Friday, March 27, 2009

Africa Report

Reported by Area Coordinator, Jim Crumpacker

A two day seminar was taught to forty pastors and leaders from various church groups. After the seminar, seven pastors were baptized and seven others asked for our pastors to come teach their churches and baptize them with their people. Several more said they were convinced of the truth and were trying to decide what to do.

Reported by Regional Missionary, Brother Desire

There are thirty-four part icipants in the Certificate Program of the (GATS) Global Association of Theological Studies program.

Jim Poitras, Colleen Carter, & Nick Sisco families

Two received the Holy Ghost at a church Family, Friends & Fellowship Day.

Albert Stewart family

Sixty-three were baptized in Jesus' name and forty-one received the Holy Ghost in regular services.

Chris Richardson family

Even amidst political turmoil, the church continues to rise.

Recently a small group of oneness churches requested to affiliate with the UPC. The National Superintendent has met with them and is in the process of integrating them into our fellowship.

Local churches continue to report revival and people being filled with the Holy Ghost.

Tremayne Simoneaux family

During a recent crusade, eighty received the Holy Ghost and twenty-five were baptized in Jesus' name.

A husband and wife came to the crusade healing service. Both were healed, received the Holy Ghost, and were baptized.

One young girl received the Holy Ghost and spoke in perfect English.

South Africa
Karl Smith, Dan Davis, David Flowers, & Louis Louw families

Six received the Holy Ghost at a revival meeting in the capital city.

Richard Smoak & Jim Robertson families

Seven received the Holy Ghost in two different meetings.

Randy Adams family & reported by the Mike Benson family

A pastor was healed. A few weeks back, one of the pastors had something fly into his eye while driving his moped. The eye swelled shut and caused him great pain with sensitivity to light. On a recent Sunday, he was interpreting for one of the missionaries who was preaching about "Standing On Your Faith." The missionary drew a circle in the dirt and stood in it to reinforce his thought. The pastor repeated the action. Upon stepping into his circle, the pastor testified that the pain immediately left his eye and he was able to remove his sun glasses.

Phil Tolstad family

A total of twenty-seven have been baptized and forty-two have received the Holy Ghost.

Three new churches have been started.

A woman was healed of HIV and her health restored.

Twelve pastors have asked to join our church after they received teaching on the apostolic message.

Seven pastors who await a seminar have committed to be baptized and accept the truth of the Word. They are very excited and plans have been made to go in April and baptize those congregations.

A pastor, who was recently baptized and brought his two churches into the truth, now faces opposition from witchdoctors. The witchdoctors have put pressure on the landlord to chase away the church because their magic and charms are not working. The devil cannot chase the church. Witchcraft doesn't work around the house of God. This pastor continues to stand strong for the message of Jesus.

At the funeral of a pastor's brother, there were sixteen pastors who heard the message of salvation. They are friends and relatives of the pastor, and many want to know more.

A Presbyter reports that after he received his motorcycle, he has been able to travel and meet several pastors who have wanted him to come and share the Word. Nine pastors and churches have affiliated with us since February.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Praise Report

From Ed Hosmer (Japan):

I want to share with you a praise report.

A couple of months ago, after a Friday night prayer meeting, we took many of our youth to McDonalds on our way home.

We met a young Air Force NCO there who was out drinking with a friend of his. Our youth being full of the Holy Ghost and bold invited them to eat with us. From there this NCO "Stephen" began to attend our cell group meetings. Then all of a sudden he vanished. No phone calls, no contact, etc.

A few weeks later he just shows up at our cell group meeting and related that he had been deployed for a short time. In fact he was not suppose to return back to Okinawa at all and was suppose to go directly to Iraq. For some reason he was able to return back to Okinawa for just 2 weeks.

