Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Siscos in Ghana


Words cannot describe what took place in Wa from July 10-14, 2013.  Dynamic, direct, and discerning. This was a powerful Ministers and Ministers Wives Conference in the Upper West region of Ghana. We are grateful for the inspirational, insightful teaching and preaching; many were encouraged. We thank God for the national leadership of UPCI Ghana and continue to serve with joy.


IMPACT: Individuals Manifesting the Power of Almighty Christ Together.

A local youth camp yielded great results through the apostolic teaching and preaching of God’s Word. At least ten received the gift of the Holy Ghost and twenty-three were baptized in Jesus name. Check out our Facebook link below for more pictures.

Thank you partners and friends for your support through prayers, giving, e-mails, letters, and phone calls – Together we are making a difference!


Friday, August 23, 2013

Africa in Revival

Burkina Faso
Ken Cantrell family

At the first Women's Conference there were over ninety in attendance. One of the newest village churches sent fifteen women. It was exciting to see the changes in their worship from the first night to the final day. God's presence met with us in a powerful way as five women received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and many were healed.

Nick Sisco & Colleen Carter families

The first National Men's Retreat was a success with 200 in attendance.

A regional Sunday school teacher training seminar was a great success with forty-five in attendance.

One church baptized four in Jesus' name and one received the baptism of the Holy Spirit on the riverbank.

Jim Crumpacker & Patrick Groves families

Throughout the country there were a total of eighty-six baptized in Jesus' name, fifty received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and 111 reported being healed. There were also 420 Home Bible Studies taught.


Chris Richardson family

A local church reports forty-three received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and fifteen were baptized in Jesus' name.

At a regional crusade 276 received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and thirty-one were baptized in Jesus' name.


Chris Gibbs family

There were 375 youth in attendance at the southern regions youth conference.

During a two day pastors and wives seminar many were touched and made commitments to have stronger marriages; thus stronger homes and churches.

General Conference was a great success as ninety-four received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and many were baptized.

Gerry McLean family

A student enrolled in the Bible school in May. He soon received a revelation of One God and was baptized in Jesus' name. On his first visit home, he baptized sixty-nine members of his church in Jesus' name.

One of our pastors had been witnessing to a couple with little success. The family even denied the existence of God. Tragedy struck the family and their baby died. In desperation the mother brought the dead baby to the church. The pastor was present and he agreed to pray for the lifeless baby. He prayed for three hours and God miraculously restored life to the baby.

The principal of our Bible school was a guest speaker in one our churches. He prayed for the sick at the end of the service and a man who was deaf and dumb was completely healed.

Sierra Leone

Area Coordinator, Randy Adams - reported by Rev. Conteh

There were thirty-seven baptized in Jesus' name and twenty-five received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

The first day of the month prayer meetings are still taking place and bearing fruits in Jesus' name.

Richard Smoak family

The total of Pass the Word home Bible studies taught in four regions in the month of July was 664.

One region had 140 receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and four baptized in Jesus' name in local church services.

Four were healed and six received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in the capital city.

Throughout six regional conferences there were a total of 114 who received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and sixty-six baptized in Jesus' name. There were also seven delivered from demonic possession and twenty-five healed of various sicknesses. Two broken marriages were restored by the grace of God.

Gary Abernathy family

There were 1,300 in attendance at Ladies Conference 2013 and fourteen received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

At a children's crusade forty-eight received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

General Conference 2013 had 2,200 in attendance and fourteen received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

One lady came to General Conference wearing a neck brace and had back pain. She was also a victim in the auto accident of July 2 that claimed the lives of one pastor and a pastor's wife. During one service she felt God's mighty healing power and the next day she was without the brace dancing and worshiping God.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Namibia Newsletter: July

A new church beginning!  

We traveled 700 kilometers, and two hours on dirt roads, to reach this newly established church.  We baptized 11 people in Jesus' name this day. God is blessing Bro. Gert with help from his employer to build a church.  He has been given a pickup to transport people and metal roof sheets for a church building.

We will soon be taking cement and materials to this remote place so they can begin making the bricks to build the church.

Crippled man walks without his crutches!

God moved in a very powerful way during this outdoor service! After hearing the word of God, people came forward for healing. While we prayed for this weeping man, he pushed his crutches aside, and began to raise his hands and walk. We thank God for opening this door to a new preaching point in Witvlei, Namibia.

Church growth!

After the open air service we retired for the night on the church floor.  The next morning I was greeted with lots of little smiling faces ready for sunday school at 8:00 a.m.  At the end of the morning service Pastor Skrywer baptized 4 men in Jesus name!

We thank God for His blessing upon this church.

