Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ringing Out the Good News -- Ghana

Winter 2010 Report
Colleen Carter

"Just Having Church"

Throughout the country in regular church services, 178 received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and 168 were baptized in Jesus' name.

"Youth In Action"

In one region, the youth became active in evangelism and outreach. As a result, 32 were baptized in Jesus' name and 5 were filled with the Holy Ghost.

"Paper Preacher Conversations..."

In one region, 4,000 tracts were distributed and, as a result, 19 were baptized in Jesus' name and 22 received the Holy Ghost.

In another region, 3,000 tracts were distributed and, so far, 5 have received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

"ACTS Students Apprenticeship..."

Three of our students from other organizations have embraced the truth and were baptized in Jesus' name.

Students helped a pastor with evangelism and tract distribution -- 4 visitors came to the next. Sunday service. Since then, 5 were baptized in Jesus' name.

"Gospel on 102.7 FM..."

A deacon has been preaching on the local radio station for three years now. The Chief and Elders in one town invited him to visit. As a result, a church has been planted and 39 have already been baptized in Jesus' name.

"The Gift of Truth"

A pastor and congregation from another denomination expressed their interest in the Oneness Truth. So far, 28 members have been baptized in Jesus' name and the other 22 will soon follow.

Thank you dear, faithful Partners in Missions for your prayers, love, and financial support. The above revival reports are possible because of your sacrifice to the Kingdom of God.

It is my prayer that the "Good News" will ring out loud and clear in your church, community, and city this beautiful time of year when we celebrate the greatest gift of all -- Truth wrapped Himself in flesh and came to dwell among us to save our lost souls!

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