Monday, December 9, 2013

Mission Senegal - Update

In recent weeks FIVE more souls were filled with the Holy Ghost ~ including this girl (pictured above being prayed for by our daughter Jessica) who was only FIVE years old.

Just over one week ago, Brother Sully baptized 3 more souls in Jesus' name! It is exciting to see what God is doing in so many lives!

During November, we attended and helped out in a wedding at one of our local churches! We are privileged to impart spiritual blessing and direction in people's lives in so many different ways!
There is no better way to start a life together than by prayer!!

EVERY thing we do, is to reach EVERY soul in EVERY generation ~ from the youngest to the oldest. We have been diligently working on French literature that will help win many new souls to the Kingdom!! THANKS for making this possible!!

Please consider becoming a PARTNER IN MISSIONS with us TODAY!
Consider a ONE TIME OFFERING to support this life-changing ministry in West Africa!!

Namibia Newsletter

UPC Namibia Conference

We thank God for 160 people in attendance at our conference. 4 were baptized in Jesus name, and 15 received the Holy Ghost!

Pastors Worshiping God at our Conference!   

"I will praise the LORD according to his righteousness: and will sing praise to the name of the LORD most high."  Psalm 7:17

18 people baptized in Jesus Name at our New preaching Point!

This is a newly established preaching point in Rehoboth, Namibia.
We spent several hours in this home teaching about the oneness of God and baptism in Jesus Name. They gladly received the word. On Sundays there are up to 30 people packed into this small house.  

We are returning to the U.S.A for Deputation.                

JANUARY -  Oregon, Rocky Mountain, Colorado, Arizona, Texico.

February -     Texico, Oklahoma, Texas.

March -          Texas, South Texas.

We thank you for your faithful support & prayers!


Rev. & Mrs. Keith Ikerd
UPC Namibia

From Georgia with Love


Merry Christmas
Wishing you and your family a warm remembrance.

December is the time of year we put special attention on the birth of Jesus Christ. Many this time of year will cry out about "Paganism" and blah...blah...blah... Well, I'm not here to have a discussion on the validity of the holiday, but rather the gratitude of the holiday. We want to express our gratitude first to Jesus Christ, and secondly to you. This will be the last Christmas in Georgia that we will have for a while. As you know we are entering in to the fourth year of our term. Time has gone so fast. Its hard to believe three years have already gone. Thank you for making all of this possible, and as the song says "We want to wish you a merry Christmas from the bottom of our hearts"...

We love and appreciate all of you. Merry Christmas from us to you.

Tbilisi lights up for the holiday season. 

The real reason we celebrate this season.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Uganda Update

Dear Friends and Partners,

Greetings from Uganda, East Africa.

Since returning from Deputation in February, we have been very busy traveling and preaching in our Doctrinal Seminars and conferences. We are seeing the move of God as many are finding their Personal Pentecost.

* In March we had several Seminars:
  • 17 Received the Holy Ghost in Gulu
  • 10 Received the Holy Ghost in Adjumani Central Church, 21 Baptized
  • 8 Received the Holy Ghost in Kampala/Kibuli
  • Also had a General Board Meeting to organize our year

* In April
  • Traveled to the West; Kygegwa, Four Received Holy Ghost
    • Kasese, Five Received H.G. and six baptized;  One new pastor joined the UACU
    • Bushenyi, 15 Rec. H.G., 17 baptized, Two new pastors baptized and joined UACU
  • Nansana, 7 Rec. Holy Ghost
  • Lira Town, 7 Rec. Holy Ghost / 21 Baptized
  • West Nile, 24 Baptized

* May
  • General Conference / 20 Rec. Holy Ghost / 7 Baptized / Three new Pastors joined UACU
  • Lytonde / Rakai: 11 H.G. / 9 Baptized / Two new Churches Started  / Six new preaching points / Three new pastors.
  • Kamuli; Started new Church with Bible School Graduate.
  • Seminar in Bududa: 64 Rec. H.G. / 17 Baptized / Two new Pastors / Dedicated 20 Babies (Two pastors received the Holy Ghost, two new churches added.)
  • Nsambya: 8 Rec. HG / One P;Pastor Baptized.
  • Entebee: 4 Rec. HG, 19 Baptized at a new church.

