Friday, October 1, 2010

Uganda Report

Visitors from America
Sis Donna Parker, AIMer from Greenwood Arkansas
Sis Jackson and Sis Larabee, both visiting for two weeks from Leavenworth, Kansas

Dear Friends and Partners,

A church asked us for translation of several languages of "Every Tribe, Every Tongue, Every Nation....Everyone.... We Worship", for their Missions Conference, and I thought you might find it interesting.

1. Kiswahili (East Africa): Kila Kabila, Kila Lulimiokila inchi, Kila
mmoja Tuabudu
2. Kenya: Kila Kabila, kila thok, kila pinyi, kila gato, w
a pak
3. Makabira (Congo): rureme roothe, mukirega wothe, mudu woothe nitogoche

4. French (Congo): Tout tribu, Tonte langue, Tonte Nation
, tout le monde, Nous Atorons
5. Lingala (Congo): Bikolo Nyonso, Munoko nyonso, Babboka Nyoso, Bato nyonso, to sanjola

6. Kikongo (Congo): Ndinga Inso, Bwala Inso, Beto Banso, Tukembile

7. Lugbara (Uganda): Suru woro, Tii woro, Angu woro,
ba woro, amu ma injii
8. Nub (Uganda): Krila Kabila, Kila outan, Kila bele, Kita ajol, ina Kul Kede abudu

9. Kinyarwanda (Rwanda): buri bboko, buri rurimi, buri igihobu, buri muntu twese duhimbaze

10. Kiriga (Congo): Ila ilongo, ila lulomi ila isi, bashu bose, Inabudu

11. Kibembe (Congo): Ila ilongo, ila lulimi, ila iba, lo bashu bo
se tuabudu
12. Karamojong (Uganda): Ngini tunganan daadang, Ngina
ngajep daadang, ngina teker daadang,
Ngina kwaf danadang elifa akuj papa

13. Luo (Uganda): Rok ducu, Les ducu, Lubo ducu, dawo ducu myero pak rwot

14. Kuman (Uganda): Rok wena, leb, ducu, Lobo bene, dano dedede, pak rwot

15. Rootoro (Uganda): Buli Ihanga, Buli Rulimi, buli Ensi, Buli Omu, Tukugize

16. Ruganda (Uganda): Buli Gwanga, Buli Rulimi, Buli Ensi, Bulyomu, Tusiinze

17. Susamia (Uganda): Buli Kabila, Buli Lulimmi, Buli Sialo, Buli Mundu, fesi hugukirira

Kasambya Altar Call

"We Worship"

1. Rutooro (Uganda): Buli Opiu Tukugize

2. Ruganda (Uganda): Bulyomu Tusiinze Mukama

3. Runyankole (Uganda): Buryomwe Tukugize

4. Luo (Uganda): Jo Ducu myero pak Rivot

5. Kuman (Uganda): Dano Dedede Pak Rwot

6. Kiswahili (International, East Africa): Kila Mmoja Tuabudu

7. Kinyarwanda (Rwanda): Twese Duhimbaze

8. Kirundi (Burundi): Twese Duhamye

9. Kisamya (Uganda): Buli Mundu Tubinnze

10. Kikuyu (Kenya): Ithui othe ni Tugoshe Ngai

11. Ateso (Uganda): Oni Ker Eturoto

12. Kijaluo (Kenya): Ji Dutote Kapak

13. Kiluya (Kenya): Twhese Tuabudu

14. Karia Majong (Uganda): I won daadang elipa

15. Kinubi (Uganda): Ina Kulu Kede abuid

16. Lugbara (Uganda): Amamia inji

17. Kirega (Congo): Bashu Bose Tuabudu

18. Kibembe(Congo): Ilia Mutu Turbudu

19. Lingala (Congo): Batu Myonso Tonyetola

20. Chichewa (Malawi): Aliese Kupembedza

21. Kigisu (Uganda): Buli Mutwela Kane Esaye

Updates from Uganda

We had to cancel our Regional Conference in the eastern part of Uganda as there were severe riots over the political primary elections this past week. Most of the trouble was right next to our church where our conference was to be held. Three people were killed, and many cars and buildings were destroyed. We will plan to reschedule in Nov
ember. Since we were not able to go East, we went West and visited six churches in two days -- having services in the first church each day and then meeting with the saints in the other churches. Eleven received the Holy Ghost in the two services. Four of the churches had purchased land and were in the process of building permanent church structures. If you would like to help in these projects, please let us know; there isn't any greater gift than giving a church for people to find God!

Pastor John's Church - Construction Incomplete

In Kasambya, four received the Holy Ghost.

In Igunda on Friday, seven received the Holy Ghost. The church was packed with many sitting outside the building and packing inside during the altar time. It was raining, and the road was difficult and slick. Thankfully, the SFC Toyota got us there and back.

The Road

In the North in the city of Dokolo, one new church was started last week, and
another church received the truth. Presbyter Ogwal baptized the whole church. Two new churches in this area!

In Kinyinya, four were baptized in Jesus Name as the church has continued in Revival. This church is one of our oldest and, in the last year, has started two branch churches that now number over three hundred--now outnumber their mother church.

In the Village of Kassasa, eight received the Holy Ghost and were baptized.

In Kyenjojo, a young man witnessed to a pastor of a church he attended as he had just moved into the area and it was to far to walk to his own church. The pastor came to the Ministers Seminar in August and was baptized and received the Holy Ghost. This church is now an United Apostolic Church.

In a Kabalagala/Kibuli church here in Kampala, seven received the Holy Ghost.

We want to thank all of you for your faithful continued support in Prayers and Finances. Your faithful PIM is what makes it possible to reach Uganda.

Pastor John's church in the mountains of the West
They ran out of money and couldn't finish the roof and walls of the Church.
It was raining inside!

We are continuing to need your help in purchasing and registering land for our churches; there are also six churches who need help to put on iron sheets for their roofs. A complete roof with trusses (etc.) will run about $1,500. ( 103.FA.033215.21.2112.-.114). We are also in desperate need of bicycles for our pastors who pastor several churches. A bike with spare parts and an extra tire is $100 ( 103.FA.033215.24.2411.-.114). Your help in these areas would be greatly appreciated.

Phil and Twyla Tolstad


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