Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Prayer Requests from Singapore

Prayer Requests
From Steve Willoughby (Singapore):

Please continue praying for Barb.

Barb just had her blood tested again. Her CEA Tumor Marker went up 14 points rising from 90 to 104. We were stunned a bit as it was not the results we expected. Barb asked the doctor, “Are you concerned about this?” He said, “I am always concerned when the counts go up. Still, we will not get too alarmed. If however the counts go up again next month we will do a PET scan to see what is going on.”

We had been warned by the people who make the Poly MVA (the non-chemo medicine we got in USA) to expect the tumor marker to go up the first couple of months as dead cancer cells would be dumped into the blood. Well it did not happen last month, but Barb said she chooses to believe that that is what is happening this month.

It is still a roller-coaster ride and the only thing that keeps you sane is His promises and
stubborn faith.

She has now started another two week cycle of oral chemo. It really does a number on her feet and is now affecting her hands. Before her counts started rising the doctor was planning on giving her a two month no chemo rest.

Prayer Pointers
1. Pray that the chemo/poly mva combination will totally eradicate every cancer cell.
2. Pray that the tumor marker will immediately fall below Barb’s ten year base line of 65.
3. Pray that once in the 40 range (that’s where I saw it by faith) that the Poly MVA will be
able to help her body's natural defense keep the cancer at bay without chemo.

We are forever indebted to you for your love and prayers.

From T.W.Drost (Mexico):
Please pray for the upcoming Conference in Mexico City.

Next week, October 7th to 9th we have an important Ministers' Conference in Mexico City called, "Conferencia MAS".

MAS in Spanish stands for: Ministers Advancing in Service.

We have a large number of our Ministers come from all over the country and preachers that come from out of the country.

Our prayer is that it will be a boost and inspiration to all that come and, a catalyst for even greater growth. The UPC of Mexico is experiencing great growth, having doubled in everything in the last five years - Pastors, baptized believers and amount of churches. To God be the glory!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

From Antonio and Jessica Marquez (Mexico):
Please continue praying for Pastor Enrique Rodriguez. When Bro. Enrique was taken to the hospital, after the first initial explosions of the bombs, the doctors decided to send him home. As he was walking out of the hospital, he began to choke on his own blood.

The shrapnel that had entered his body had not been seen by the doctors, and had penetrated into his lungs and intestines. The doctors took him immediately into surgery, a surgery that lasted 5 hours. After coming out of the surgery he did not respond until 6 hours later. It was a very delicate situation.

During the surgery the doctors extracted 3 liters of blood from his lungs and from the rest of his body. Bro. Enrique is now in stable condition, and still ALIVE!

We KNOW the Lord performed a MIRACLE because of your prayers. There are still some blood clots in his intestines, but the doctors say that surgery is risky. They are giving him medicine to try to dissolve these clots.

He is still in the hospital, but this morning we were told that he has been moved out of ICU into a regular room. We ask that you continue to pray for him, his wife Ireri, and his daughter Karen.

From Stanley Scism (South Asia/United Kingdom):
Please pray for the Christians in Karnataka State, India. Some of our own churches have been attacked, as well as other organizations.

Please pray:
a. They will be protected from attacks.
b. They will be a bold to witness to further the Gospel despite persecutions.
c. They will be followed by miracles so people will know their testimony is true.

From Dan Davis (South Africa): P
Please pray for political stability in South Africa.

South Africa is in amazing political turmoil.

The ruling party (ANC) has effectively forced President Mbeki to resign as president, paving the way for a man named Jacob Zuma who has been in and out of court for the last several years for taking bribes, corruption, rape and more.

This could really turn ugly as the country is deeply divided and so is the ANC. The youth league of the ANC is calling for violent elimination to anyone who opposes Zuma and last week started riots in the streets of Durban having several people injured.

We ask you to join us in prayer for the stability of our country as we face this tenuous time.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Prayer Request

From Linda Guinn (Mexico):
Please pray for Pastor Enrique Rodriguez who was injured in a bomb explosion.

During the Independence Day celebration last night in Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico, two bombs were exploded in the town square.

One of our pastors, Bro. Enrique Rodriguez was hit by pieces of shrapnel and is in critical condition. He has internal injuries and is being operated on this morning, the doctors say that it is very complicated and he is between life and death.

Please pray for him and the many others that were also injured in this attack.

Hurricane Ike leaves a trail of destruction in Cuba

Hurricane Ike leaves a trail of destruction in Cuba. Please pray that God will comfort and provide for those in Cuba and elsewhere that were impacted heavily by this weather-related tragedy.

Please note that Compassion Services International is a tremendous way to invest in the recovery that will be needed in Cuba (see below for more information).

