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Austria Update - July Newsletter

"We Can't Afford To Be Normal"

I am persuaded that we cannot afford to only be normal men and women of God. We are living in a time where only normal efforts and only lukewarm efforts will only get you normal results, and normal results will not save this lost and dying world. Normal results will not bring a historical revival but simply a “normal” revival!

During our Geneva Holy Ghost revival in July, we had a mighty outpouring of God’s presence where 12 people received the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues! Not only did God pour out His presence upon those 12 precious people, but God also poured out a great and mighty desire upon our young people to break away from normality and begin to live in the realm of great expectation and great faith!

This spirit has begun to spread throughout COA here in Vienna! Not only are the young people tired of normal encounters with God but the entire church body has grasped the understanding that we MUST not be simply normal with our prayers, desires, expectations, and faith in God’s desire and ability to pour out His Spirit upon all flesh!

Revival is upon the nation of Austria! Revival is upon the nation of Germany! Revival is upon the nation of Liechtenstein! Revival is upon the nation of Switzerland! And this revival IS NOT and WILL NOT simply be “normal, ” but IT WILL be a historical life changing revival!

Your Aimer,
Stephen M. Merritt


"Our Mission Field Is Now"

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gaining Spain News

July 2011

Praise the Lord, saint! Please follow the link to our recent newsletter.

Sones Family
UPCI Missionaries to Spain

Prayer Connect

Wake Up Call!

"But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief. Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness. Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober." I Thessalonians 5:4-6

Monday, August 8, 2011 appeared to be an ordinary morning upon awakening, after my alarm clock sounded, then entering into prayer as usual. Afterwards, I got ready for the day and proceeded to do a little morning housework, when suddenly the Spirit of God unexpectedly swept into my midst in a holy visitation, then a spirit of deep travail and intercession gripped me. As I yielded to the burden of the Lord and this divine call to prayer for a period of time, the Lord emphatically spoke to my heart, "My People are asleep. The Church is asleep. Do They not know how late the hour is? My coming is near." God has issued His Own Wake Up Call!

Naturally, a "wake up call" may be defined as a telephone call that one requests to occur at a specific time in order to be woken up. Hotel guests often have the privilege of requesting a "wake up call," to ensure awakening at a designated time. This is one manner in which the phrase is used. Another usage of the terminology "wake up call" means a warning to take action concerning something that was neglected, or a sign that alerts one to negative behavior or circumstances. Such a sign or defining point alerts us and gets our attention. This often is a pivotal point in life that causes one to awake and refocus to reality and what is relevant. In this case, thus this article, the Wake Up Call is one alerting us to prepare for the veracity of eternity.

Let us not be at the precipice of the coming of the Lord, recorded as a people not fully awake. Wake up and truly realize that the time is short and we must watch and pray, for we cannot hit the spiritual snooze button lest a spirit of sleep or slumber overtake us. The Apostle Paul in Romans 13:11 states "And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep..." We are living in the end times and Bible prophecy is quickly being fulfilled and it is time to awake! In this scripture Paul is talking to Christians and he references the word "sleep." He uses the Greek word from which the English word derived is "hypnosis" one that means "to be drowsy." Paul is identifying believers who were in an apathetic or lethargic spiritual "daze."

I Peter 4:7 relays "But the end of all things is at hand..." so, it is exhorted " you therefore sober, and watch unto prayer." Note, this means to have a high degree of alertness. In Matthew 26:40-41, Jesus returned and found the disciples sleeping, He then asked Peter, "What, could ye not watch with me one hour? Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak." If even ever more,NOW is the TIME to watch and pray!

The Herald of Free Enterprise, a vehicle ferry, was traveling between Dover, England and Zeebrugge, Belgium on March 6, 1987. The entire front of the ship opened so cars/trucks could be loaded onto the lower decks. One winter night, with the vehicles loaded and 563 passengers on board, Captain Lewry began to set sail. It was 7:00 p.m. and dark, and all was well in the sheltered harbor. However, one mile out, when they hit high seas, the ship capsized in 90 seconds and sank within five minutes, and 193 people drowned. The ship had set to sea with its front loading doors wide open. There was no indicator light displayed on the bridge. The Captain assumed that the Seaman responsible for closing the doors had already done so. Instead, he was asleep in his cabin. Because this Seaman was asleep on the job, 193 people died.

