Monday, October 11, 2010

General Conference Report 2010

Highlights (estimated or round numbers)
  • Total attendance: 17,500
  • Peak attendance (Sunday night): 13,000
  • Total baptized with the Holy Ghost: 3,600
  • Total views on Internet (English, Spanish, deaf): 86,000
  • Total countries with viewers: 111 (English), 28 (Spanish)
Other Information
  • Registrations: 11,361 (excludes children and complimentary passes for some volunteers)
  • Volunteers: 2,700
  • Unique IPS addresses for English and deaf viewers (individuals, families, or churches): 16,034
  • Baptized in water onsite: 135
  • Baptized with Holy Ghost in children’s service: 94
  • Baptized with Holy Ghost on the street: 107
  • Baptized with Holy Ghost via Internet in English (reported by text): 356
  • Baptized with Holy Ghost via internet in Spanish (reported by e-mail): 30, in 11 countries
  • Refilled with Holy Ghost: 1,000
  • People receiving the Holy Ghost included an Ethiopian van driver for our street workers, a Honduran worker in the ladies meeting, and a security guard Sunday night (also baptized).
  • Many healings. The daughter of a pastor in South Texas received healing of complete deafness in one ear caused by a lack of internal bones. She now uses that ear to listen to her cell phone.

The attendance estimates were based on registrations, volunteer passes, and reports from building security and district leadership. Because of stringent control by building security, we were not able to conduct a full altar call at the front, so we turned the entire arena into an altar. When we asked for a show of hands of how many spoke in tongues for the first time, the crusade team on the platform estimated that 1,500 hands were raised on each side for a total of 3,000. When we asked how many were either filled or refilled after not speaking in tongues for a long time, there were an estimated 4,000 to 5,000. We had 600 trained altar workers stationed throughout the audience and approximately 1,000 ministers. In interviews, individual workers reported praying with 2-10 people who received the Holy Ghost and said many were filled instantaneously and simultaneously. The estimate of 3,000 filled is easily substantiated by 600 workers praying with 5 people each, not counting others filled.


Truly we experienced a reenactment of the Day of Pentecost, when “suddenly” the Holy Spirit fell on “about 120,” and then a short time later “about 3,000” from many nations were added to that number. This conference was one of our greatest ever, and it is unprecedented in several ways:

  • The greatest outpouring of the Holy Ghost at one place and one time in the U.S.
  • The greatest number of attendees and viewers for a UPCI conference
  • The most countries reached by a UPCI conference
To all this we can say, “Praise the Lord” and “To God be the glory!”

Sincerely in Christ,

David K. Bernard

General Superintendent

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