Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thai Gram - December 2008


We were privileged to be able to be a part of the celebration of the opening of a brand new church in central Thailand. The land was donated by a village leader. Saints from all over Thailand came to be a part of the dedication. Ten new believers were baptized in Jesus' name and it was reported that thirteen received the Holy Spirit!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

Prayer Requests

FromJim Crumacker (Kenya):
Please pray for our crusade in Bungoma, Kenya next week Dec. 11-14.

From Mervyn Miller (VFMA: Europe/Pacific):
Please pray for Marilyn Miller.

Marilyn and I will be leaving in about one hour to return to Mayo Clinic. On Tuesday as noted she had the Cardio-Version (shock procedure). Sadly it didn't work. Her heart came back into rhythm for about 5 minutes and returned to A-Fib. Her back and chest show the burn effects of the shock causing her added pain. Do keep her on your prayer list.

From Antonio Marquez (Costa Rica):
Please pray for Jessica Marquez.

I ask that everyone please keep my wife in prayer. On Wednesday night we were in the ER from 5 p.m. to after midnight. Today the family will be traveling back stateside on medical leave for the next few weeks. Many of our friends, here in Costa Rica, have called chain fasting and prayer for my wife. I ask that you pray that whatever might be found the matter with her be found quickly, so that she can be on her way to recovery. Pray for our journey to the states.

Praise Report

From Linda Reed (Middle East):
Just a note to let you know, Jaden got home today and was so excited she started running through the house. When she bends over, she still gets dizzy and she still has some balance problems; but God has truly touched her. She will need continued therapy to tackle the residual affects of the viral infection. At last word, the doctor told them it was viral meningitis. Thank God she is OK and recovering. Thank you for your precious prayers.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

Prayer Requests

From Linda Reed (Middle East):
Please continue to pray for our granddaughter, Jaden Reed.

Please forgive my delay in sending news about Jaden's health. She is still in the hospital. The doctors continue to rule out all kinds of diseases. However, they won't let her go home until the vomiting stops. It stopped for a few days and then started again. She is walking more in her little wobbly way. At present the only diagnosis the specialists can come up with is Cerebral Ataxia.

They believe a virus has affected the membrane surrounding the cerebellum, near the motor and balance areas, causing the various symptoms.

Our son, Brad Reed, is returning today from the Philippines after preaching Bro. Gamayon's anniversary service. He cut his trip short when Jaden's symptoms returned.

We don't understand why this is taking so long, but God does. That is really all that matters. In the meantime, please continue to pray for this dear family. They are doing such a great work, training and sending young men to workers' camps and other cities with this gospel. Your prayers will be their strength right now.

Thank you for all you are doing to cover this family - Brad, Vercinia and Jaden - with your precious prayers.

Missionary Prayer Focus for Wednesday, December 3, 2008: Jack and Michiko Coolbaugh (Thailand)

Missionary Prayer Focus for Thursday, December 4, 2008: Any Sawyer (Belize)

Missionary Prayer Focus for Friday, December 5, 2008: Antonio and Jessica Marquez (Costa Rica)

Missionary Prayer Focus for Saturday, December 6, 2008: Lonnie J. and Damarys Burton (Venezuela)

Missionary Prayer Focus for Sunday, December 7, 2008: Harry and Helen Scism (International Teaching Ministry)

Missionary Prayer Focus for Monday, December 8, 2008: Vic and Diana Votaw (Regional Evangelism, Asia)

Missionary Prayer Focus for Tuesday, December 9, 2008: Joey and Cristina Bir (Paraguay)

Missionary Prayer Focus for Wednesday, December 10, 2008: Dan and Debbie Barkley (Chile)

Missionary Prayer Focus for Thursday, December 11, 2008: Dan and Sherry Davis (South Africa)

Missionary Prayer Focus for Friday, December 12, 2008: Michael and Danan Benson (Central African Republic)

Missionary Prayer Focus for Saturday, December 13, 2008: Robert and Lisbeth Dame (Bolivia)