Let's shake ourselves and not succumb to sleep and get lost in our temporal dreams that may eventually turn into nightmares if we are not ready at the coming of the Lord. This Clarion Call has sounded that the Lord is coming soon, and we must not be asleep. Let us pray that We (Church) all wake up in this Hour. WAKE UP...there is a Call from the Throne! Will you answer?

Flo Shaw
International Coordinator
World Network of Prayer

ECHOgram for Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Prayer for Specific Things as Led in the Spirit

In light of what is shifting in the Spiritual atmosphere among us as we race toward the end of time, I hear the Spirit saying very specific things. Here is a summation of where I have been led in the Spirit in regard to directed prayer. Please pray that you and others in the Body of Christ more effectively incorporate the following:

1.) Shift your prayer to create environments that are conducive to divine movements.

Allow your prayer to get outside of what your present needs are, and thus you will begin to enter a worship dimension that causes Angels to inquire. Most people spend so much time requesting instead of creating environments that automatically shift things in the Spirit. My experience in 22 years of being on the road and praying in over 51 Nations is that when right environments are created, the Angelic help from the Lord delivers.

2.) Whatever is in your atmosphere will multiply.

The Lord spoke to me very specifically about this year and what we presented before Him. If it's fear, it will multiply. If it's depression, it will multiply. If it's doubt, it will multiply. IF IT'S FAITH, IT WILL MULTIPLY! So change what's there so God can honor your faith! Faith works in BOTH directions.

3.) Move your attention from your need to Kingdom needs.

Moving our attention to SERVE the Kingdom instead of the Kingdom serving us. This is very unpopular, but if we are going to grow into what God wants to do, "the Kingdom of GOD suffereth, and the violent take it." Take what? Kingdom things, NOT PERSONAL THINGS. When we focus on the Kingdom first ...then all these things shall be...

4.) Release your concepts of what you think God will do versus what He actually will do.

We often hear people using phrases like, declare, speak, vocalize...and all these items refer to what we believe God will do. However, the Bible says that "GOD CALLETH THOSE THINGS." That's when the Lord began to deal with me about our limited mind frame that only sees within our imaginative spectrum vs. His eternal view. If God speaks it, He speaks in eternal realms. Let's therefore give it to God and let Him handle what is DECLARED and what we will end up with will be greater than what we had in mind!

Eli Hernandez
International Evangelist
Revival in Progress, Inc.
Palm Desert, CA


Jonathan and Maria Strictland - Greece
Phillip and Sandra Rhoads - Suriname
John and Anne Nowacki - France
Kirby and Mary Parker - Malta/North Africa
Phil and Twyla Tolstad - Uganda
Henry and Sharon Ritchie - Winward Islands/French Guiana
Williams and Elizabeth Turner - Russia/Ukraine/Kazakhstan

Kathleen Lucas - Brooklyn, New York
Keith Rodriquez - Battle Creek, Michigan
Kenneth Prince - Bullard, Texas
Kenneth Stewart - Tampa, Florida
Kenneth Williams - Portage la Prairie, Manitoba
Kent Wilbourn - Monett, Missouri
Kerry Owen - Greenwood, Mississippi

A.I.M. - Associates in Missions:
Marilyn Alvarez - Colombia
Trecina Anderson - Spain
Claes and Helene Ankarcrona - Sweden
Dale Arnold - Asia
Brian and Linda Aubrey - New Zealand
Lisa Barnhart - Spain
Brittany Barrett - Scotland

Carlton Clark
Chuck Allen
Cortt Chavis
Dannie Hood
Darryl Bennett
David McKemy
David Ramsey

Northeast Christian College - Fredericton, New Brunswick

WNOP's Personal Requests

To minister to the needs of others through prayer, click here to pray over WNOP's personal prayer list.