Someone in our church began to talk to him that Wednesday night about the need to be baptized in Jesus' Name. The next Friday night he was baptized in Jesus' Name. Praise God! Tears were rolling down his face as he was so thankful to have his sins remitted. An hour later my wife and daughter taught him another Bible study about receiving the Holy Ghost. They could not even finish the Bible study. He said "I want to get the Holy Ghost now!" Within moments he was filled with the Holy Ghost! Two days later, he deployed to Iraq!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Urgent Prayer Request

Urgent Prayer Request from Foreign Missions Division:

Several of our missionary families are in politically unstable areas with civil unrest.

Please pray a prayer covering over all of the foreign missionaries. Pray for protection and provision for the missionary families and the national ministers and saints. Pray for wisdom in the midst of chaos. Pray that men's hearts will turn to the Lord during these times of adversity and that Jesus Christ will be glorified.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Thai Gram - March 2009

Rev. & Mrs. Frank Poling

Worship & Praise

Pastor James Varnum & Sister Thea

The Thai Conference this year had well over seven hundred in attendance.

Twenty-nine people were baptized in Jesus' name and one hundred and ninety-seven people stood on the platform after Sunday's Holy Ghost service to be counted as born again of the Spirit.

One Thai man (who only understands the Thai language) cried out "Glory, Glory, Glory" as he was filled with the Holy Ghost. There were also many, many people healed during the conference. A twenty-one person team from the USA came once again to minister at the conference. Great teaching, preaching, praying and worship!

Brother & Sister Frank Poling were honored for their dedication and commitment in coming to Thailand and ministering for thirty years! After serving more than thirty-five years as General Superintendent of Thailand, Brother Chaiyong Wattanachant has retired. Brother Ping Ploklaa is the newly elected superintendent.

"Thank you" so much for your continued prayers and support! If you would like to support our ministry in Thailand on a monthly basis you can go to our web site and enroll as a "Partner in Missions" or you can give a one-time offering.

Prayer Requests

From Joseph Collins (Portugal):
Please pray for the Portuguese national conference this weekend, March 14-15, and also for my wife who is not well.

We need to request prayer for Portugal and for my wife who is suffering in her body. We have our National Conference this weekend March 14 -15 and we want to see the Lord pour out His Spirit.

From Terry and Cindy McFarland (Ireland):
Please help us pray for the peace process here in Northern Ireland to remain moving forward.

Over the last three days we have had the murder of soldiers and police here. The Real IRA and the Continuity IRA have claimed responsibility for the deaths. We have been moving freely here in the land since the peace process started and now they are trying to derail the peace process here. All of the shootings have taken place within 5 miles of our home here. Thank you in advance.
From Randal Richardson (Mauritius/Reunion/Seychelles):
Please continue to pray for La Reunion and Madagascar.

Here in La Reunion March 10, 2009, is their next big day for manifestations and expected rioting and looting.

In this country the unemployment rate is over 25% and those living below the poverty level are more than 52%. Things are very serious. Everyone without exception is expecting major problems.

Already during the past three days: at least four businesses have been burnt out, six cars burnt and destroyed, and other damages.

One of our pastors reported that it really was bad in front of his home Saturday evening. They are saying that it is too late for anyone to fly out of the country as there will be no planes and no flights available on March 10.

All of the major shopping areas have been closed by protesters with the Gendarmes involved in those incidents. More than 9 arrests have taken place. Thank you for your prayers.

In Madagascar the opposition known as TGV is calling for major protest on March 10, 2009. This has become very serious because the military has now split in two. March 10th will be a very important development in all of this instability. The underlying factor of it all is the economy and poverty of the people. Madagascar will appreciate your prayers.

From DLB:
Please pray for Nona Freeman.

-Sister Nona Freeman suffered another ‘mini’ stroke Monday. Sandra called a neurologist and was able to get a same day appointment who feels she is having TIA’s [transient ischemic attack].

The symptoms are like a stroke but do not last long and occurs when blood flow to part of the brain is blocked or reduced, often by a blood clot.

After a short time, blood flows again and the symptoms go away. Her blood thinner is still being monitored which is currently 1.5 and needs to be between 2-3. She will have an MRI this week and that will tell her doctor more. Of course her faith is in the Almighty and all of us holding her up in prayer.