Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Revival Reports from Africa

Randy Adams family

In regular services, seventy-two received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Burkina Faso
Ken Cantrell family

Four were baptized in Jesus' name, including a Trinitarian pastor and his wife.

Hundreds of children attended special services for them held at several places around the country.

Equatorial Guinea
Area Coordinator, Jim Poitras & Regional Missionary, Peter Mua family

In regular services, six have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

One young man was healed from sleep deprivation. Two of his family members received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Randy Adams family - reported by Pastor Desire Rakotondratsimba

Three were baptized in Jesus' name, including a Trinitarian pastor. Many souls have been renewed in the Holy Spirit.

Jim Poitras, Colleen Carter & Nick Sisco families

During regular services, a total of 182 were baptized in Jesus' name and 135 received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, including a father-in-law of one of the Presbyters.

A new church was started in March; ten were baptized in Jesus' name, and four have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit so far.

A new church plant has twenty-five in attendance, and fifteen have already been baptized in Jesus' name.

A new preaching point established.

A pastor and his family from another organization have been baptized in Jesus' name.

A Youth Camp Meeting had 500 in attendance. Twenty-two were baptized in Jesus' name, and eighteen received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Albert Stewart family

During regular church service,s sixty were baptized in Jesus' name and sixty received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

At the Annual General Conference, 127 received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and thirty-seven were baptized in Jesus' name.

Chris Richardson family

In a Sunday morning service, nine received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

One lady testified that, after seven years of battling with an illness which had left her bedridden, God healed her, and she was in service praising the Lord.

In a city-wide youth rally, over 700 young people gathered.

Tremayne Simoneaux family

During the recent Annual Minister's Training Seminar, there was a great attendance and response to the teaching and preaching.

Tremayne Simoneaux family & Regional Missionary, Cezar Moraes family

An independent pastor and wife in the capitol city have been baptized in Jesus' name and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. They have requested teaching for their congregation, as the congregation desires to be baptized and to receive the Holy Spirit.

Gerry McLean family

At a State Convention, seven were baptized in Jesus' name, including five visiting ministers.

The Bible school has an open enrollment policy, so many of the students are not from Oneness churches. Six new students were recently baptized in Jesus' name.


Randall Richardson family - reported by Pastor Mamy

At one church, four were baptized in Jesus' name and the attendance has increased to sixty.

Randy Adams and Michael Benson families - reported by AIMer, Jaydie Johnson

In regular services, a total of twenty-two were baptized in Jesus' name and thirty-three received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

A new church has been planted.

At a local crusade where a new church has been opened, twenty-five were baptized in Jesus' name and twenty-eight received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Eight were also healed at one of the city churches.

Phil Tolstad & Steve Phelps families

At General Conference, sixty-eight received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and twenty-two were baptized in Jesus' name, including nine Trinitarian pastors. There were 502 registered leaders in attendance. Six pastors were also restored to our church.

The nine pastors who were baptized in Jesus' name applied for license with our church. There were other pastors willing to be baptized but wanted to inform their leaders that they would be joining our church, resigning their pastorates and starting new churches preaching the Oneness Doctrine.

Through the Pastoral Survey and the reports of the Presbyters, 4,427 received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in 2010 and 4,130 were baptized in Jesus' name.

Tremayne Simoneaux family

Several Oneness churches and pastors in one region have requested to join with our church and are currently receiving teaching and training.

Monday, March 21, 2011

New from Mission Montreal - March 2011

We are just finishing a long, cold winter in Montreal, but the Lord has been doing some amazing things here. Sometimes you plant a seed in someone's heart and it seems like nothing is happening, but then a painful circumstance will come along that causes someone's heart to turn to God.

At our church Christmas celebration, a lady and her two children attended with a close family friend. They didn't return until last week, after their friend passed away suddenly and they were in need of comfort and peace. They knew it could only be found in the presence of God!

Also, a few months ago we started a Bible study with a lady and her three children, whose husband had just left her because he said she was putting church and God ahead of him. It has been a very difficult and painful time for the family, but since that time, all three of the children (age 8, 14 and 18) have received the Holy Ghost! And this week, the court awarded her custody of the children, and now she can continue to raise them in a spiritual environment.

This week, we returned to Sherbrooke with a Bible School student and met with a large family of Nepalese people who are wide open to Apostolic ministry: 18 people met together to pray and worship and hear the Word. Many other doors are opening because of this one family and like always, when the doors of ministry open, we will simply and obediently, GO!

Thank you for your prayers, friendship and support. We appreciate you all so much!

Scott & Liane Grant

Mexigram February 2011


We are so excited with the way the Lord continues to give the UPC of Mexico revival.

Last year (2010) we had a total of 11,243 baptized in Jesus’ Name, and 9,571 filled with the Holy Spirit. To God be the Glory.

The above figure averages out to: 30.8 baptized every day or near 2 baptized each hour – especially calculating waking hours.

Our Membership grew by 10.5% in 2010, and today we have a constituency of 92,145 believers.

Our Ministerial Body grew by 9.5% in 2010, and today we have 830 Licensed Ministers.

The amount of churches and missions also grew by 8.1 % in 2010, and today in all of Mexico, we have 876 churches divided in 28 different Districts, each with their own District Supervisor (Superintendent) and District Board.



