hunger in people as they received the Word of God. It was great to see the local churches and Pastors respond to start these churches, there were young men ready to pastor the new churches and places for them to worship with the new congregations from these outreaches! There were 30 people baptized and 33 received the Holy Ghost!

On the Kenya side, in Boliso, Palissa District we were  in two new Churches. Pastor Opio James had been baptized a few weeks ago and was excited to have us teach his people the Word of God. After several sessions on Apostolic Doctrine we had over sixty people ready to be baptized in Jesus Name!  However due to the drought, they searched and searched for water, but could not find any water hole to baptize, it is very dry and they have to go many kilometers to water wells for drinking water. They are waiting for the rains to come next month to have a baptismal service!

On Saturday and Sunday we were in the Mount Elgon mountain region. This area is about a mile from the Kenya Border in Budduda District and it is a relative new area for the Apostolic Message. We were in two new churches, with Pastor Leah and Pastor Job, fourteen received the Holy Ghost and eight were baptized in the river next to the Church. These are new churches and need to have new buildings for worship. It was a moving experience to see the intense hunger of these people for the Word of God.

 On the "safari" to the central mountains we were in Ssemuto, Kamusemene and Kasambya. Twenty one received the Holy Ghost and four baptized. During the Pastors meeting we graduated four branch Churches into Full churches. Two other independent pastors want us to come to their churches to preach this message. Two people testified to two notable miracles as God is our provider. Pastor Richard testified that God raised their son from the dead. They were preparing to bury their son when the Church began to seek God for Joshua, God completely raised him to total health! Pastor Shammah had been in a serious Motorcycle Taxi accident. His wife and small son where rushed to the Hospital, Sis Shammah had many broken bones but was expected to recover, their small son had died with a crushed head. Bro Shammah began to pray at the Hospital that God would provide a miracle, the little boy stopped bleeding, came awake and was taken home that evening. The next day they noticed his eyes where not working together and he ws suffering from severe head aches, so they prayed again, as they prayed, they saw his eyes move together and focus and he was totally healed! God is a miracle working God!

It is exciting to see the classrooms for the Apostolic Bible School going up. We are trusting God we can begin classes in the middle of May! It is so important to train young men to prepare them to evangelize and pastor churches throughout Uganda.

Thank you for being faithful in your prayers and giving. Your faithfull support in your PIM is what makes it possible to reach the lost of Uganda!

Phil & Twyla Tolstad
Uganda, East Africa

New Church in Boliso, Pastor Opio James, over a hundred people attended the Seminar and Services, inside and outside to hear the Word of God.

New Church in Icki Icki, Budaka District, Pastor Obote John. This church is in a heavy Muslim area and is having a good move of God, as many people are coming to the Truth.

New Church in Bwanyanga, Bududa District, Pastor Job Nangoli. It was a branch Church that is now a Church with a growing Congregation.(1)

New Church in Bwanyanga, Bududa District, Pastor Job Nangoli. It was a branch Church that is now a Church with a growing Congregation. (2)

Pastor Leah Nafula in Bunamwamba, Bududa District. Pastor Leah is a dynamic lady who has started many branch Churches and is doing a tremendous job of reaching her community. Had twelve receive the Holy Ghost, seven baptized, fifteen babies dedicated, two miracles and people excited about the Work of God! [Pictures 5, 6 & 7]

Traveling on the side of the Mountain to get to Church.

Bible School Classrooms going up!!

Bible School Classrooms going up!!

Sis Richard with her son Joshua who was raised from the Dead!

Setting Sun, we must reach Uganda with the Gospel!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

France Update

We greet you in the most precious Name, JESUS.

We are thrilled to announce to you that in the month of January 2014, we celebrated the 35th anniversary of the United Pentecostal Church of France. 35 years or missionary work and 35 years of training and pastoring the headquarters church.

When we came to France in 1977, there was no United Pentecostal Church. We give the Lord Jesus all the Glory that through many trials, tests and storms, we have come forth triumphant. We have witnessed 35 years of revival, of growth and of victory. Today we have a solid foundation for a mighty, Apostolic Church in the country of France.

We thank God for 40 licensed ministers, 19 churches, 3 preaching points and over 2,100 people baptized in Jesus Name and filled with the Holy Spirit. The French Bible Institute has 38 students enrolled at this time and is training men and women for French speaking countries of the world. We have also translated much literature into the French language, which is a source of great blessing to the Oneness Apostolic movement worldwide.

We thank God for what has been done. Now we are looking with great expectation to the future, believing God for an unprecedented outpouring of His Spirit upon the country of France.

Thank you for your faithful suppost through the years and for your ceaseless prayers for us and the country of France.

TOGETHER we are laborers with God.

In His Harvest,
John and Anne Nowacki

After this I beheld. and lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne...Revelation 7:9

Pastors and Preachers

French Bible Institute