Missionary Prayer Focus for Sunday, December 14, 2008: Charles and Stacey Robinette (Austria)

Missionary Prayer Focus for Monday, December 15, 2008: Stephen and Candance Piercy (Philippines)

Missionary Prayer Focus for Tuesday, December 16, 2008: Marcus and Renee Brainos (France)

Missionary Prayer Focus for Wednesday, December 17, 2008: Patrick and Jean Groves (Sudan/Kenya)

Missionary Prayer Focus for Thursday, December 18, 2008: Mike and Miriam Sponsler (Argentina)

Missionary Prayer Focus for Friday, December 19, 2008: Shane and Dena Hayes (San Andres Island/Colombia)

Missionary Prayer Focus for Saturday, December 20, 2008: Jim and Latitia Robertson (Tanzania)

Missionary Prayer Focus for Sunday, December 21, 2008: Nathan and Tanya Harrod (Spain)

Missionary Prayer Focus for Monday, December 22, 2008: Paul and Stephenie Rivero (Costal Rica)

Praise Report

From Randy Adams (Togo/Benin/Gabon):
What wonderful things God had in store for the crusade in the city of Cotonou, Benin, held November 21st-23rd, 2008!

The special speaker was Missionary Randy Adams and services were held for 3 nights in the parking lot of Cotonou's main football stadium.

The churches of Benin had well canvassed the city and passed out some 100,000 pieces of literature prior to the crusade and thus, each night was well attended, with the attendance reaching 1,200.

Each person who attended a service received doctrinal tracts as well information on names and addresses of local assemblies throughout the country, and the harvest from these literary seeds will be seen in the coming months.

At least 75 people received the Holy Ghost, dozens came forward to be baptized in Jesus' Name, and there were testimonies of miracles. To Jesus Christ be all glory and honor!

From Rufus Parker (Asia Military Ministry/Japan):
I would like to thank everyone that prayed for Sister Parker, she has here voice back. Thank you so very much.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pentecostals of Auckland, New Zealand Youth Camp Report

4 Baptized at POA Youth Camp...

The POA '180 degrees' Youth Ministry organized our annual Youth camp and the young people had a Holy Ghost filled time at the Steadfast Camp grounds at Piha, Waitakere.
There were over 40 young people in attendance and it was a time of learning biblical based leadership and team building.

Everyone had a great time of worship, prayer, fun, games and fellowship. There were special sessions on emotional healing and dealing with personal issues. Fun activities that taught the principles of trust, responsibility and team spirit. Our youth connected with the Lord and with one another in an amazing way.

Funds were raised during the POA Fun Fair in September to sponsor the young people. Everyone was thoroughly blessed!

4 young people gave their lives to Jesus and were baptized in Jesus' name.

There is much work to be done as the church continues onwards. Truly, we do not have much time on our hands.

To our friends everywhere, thank you for your prayers & encouragement. Your prayer support for the work of God in New Zealand is bearing great fruit!

Bro. Marshall

Friday, November 28, 2008

Prayer Requests

From Gary and Linda Reed (Middle East):
Please pray for our granddaughter Jaden Chloe Reed.

November 26, 2:55 p.m.
Brad, our son in the Middle East, has taken his daughter (our only grandchild) to the hospital. She is in ER with a strange malady. She has been vomiting and cannot walk. She is dizzy and loses her balance.

November 27, 1:06 p.m.
Thank you for your prayers on behalf of our granddaughter, Jaden Chloe Reed. She is still hospitalized in the Middle East, but has been moved out of isolation. The doctors conducted batteries of tests, and seem to feel it is a viral disease. They have done cultures to rule out bacterial infection and those results will be ready in a few days. However, she has been able to eat and her color is returning. Jaden is still very weak.

We would appreciate your prayers specifically for these things:
1. The doctors will find the cause and be able to treat her properly
2. God will heal her for His great name and His glory
3. Jaden will be walk again without difficulty.
4. Whatever is being accomplished in t he spirit world would be consummated so this little child can be whole again.
5. Finally, that Jaden, herself, will know the Lord Jesus has performed a miracle in her life - for His purpose and her future.