World Needs
Global Food Supply.... an Escalating Crisis

As poignant images of suffering in East Africa fill media outlets, millions more people worldwide are going hungry as the price of basic foods soar. Earlier this year, global food prices hit their highest ceiling since they were first measured in 1990.

The causes are varied. Natural disasters, such as droughts, are hitting harvests. Climate change is affecting crop yields. Demand for more varied diets in countries like China, and a growing market for biofuels, are straining limited resources like land and water. Oil price hikes have pushed up food and market transportation costs.

The effects are stark. Globally, the price of maize is 105 per cent higher than last year and wheat prices are 80 per cent higher than July 2010. The following countries are worst hit with on-going local food insecurity: Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Niger, Chad, Afghanistan and Bolivia.

Food prices in Uganda, Burundi, Bangladesh and Honduras are unstable and the situation could quickly deteriorate, while Sudan, Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Mali, Burkina Faso and India are potential problem areas.

Meanwhile, news reports suggest Somalia's plight is worsening as militant groups block aid from getting into stricken areas and stop people leaving to seek out aid.
  • Please pray for all those who go to bed each night with empty stomachs and for the political will (local, national and global) to change this situation.
  • Pray for agencies working in East Africa: for God to give wisdom and strength to get aid where it is most needed.
  • Ask for good harvests all over the world to bring down food prices and to prevent millions more people being pushed into poverty.
  • Pray for donor governments to invest in small-scale agriculture over the long term to build resilience to recurring droughts and high food prices.
  • Pray the church will be able to minister to those in need......both physically and spiritually.
  • Pray for Compassion Services International (a UPCI sponsored organization) as they try to provide aid where needed.
Focus on Kids Prayer

Want to have a thriving children's prayer ministry in your local church? The World Network of Prayer will be conducting a training seminar for those who want to learn how to teach children to pray. The seminar will take place at the UPCI headquarters in Hazelwood, Missouri, November 10-12, 2011. Beginning, intermediate and advanced classes will be available.

Registration: $60/person or $100/couple

Registration fees includes training material and lunch/dinner for Friday, November 11th, but does not cover transportation to/from St. Louis.

Hotel information:
Hampton Inn: $56 per night + tax (total with tax around $67 per night) - this hotel is located about 1/8 mile from the facility. A shuttle to/from the hotel will be provided by us at no additional cost.

* these rates apply only to reservations made through WNOP - 314-837-7300 x295

--- Visit WNOP's Kids Prayer Website.

Donate to WNOP

If you would like to make tax-deductible donation to the World Network of Prayer, please click here.

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World Network of Prayer and Kids Prayer are now on Facebook. We will be posting pictures, urgent prayer needs, and prayer helps. Search for us and become a fan on the "World Network of Prayer" page and "" page.

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Update on the Follmer's in Scotland

Greetings to all our friends and supporters!

I am writing now because typically I would have put in my newsletter for the previous month, but I ask your forgiveness as I have not done one for July yet. I will be joining July and August into one larger newsletter. I thank you in advance for your patience. I know all of you scour them anyway ;-).

Just to leave you with a quick update on what's been happening:

Our General Conference in the United Kingdom and Ireland was from Aug. 2-5 in Wales. This was an absolutely fantastic time in the presence of the LORD and in fellowship with His people. Great unity was felt. Besides this, there were 48 people (I believe was the official count) baptised with the Holy Ghost and around 13 people baptized in water. The baptisms were done right out in the bay in front of the conference centre. Praise be to the LORD!

This isn't all! The Central District, and in particular the Church in Liverpool (pastor and missionary John Hemus), are heading up a Church plant in the town in which we hold our Conference. They have held Church services there, and several people are going to be baptized in Liverpool! I believe 5 have received the Holy Ghost since the end of the Conference! Praise be to God!

God IS moving in a mighty way in this Country. Please continue to pray for us. And we thank you in advance for your continued financial support.

God bless you,

Rev. Jonathan Follmer
AIM Scotland

Monday, August 15, 2011

Africa in Revival - August

Burkina Faso
Ken Cantrell Family

Recently, the church held its first crusade in a heavily Islamic neighborhood. The first night there were over 300 in attendance. People were reserved and apprehensive. The second night there were over 500 in attendance. The atmosphere and faith were different, and the crowd literally ran to the altar. Twenty-five received the Holy Spirit. The following Sunday, the church had doubled in attendance and ten were baptized in Jesus' name.