 Thank you for your prayers & financial support,
Missionary Keith & Elizabeth Ikerd

UPCITonga News

picture taken by Missionaries Bennie and Pat Blunt

Vava'u Tonga News   
Greetings precious friends and Partners,
I am so happy to share the New Church Building dedicated in our Northern District Islands of Vava'u. We are excited about this building and what the Lord has planned for this area of the harvest. However, an unexpected $10,000 USD is needed. If you desire to help out:

*you may email pbblunt12@gmail.com
*send checks to Vava'u Tonga Building Fund,
Acc #103.FA0411F.033215.21.2101.1.286
C/o Global Missions Division
8855 Dunn Rd. Hazelwood, Mo 63042,
*By PRAYER support focusing in three areas:
(1)for the work in this Northern District
(2) for the Labours in this area
(3)for the funds that are needed   

Whatever you decided let the Lord lead you but PLEASE pray with us. Thank you so much for your help and loving support of the missions heartbeat in the Kingdom of TONGA.  Many blessings upon you...

Reaching the kingdom for His Kingdom,
Missionary Crystal Reece

Friday, August 2, 2013

Africa Network of Prayer

Calendar Events

28 July - 02 Aug    EAST AFRICA     Sub-Regional Conference
01 Aug      EQUATORIAL GUINEA    Ladies Fellowship       
01 Aug      CONGO (DRC)     First Provincial Family Life Conference in the district of Tshangu
01-03 Aug  GABON        Prayer and Fasting
02 Aug      CONGO (DRC)     Overnight prayer meeting with the district leaders
02 Aug      CONGO (DRC)    Weekly New Vision Meeting in La Grace church (Katanga East)
02-04 Aug   NAMIBIA     First Ladies Conference,Sis. Beth Ikerd will be speaking
03 Aug       TOGO          National Board Meeting
03 Aug       KENYA       Prayer and Fasting for UPCK Ministers nationwide
03 Aug       GABON      National Board Meeting
04 Aug       GHANA       Ministers and Wives Appreciation Day
04-05 Aug  TANZANIA   Tanga Regional Conference
05 Aug      CONGO (DRC)  Faith Group & Mutual aid at local church in Kinshasa
05 Aug      GHANA       ACTS-Ghana Bible School re-opens
05-07 Aug  MALAWI     Pastors' and Wives Marriage Retreat;   guests, Bro. and 
Sis. Betterley from Pennsylvania, USA
06-07 Aug   ZAMBIA       National Board Meeting
07-08 Aug   TANZANIA  Kilimanjaro Regional Conference
07-08 Aug   IVORY COAST  Evangelism Seminar for Leaders/ Port-Bouet- Abidjan
08 Aug       EQUATORIAL GUINEA        Youth fellowship
08-11 Aug   GHANA      Men's Conference
08-11 Aug   ZAMBIA     General Conference - Speakers:  Rev. Bryan D. Abernathy, Rev. Mark Abernathy and Rev. Brandon Abernathy, Missionary to South Africa
08-11 Aug   MALAWI      General Conference
08-11 Aug   BURKINA FASO        First Annual Women's Conference
08-11 Aug   MAURITIUS    Indian Ocean Conference, Guest speaker: Bro. Joel Richardson
09 Aug       LIBERIA     National Board Meeting
09 Aug       CONGO (DRC)   WeeklyNew Vision Meeting in La Grace church (Katanga East)
09-11 Aug   SOUTH AFRICA     National Ladies Conference; Guest speakers: Sis. Mickey Mangun, Sis. Madonna Massey, and Sis. Vickie Richardson
10 Aug        CONGO (DRC)     Provincial conference of Apostolic Men in Kinshasa
10 Aug        ZAMBIA         Ministers Annual Business Meeting
10 Aug        LIBERIA         National leadership meeting
10-11 Aug   GABON         Youth Fellowship
10-11 Aug   TANZANIA     Dar Es Salaam Regional Conference
10-13 Aug   ZIMBABWE   National Youth Conference, Kwekwe Camp Grounds
11 Aug       EQUATORIAL GUINEA     Mission Service
12-18 Aug   CONGO (DRC)  New Vision Meeting in Sakania   (Katanga East)
13-14 Aug   TANZANIA     Morogoro Regional Conference
14-15 Aug   IVORY COAST    Evangelism Seminar for Leaders in Agnanfoutou
14-17 Aug   LIBERIA   Section III Annual Conference, First Apostolic Ch, Barnersville
14-18 Aug   GABON          National Conference
15 Aug       EQUATORIAL GUINEA        Ladies Fellowship
15 Aug       CONGO (DRC)   Ladies Provincial Conference
15-18 Aug   KENYA           Nairobi Youth Convention
15-18 Aug   KENYA           River Yala Youth Convention
16 Aug       CONGO (DRC)   Weekly New Vision Meeting in La Grace church (Katanga East)
16-18 Aug   CONGO (DRC)   Provincial Conference in Kenshasa
16-18 Aug   TANZANIA     Iringa Regional Conference
17 Aug       LIBERIA      National Sunday School Workshop, Doewein, Section IV
17 Aug       LIBERIA    LNOP National Fast and Prayer, Temple of Praise UPC
20-21 Aug  TANZANIA    Dodoma Regional Conference
21-22 Aug  KENYA           General Board Meeting and E & W Collections
22 Aug      EQUATORIAL GUINEA    Youth Fellowship
22-25 Aug  KENYA      General Convention at Shikhambi, Kakamega
23 Aug       IVORY COAST   Children's Conference  at Headquarters- Abidjan
23 Aug      CONGO (DRC)    Weekly New Vision Meeting in La Grace church (Katanga East)
24 Aug      BOTSWANA     Ladies South Regional Seminar in Gaborone, Guest speaker: Sis Cathy Butcher from Australia
24 Aug       BOTSWANA  Regional Men's Seminar in Gakuto, Guest speakers: Bro. Simon Butcher and Bro. Jacob Caltbiano from Australia
24 Aug       LIBERIA   Dedication of ReKlaimKids Library, Tubmanburg (Bomi Hills)
24-25 Aug   TANZANIA     Mbeya Regional Conference
24-25 Aug   TANZANIA     Singida Regional Conference
26 Aug        TOGO          Bible School Classes resume
26-30 Aug   GHANA      National Fasting and Prayer in preparation for National, Council meetings and Elections of National Officials
29 Aug       EQUATORIAL GUINEA        Ladies Fellowship
29 Aug-01 Sept    KENYA     South Rift Youth Convention
29 Aug-01 Sept    MALAWI   A-Team Crusades in Blantyre  
30 Aug          CONGO (DRC)  WeeklyNew Vision Meeting in La Grace church (Katanga East)
30 Aug         LIBERIA   National Ladies Meeting, New Life UPC, Little Bassa, Sec IV
30-31 Aug     ZAMBIA   Leadership Seminar with Area Coordinator T. Grosbach
30 Aug-01 Sept   CONGO (DRC)  Provincial Conference at Eden church in Katanga East
30 Aug-01 Sept   BOTSWANA  "Possessiong the Land" Conference with Pastors Butcher and Caltabiano from Austraila
31 Aug           BENIN                 National Board Meeting   
31 Aug           CONGO (DRC)   Water baptism Service in Kinshasa