Thank you for your kindness and your faithful prayer. Brad and Vercinia are Aimers. They do not have the prayer support we, who are fully funded, experience. Right now, they need our 'extended family of God' to hold them up in this spiritual battle. It might be noted here that God is blessing this country in many ways. More have come to God in the last two months than all of last year. We trust in our Lord to heal this five year old for His glory, Thank you! God bless you!

Report from The Pentecostals of Auckland, New Zealand

The DEAF HEAR AND THE LAME WALK and Jesus still heals ALL manner of diseases & sickness.

The Empowered '08 Conference witnessed a phenomenal outpouring of the Holy Ghost with signs and wonders confirming the Word!

We had over 300 people each service and also a record attendance at School of Scripture teaching sessions. The conference, with guest speaker - Rev. Lee Stoneking, was a tremendous success with many receiving the Holy Ghost, many notable physical healings, deliverance and 14 baptisms.

Dr. Lee Stoneking was mightily used of God as he ministered in the 5 sessions from the School of Scripture to Healing Services. Dr. Stoneking was also interviewed over a local radio station where he testified of his death of 45 minutes and then coming back to life again.

Some Reports of Healings:

1. Esther, 74 years old, who was deaf most of her adult life, was gloriously filled with the Holy Ghost and her deaf ears were opened miraculously. She can hear perfectly now. Esther was also healed of arthritis. She had severe problems with her tear ducts and that made her eyes very sore & puffy. The Lord healed her eyes completely and she is still rejoicing at her miracles!! Esther was baptised in Jesus name and filled with the Holy Ghost.
2. Mehau was instantly healed of whiplash, & severe neck pain.

3. Another young woman was healed of deafness in one ear and was filled with the Holy Ghost and was baptised in Jesus name.

4. Kathy: Healed of physical imbalance.

5. Carol: Healed of sickness and addiction; Another visitor was healed of chest pains, depression,
irritable bowel syndrome.
6. Sis. Vani: Healed of a hip joint pain.

7. Mr. Verma - A south Asian man who was paralyzed and could not walk. God healed him of paralysis completely and he got out of his chair and walked around the altar area freely.

8. Sis. Ripeka (Bro Goodare's mum) was mightily refilled and ministered to in the Holy Ghost.
There are still more reports of healing coming to us... 14 adults were baptised in Jesus name and many received the Holy Ghost for the first time!

Children receive the Holy Ghost and are baptised in Jesus name!

Sis. Elaine assisted us in the Kids service during the Empowered Conference and she has reported that we had a total of of 24 children filled with the Holy Ghost (Sat & Sun night) at the conference and several baptised in Jesus name.

We cannot recall all the names but here are some of the children who received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost during the Conference: Conway, Amathyst, Barbara, Noah, Vin, Junior, Te Whaiora, Harmony, Malachi, Dean, Majestic, Evelyn, Ebony, Marbra, Jasmine, Destiny, Gideon and several more.

Praise be to Jesus!

Thank you Sis. Elaine for your hard work with our children! A special "thank you" to the following: To Rev. Lee Stoneking - Thank you, once again, for being a tremendous blessing to New Zealand. Your labor of love and sacrifice has brought a great change in the people and a renewed passion & vision for the harvest in this nation. The Word that you brought has strengthened our faith. It has restored our excitement for spreading this gospel in our communities. Praise Jesus!

We appreciate Bro. & Sis. Hei Hei and the Cornerstone Pentecostal Church for your support with the Sunday morning service in Otara; Pst Jess & Mae Taratu and the Harvestime Pentecostal Church from Otahuhu and Pst & Sis Simon Prince and the Westside Fellowship for your active involvement in the conference.

To our local church members at the POA, you precious folk are incredible.

To the organizing committee, thank you for your commitment to seeing this event through...the 10 weeks of planning meetings along with the prayer & fasting really helped in making the Empowered '08 Conference a success.