It is hard to imagine the loss of property and life in a third world country as Cuba.
However, I hope that these pictures can help you understand and realize what this tiny island has experienced.

Compassion Services International has done its utmost to alleviate the suffering.
$2,000 has been sent to Cuba and more funds will be sent as you respond to the presentation of the need.

Please send any offering to Compassion Services International, 8855 Dunn Road, Hazelwood MO 63042 and note that it is to be used for Cuba, Hurricane Ike.
God bless you as you bless those on this hurricane ravaged island.

Please Note: You may also use paypal from the link on this page and 100% of your assistance will be made available to the efforts of Compassion Services International.

CSI at work in the Carribbean Islands

Pastor Mark Hattabaugh leads and serves in the effort of the Pentecostals of Cooper City to assist in the relief effort.

As you aware, Hurricane Ike caused devastation throughout the Caribbean Islands. Millions were left homeless and without food and safe water.

However, God had people ready and able to assist. The Pentecostals of Cooper City and Costco donated, organized and shipped supplies to those in need.

To each of the saints as well as the employees of Costco foods, we send a heartfelt thanks.

You can join these who are so willing to share what they have by noting on your check, “Compassion Services – Hurricane Ike” and sending it to Compassion Services International, 8855 Dunn Road, Hazelwood, MO 63042.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Compassion Services International at work



Latest Shipping Info:

6:40 pm EST Update - Thursday

6:00 am - Picking up more supplies at Costco

9:30 am - Everyone gather at church for final load up and inventory of goods

10:30 am - After Brian Fegter printed out the CSI posters/Address labels to be placed on the shipment pallets, head out to Miami to deliver the goods to Tropical Shipping.

11:30 am - Arrive at Tropical Shipping with truck, Van and Car loaded with goods.Unload goods onto Pallets and shrink wrap very tight.

We ended up with 3 Pallets of goods, plus 8 extra boxes shipped individually (Cheaper) and 1 Suitcase.

Total is: 12 Pieces (The 3 pallets and 9 individual pieces).

All is labeled and tagged with the big CSI poster/Lables

12:30 - Weighed items: 4,300 lbs.12:30 - Head to the office to pay. Since having worked the phones for 3 days trying to get the shipping taken care of, and having built relationships with the powers that be with Tropical, I told them we needed them to honor the "Special Rate" offered to us for taking goods down for relief.

We had been given prices of up to $2,500.00 to ship all this goods!!

After waiting for them to verify our claims and contact the chain of command we had worked with for the past 3 days, they did in fact, verify that my claim was true: only $2.00 per cu ft - all inclusive price!!! THANK GOD!

Photos were taken of all these transactions and of the loading process, etc.

By 1:30 PM we were leaving the office heading back to the church.

Ever since receiving the request by Bro. Scotty Slaydon, director for CSI on Monday, we have been running non-stop with a great team of volunteers from our church to make all of this happen.

It has been amazing and tough work and yet so rewarding. I wish we could be there to help them distribute and set up the "tent city".

The family of God, specifically the UPCI / CSI is such an amazing and wonderful organization!

We are honored to be a small part of such a great need.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

Please pray for those in the path of Hurricane Ike.

From Jean Collins (Portugal): Please pray for Texas, & Houston and for the churches there as this Hurricane Ike rolls in. We & the Sones and the Hopkins and other missionaries have family in the hurricane path areas.

From James Corbin (Bangladesh): Please keep all of the people residing on the East coast of Texas in your prayers as hurricane Ike prepares to come ashore. On Thursday we had to evacuate out of the Houston area and are now in northeast Texas. Let us all remember our churches, brothers and sisters in the Lord and loved ones in the path of hurricane Ike.

Praise Report From Pamela Smoak (Tanzania/Burundi): Thank you so much for your prayers. My father is stable and much improved today. They are investigating what further treatment might be required.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Yesterday we received these pictures from Grand Turk island. This is just some of the destruction caused by hurricane Ike.

Please continue to pray for the islands of the Caribbean as many begin to rebuild homes and lives.

Thank you to those who have already sent offerings to help those affected by the recent Caribbean hurricanes.

CSI is thankful to Mark Hattabaugh for his assistance in gathering supplies.

Below you will find pictures of some of the supplies donated by Costco. These will be sent as soon as possible to the Turks and Caicos. This is only the beginning and we would like to continue to help those who need our assistance at this crucial time.

Thank you,
Scotty Slaydon, Director CSI



Timco Building

Timco Building


Front Street

Harbour House

Harbour House

Old Shop

Supplies provided by Costco

Airport Fire Service

Airport Hanger

Airport Parking Lot

Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

Prayer Requests

We have two more provincial conferences coming up.

The first of these will be in Lubumbashi the first weekend in September.

