Monday, September 20, 2010

Uganda Monthly Report

Above: Service under the trees

Dear Friends and Partners,

We are thankful that a miracle happened and Kampala Electric Company "Uneme" outdid themselves and restored our electric in record time. Though the surge that blew the transformers also destroyed power strips, transformers, light bulbs, sockets, and many circuit boards in electrical equipment. All this happened in the middle of our Ministers Conference.

There were many adversaries; there was a lot of sickness in pastors' homes, but many testified that they had to come to the conference. When they called home, they found their family members were all healed!

In addition, the Educational Ministry changed the starting dates of secondary schools, and many parents had to find money for the school fees and could not come. Through it all, God provided many miracles of healing and supplied the needs of his Ministry.

Above: Bro. Rufus Parker

Thank you, Bro Rufus Parker, for teaching and preaching! I could see the Church as it was maturing and growing each day through the powerfull teaching and preaching. The General Board of the UACU also taught exceptionally, ...annointed teaching and preaching!

Above: Ministers Conference

A total of 171 pastors attended, as well as fifty-three were Pastors' wives and youth leaders. A total of 229 church leaders were in Bible School Classes. There were many visiting pastors.

Twenty-eight received the Holy Ghost, and seventeen were baptized. Nine of these were Trinitarian Pastors, all were leaders and/or pastors wives. We rejoice in the revelation of Truth and power of God's Word.

Nine branch churches became new churches last month! Forty-two new churches joined the United Apostolic Church of Uganda to preach this Oneness Message of Salvation!

Five days of intensive classes, with a powerfull service at night, culminated with a great Service on Sunday as over 340 were in attendance for the Service.

We are rejoicing in the growth of the Church as we receive reports daily of people receiving the Holy Ghost in Churches, people being baptized, and miracles and healings. Here in Uganda, there is a False Prophet who calls himself, "The God Almighty" and goes by the name of "Bisaka". He dresses his ministers in White robes and produces many signs through witchcraft and sorcery. He is also called the "Prince of Demons and Witchcraft". One of his leading ministers had a very sick 13 year old daughter. She brought the girl to "Bisaka" to heal, but he could not. He attempted many times to heal her and failed. When the lady returned home, she was told to take the daughter to the Apostolic Church as they have many healings. She was taken to Pastor Charles Ntegemisi.He prayed for this girl, she began to open her eyes, she began to talk, she began to eat, sand he began to walk. The Lady said, "You truly have the power of God. I am no longer a minister of "Bisaka." I am coming to be a member of this church. She took of her white robe and gave it to Pastor Charles, and he brought it to the conference to show that the Power of God is in the Name of Jesus! The conference prayed over an anointed handkerchief to take back to the young girl for complete restoration, for a testimony of the power of God!

It is interesting that now we have churches on each border in Uganda. The church in Kisoro is on the southern border with Rwanda, three kilometers from the border and the gate to the Gorilla Game Park. One church in Busia is twenty feet inside the border with Kenya on the East. On the North there was a church started in Moyo this month that is one kilometer from the Sudan border, and on the west, we have several churches that are within eyesight of the DRC.

West Nile Conference

At the West Nile Conference, 33 received the Holy Ghost, and 28 were baptized in Jesus Name. In the City of Gololo on the Sudan border, there were 23 baptized. The pastor received the Holy Ghost and was baptized at the Pastors' Seminar. In ONE Coordinators' area in the Rwenzori Region last month, 61 received the Holy Ghost, and 134 were baptized. At Mt. Elgon, ten new churches joined the UACU. In Kabalagala, seven received the Holy Ghost.

Above: 28 baptized at West Nile Conference

Above: Mom and little boy at Baptizmal

This past weekend we were in the Western part of Uganda. We visited six churches in 2 1/2 days; people were so excited to have guests come to see them. We had a service in each morning, and then met with the saints of each church. Due to the bad roads and the services going long, most people waited for many hours for us to arrive. Eleven received the Holy Ghost in two services. Churches were encouraged, and we were able to see many plots of land that the churches had purchased to build new church buildings. In Kasambya during the altar service, there was a town elder "Big Man" who was sitting in the back of the church. As he was observing people receive the Holy Ghost, he saw an Angel stand in front of the people with his hands raised over the people, and he said "truly this is the church of God". On Saturday and Sunday, we held a teaching seminar in Kyegegwa where sixteen pastors attended.

We want to thank all of you for your faithful continued support in prayers and finances. Your faithful PIM is what makes it possible to reach Uganda.

Phil and Twyla Tolstad

Above: Sunday School Choir

Above: Trio of pastors singing in "Madi"

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