Terry Riddick & Rusty Riddick families

At a sectional youth convention, twelve received the Holy Spirit.

At a local church prayer meeting, three received the Holy Spirit and nine were baptized in Jesus' name. A teen was also healed after eleven years of living with chronic pain.

Jim Poitras, Colleen Carter, & Nick Sisco families

The church celebrated thirty years in the Northern sector of the country. During the special services, fifty-nine received the Holy Spirit, twenty-seven were baptized in Jesus' name, and fifteen testified of healing.

The Ministers and Minister's Wives Conference had about 140 in attendance. It was a blessed time of refreshing in the Lord.

During other services attended by missionaries, eight received the Holy Spirit.

One new church plant has been started with seven receiving the Holy Spirit and eight being baptized so far.

Albert Stewart family

During regular services twenty were baptized in Jesus' name and eighteen received the Holy Spirit.

Chris Richardson family

At a Holy Ghost Crusade in a Home Missions Church, eighty received the Holy Spirit.

At a Children's Day in one of the capital city churches, fifty-six children received the Holy Spirit.

Gerry McLean family

During three days of special services, one pastor baptized thirty in Jesus' name.

While rebuilding a church that was destroyed in a storm, the mason, who is also a recent graduate of the Bible school, baptized fifteen in Jesus' name and prayed eight through to the Holy Spirit, including the pastor's son.

A four man evangelism team from the Bible school presented the message of One God and Jesus Name baptism to a village where this message had never been preached. They gathered sixty people in their first service and baptized twelve in Jesus' name.

During revival services in one state, twelve were baptized in Jesus' name and several received the Holy Spirit.

Randall Richardson family; reported by Pastor Magerman from South Africa

At National Conference, ten received the Holy Spirit and two were baptized in Jesus' name.

Richard Smoak family

At a Bible school dedication in one region, a total of twenty-three received the Holy Spirit and two were baptized in Jesus' name. The Bible school was also dedicated to the memory of Sister Evelyn Knight.

A woman walking past a crusade service in another region was thrown to the ground by demonic spirits. She thrashed on the ground until some pastors and saints took her to the church. At the end of the prayer time, two women and a teenage girl had received deliverance.

At five regional conferences, there was a seminar attendance of 992 and crusade attendance of over 2,000. During the services ninety-two received the Holy Spirit, seventy were baptized in Jesus' name, thirty-two were healed, and many were delivered from demonic depression.

Several who received the Holy Spirit were to be baptized once they reached home.

Randy Adams & Mike Benson families; reported by AIMer Jaydie Johnson

In regular church services, sixteen received the Holy Spirit, ten were baptized in Jesus' name, three were delivered from demons, and twenty-two claimed healing.

Phil Tolstad & Steve Phelps families

There are seventeen new churches.

One pastor was chased from his church because he was baptized in Jesus' name, and the man he had bought the land from was upset he had joined the Apostolic church. God provided a better piece of land on a main road, and the pastor testified to the missionary, 'Truth is very valuable."

At one place, nineteen received the Holy Spirit on one Sunday.

At a prayer meeting in one region, there were many miracles and several Islamic people received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hello from Korea

Hello, all!

As it has been some time since my last communication, I will take a few moments of your time to chat with you about my life in Korea. It is hard to believe that I have been living here for more than four months. The days pass by so quickly it seems, and there is so much to be done.

The first semester of the school year has ended for students and teachers, and I am enjoying the reprieve that is summer vacation. During that stretch of time, I am still required to come to school (except for my 8-day holiday). I write to you now from my temporary desk in the main teachers' office. As only a handful of teachers are required to come in, we all work together in the same office with the vice principal. Due to the shift in office space, I am meeting more of the teachers and learning that some know more English than I previously thought. Prior to this office placement, I only casually greeted the lady now at the desk across from me, but I now know that she lived for a year in the States ten years ago. We shared a good laugh over the use of charades to convey meaning. I am becoming increasingly fluent in charades; I hope to become reasonably fluent in Korean.

