Monday, October 31, 2011

John Wolfram Mission Letter

Vietnam and Philippines Update

Our ACTS student body just finished their final exams for their first term and have now entered their second term of the year.  Enthusiasm is high, and spiritual growth can be seen by all. A special “Thank You” to all of you who have helped sponsor a student’s tuition and room and board for this year’s training program.  Finances are always a challenge for our students, but God always comes through.

The first week of October I was joined by two great men of God (Ryan Franklin and Anthony Needham) to help teach and train new and old converts alike in Vietnam. We conducted a seminar in Hanoi for a Baptist pastor and his friends. An unexpected typhoon hindered many from coming, but the “seed” of God’s word was sown.  Our baptismal service was delayed because of threats by Trinitarian pastors who did not attend our seminar.  However, our interpreter got a phone call from the host pastor, saying the Lord would not let him sleep one night.  The pastor begged him to return to baptize his people as soon as possible. They also see the oneness of God and Acts 2:38 salvation.

I was also reunited with a pastor I baptized 15 year s ago and he introduced us to several of his friends and churches in Saigon. Praise God!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

FMD Prayer (10.18.2011)

Prayer Requests

From Ken and Kay Burgess (El Salvador): Please continue praying for El Salvador.

Monday morning Flood Update: re-posted from Voices on the Border Relief Organization. "Rain continues to fall over El Salvador and is forecast to do so for the next 48 hours. Last night the September 15th Dam was releasing water at an incredible 9000 cubic meter per second. To put that in perspective, at 2500 cm/sec the communities down river brace for flooding. The dam has not released at such high levels since Hurricane Mitch, which devastated the region in 1998.  In fact, the total rainfall has now exceeded what fell during the infamous storm."   President Funes' assessment as of late Sunday Night: 32 deaths so far, over 20,000 evacuated and in shelters. 14 Highways obstructed or destroyed by landslides, several bridges on main arteries destroyed, 257 schools damaged or destroyed. According to the relief organization mentioned above, most of the shelters in the Lempa River region have also flooded and the refugees moved to other locations. There is over 3 ft. of standing water in many of these areas. An estimated 1/3-1/2 of the planted crops have been destroyed, much of the already harvested corn has been washed away.

Many of our church members are directly affected by this situation. As of now we have 3 confirmed deaths, several churches full of water, pastors & families evacuated for safety, and many of our people have lost everything. Those living in shelters are promised only mattresses and water, some are not even receiving that much. Our churches that are still functioning are preparing meals & distributing food & clothing in the shelters, but their stock/supply will run out soon at this rate.

We need help!!  Please pray that the rains stop, that God would provide for our hurting people, and above all, that there are NO earthquakes during this delicate time.  Even the slightest tremble right now would prove fatal.

From Ed Simmons (Thailand): Please pray for Thailand. 

One third of the country is flooded, hundreds have died, hundreds of thousands affected. Also, pray for the Thai church and family of Pastor Natapong. He passed away during his sleep while at Ladies' Conference, a great loss to his family and the Thai church.

From Gary Reed (Middle East): Please pray about our housing situation.

We just received notice from our landlord that we have to move out of our house by November 24. We are in preparation for our National Conference, Nov. 4-6. We have a four year lease on the home, but this doesn't seem to matter to her. Please pray this can be resolved, and we will not have to leave. This happened last year also, and God made a way. He can do it again.

From DLB: Please continue praying for Brother Kenneth Haney and the Haney family.

From DLB: Please pray for Evelyn Adams (former missionary to the Philippines) and her family.

From Bro.Carl Adams:
Dear Family and Friends:
I am writing to give you an update on my lovely Wife, Evelyn Adams. Monday night Evelyn suffered a major heart attack which the doctors say greatly damaged the heart tissue and the damage is non-reversible. I spent several hours with her today and cannot be sure that she recognized me. My family and I have released her to the will of our Lord. Evelyn told us Monday that she was 'going home and would see us on the other side'. We are sure of this because of the promise of our Lord to those who have obeyed the gospel. We were able to sing and pray together. Although it will not be easy to be separated from my faithful wife of more than 68 years, even for a little while, I will not sorrow as those who have no hope. We have been begotten unto a living hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Soon we too shall go to be with our Lord and will meet again those who have preceded into His glorious presence.