  • Leadership Conference in Lake Victoria Region.  With Doctrinal Seminar in five locations: Bulecha, Isende, Esende Hill, Bulekaa, Namayingo. 90 Received Holy Ghost / 105 Baptized / Four Pastors joined UACU. Two new pastors baptized, received H.G. / Six new Churches added.
  • Kampala Seminar: 19 Rec. H.G. / 34 Baptized
  • North Kyoga Seminar: Amolotar / Dokolo / Soroti / Aloi / Abako
    • 29 Rec. H.G. / waiting for Baptismal Report

* August
  • Sub Regional East Africa Meeting
  • Flew to US for Medical Check up

* October
  • National Board Meeting
  • Renewal of Church Registration.
  • Bro and Sis Phelps arrive in Uganda
  • Mt. Elgon Regional Conference: 43 Rec. H.G. / 22 Baptized / 8 Trinity Pastors receiving Bible Studies
  • Kampala: 34 Rec. H.G. / 6 Baptized. (Including one Muslim young man)
  • West Nile Regional Conference: 26 Rec. H.G. / 10 Baptized. / Church Building Dedicated

* November
  • Lira Town: 5 Rec. H.G. / Outside service in village to start branch church. 2 New pastors.
  • Construction of three church buildings. inspection trips to two locations in West.

December is going to prove to be as busy as Bro Richardson our Africa Regional Director is our special guest for our North Kyoga Regional Conference in the North.

There are several Church Buildings under construction, help us pray that we can finish them quickly. We are always in need of help in building new churches.

We want to thank you for your prayers and faithful giving so we can preach the Gospel here in Uganda. Without your faithful giving we would not be able to accomplish what God is doing. We thank God for the arrival of Bro and Sis Phelps, Aaron and Kevin. They will be a great blessing in the work here in Uganda.

Phil and Twyla Tolstad
Uganda, East Africa

Altar Service in West Nile; Open Air Service

Bro Stephen Harris, from Texas, preaching at the Open air meeting.

Pastors Receiving Bibles (How can you pastor without a Bible????)

Baptismal Service in a Rice paddy in Mt. Elgon Region in Eastern Uganda.

Lamentation choir singing at the conference (Lamenting for the Lost souls of their village)Receiving the Holy Ghost

Healing at the Open Air service.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dibbles D-Gram

"GET IN THE BOAT" was the theme during this month's crusades on Pohnpei, FSM (left), Saipan, CNMI (right), and Guam, USA. The genuine article lifeboat Mike and Vickie Oliver brought with them was an appropriate object lesson tool to relate to all our beautiful Micronesia and Mariana islanders! What a time we had! After the Olivers ministered over ten days, the Lord filled 107 souls with the precious Holy Ghost! left  Our gracious hosts (Pohnpei) Pastor Loriano Martin/family with the Olivers. below left Children offer the Olivers a warm island welcome. below GET IN THE BOAT! right Vickie Oliver and Kelley with Widow Williams who, with her husband, the late Rev. Dherry Williams, pastores the original work on Saipan. Many years of labor the the Kingdom are coming to fruition as seen in Sister William's joyous countenance! below NINE received the Holy Ghost on Saipan! Thank you, Brother and Sister Oliver, for every sacrifice you made to come work with us this month in Micronesia (West)! Love and appreciate you!

Monday, November 25, 2013

News from the Netherlands

Greetings from The Netherlands!

Hope your Fall has been filled with revival!

We have had dynamic outpourings of God's spirit here in The Netherlands. Here are some pictures of what God is doing.

We were also blessed to have Pastor Harold Linder in The Netherlands during this past month. Brother Linder and Heavenview have and continue to be a GREAT blessing to the work in The Netherlands!

We ended just concluded our 2014 planning and it looks to be an exciting year.

This past weekend Brother and Sister Steve Adams spoke at our marriage seminar. There were 10 couples in attendance. It was a powerful time and a great time of growth for our married couples.

Our Sunday School rooms are packed full we are in desperate need of more Sunday School rooms.

Here are a few pictures of the past month:

Altars have been full 6 have been filled with the Holy Ghost in the last two months.

Our ministry team is growing.

 Brother and Sister Steve Adams from Vidor Texas preached for us POWERFUL move of the spirit and 2 new people filled with the Holy Ghost!

Please pray for our family!