English Camp

During the first two weeks of summer, I taught an English camp and learned more of my students names as a result of the smaller class size. How I wish to know more of them! I enjoyed teaching the same group of students everyday; it provided a greater sense of progression and purpose to the lessons.

Some of my students.

During the camp I taught various lessons on culture, media, and literature. The media insert included an introduction to Veggie Tales. As a result, I now have a handful of students who are at least familiar with the lyrics of the "Hairbrush Song."

Now that I do not have students to teach, I find I miss them greatly.

Church Camp/Conference

During the week of August 1-5, members of UPC of Korea came together on campgrounds near Jeonju. As to the specific location, I think, the grounds are located in Hwasan. I know that we grocery shopped and ate at a restaurant in Gosan, and we picked up a sister and her daughter at the station in Nonsan. While I cannot guarantee that I have the specific town for the site, I can speak of the beautiful environment in which it is situated. My motel was located on a river with mountains all around. You could hear the laughter of the townspeople and vacationers as they floated, fished, and played in the water (The river was not very deep at this spot).

The main building in which the services were held.

The mountain setting was apt for the topic of the evening sermons with Bro. Harcove of Dallas, TX. Over the course of the week (Monday-Thursday), Bro. Harcove preached on nine mountaintops with God: lordship, instruction, prayer, provision, vision, preparation, sacrifice/giving, commission, and hope. At the end of every message, people pushed back the floor cushions and gathered near the front to pray (or stayed near their cushions and prayed). I cannot even begin to express my joy at these times of tarrying in the presence of God, as such are among my favorite things. What a joy it is to pray with my brothers and sisters, to stand sometimes and just watch God do his thing!

Prior to service.
We did not have pews; everyone brought floor cushions on which to sit.

On the evening Bro. Harcove spoke of sacrifice/giving, he told of living life with an open hand. In the sixteen years since God dealt with him about letting him have control of the people and things in his life (to give and to take away), hardly a day has passed in which he has not given something away. It is his goal to give to another every day of his life. He called on us to seek God for the purpose behind the things with which he blesses us. That evening he handed out 300 $1 bills to people between the ages of 14 and 40. As I am between those ages, I received one as well. How odd to reflect that it was the first time holding a dollar bill in more than four months.

Sis. Park and Sis. Heo

I am glad for new friendly faces--the opportunity to meet more people from around Korea (and fellowship with people from my church in Gwangmyeong). I wish to thank Sis. Heo and Sis. Park for acting as my guides, as well as the people who graciously served as my translators during the morning sessions--Grace, Seungyong, and Sis. Heo (younger). I would be remiss to not thank Sis. Kim and all the board for their work in organizing this meeting. Thank you to all the ministers that spoke. Thank you to the talented singers and musicians who led in worship during the services. Thank you to the people who prepared the food and washed all those dishes. Thank you to all my brothers and sisters in Korea; I was met with such kindness, friendliness, and love.

Here is a clip from after service on Wednesday night:

On a side note, I have this prayer request: I want you to pray with me for revelation of truth with regards to holiness and for an understanding of the role of the altar.

Sunday School

On August 7, I taught my first full English lesson to the kids during the Sunday school hour. I will now be teaching a 15-20 minute lesson in English every two weeks. My first lesson was "Made to Worship," and I taught them to sing what my class at home in Heavenview called the "Clap Clap Song." The children were so cute and mostly picked it up. I want them to know the joy that comes worshiping God.

Some of the kids in the Sunday school class.
Class is held in the sanctuary with only about 10 regular children in attendance.

Be in prayer for upcoming lessons. I have so much on my heart to teach them--little seeds to plant here and there.

A Little Other News

A friend of the one of the young people visited church last week, and after talking with her a bit during altar call about everything that was happening around her, the three of us (friend, young person, and I) agreed to start a Bible study this Sunday. Be in prayer for this study.

Furthermore, I am still in contact with the family that ministers at the nearby Baptist church (just around the corner from my apartment). Continue to pray that I will be a witness to them. I want them to know the truth--and all their congregation.