Please pray for the following needs:
1. Please pray against the ritualistic killings and armed robbery in Liberia.
2. Pray for the growth and well being of Fassama Mission.
3. We have an organization with 32 established churches looking to become a part of the UPC Liberia.

Please pray for the will of God to be done.

Mauritius is presently in a wonderful revival move, please pray that it will continue. A Trinitarian preacher was recently baptized in Jesus Name and received the Holy Spirit. Pray that he will remain faithful to the truth.

We really need a permanent place of worship. Pray that the Lord will open this door.

Please pray for Missionary Philip Tolstad who has Pulmonary Tuberculosis. He is soon to be in the USA for medical leave and treatment. He needs complete healing.

Praise Reports

Thank God for the success of the Section III Conference which was held 13-16 August. Eleven persons were baptized in Jesus Name, two received the Holy Ghost and many claimed their healing and being revived.

We thank you for praying for our recent conference. We were thrilled with the attendance and the Spirit of the Lord moved in our midst. There were four who were baptized in water in Jesus name and four received the Holy Ghost. Also, many were revived and strengthened.

Seven hundred were in attendance in Provincial Conference in Luiza with 63 receiving the Holy Ghost. There were 200 in attendance in Mubji Mayi and 19 received the Holy Ghost.

Timo's Report


Tremayne and I, along with Timothy, would like to say thank you for the prayers, care, and concern shown by the family of God around the world.

We have walked through one of most terrifying valleys of our lives but because you all were holding us up in prayers we are happy to say that we are now walking out of that valley!

Since arriving in Houston, Texas we have been very busy with medical appointments and spending time with family.

The neurologist has given Timothy a clean bill of health from a neurological stand point. We are working with several specialist on helping Timo regain his balance, that is what is bothering him the most is his unsteady walk. He will begin therapy this week for that.

It appears that he has a partial paralysis of the vocal chords, another remnant of the meningitis.

With time that may or may not improve, it is just too bad that it prohibits him from talking loud.

Our biggest frustration has been finding out that nothing can be done concerning the hearing loss in the left ear. We were hoping that there would be enough hearing or nerve ability to stimulate, to increase the hearing by implant. That is not to be the case. There is just nothing there to work with - too much damage has been done. The hearing loss in the right ear is more substantial than first thought so he will be getting a hearing aid in the right ear.

He will learn to live with single sided deafness and no directional hearing. It has been amazing that every doctor we have seen since returning to Houston has emphasized how blessed Timothy is. One doctor told him that the Lord was with him for sure.

We know the Lord can heal him completely, however, if He chooses to leave him with a hearing impairment we still know that Timo received a miracle.

We can not say thank you enough for praying. You prayed and He answered!

For His Glory,
Tremayne, Vicki, and Timothy Simoneaux

Monday, September 8, 2008

Prayer Request

Hurricane Ike, a category 3 Hurricane with 115 mph winds is bearing down on the Caribbean.

It looks as if, the Turks & Caicos Islands and Cuba will take a direct hit from this storm and the effects could be extremely serious due to the high winds and flooding.

The Turks & Caicos have recently been hit by Hurricane Hanna and Cuba was hit last week by Hurricane Gustav, so they are just recovering in the aftermath. Another direct hit on these nations is potentially devastating.

Let's join together in prayer for our saints in the Turks & Caicos Islands and in Cuba. Let's pray that God will protect our saints, their homes and church buildings. Nothing is impossible for our God.

Report: In the aftermath of Hurricane Gustav & Hanna, we have heard from the leaders of our works in both the Turks & Caicos and Cuba and they have informed us that there has been no loss of life among our saints. For this we give thanks to God! Thank you for your prayers! However, there has been some structural damage to saints homes and churches; they have been without electricity and there are water and food shortages.

We have been in contact with CSI and they have agreed to help us within their means, however we will desperately need more financial help to assist our saints in the affected areas.

We are soliciting your help; please send any offering to: Foreign Missions Division-8855 Dunn Rd-Hazelwood, MO. 63042. Please designate the offering for: CAC Region Hurricane Relief.

Thank you and may God bless you for your prayers,
Rev. John HopkinsCAC Regional Director

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

Urgent Prayer Requests From John Hopkins (RD, Central America/Caribbean):
Please pray for the Turks and Caicos Islands as they brace for another hit by Hurricane Hanna. '

Urgent prayer request:
Sister Nicola Hanna, wife of Pastor Derek Hanna, called and informed us that the Turks & Caicos Islands have been hit hard by Hurricane Hanna causing severe flooding on all of the islands. It seems as if the storm is going to come around and hit the island twice and they are bracing for the second round of high winds and torrential rains. She is requesting all to intercede for the safety and protection of the saints and inhabitants of the Turks & Caicos Islands.

