Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dibbles D-Gram

"GET IN THE BOAT" was the theme during this month's crusades on Pohnpei, FSM (left), Saipan, CNMI (right), and Guam, USA. The genuine article lifeboat Mike and Vickie Oliver brought with them was an appropriate object lesson tool to relate to all our beautiful Micronesia and Mariana islanders! What a time we had! After the Olivers ministered over ten days, the Lord filled 107 souls with the precious Holy Ghost! left  Our gracious hosts (Pohnpei) Pastor Loriano Martin/family with the Olivers. below left Children offer the Olivers a warm island welcome. below GET IN THE BOAT! right Vickie Oliver and Kelley with Widow Williams who, with her husband, the late Rev. Dherry Williams, pastores the original work on Saipan. Many years of labor the the Kingdom are coming to fruition as seen in Sister William's joyous countenance! below NINE received the Holy Ghost on Saipan! Thank you, Brother and Sister Oliver, for every sacrifice you made to come work with us this month in Micronesia (West)! Love and appreciate you!

Monday, November 25, 2013

News from the Netherlands

Greetings from The Netherlands!

Hope your Fall has been filled with revival!

We have had dynamic outpourings of God's spirit here in The Netherlands. Here are some pictures of what God is doing.

We were also blessed to have Pastor Harold Linder in The Netherlands during this past month. Brother Linder and Heavenview have and continue to be a GREAT blessing to the work in The Netherlands!

We ended just concluded our 2014 planning and it looks to be an exciting year.

This past weekend Brother and Sister Steve Adams spoke at our marriage seminar. There were 10 couples in attendance. It was a powerful time and a great time of growth for our married couples.

Our Sunday School rooms are packed full we are in desperate need of more Sunday School rooms.

Here are a few pictures of the past month:

Altars have been full 6 have been filled with the Holy Ghost in the last two months.

Our ministry team is growing.

 Brother and Sister Steve Adams from Vidor Texas preached for us POWERFUL move of the spirit and 2 new people filled with the Holy Ghost!

Please pray for our family!

Please remember these needs when you pray for Holland:

    Our Children   
    Church Leadership  
    The City of Ede
    Financial Miracles
    More Laborers in Holland


We are so thankful to all who join in support of the work here in The Netherlands! We could not be here without you. As you know we are under the AIM program. The AIM program does allow for you to partner in missions with us with monthly pledges just as if we were fully appointed. You can print out the form below and send it in. Or you can contact us with your address and dollar amount and we will set you up.

Special thanks our newest partners:
Pastor Kody Price
Pastor Dwight Fishburn

Please keep The Netherlands in your prayers. We are laborers TOGETHER!


Matthew & Michelle & The Kids

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mission Senegal

Baptized in Jesus Name!!

This past Sunday, Brother Sully baptized 14 souls in Jesus name!! The youngest of those baptized was 12 years of age, the oldest was 84!! What a blessing to be a part of seeing souls added to the kingdom! Please pray for Pastor Severin, the pastor where these people attend. He desperately needs a healing in his body!

Videos were made of the recent Leadership Conference featuring Rev. Raymond Woodward. If you would like to see any of these sessions, please click HERE! These are not professionally done, but I am sure you will enjoy the great teaching all the same!


Special thank to Pastor Daniel McKillop and Family Worship Centre in Plaster Rock, NB, Canada  for their generous offering that paid for our daughter Jessica's final year of home schooling!! Like all seniors, she is anxious to get this final year completed! Join us in praying that the Lord will direct her steps into the next phase of her life!!

 If you have not Partnered with us yet, click HERE and join Mission Sengal today. Select Craig & Lyna Sully from the appropriate drop down menu!!

Thanksgiving Newsletter: The Siscos in Ghana


Last month we celebrated our Canadian Thanksgiving and this month we celebrate, with our friends, their American Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for.

Enjoying Grampy & Nanny's Visit

We are thankful that Grampy & Nanny Sisco could come visit for a couple of weeks. It was a special time and we enjoyed having them. One of the forever memories was the baptism of Allanah and Stephen while they were here.

Baptized in Jesus Name!

Our hearts are full! 3 John 4 says, "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth." What a privilege it was to baptize both Allanah and Stephen in Jesus name for the remission of their sins. We are truly thankful.

Radio Ministry
Currently, we have two pastors seeing tremendous results through radio ministry.

3 Preaching points
25 baptized in Jesus name
11 filled with Holy Ghost

Thank you Partners In Missions for your faithfulness. You have given us the privilege to serve God in Ghana. We are thankful to you and it is our prayer that God continues to bless you and keep you by his power. Your support make missions in Ghana possible for the Sisco family. Happy Thanksgiving!