Thank you for your prayers!

Prayers and love,

Montreal Mission

Read this exciting report about Apostolic Youth Corps in Montreal!

Apostolic Youth Corps report

Special Report from Georgia

The book of Acts is just the beginning...

I am sending a special praise report to all of you this month. I just couldn’t wait till the end of the month to share. A man in our church came to us on Wednesday of last week and gave us a peice of property for the purpose of building our training center and headquarters on. We estimate the cost of building at $220,000. This is much cheaper than buying existing buildings. Put that together with the five who received the Holy Ghost and were baptized and you start to see a book of Acts picture. God is beginning to do something wonderful here. I am so glad to be apart of it. If you would like to help us with this Historic moment in the Church of Georgia, please contact me personally by email at . We are hoping to put up plaques of the names of all those who help us to build our first ever facility for our Bible school. We are planning a facility that will hold 250 people at one time. This is just the beginning of what God is going to do here. Thank you for being a part of that.

In Christ,
Jared R Staten

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Africa Network of Prayer - August 2011

Calendar of Events

01-05 Aug BENIN Ministerial Training Program in Zou Region
06 Aug CONGO (Brazzaville) Local Church Leaders Seminar
05-07 Aug BURKINA FASO Family Life of the Pastoral Couple Seminar with guest teachers: Bro. & Sis. Freeman, Nat'l Superintendent of Togo
05-07 Aug KENYA Coast Region Ladies Convention
06-09 Aug ZIMBABWE Annual National Youth Conference at Kwekwe
07 Aug SIERRA LEONE Pastors' Retreat Lumbley & Calaba Town
07 Aug CONGO (Brazzaville) Big Sunday of churches in Binkarua
09-10 Aug Nigeria National Board Meeting
10-11 Aug CONGO (Brazzaville) Prayer and Fasting for Revival
10-12 Aug MADAGASCAR Region D youth camp, Ambalavao
10-13 Aug LIBERIA Section III Sectional Conference
10-14 Aug KENYA River Yala Youth Convention
11-13 Aug MALAWI General Conference in Blantyre,Guest speaker: Bro. Lavern Smith
11-14 Aug ZAMBIA General Conference, Guest speaker Bro. Bruce Howell, FM Director
12-15 Aug CONGO (Brazzaville) Area Coordinator visit
13 Aug LIBERIA Apostolic Man's Ministry Fellowship
13 Aug TOGO National Board meeting
14 Aug GHANA Ministers & Wives' Appreciation Day
14 Aug GLOBAL Special Focused Prayer for the French-speaking countries in Africa & around the world
15 Aug GHANA ACTS (Bible School) classes begin
15 Aug LIBERIA National Mission Director visit to Guinea
16-18 Aug MADAGASCAR Region D Youth Camp in Mahazoarivo
17-21 Aug GABON National Conference & Sunday School Seminar
18-21 Aug KENYA UPCK General Conference
19-21 Aug BURKINA FASO Prayer Journey Seminar in Bobo
20 Aug Nigeria New Church Dedication
20 Aug SIERRA LEONE Ministers, Pastors, Workers, Deacons and Elders Workshop Seminar
22 Aug TOGO Bible School classes resume
24-26 Aug NIGERIA Ministers' Seminar & Crusade in Jatoeka
24-28 Aug KENYA Mt. Kenya Youth Convention
26 Aug LIBERIA National Ladies Ministries Quarterly meeting
29 Aug BURKINA FASO GATS Bible School Begins

Prayer Requests
"Prayer is the key to Heaven, but faith unlocks the door."

Focus prayer on the fourth day of every month at 1400 hours (2 p.m.) for the 1.2 billion children around the world the world between the ages of 4 and 14. Seventy percent of these children are in the most unreached areas or the World in the 10/40 Window! Let us pray for Africa's Children!


We are very excited! We have received word that four new Bible School students from CAR will be going to the Bible School in Togo. Pray for these young men and all that the Lord has planned for them.


A-Team crusades at end of August, we are believing for 1000 souls to be filled with the Holy Ghost during these special services.