Prayer Focuses

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Africa in Revival

Terry Riddick & Rusty Riddick families

During a weekend training session of a local church's evangelism team, six received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Congo (Brazzaville)
Regional Missionary, Gistophe family

At one church sixteen were baptized in Jesus' name and sixteen received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Equatorial Guinea
Regional Missionary, Peter Mua family

During regular church services, three received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and two were healed by the power of Jesus' name.

Jim Poitras, Colleen Carter, & Nick Sisco families

National Council was a success. Presbyters reported a total of 696 receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit and 703 baptized in Jesus' name throughout the country since October 2010.

Five received the baptism of the Holy Spirit at the dedication of a new village church.

Five were baptized in Jesus' name at one of the Bible school church plants.

Jim Crumpacker & Patrick Groves families

A total of 190 were baptized in Jesus' name, sixty-five received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and 103 were healed.

Three new preaching points were established.

David Kline family

Six received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and five were baptized in Jesus' name.

Evangelism teams were prepared and focused on a dormant church. Forty-five attended a street service, and one received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The next Sunday five more received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. This church is now averaging twelve in attendance.

Albert Stewart family

During a revival four received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

In regular church services, twenty-eight received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and nineteen were baptized in Jesus' name.

AIMer, Chris Gibbs family

During A-team special meetings, many healings took place, many were baptized in Jesus' name, and 418 received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

During District Conferences a total of 104 received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, many were baptized in Jesus' name, and many were healed of various diseases.

One man who was a member of another church organization needed healing in his body.  He had been praying and no relief had come.  He was at home and an advertisement came across his radio, saying, "If you will go to the UPC, the Lord will heal you."  He went by faith, and several of the pastors were at the church when he came.  Prayer was made.  He was healed and also received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  He then testified, "My radio has not worked in two years and was even unplugged the day of the advertisement, but the Lord was speaking to me, and He will speak to you, if you will listen."

Conference attendees were humbled by the dedication of twenty-one young people (between the ages of 14-25) who came to the Conference.  This group traveled sixty-five miles one way, for twelve hours by road in the heat using seven bicycles with three youth on each bicycle.  They each took turns pedaling while the other two would rest, all to make it to the conference.  The conference crowd honoured the youth for their sacrifice with an offering to help fourteen of the twenty-one go back by bus. 

Regional Missionary, Cezar Moraes family

Twelve received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Gerry McLean family 

The Missionary was invited to teach on New Birth at a non UPC church. A total of forty were baptized in Jesus' name.

One of the Bible school students baptized nine in Jesus' name during a school break.

In a newly established village church, forty were baptized in Jesus' name, including the pastor's mother.

Four new Bible school students were baptized in Jesus' name.

Three new churches were dedicated.

Randy Adams & Mike Benson families, reported by AIMer, Jaydie Johnson

In the Sunday services attended by missionaries, two were healed, seven were baptized in Jesus' name, and three received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Phil Tolstad & Steve Phelps families

A total of six new churches were started.

Three Trinitarian pastors were baptized in Jesus' name.

In one region sixty-three received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and many reported miracles and healings.

Report from Geneva

We had another breakthrough in Geneva as we baptized two young ladies, Sister Noémie and Sister Selomé in the name of Jesus Christ on the shores of Lake Geneva!! These are two ladies who have studied in Geneva and have grown up in Geneva. Doors are opening to the Swiss in Switzerland as well as those of many other nations—Russia, Ukraine, Indonesia, Columbia, France, Zambia just to name a few from within the last few weeks. God is doing an amazing thing and we praise Him in awe!

In addition, Sister Amber Hackenbruch has joined us in Geneva as an AIMer who had previously spent time serving the Lord in Vienna, Austria. She comes coincidentally from the church where Sister Jutta and I were baptized in Jesus name when she was just a young child! She has been doing a truly amazing job at teaching Bible Studies to many visitors and newer saints, as well as meeting during the week for study with some of the more established saints. She has been a true blessing, ministering particularly to the ladies during the week when we are not able to be in Geneva.

Other than the many things going on in Geneva, it has been an extremely busy time with  the Apostolic Ministry Training Center in Nürnberg, Germany.  We administered the final exams on October 1, after a few intense weeks of classes. As the school administrator, and with Brother Robinette traveling in the US preparing for his deputation, this has been quite a lot to do—in fact we are still in the process of grading exams, gathering the last homework assignments, etc. But we have completed the second year of classes of the AMTC in Germany, we have trained up many men and women for service in the Lord, and this is what will fuel the vision for our region: 100 churches in 10 years! 