To our friends everywhere, thank you for your prayers & encouragement. Your prayer support for the work of God in New Zealand is bearing great fruit!

Pastor Marshall
visit us at: Pentecostals of Auckland

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Prayer Request

Prayer Requests

From Andrea Carver (Aimer /Furlough replacement, Papua New Guinea):
Please pray for my father, Phil Bottomley, who is scheduled for open heart surgery on December 4th.

My father, Phil Bottomley, a minister in Australia has been diagnosed with a serious heart problem. His aorta has swollen to two inches (5cm) and he is to have open heart surgery on December 4th. (Dec 3rd in the US) He will be in the hospital for 3 weeks afterward. I would really appreciate the prayers of God’s people for this operation. At a time when I am unable to be with him and am in an isolated part of the world, I really do appreciate this avenue Foreign Missions has for prayer.

From Bruce Howell (General Director of Foreign Missions):
Please pray for Barbara Abernathy, who is hospitalized in Nashville, TN.

Sister Abernathy was dehydrated and tests are being performed.

From DLB (FMD):
Please pray for Mary Schroeder, who is having knee replacement surgery today.

Continue praying for Steve and Barbara Willoughby (Singapore).
Dear Friends,

We are thankful that Bro and Sis Willoughby were able to see an oncologist at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, New York on Monday, 24 November 2008.

Currently, Bro Willoughby has two tumors in his brain. In order to arrive at a accurate diagnosis, the doctor ordered a PET-CT scan. This scan will be performed on Friday, 28 November and the results will be known on Monday, 1 December. This result along with the results from the investigations performed at Georgetown will allow the doctors to determine whether the two lesions in the brain are secondary tumors (metastasis) from a primary tumor (i.e. lung cancer) or primary tumors. If the PET-CT scan comes back clean, the doctor has recommended whole brain radiation.

Sis Willoughby is recovering from the flu. She will be resuming her chemotherapy regime on Monday, 1 December.

Prayer pointers for this week:

§ That the PET-CT scan will show no traces of cancer in Bro Willoughby’s body including his lungs
§ That when a another scan of the brain is performed, no lesions will be found
§ That the side effects from the brain lesions will cease
§ Wisdom to choose the best treatment option in the best place
§ For physicians who will not only treat but minister to Bro Willoughby at this time
§ For complete healing for Sis Willoughby

This Thursday, our American brothers and sisters will celebrate Thanksgiving Day. It is a day set aside to give thanks, to remember God’s blessings and grace in our lives and to recognize that everything we have is a gift from God. There is much to give God thanks for. Yes, even at this time. We, at Tabernacle of Joy, pause during this Thanksgiving week to say thank you to all of you around the globe who are praying and interceding for the complete healing and deliverance of the Willoughbys. Your prayers and words of encouragement have brought much comfort to Tabernacle of Joy. Lastly, we give thanks to God for providing us with a Senior Shepherd who with his wife who has given so much of himself to Singapore and to Asia. We love you Bishop Willoughby!

With a grateful heart,

On behalf of Pastor Timothy
and Tabernacle of Joy

Mt. Airy's Fifth Anniversary Service Video

Monday, November 17, 2008

Update on Bro. Steve Willoughby

Dear Friends,

Yes God Can.

I spoke to Sis Willoughby a short while ago. She informed that the results of the PET scan are in. Having reviewed the results, the doctors stated that they are not ready to call it cancer”. They are now considering the possibility of a viral infection. With this in mind, the biopsy that was scheduled for Monday, 17 November has been pushed back to later in the week.

Tonight at Tabernacle of Joy, we had a special service to inform and update the body regarding Bro Willoughby’s condition.

At the start of the service, everyone was quiet and somber. As we prayed specifically for the Willoughbys, the atmosphere changed from one of sorrow to one believing that with God nothing is impossible. We prayed that what God had done with the blood clot, He would do with the growth in the lung. We prayed that the biopsy would show that the growth is not cancer and that there would be no adverse effects from the biopsy. God is answering our prayer!