Please pray for church as the government is questioning our church registration. Also, pray for the executive board meeting coming up soon. We are also endeavoring to open a church in the large town of Otjiwarongo.


Please help us pray as we can begin reaching out to the children of Niger. With over 50% of our population 15-years-old and younger, there is a great need for our children to recognize the one, true God. Also, we have 10 people waiting for baptism in the Name of Jesus, but baptism has been delayed because of Cholera outbreak and we are waiting for in the river to be pronounced clear of the disease.


Pray with us for our country. There has been a lot of civil unrest that has led to violence. Fuel shortages are nation wide. Corruption is rampart in government on local and national levels. "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land" II Chronicles 7:14.

Praise Reports

Our National Board recently met with 4 men requesting to join the UPCI; three of them being former pastors of the Trinitarian doctrine. They have recently seen the revelation of One God and Jesus Name Baptism).

We held our first crusade since arriving in Burkina Faso. It was held in the Wemtenga area, a heavy Muslim populated area. During the course of the weekend, 25 received the gift of the Holy Ghost and 10 were baptized in Jesus Name.

CONGO (Brazzaville)
We thank you for your prayers. The problem that we asked prayer for last month has been resolved. We know it is by the prayers of all of you. May Jesus be blessed!

We appreciate all the prayers that have been prayed for our country, especially the country of Madagascar who prays for Gabon every Tuesday. Prayers are being answered, and we are thankful for the progress of the Work of the Lord here in Gabon.

Completion of another certificate level of GATS -- Pray for these Pastors as they return home that God will mightily use them to impart what they have gleaned from the GATS program.


Bro. David Huston, guest from USA, preached two services at a local church resulting with 19 being baptized and several receiving the Holy Ghost.
Make sure to visit our website at:

Finland - August 2011

The Mark Alphin Family-UPCI Missionaries, FINLAND
Finland's Intercessor Team
Prayer Focus
August 2011

This month, we are attaching some prayer tools that will help with focused prayer for Finland. However they are used, it will certainly impact our nation, for any time spent in prayer will serve to affect the spiritual atmosphere of the country. Please feel free to share these tools with your church, missions leader, Sunday School classes, etc.


Home Bible Studies

We are in the process of writing two new Bible studies of a topical nature for two separate students; both are supposed to begin this month. We ask that God grants us focus, wisdom, and an ability to quickly put information together that is logical and impacting.

New Contacts

We are making a conscious effort to be seen in our community and make new friends. Please pray that those we meet would seek to know more about us and, ultimately, more about the Lord. One interesting note: in a random encounter, we met the Trinitarian pastor of our community last week and his reaction was very favorable. We expect to meet with him soon.

Language Study

During August, we plan to apply for fall quarter language classes at Helsinki University. There are limited slots available, so we have to perfectly time our applications in order to be accepted. We are asking God for favor in this area.

Miranda in Copenhagen, Denmark

Miranda is helping Pastor Chris and Clara Brett in Copenhagen; she will be living there for three months. She is looking forward to impacting both their family and Levende Kirke (she is staying in their home and working for them). Prayers for safety and God's leading would be appreciated.

Apostolic Revival Conference - Travel Safety mid-August

We ask for prayers of safety and rest as our family travels to Vienna, Austria, to take part in the all-regional conference for the Europe/Middle East. We will be part of important planning meetings, as Glenda has been asked to serve on the Prayer Commission, and Mark, the Training Commission. We want to be a blessing and impact in both capacities. Also, we also look forward to making acquaintance with the rest of the missionaries in our region, many of whom we have never met.

Continued Prayers for Light

Prayers of this nature have definitely impacted the spirit world!

"For with thee is the fountain of life: in thy light shall we see light." (Psalms 36:9) "The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple." (Psalms 119:130) "Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." (John 8:12)

Ongoing Requests

- A hunger to arise within the Finnish people, that they would begin to feel a deep urgency to seek God
- A spiritual awakening to occur in the hearts and minds of men
- A blood covering over the people of the Name within the country
- Open doors for the Word of God to have free course
- The Spirit of God to draw people who are hungry for salvation
- For the atmosphere to be changed so that people would more easily understand and accept salvation
- Associate in Missions help

FIT Member Prayer Requests

Carolyn - ongoing pain and issues from bone cancer
Charlene - she needs a job

If you have a prayer request that you would like to share with the team, please feel free to contact us.