Lastly, please pray for us as I assume responsibility as the Regional Missions Director to assist Brother Robinette execute his vision: 100 churches in 10 years! The Lord is miraculously pulling together a team of people to coordinate and initiate this, as well as men and women with a burden and experience in evangelism and church planting to help this vision become reality before our eyes as we labor together for it!!! 

Upcoming Events

French Youth Congress--November 11-13

Prayer Requests and Financial Needs

We need a larger room.  The hotel where we are intends to charge us even to put more chairs into the room where we are meeting! Please pray with us and help us with additional assistance as we make a next step of faith.

We have been revamping our worship with new songs, projecting our songs via Ipad nad bringing in new instruments. Suggestions? Let us know!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hello from Korea

Much Exciting News!!

We are expecting AIMers to Korea! This is certainly the result of many years of praying. I look forward to their arrival--whenever that may be. Also, more English teachers have arrived in the Seoul area. They will be helping in the churches in their respective parts of the capital city. One young man has begun preaching Sunday evenings; the newest arrival, a young lady from Ohio, will start teaching in English during the Sunday school time slot. I personally witnessed the love and excitement with which she was received by her new church family. Sis. Kim says that church has been praying and waiting for an AIMer for five years, and you could sense their expectation with her arrival. I am awed by the passion and generosity of the Korean people...and so grateful for the kindness I have been shown.

In addition, a new church is starting in Seoul. Bro. Hargrove of Dallas, TX, donated funds for the start of this new church with an emphasis on a minister that will be true to standards of holiness. If you remember, Bro. Hargrove was the guest speaker at the camp this summer. It was his first time in Korea, and he and the country will not be the same as a result. Please be in prayer for this new church and the pastor that will be leading this work.

Volunteering at the Salvation Army Orphanage 

Front of the Orphanage
With regards to this announcement, my sentiment is best labeled as "finally," as in "I have finally begun volunteering." I have felt the lack of such activity in my life for some time. For my first volunteer project, I am volunteering at an orphanage in Daejeon affiliated with the Salvation Army. Every Monday, except the last one of the month and holidays, I will visit the orphanage with three other volunteers. We have dinner with the kids, then teach an English lesson. The children that come to the class are of elementary school age, and I enjoy working with the different age group. I had great fun on the floor coloring with the children!!

Church Picnic at the Beach

Many Thanks to All Who Prepared Food
Treasure Hunt
The first weekend of October was a holiday, three-day weekend. Members of the church family gathered to go on a picnic together at the beach. We ate, played, talked and laughed together during the wonderful time of fellowship. The weather was perfect; it actually became quite warm by the middle of the day. Though I did not venture into the water as some of the other beach goers did, I thoroughly enjoyed our competitions in kickball and dodge-ball, the latter I had not played in a really long time--maybe even since high school gym class. How much time has passed since those days!
 - - - - - - - - - - -
 I look forward with excitement to all that is yet to come. Thank you for your prayers and hellos over these past weeks. I am glad to share part of my life with you and share in your lives, even though we are some miles away. God bless!


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Newsletter from Missionary Joe Cooney

Rev. Joe, Fanny, & Jaylon Cooney 
Furlough Replacements to Vienna (COA)
Missionaries to Ireland

The City of Vienna is in the most eastern part of Western Europe, with a population of 2.4 million people. It’s a multi-cultural city composed of 23 districts.  The religion is predominantly catholic and traditional in its roots, being founded by Celts and greatly influenced by Irish monks. It’s located right along the Slovakian, Hungarian & Czech Republic borders with many of these people residing in the city. 

We are enjoying overseeing & pastoring the church and will be here until next July 2012. The Charles Robinette family has done a fantastic job of organizing the Church of Acts and cultivating an environment for revival within its people!  This church knows how to worship, pray & minister to people!  

Upon arrival we hit the ground running and are finally feeling settled in. The ARC (European Conference) took place right when we arrived. Many missionaries and ministers from throughout Europe & the Middle East came for the ministry and fellowship. We were blessed to have Bro D. Bernard, Bro B. Howell & Bro R. Woodward ministering to us during this time, along with Reg Director of Europe M. Tuttle. Vision was imparted and strength given to all that attended.