We are also so excited and thankful to the Lord for the way He continues to bless the local church where we personally pastor in the heart of Mexico City. Recently we had a Jubilee service with an attendance of 506 - bringing together all our Sunday services (we have four different services each Sunday). In that service we had 8 baptized and 8 received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Below are a couple of pictures:

As can be seen, a number had to stand at the back all the way through the service. Brother Alberto Gutierrez, Pastor of a couple of the churches here in the city and the Central District Secretary, was the guest speaker.

On Sundays, we have an average attendance of around 450 in all four services.


The UPC of Mexico has it's National Convention every two years, with Zonal (Regional) Conventions during the alternate years. This year our National Convention 2011 will be in the Sports Palace (Palacio De Los Deportes) in Mexico City, July 29-31, 2011. We will have over 15,000 in attendance, and our goal is to see over 1,500 receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Yes, we can and will! Why not plan to come and be part of revival?
Check us out at:

Please pray for continued revival in Mexico!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Building for the Future: Report from the Shutes Family

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

Greetings in the precious Name of the Lord Jesus Christ! I am writing you with an urgent request. We thank all of you for receiving us so graciously while on deputation. God granted so many miracles of healing, with many receiving the Holy Ghost and being baptized in Jesus Name.

We are presently seeing great revival in the CIS and Baltic Republics (former Soviet Union), with nations being opened and pastors receiving the revelation of the One True God and being baptized in Jesus Name. New Converts are growing, the work of the Lord is spreading, and ministers are being sent out to preach the Gospel, accompanied with signs and wonders.

My wife and I are still in the USA, and we are eager to get back to the field. We still have a couple of very important needs that I am asking you to pray about, and if God moves on your heart to give to one of these needs, please send it in to one of the accounts at Foreign Missions.

I pray that your heart opens liberally to give towards this great cause.

Mark & Robin Shutes
Missionaries to Belarus and the Baltic Republics

Belarusian Bible College

In Belarus we hold Bible College in homes in three different provinces. We have graduated over 100 students. Some of them are pastors, evangelists, presbyters, bishops, and missionaries. We sent two nationals who are Regional Missionaries into Poland, Russia and Ukraine.

This building that you see here is our unfinished Bible College building. When it is finished, it will seat 250 people, have several classrooms, and sleep 30 people. Presently the national church in this city is holding services in the basement. They have put thousands of dollars into this building. We need $45,000 in order to finish it.

Latvian Training Center

We are launching the reconstruction of a building and turning it into a Training Center for ministers all over the CIS and Baltic Republics. This area of the world is 11 time zones long. You can fit the USA into it 2.28 times. The work was opened by Area Coordinator William Turner 18 years ago. It has gone from 0 churches to over 120 churches and preaching points.

We will use this facility for our Bible College in Latvia, as well as bringing in the upper level ministry in the CIS and Baltic Republics in order to prepare them for the great outpouring of God's Spirit across this Area; this is a strategic Center. In order to renovate this into a Center, it will cost approximately $140,000. We give special thanks to pastors that have pledged some $56,000. We need another $84,000 to complete it.

In Conclusion:
This is a huge operation. The expense is great! However, it is for the souls of men, women, and children that we labor in tears, traveling, preaching, teaching. There is no expense too great. This is why we are here. It is for this hour, for this time. God is going to use someone, it should be us.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Africa Network of Prayer - March

Praise Reports

During Sunday morning services in 2 churches in the Zou Region of Benin, a total of 32 people received the Holy Ghost.

God has helped us to begin our Sunday School program across Burkina Faso and Niger. We have held six children's programs in the local churches. Each has averaged 150-200 children in attendance. Niger is taking Sunday School to the next level. God is moving in the hearts of the pastors and the children of Burkina Faso. We are thankful for Jaydie Johnson who came up from Lome, Togo, to help us this month.

Miracle in Ouagadougou

From our rooftop in Ouagadougou you can see the presidential palace. I invited our pastors for an all night prayer meeting on my roof. I was showing the pastors my vision for Burkina Faso.

We were taking spiritual possession of the political climate. For 7 hours we interceded for the country of Burkina Faso. We bound the spirits of the fetish worship and loosed the Grace of God among the Muslims. We opened spiritual doors and closed the mouth of the enemy!

Little did I know, my night guard who was Muslim was listening to the prayers that ascended to the heavens. He came to me asking question about our doctrine and requesting some literature. Last Tuesday, we baptized him, his wife and his older brother in the name of Jesus!

That is not the end of the story. As you know, the one way to win over a Muslim is through signs and wonders. His wife was 9 months pregnant when she was baptized. This was on Tuesday, on Wednesday she went into the hospital. For at least 12 hours she was in extreme pain.

The doctor said that the baby's head was not in the correct position, and the mother's body was not responding to the contractions. She began to loose blood. The prognosis was grave. We feared that we would lose both the mother and the baby.

My wife began to pray. I called our pastors, and they began to pray; my wife contacted the Benson family, and they began to pray.

Immediately the baby began to turn, and 12 hours later, this new convert gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! To God be the Glory! There will be a witness in the Muslim community to the power of Jesus Christ!

The results from the prayers on the roof were a sign that the hearts of the Muslims have been opened to the Gospel and that many babies will be born in the church.