Following is a map of Finland showing its 11 provinces. Please feel free to print and use it as a prayer tool. (Finnish accents the first syllable, and every letter is pronounced. If you are interested in understanding the pronunciation of the Finnish alphabet, visit here for a quick lesson.)

Following is a prayer wheel that will help with focus when praying for Finland. Feel free to share it with whomever you like!

We sincerely thank you for praying with us for the country of Finland. We do not take your prayers lightly - each one is making an impact on the nation of our calling. You are helping to set the stage for a great moving of the Spirit of God! May God bless you for your efforts and reward you for the time spent in praying for the Finnish people.

We appreciate you!

Mark, Glenda, Miranda, and Candace Alphin

Jeff Arnold's Testimony

Georgia Harvest Newsletter

First Ever:

July was a month of first for us here in Georgia. We hosted our first ever Holy Ghost rally and General Conference all in the same week. We started the month off with Pastor J.E. Staten from Washington DC, visiting us and helping us to prepare for what God would do. He helped to build our faith and prepare us to expect great things. During that week the church passed out 10,000 invitation cards to people on the street. This was a huge step for us. Just five years ago such an action could have gotten you killed. With the invitations passed out, our church was ready for God to do great things. You could feel the expectancy building. Missionary Mark Schutes arrived and preached our Holy Ghost rally on Saturday night. Four people were healed, and several of the church renewed in the Holy Ghost. On Sunday, one received the Holy Ghost and I baptized him in my bathtub that night. On Monday and Tuesday, we held our business meetings and adopted the United Apostolic Church of Georgia constitution, as well as licensed Iracle Toria.

1, 2 , 3, 4, and more:

In June we saw God begin to great things. We had four people receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost and were baptized in the name of Jesus. This is just the beginning of what God is doing here in Tbilisi. We are so privileged to be a part of the Church here. We are going to start targeting two areas in September to plant a church. We know that God will do great thing.

That God would give us the victory in the Gl’dani, and Varketili regions of Tbilisi. Pray that God would open the door to key people so that we may plant two churches there this year.

Pray for...

1. Vision for our leaders
2. Continued direction
3. Facilities for Children’s Church
4. A spirit of worship
5. Excitement in the church
6. Freedom of the HolyGhost
7. Pastor Gia and Maia
8. Binding of false doctrine
9. Continued safety

The Big Picture:

There are moments when all of us get a glimpse of what God is doing in us. Sometimes that glimpse is exciting, and sometimes it brings great pain. I think, perhaps, the best part no matter what we glimpse is that we gain a reassurance that God is still at work in our lives. Without this reassurance of a living moving God, we would be no different than any other religion in this world. I am so thankful that I serve the one true living God, who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that I could even think to ask for. It is his spirit that makes intercession for me when I don’t know what else to do. Without His spirit I would be left to my flesh. There is no surer doom I could face than what my flesh would do if left in power. Without God all things are impossible but, with God, I can do all things. Even if that means starting churches in a region of the world that was known for violence towards the true church.

Jared R Staten

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Thank you all for your great support. We can feel your prayers aiding us at every turn. Without you it is impossible to do what we are doing here in Georgia.

Austria On Fire (July Update)

Greetings from a great deputation!

We have been honored and blessed to meet many pastors and saints. We appreciate the support, kindness and hospitality shown by every district.

We are seeing REVIVAL in America!

While traveling we take every opportunity to witness to people and sow seeds. What a joy when we see seekers in the altar, receiving the Holy Ghost! Despite economic challenges God blesses His people financially. Churches are growing!

While in service with Bro. Jones in Orlando, Florida, we had four filled with the Holy Ghost Sunday morning and five more in the Spanish service that afternoon!

We have witnessed numerous baptisms and miracles! =God is able. This is the time for harvest!

Bernhard & Shelley Suppan