Please do continue to charge in prayer. It’s not over yet. It won’t be over until both the Willoughbys are restored to full health. He’s doing it! Hallelujah!

Standing on his promises

On behalf of Pastor Timothy
And Tabernacle of Joy

Auckland, New Zealand Report

3 MORE BAPTISED IN JESUS NAME! A wonderful harvest continues...

Again, the POA Street ministry & Outreach team boldly preached the gospel on the streets.

That's when we met Subash (from Sri Lanka) and ministered to him at the mall. He was so intrigued by what he felt and came to visit us at our Celebration service.

Subash responded to the Word, came forward for prayer and God filled him with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. He was then baptized into the saving name after service.

Jonathan, another first time visitor, was invited by a POA member and the Lord touched him deeply. He gave his life to God and was baptized. The church rejoiced and there was singing as Subash and Jonathan went into the waters of baptism!

Philip who works with Brother Kash [our youth leader] at his work place, has had several Bible Studies with Kash. Philip desired to obey the scriptures very much. Later in the afternoon, Kash took him over to the Cornerstone Chapel, close to where he works and Philip repented and was baptized for the remission of all sins.

It has been a great joy to establish an apostolic church in West Auckland. As the founding pastors of POA, we have spent much time preparing the church to receive it's new leadership. There is excitement and anticipation...for us as we prepare to leave for the States to begin our new ministry and for the church as it moves to the next level of revival next month with Bro & Sis Russell and their family.

Jesus has so much for us all... Rev Lee Stoneking will be with in the next few days (19 - 23 Nov) and there is great expectation for all those we have spoken to these past weeks. We are all looking forward to an awesome move of the Holy Spirit. Saints from all over NZ and overseas will be present at the "Empowered" Conference and we are certainly looking forward to the fellowship with the family of God.

Once again, We thank you for your prayer support. You are very much a part of the work here and thank you for your emails of encouragement and support. Your email spurs us on to do greater things for the Lord.

To God be the glory,
Pastor Marshall

Friday, November 14, 2008

Please Pray for Pastor Steve Willoughby

Dear Friends,

Some of you may be aware, that Senior Pastor Steve Willoughby has been undergoing tests following complaints of dizziness and numbness in his leg. Due to the worsening of these symptoms, he was hospitalized on Monday, November 10, 2008 at the Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, DC. After a series of tests, the specialists have found tumors in his brain and a tumor in his lung. A biopsy will now be performed to determine the type and stage of the cancer. This news of course is devastating both to the Willoughby family and their church family, Tabernacle of Joy.

Your prayers for Bro Willoughby, Sis Barbara , Meghan, Barak and Mikayla at this time will be greatly appreciated. We, at Tabernacle of Joy, also covet your prayers for the entire church body. Updates on Bro Willoughby's condition and treatment plan will be updated on our website ( as the information becomes available.

Trusting in Christ always,


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

Prayer Requests
From Darline Royer (VFMA: Africa):
Please pray for my husband Arlon Royer.

This past Friday, after having had several medical tests on Thursday, followed by a CAT Scan on Friday morning, Bro. Royer received a call from the doctor’s secretary asking him to come to his office that afternoon.

When the doctor entered the room where we waited, he laid the medical file on the side counter, greeted us kindly and then sat down facing us and said, “I wanted you to come so that I could share the report with you.” Then he asked, “Arlon, would you like the report up front?” When Arlon assured him he preferred an upfront report, he said, “Arlon, you have pancreatic cancer. I am so sorry to bring you such a report.” Having shared the shocking news, the doctor took considerable time to discuss the serious medical implications, letting us know in a compassionate manner that few people, if any, survive this type of cancer. Even as we received the doctor’s report, we sensed the peace and comfort of the Lord, and we continue to feel His touch.

By faith we look to The Healer, striving to submit to Him as He leads us through this valley. The prayers of our family and friends provide us with strength and courage.