Partner with the Siscos

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

We Made It to Uganda!

FINALLY! We've made it to the Field of UGANDA!
Our First Month

The Mbale children

22 Baptized in Mbale, Uganda

The Start of a New Chapter
 After deputation ended mid-August, we traveled to Texas and Arizona to spend time with family and to pack and send off our supplies to Uganda! What a job that was! We were glad to get that job done.  We enjoyed final days with the family.

We give special thanks to our oldest son, Justin and his wife, Tara, who helped us prepare for departure. Also, special thanks to our Arizona friends for all they did to help make things easier.

We arrived on October 11, 2013, early Friday morning welcomed by Missionaries Rev. Phil and Twyla Tolstad and many helpers to help with the tubs!  We truly appreciate all they have done to help us get settled in... THANK YOU!

Special thanks to Doctrine Seminar Supporters:
Mount Elgon Seminar
Our first trip into the bush was to the Mount Elgon Region near the Kenyan border. Special guest from Texas, Rev. Stephen Harris, was the Seminar preacher. Missionary Tolstad and Phelps taught doctrinal studies to the pastors, members and visitors. 43 received the Holy Ghost and 22 were baptized in Jesus Name!  Exciting Times!

West Nile Region
We travelled into the bush of the West Nile Region to the District of Adjumani working with Bro. Robert, the presbyter, and had a Sub-Regional Meeting! 25 filled with Holy Ghost and 10 baptized in Jesus Name!

Over 30 received the Holy Ghost in the Headquarters church the month of October! Rejoicing in what the Lord has done!

"How then how then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard?and how shall they hear without a preacher? and how shall they preach, except they be sent" - Romans 10:15

Mbale Children

Mbale Altar Call

Kevin and Adjumani Children

Left to right:
Rev. Steve Phelps
Rev. Stephen Harris
Rev. Phil Tolstad

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Update from Munich, Germany

 Greetings in Jesus’ name from Munich! Summer is over.  I waited this year for the “quite time” of the summer to allow me to get caught up. That never happened.  We whipped through Augustand into September, and with a few business trips throughout Europe and then General Conference in October, right into our Elisha Conference in Munich.

The month of September was a month of edifying.  We spent time giving Bible Studies to some of the new saints, and encouraging.  Most of this was either short Bible Studies, like“Into His Marvelous Light”or our“engaging”Bible Study,“Search for Truth II," which we are SO thankful to have in German!  We usually teach this from an Ipad or Tablet, and send PDFs of the study beforehand. The rest of our time was busily preparing for the Elisha Conference, our annual conference for the ministers, leaders and wives of the German speaking nations.

As General Secretary of the district, I have spent considerable time catching up on the years of history, as we needed to make a transition from one finance office to another, from one city to another. The process is ongoing, and is one of those tasks that are never really seen, but which are needed for the ministry to go forward.

 During our time at General Conference in St. Louis, we were able to connect friends from Michigan we had not seen for years, many other missions families, both in and outside of the EME region as well as many members of the Global Missions Board. We were also blessed with a chance to contribute a little bit to the effort in the EME Global Missions area as well.

Our Elisha Conference was a powerful time of teaching, fellowship, prayer, and along with a General Board meeting and our yearly ministers' business meeting. Brother James Stark taught powerfully on topics pertinent to the ministry here in the German speaking nations, along with Bro. Manuel Carvajal from Columbia and Bro. William Markham our EME Area Coordinator.

We thank you all as supporters and partners for your love, help and consistency—may God richly bless you for your share in the burden of Jesus Christ!

Prayer Requests and Financial Needs

> Effectiveness in evangelizing throughout Munich!
> Favor and effectiveness with the Kaiserslautern finance office!
> An apartment for AIMer Petra Hugon-Smith!
> Grounding young saints in discipleship
> Miracles, signs and wonders as we go out into Munich in faith!
> Prayer Requests and Financial Needs

Mitch and Jutta Sayers
Meeting at the StarInn Munich
North, Rathausplatz 8, 85716
Unterschleissheim, Germany
Missionary Project 89207

Monday, November 4, 2013

Africa Network of Prayer, November 2013

November's Calendar Events

01 Nov          SIERRA LEONE        National Ladies Auxiliary Prayer & Foot Washing/Communion service

01-03 Nov      NAMIBIA                  General Conference; Special speaker, Area Coordinator Ted Grosbach