I enjoyed teaching in AMTC (National Bible School) this past month. The students have just completed their finals and semester for the year.  The bible school is transitioning from a part time school to a full time school within the year. The full time school will operate out of Landstuhl, Germany next fall.  God is currently raising up many next generation ministers that will greatly impact the German speaking nations! 

German National Ministers meeting: 
I had the privilege to attend the German Nat. Ministers meeting in Nurnberg, Germany.  Bro Monte Showalter did a great job of ministering during the Leadership session!  In the meetings many things were covered-one mainly being the missions plan to reach and plant new works throughout each German speaking country. Bro Mitch Sayers (newly elected Nat Missions Director) shared a plan, along with others who will be part of the team to initiate new works. It was nice to hear and see the excitement and input of each minister, especially the elder pastors ready to see growth and revival throughout the land!  Bro C Robinette steered these meetings, and we were excited that he was able to minister and be with us in Vienna for a few days. 

Happy B-Day's:
Sis. Cooney and I both celebrated our birthdays in August & September. She celebrated hers on Sept. 28th, and I had an extra special gift and reason to celebrate mine on Aug. 27th. This year I received my Irish Citizenship! This is a great blessing because it not only gives me dual American/Irish citizenship, but it also gives me European Union status. This now means out entire family has European status and has liberty to travel throughout the region for any extended period of time. What a great birthday gift!

Tent Revival:
We just completed our first ever 3-day Tent Revival in one of the local parks near the church.  This event was led and preached by 2 of our young ministers (AIMer Stephen Merritt-USA & Bro Sam Ackah-Austria). They did an awesome job and gained valuable experience during this event that will continue to bless many churches throughout the German speaking nations with similar events for years to come.

We mobilized the entire church, and God blessed us with immaculate weather during this time.  The area is mostly comprised of young children & Turkish Muslims. The grass under the tent became an explosive altar area where fervent worship in song & dance went up before the Lord. The local people were amazed by our worship both under and around the tent. Some of the Muslim young people made fun, and even some danced in the altar area mocking our worship. They weren’t destructive, so we allowed them to continue to stay in the presence of the Lord, and by the end of the first couple of services, many were sitting in their seats wondering why they were crying.  Other muslim children were walking up during these times--standing around our prayer circles, curiously observing us lay hands on people and seeing tears stream down the faces of those we prayed with. They’d never felt or seen anything like this before.

One of our young ladies at one time was manning a welcome table that was surrounded by a bunch of Muslim boys and teaching them the story of Abraham and Isaac & Ishmael. They had never heard or ever been taught about Isaac (the son of promise)…..only about Ishmael. They were amazed by what she was telling them, and we’re sure caused quite a stir when they went home that evening and shared it with their parents 

2 young people received the Holy Ghost, one testified healing of a man and many more experienced the power of God during these 3 days.  We are continuing to reach out into this area, and are looking to begin Bible studies and a home group. There are future plans to return to this area and do a children’s Super Sunday School. 

We celebrate with those who have been baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost these past few weeks and look forward to greater revival to come in Vienna and beyond!

Thank you for your continued support in prayer & finance!  Without YOU none of this would be possible!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Revival Update -- Barcelona, Spain

Rev. & Mrs. Nathan A Harrod
UPCI Missionaries to Spain 

New Daughter Work Started

In the month of September, we started another church in the Barcelona area. After many months of prayer and planning, we had our first service in a hotel meeting room in the city of Cornellá. In our first service, we had 16 visitors as a result of our outreach in the days prior to starting this work. God is doing a quick work, and we have had an attendance of 20-25 since we started this past month. This is the 6th daughter work that God has allowed to come out of the church that we Pastor in Barcelona. We are working to see the work of God multiply in these last days!  

New Church Plant

57 Students Enrolled in Bible School in Barcelona

Training is one the keys to planting more chuches in this nation. We are excited to have a record 57 students starting this semester in our Bible School in Barcelona. God has opened the doors for us to aquire new Bible school facilities right next to our local church where we will be working to train the next generation of ministry. 

Bible School Students

Revival Across Europe

We had the opportunity to be with the Matthew Tuttle family in The Netherlands and the Charles Robinette family in Austria this past Summer. It was exciting to see the revival that is happening in these countries and across Europe. This truly is a time of Harvest! Strongholds are coming down, and revival is breaking forth!

Worship in Holland

 Thank you for all your prayers and support. Together we are claiming Spain in Jesus' name! 

God Bless,
Nathan, Tanya, Alaina and Lincoln Harrod