Last night (Monday) our four children and two of their spouses and a granddaughter joined us for a celebration family dinner at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants to show their love and care! Phil, our oldest son, flew in from Atlanta, Georgia, to San Jose, and then came with our son Stan to be with us for two days. Our two daughters and their spouses live about 20 miles from Gridley, CA, where we are presently living in our motor home.

Together with our family and friends and the missionary family, we pray for God’s miracle of healing! Arlon does need a miracle! He is scheduled with the oncologist for further evaluation on Thursday.

From Carl Morgan (FMD):
Please pray for Steve Willoughby (Singapore).

I just talked with Kent Elliott – very brief as he was calling from a hospital and wasn’t supposed to be using a cell phone from that location. I have also called Brother Doughty for additional information. Steve Willoughby is currently in Georgetown University Hospital undergoing testing. He has been suffering dizziness for some time which got worse during a flight from Singapore to the states. He was unable to preach at Chester Mitchell’s church as planned and went to a local medical facility to be checked out. That facility had him transferred to Georgetown.

From preliminary testing, there is a small amount of blood on the brain; however, the doctors have ruled out a stroke or aneurysm. Additional testing is underway.

Brother and Sister Elliot went from Connecticut to Washington, DC last night and are there now. Brother Elliott’s cell phone is 860-729-8554. He stated the Willoughby cell phone is also there – 314-520-3942. Brother Elliott will call again when he is where cell phone use is permitted with an update. Brother Doughty is also staying in touch with Barbara and will keep me informed as he learns more information.

Later: Brother Doughty just called my cell phone. The doctor has decided that Bro. Willoughby did suffer a stroke. The bleeding that occurred on the brain will be absorbed over time by the body.

From DLB (FMD):
Please continue praying for my father-in-law and family and my daughter. Brother Sponsler is now in the Hospice House of Kansas City and enjoying visits from family and friends. He’s in good spirits and generally mentally alert. The doctor expects the transition will be sometime next week.

After returning from Kansas City Sunday evening, Krystin was in so much pain that I took her to the ER. Although the doctors have ruled out appendicitis, they have not determined the cause of the pain. Please pray that they can find the source of the problem and correct it.

Prayer Focus for Thursday, November 13, 2008: David and Kelley Dibble (Micronesia West)Missionary Prayer Focus for Friday, November 14, 2008: Jonathan Sherry (Vanuatu)Missionary Prayer Focus for Saturday, November 15, 2008: Colleen Carter (Ghana)
Missionary Prayer Focus for Sunday, November 16, 2008: Nick and Pam Sisco (Ghana)Missionary Prayer Focus for Monday, November 17, 2008: Chris and Tiffany Bracken (Taiwan/China)
Missionary Prayer Focus for Tuesday, November 18, 2008: Rick and Von de Leigh Robinson (Turkey)
Missionary Prayer Focus for Wednesday, November 19, 2008: Missionary Travel
Missionary Prayer Focus for Thursday, November 20, 2008: Steve and Cheri Smith (Guyana)Missionary Prayer Focus for Friday, November 21, 2008: William and Ramona Schlegel (Turkey)
Missionary Prayer Focus for Saturday, November 22, 2008: Terry and Cindy McFarland (Ireland)
Missionary Prayer Focus for Sunday, November 23, 2008: Mike and Lisa Long (Vanuatu)Missionary Prayer Focus for Monday, November 24, 2008: Janice Hersey (Russia)

Praise Reports
From Aurelia Hopkins (Regional Prayer Coordinator, CAC):

The 2008 Breaking Barriers Conference, held recently in the Dominican Republic was a tremendous blessing to the more than 120 ministers and their wives that participated. God mightily anointed the Breaking Barriers Team as they ministered on themes such as Doctrine, Family Life and Church Growth.

A Trinitarian minister that was present for one of the teaching sessions understood the doctrine of Baptism in Jesus Name and was baptized the next day in the swimming pool on the campgrounds.

Bro. & Sister Steve Shirley were wonderful hosts for this memorable event. The Dominican ministers were refreshed spiritually and were challenged to break barriers in their local churches so that they might experience even greater revival in the Dominican Republic.