01-03 Nov     CONGO (Brazzaville) Evangelistic meeting in Massengo

03 Nov         ZAMBIA                     Local churches sending in National Offerings to Headquarters

03 Nov           RODRIGUES             Joint Fellowship meeting at Quatre Vents

04 Nov          EQUATORIAL GUINEA National Board meeting

04-10 Nov     CONGO (Brazzaville) Prayer Chain for Massengo

05-16 Nov   BURUNDI                   GATS Bible School term with guest teacher, Kevin Borders

07 Nov          EQUATORIAL GUINEA Youth fellowship

07-09 Nov      ZAMBIA                   WISH Leadership Training in Cooperbelt Region

08 Nov          LIBERIA                     National Board Meeting to be at the UPCL National Headquarters

09 Nov          LIBERIA                     National Leadership Meeting - Maranatha Bible Institute, Sinkor

10 Nov          EQUATORIAL GUINEA Pastors Appreciation Day

10-12 Nov     CONGO (Brazzaville)  Prayer of growth in Mikalou

11-16 Nov    TANZANIA                  Ladies Leaders' Seminar for the Eastern regions in Moshi

13-15 Nov     KENYA                      National Board Meeting at UPCK Headquarters

13-15 Nov    LIBERIA                      National Missions Director to visit local churches in Section II

14 Nov    EQUATORIAL GUINEA      Ladies Fellowship

14 Nov      EQUATORIAL GUINEA    Ladies Fellowship

14-17 Nov     KENYA                     Lake Region Youth Convention in Chaina

14-17 Nov      BURKINA FASO        National Conference - Pastor Affa (Ivory Coast), Guest speaker

16 Nov          SOUTH AFRICA         Gauteng/Mpumalanga District meeting

18-23 Nov     EQUATORIAL GUINEA   Evangelism Week

19-20 Nov     KENYA                     Evangelism Board Meeting in Ziwani, Nakuru

20-22 Nov      LIBERIA                    Section II Crusade - Faith Tabernacle UPC

20-24 Nov      LIBERIA                    Section IV Annual Conference - Solid Rock UPC/Owens Grooves

21-24 Nov      KENYA                   Seminar in Ziwani, Nakuru

21-24 Nov      ZAMBIA                  Youth Camp meeting in Northern Region

22-23 Nov      NIGERIA                  Bible School Graduation Services, Enugu

24 Nov         LIBERIA                    Pastors' Appreciation service in Section I

24-30 Nov      EQUATORIAL GUINEA  Week of Intercessory Prayer and Fasting

27-29 Nov       NIGERIA                 Delta State Convention

28 Nov-01 Dec    KENYA                Mt. Kenya Region Ladies' Convention in Wiyumiririe   

29-31 Nov    SIERRA LEONE           Esther prayer and fasting Retreat at UPC Cabala Town

30 Nov       SIERRA LEONE             National Pastors Meeting

30 Nov           MAURITIUS               Senior Citizens Get-together

Africa Region and Beyond

04 Nov           AFRICA REGION     
Pray for Africa's Children

14 Nov           GLOBALLY       
Pray for the French-speaking nations of the Africa Region and around the World

Other Prayer Requests

BURKINA FASO -  Please pray for Missionary Ginny Cantrell who has been suffering with Dengue Fever as well as an infection in her lungs. She needs a healing touch.

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC - From the Michael Benson Family:  "Please, continue to remember the political crises in the Central African Republic.  Our people continue to suffer from the effects this last coup."

CONGO (DRC) - From 25th October to the end of November,  Rev. Kalo, the first national superintendent, is going around the country to cast the new vision of the church toward its nationalization.  Bro. Kalo will be visiting different provinces such as: Kinshasa, Bandundu, Equateur, Sud Kivu, Two Kasais, and other parts of the Katanga Province.  We ask for prayers that unity may be established in the core of the church.

EQUATORIAL GUINEA -  Pray for the new work in Bata on the Mainland.  Pray for open doors.

LIBERIA - During the dates of 20-24th of November, theNational Youth Leaders will be visiting the UPC churches in the Republic of Guinea.  They will be meeting with the young people in those churches and will have planned activities. Pray that this will be a successful meeting.     

MOZAMBIQUE - Regional Missionary, Cezar Moraes reports: "Mozambique is now facing difficult times.  A week ago, the opposition party announced the end and break of the Agreement of Peace that was agreed years ago in Rome.  The leader of the opposition said that there's no security in the country, and since his Headquarters was attacked, he cannot control his dispersed group.  Please, we need your prayers!  We don't want to see Mozambique in war again."