Please pray for this urgent need!

From Gail Burton (Venezuela):
Please put Bro. James Burton on your prayer list.

He was taken to the hospital on Monday evening because he has been coughing up blood and hasn’t been able to eat. Tests were taken and he has a hernia in the stomach. This morning it looks like it ruptured and he is in Intensive Care, and it doesn’t look good. Remember him and Sis. Martha Burton in prayer.

Update from Norman Paslay at 2:34 p.m.:
Bishop Burton headed to surgery asap. He has a strangulation hernia. Pray earnestly.

From Randall Richardson (Mauritius/Reunion/Seychelles):
Please pray for our Bible School in La Reunion “Institute Biblique de la Reunion”. We now have 12 first year students and we need the blessing of the Lord upon the teaching staff and the student body.

Praise Report From Darrell and Donna Geissler (Uruguay):
Federico underwent surgery on Saturday morning the 30th, and came through the surgery fine, which is an answer to many prayers. Yesterday, Tuesday, he was responding very well, and they were planning to remove the breathing tube, and move him from ICU to a regular room.

There will still be evaluations, but he's talking and seems to be very sharp mentally -- another answer to prayers that went up on his behalf.

Thank you to all who have prayed.

Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

Prayer Requests From Stanley Scism (South Asia/United Kingdom):

URGENT: Please pray for Christians in Orissa state, India to have:
a. protection, so they won't be killed and can keep witnessing
b. courage, so they will keep witnessing
c. miracles, so people will believe they can witness the Creator who came to earth as Jesus Christ to save them.

From Stephen and Lloy Bennett (Middle East):
Please pray for our churches and pastors in the Middle East to find HUNGRY souls ready for harvest during RAMADAN!

The Islamic tradition of Ramadan started worldwide yesterday and for the next 30 days of prayer and fasting, we face here in the Middle East some amazing opportunities to share the gospel with our friends and neighbors!

For it is during this time that there are some truly open minded locals with hungry hearts that are searching deep within for truth and for answers.

Pray with us that the Lord lead all of us working the vineyard of the Middle East to FIND the HUNGRY ONES searching for more than tradition, more than just religion, but for AN EXPERIENCE WITH THE ALMIGHTY through the power of the Holy Ghost!

We don't have to fear the darkness, for HIS LIGHT is guiding our path! We rejoice in HIS divine protection during this time as we covet your prayers for THE HARVEST during RAMADAN!

From Ed Simmons (Thailand):
Please pray for the nation of Thailand.

A state of emergency has been declared in Bangkok, Thailand. Anti-government protests have begun to turn violent. More protests and strikes are planned. Now there have been injuries and deaths. Please pray for the protection of God's people and peace to prevail.

From Robert Frizzell (Asia):
Please pray for the family of a pastor in the Golden Triangle that was killed in a motorcycle accident. Today I received an email from Bro Buai, the general superintendent of Myanmar and a phone call from the GT superintendent. His passenger is in a local hospital. Please pray for the family of this Pastor and for the man who was the passenger for a miracle of healing.

From Terry Riddick (Cameroon):
We request prayer for our family in Louisiana.

My sister's daughter Debbie (37 years old) was killed last night during the passing of the hurricane when a tree fell on her house.

She and her brother Ricky were at Bentley UPC during the worst of the storm and they thought it had passed. They went to the house about a quarter of a mile from the church and about 30 minutes later Ricky ran back to the church and told them a tree had fallen on the house and he was sure his sister was dead. This will really be hard for Ricky because he found his mother dead in the same house in 2006 and now has lost his sister who lived with him. We appreciate your prayers at this time.

From Darrell and Donna Geissler (Uruguay):
Please have prayer for Federico Gongalez, a young man in the Montevideo central church.

Federico 18 and had a cerebral hemorrhage yesterday. He's in ICU. They've done an arteriogram and he may go into surgery tomorrow morning, but doctors are giving very low chances of a good outcome.

Praise Report From David and Donna Flowers (South Africa):
We greet you in Jesus' Name from Malawi.. As you know the Simoneauxes were flown to America for therapy regarding Timo. We came to help with the Malawian A-Team for a crusade.

Over the weekend, there were 336 filled with the Holy Ghost and 44 were baptized. Of the 336 that received the Holy Ghost, 80 were children.

Special services were held for the children down the road from the crusade at the Bongwe UPC.

The church was literally packed with children from all denominations. Ministers from the A-Team conducted services for the children and they responded!!

The Holy Ghost "fell" on Sunday......... Everywhere people were receiving the Holy Ghost. It was great and so powerful. Thanks to the A Team for coming and blessing the Malawian church.

They were anointed of God and used by the Holy Ghost.