Please remember these needs when you pray for Holland:

    Our Children   
    Church Leadership  
    The City of Ede
    Financial Miracles
    More Laborers in Holland


We are so thankful to all who join in support of the work here in The Netherlands! We could not be here without you. As you know we are under the AIM program. The AIM program does allow for you to partner in missions with us with monthly pledges just as if we were fully appointed. You can print out the form below and send it in. Or you can contact us with your address and dollar amount and we will set you up.

Special thanks our newest partners:
Pastor Kody Price
Pastor Dwight Fishburn

Please keep The Netherlands in your prayers. We are laborers TOGETHER!


Matthew & Michelle & The Kids

Click here to become a 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mission Senegal

Baptized in Jesus Name!!

This past Sunday, Brother Sully baptized 14 souls in Jesus name!! The youngest of those baptized was 12 years of age, the oldest was 84!! What a blessing to be a part of seeing souls added to the kingdom! Please pray for Pastor Severin, the pastor where these people attend. He desperately needs a healing in his body!

Videos were made of the recent Leadership Conference featuring Rev. Raymond Woodward. If you would like to see any of these sessions, please click HERE! These are not professionally done, but I am sure you will enjoy the great teaching all the same!


Special thank to Pastor Daniel McKillop and Family Worship Centre in Plaster Rock, NB, Canada  for their generous offering that paid for our daughter Jessica's final year of home schooling!! Like all seniors, she is anxious to get this final year completed! Join us in praying that the Lord will direct her steps into the next phase of her life!!

 If you have not Partnered with us yet, click HERE and join Mission Sengal today. Select Craig & Lyna Sully from the appropriate drop down menu!!

Thanksgiving Newsletter: The Siscos in Ghana


Last month we celebrated our Canadian Thanksgiving and this month we celebrate, with our friends, their American Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for.

Enjoying Grampy & Nanny's Visit

We are thankful that Grampy & Nanny Sisco could come visit for a couple of weeks. It was a special time and we enjoyed having them. One of the forever memories was the baptism of Allanah and Stephen while they were here.

Baptized in Jesus Name!

Our hearts are full! 3 John 4 says, "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth." What a privilege it was to baptize both Allanah and Stephen in Jesus name for the remission of their sins. We are truly thankful.

Radio Ministry
Currently, we have two pastors seeing tremendous results through radio ministry.

3 Preaching points
25 baptized in Jesus name
11 filled with Holy Ghost

Thank you Partners In Missions for your faithfulness. You have given us the privilege to serve God in Ghana. We are thankful to you and it is our prayer that God continues to bless you and keep you by his power. Your support make missions in Ghana possible for the Sisco family. Happy Thanksgiving!

Partner with the Siscos

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

We Made It to Uganda!

FINALLY! We've made it to the Field of UGANDA!
Our First Month

The Mbale children

22 Baptized in Mbale, Uganda

The Start of a New Chapter
 After deputation ended mid-August, we traveled to Texas and Arizona to spend time with family and to pack and send off our supplies to Uganda! What a job that was! We were glad to get that job done.  We enjoyed final days with the family.

We give special thanks to our oldest son, Justin and his wife, Tara, who helped us prepare for departure. Also, special thanks to our Arizona friends for all they did to help make things easier.

We arrived on October 11, 2013, early Friday morning welcomed by Missionaries Rev. Phil and Twyla Tolstad and many helpers to help with the tubs!  We truly appreciate all they have done to help us get settled in... THANK YOU!

Special thanks to Doctrine Seminar Supporters:
Mount Elgon Seminar
Our first trip into the bush was to the Mount Elgon Region near the Kenyan border. Special guest from Texas, Rev. Stephen Harris, was the Seminar preacher. Missionary Tolstad and Phelps taught doctrinal studies to the pastors, members and visitors. 43 received the Holy Ghost and 22 were baptized in Jesus Name!  Exciting Times!

West Nile Region
We travelled into the bush of the West Nile Region to the District of Adjumani working with Bro. Robert, the presbyter, and had a Sub-Regional Meeting! 25 filled with Holy Ghost and 10 baptized in Jesus Name!

Over 30 received the Holy Ghost in the Headquarters church the month of October! Rejoicing in what the Lord has done!

"How then how then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard?and how shall they hear without a preacher? and how shall they preach, except they be sent" - Romans 10:15

Mbale Children

Mbale Altar Call

Kevin and Adjumani Children

Left to right:
Rev. Steve Phelps
Rev. Stephen Harris
Rev. Phil Tolstad