NAMBIA - There is a building project underway in Aranos that we are hoping to see finished in December.  Also, Bro. Keith Ikerd and Bro. Lorens Hauseb have been teaching Bible Studies to the elders of a trinitarian church. We thank God for this open door and pray that these elders will see the truth!

REUNION - Please pray for a brother who has been sick for more than one year.  Pray for several of the members of the church in Petite-Ile, who have a number of situations that need prayer.  Also, pray for open doors for the establishment of more churches in this nation of La Reunion.

RODRIGUES -  Please pray for our young ministers and their families.  Also, pray for the new Home Bible studies that are beginning.  Two new families have opened their homes to host these Bible studies.

SOUTH AFRICA - On the 17th of November, there is a special meeting called  to elect and announce the new pastor for UPC in EERSTERUST.  This is filling the place left vacant by the death of our beloved Pastor James Olifant.  Pray that the Lord will direct the church as to who would be the right person.

SIERRE LEONE  - Pray for the following:

    Our Bible College has introduced a Doctrinal teaching program for all elders, pastors and wives, and church workers each Saturday.
    Also during the second and third weeks of November, we will be conducting our LAST-HOUR Program.
    The National Youth have an all-night prayer meeting each month.
    Please pray for a National Board visit to the provinces in November.

ZIMBABWE -  "We have a prayer request for Sis. Dorothy Edwards, AIMer in Zimbabwe, who was discharged from hospital a few weeks ago after spending some time in intensive care. The specialist told her that she had a problem with her heart. Since coming out of hospital, her condition has fluctuated, but has not been too serious.  This week she has reacted to the medication.  Please continue to pray for her."   - Pastor M.N. Gwebu

Pray for the upcoming events:    

    Beginning Oct 31st Missionaries Mike and Lisa Long will be teaching and preaching in Chipinge, Zimbabwe at a refugee camp.  The church there runs 800 people.  
    Also, there are eight other churches in the area that will be attending a leadership Seminar during the day and revival services at night. These churches have just recently joined the UPC of Zimbabwe and this will be the second visit with them.
    Next, the weekend of November 8th, the executive board along with the missionaries will hold a Leadership Seminar and revival services in Binga.  This is a rural area with fifteen churches in the vicinity.  There will also be an Ordination Service ordaining five ministers.

 Praise Reports

EQUATORIAL GUINEA - Three received the Holy Spirit and one was  baptized in Jesus name at a new work started in (Bata) on the mainland.

GABON - Desire Rakotondratsimba writes:  "We are so thankful to be able to report a great Victory for the Church in Gabon.  We have just received our "Recepisse Définitif" (Final Receipt) of our registration.  Thank you so much for your prayers.  We also are happy to report that each week, we are seeing new souls born into His Kingdom.  God has been good to us."

LIBERIA - We are thankful that the UPCL was able to send a delegation to attend the West Africa Sub-regional Conference in Lome, Togo.  They brought many good reports of what God is doing in the West Africa Countries.  Our Missionary Albert Stewart was able to attend as well.  We are thankful for his continued guidance to the United Pentecostal Church of Liberia.

MALI - During the days of November 22-27, please keep in prayer a group of missionaries who are going into Mali looking over the land.  We are praying for open doors for the future of the work there.

RODRIGUES (Mauritius) - During the past several weeks, six people have been baptized in Jesus Name and two have received the Holy Ghost.  We praise the Lord for this.  Also, we have a miracle to report:  One brother had an accident that resulted in a broken arm.  He was carried to the hospital where he was admitted and was waiting for immediate surgery.  We went to pray for him at the hospital and he was miraculously healed.  He returned home on the same day, no surgery needed!

SIERRE LEONE - "The local church of Lumbley has started to build a wall at the Bible College property. This is an answer to a long time prayer. We are thrilled with this. Also, the local church at Kissy has just concluded a very fruitful Thanksgiving service.  We are waiting to hear of the results of those that were baptized in Jesus Name. This church is also undergoing a building project. We give the Lord praise for all the progress we are seeing."  - Christopher Conteh, Superintendent, UPCSL.

SWAZILAND - From Superintendent, Patrick Nxumalo:  "Through His grace we have seen in the past three months, 140 souls surrender their lives to God during crusades and a Junior Youth Conference.  The Junior Conference was very well attended.  On the last Sunday of October a total of fourteen souls were baptized in the Name of Jesus at our Matimatima and Maseyisini assemblies.  Please pray with us for the success of another weeklong crusade, ending on Monday November 4, at our Ezulwini Church."

ZIMBABWE - What a wonderful Ladies conference we had at the Kwekwe campground.  It was well attended and there were two ladies who received the Holy Ghost on the Sunday Morning.