A special thanks to the Breaking Barriers Team for their spiritual and financial support!

From Gary and Linda Reed (Middle East):
The National Conference of the UPCI of Jordan was this last weekend.

We thank God for the ministry of Bro. Paul Mooney and Bro. Mokhles Sedra, who inspired us to grow in the Lord.

Six people were filled and four were baptized. We praise God for these new souls.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Report from Africa

Jim Poitras, Colleen Carter & Nick Sisco Families

Two Bible school students were sent to a village church and five received the Holy Ghost with two being baptized in Jesus' name.

Portable Bible School was used as an evangelistic strategy in a new area with fourteen participants. Three were baptized in Jesus' name and two received the Holy Ghost.

At another church pastored by a Bible School student, four received the Holy Ghost in a Sunday morning service.

Two Bible school students were sent to minister at a church and five received the Holy Ghost.

In another Portable Bible School (advanced level) sixty-eight students attended, forty-three graduated, and two were baptized in Jesus' name.

Click on the links below to learn more about the missionaries Heavenview supports in Africa.

Terry and Cheryl Riddick minister in Cameroon.

Theodore and Patricia Grosbach minister in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Randy and Carolyn Adams minister in Togo/Benin/Gabon.

James and Karen Crumpacker minister in Kenya/Mozambique.

Patrick and Jean Groves minister in Kenya/Sudan.

David and Alice Kline minister in Lesotho.

Albert and Tegeste Stewart minister in Liberia.

Chris and Paula Richardson minister in Madagascar.

Gerald and Darla McLean minister in Nigeria.

Monday, November 3, 2008

POA Report - Auckland, New Zealand

We will find them on the highways and the byways!

Priscilla was baptized into the saving name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins. Sandy Chaney, a member of the POA met Priscilla at a local supermarket and was compelled to share the goodness of Jesus. Sandy taught her a quick Bible study and on hearing the Gospel, Priscilla wanted to commit her life to God and be baptized. Our members at POA are taught and encouraged to boldly share the gospel wherever they go and as a result, the POA adult & youth are committed to reaching their communities, neighborhood and families for Christ. We are experiencing growth simply because the fires of revival have been fanned by new souls being added to the church on a regular basis. Praise God.

The excitement and the vital importance of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ must be taught and passed down in our churches today. Too often, we are tempted to plateau and 'take a break' from soul winning, fearing that we may not give enough time to discipleship with a new convert. This is contrary to what Jesus taught. If we seek His kingdom first, God will provide the way and the resources to disciple the new convert while at the same time, bring in the harvest. One of the primary functions of the Church is to spread the gospel and to focus on soul winning. This is the great commission found in Matt 28:19. We cannot make disciples UNLESS we first enable them to be born again into the Kingdom of God!

Your prayers for the work of God in Auckland, New Zealand is bearing fruit. Thank you.

Pastor Marshall

visit us at: Pentecostals of Auckland

Prayer Connections - Africa's Network of Prayer

God is still God and can do anything...

If you do nothing else today but pray, you have accomplished a great thing.

Jesus said in Luke 18:1, "Men ought always to pray, and not to faint." Throughout the Scriptures prayer is shown to be an essential part of a Christian's lifestyle. It is the way to have power with God.

Prayer is the way to God's heart, for He has chosen this to be the way man can communicate with Him. Prayer is a wonderful gift from God to His people. Because of this, many millions of disasters have been averted because He has come to the rescue of His children in answer to their prayers.

Captain Johnson was serving as chaplain on an island in the South Pacific during World War II. He prepared to go on a bombing raid on enemy-occupied islands several hundred miles away. The mission was a complete success, but on the homeward course the plane began to lose altitude and the engineers faded out. A safe landing was made on a strange island. It was learned later that the enemy was just one-half mile in each direction, yet the landing had gone undetected.

The staff sergeant came to the chaplain and said, "Chaplain, you have been telling us for months that God answers prayer in time of trouble, and that He does it right away. We're out of gas, and the base is several hundred miles away, almost surrounded by the enemy."

Johnson began to pray and lay hold of the promises and believed that God would work a miracle. Night came and the chaplain continued his intense prayer. About 2:00 am the sergeant awakened and felt compelled to walk to the water's edge. He discovered a metal float, which had drifted up on the beach with barrels of gas on it. In a few hours the crew reached their home base safely.

An investigation revealed that the skipper of a U.S. tanker finding his ship in submarine-infested waters, had his gasoline cargo removed, so as to minimize the danger in case of torpedo hit. Barrels were placed on barges and put adrift six hundred miles from where Johnson and the plane crew were forced down. God had navigated one of these barges through wind and current and beached it fifty steps from the stranded men. -Earl C. Willer

God is still God and can do anything, and He will work wonders to answer his children's intense prayers!

--Taken from Diamonds for Dusty Roads, written by Joy Haney (Word Aflame Press, 2006)

Praise Reports

Congo-Regional Missionary Gistophe and his family are on location and have received their resident permits. Already they are seeing people receive the Holy Ghost as they work in this new field.

South Africa-In the Eersterust church in Pretoria a woman, the wife of Trinitarian pastor was recently baptized in Jesus Name and she believes her husband will also agree to be baptized.

Another lady who was recently baptized was discharged from the hospital after a severe illness. The doctors were not able to diagnosis what was wrong with her. She was unable to walk without assistance. But when she came out of the baptistery she was able to walk unassisted and was dancing unto the Lord.

Last month, General Superintendent Jannie Smith was involved in a serious car accident that left him with a crushed right hand. The cast has just come off, but the x-rays indicate that it is not mending as they had hoped. The orthopedic surgeon was satisfied that no other surgeries will be required. He has now started physiotherapy. Thank your prayers for his complete healing.

Congo (DRC) - In Kinshasa we have been requesting prayer that we would be given permission to open a campus ministry. We praise the Lord that we now have the permission to do so. Continue to pray for our efforts.

Prayer Requests

Mauritius - 1) Pray for a new place to use as a church in Terre Rough as they are having to vacate their present building, 2) Pray for two of our pastors, Bro. Jacques Dubois for his health and Pastor Vijay who needs prayer for his job situation.

Sierra Leone - One of the churches lost their place of worship and is trying to find another location. They are also trying to purchase land for a permanent building.

Monday, October 27, 2008

LaShawnda's Baptism at Heavenview

LaShawnda has attended Heavenview for three years and decided on Sunday, October 26th to "let bad things go and start over fresh to get close to God."

We celebrate with LaShawnda her decision to be baptized in the Name of Jesus. Her life will never be the same.

Elmer's Baptism at Heavenview

Elmer made the decision to be baptized on Sunday, October 26th at Heavenview. We celebrate with him, the new life, He now has in Christ.

New Zealand Baptisms

Saturday Outreach continues to bear much fruit as one more is baptized into the saving name of Jesus Christ. Esther joined us at the mall and stayed afterwards for when our musicians got together to do their practice, Lili took the opportunity to teach her a Bible study. Esther desired to be baptized immediately. It was a glorious scene as our Youth spent some time in repentance before she went into the waters. We rejoice with Esther on this great decision. Well done Youth... Keep the fires of revival burning!

During Sunday's Celebration Service we baptized two... Last night at the evening service, the Holy Spirit moved in a mighty way as the people heard three different preachers minister the Word of God. The altar service was full with lives being reminded of their Spiritual Inheritance.

Caleb, who has been coming for the services and had received the gift of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, decided to give his life to Christ and desired to be baptized.

Justine, who attended the POA service for the first time, also wanted to wash her sins away in Jesus name. There was much rejoicing, with testimonies and singing, as the two went into the waters. Glory Hallelujah....

Friday, October 24, 2008

Amber's Baptism at Heavenview

Amber is Jessica's friend. She chose to take the next step in her faith walk with Christ and was baptized on Sunday, October 19, 2008. Her life will never be the same!