Africa Region and Beyond

04 August     AFRICA REGION         Pray for Africa's Children

14 August     GLOBALLY              Pray for the French-speaking nations of the Africa Region and around the World

19-28 August       USA             Pray for the missionaries and Global Missions staff during the School of Missions

26-30 August        USA            Global Missions Board Meeting

Other Prayer Requests

  SENEGAL - Pray for the Sully family as they travel to Dakar to investigate the current legal status of the UPCI in Senegal and what may be necessary to update our ability to work there!  We also want to follow up on a number of contacts that we have, and to gain information that will help us determine a budget for both living and evangelizing in Senegal.
    Most importantly, to visit the various regions of the city and PRAY!! Pray with us.

    BOTSWANA -  Praying for financial blessings and God's guidance as three churches are in the process of building on their plots.

    GABON - Pray with us that we receive our final papers from Government.  We are praying that God will remove all the obstacles.  Victory as we glorify our Lord!

    LIBERIA - We ask you to join with us in praying for Bishop Stephen T.Y. Benda as begins his second year of leadership steering the affairs of the UPC Liberia into greater challenges.

    NAMIBIA - Pray for the UPC Namibia.   We have started a new church in Aranos.  Eleven were baptized and we believe there are still many more to come.  Also, pray for a new church that is being planted in Witvlei this weekend 27-28 July.  Namibia needs more laborers for the Harvest to come!

    KENYA -  Please pray for the Nakuru Town Church. There are some who left the church in the 1990's who are returning to UPCK.   There are some challenges but we are believing  that God will intervene with His help.  Another of our churches in Nyahururu, bought a plot of land and plans to start building in October.

Praise Reports

    BOTSWANA - We just had a wonderful General Conference with fifteen souls filled with the Holy Ghost, two saints miraculously healed, and powerful worship and preaching.

    NAMIBIA - Bro. Frans and Bro. Hauseb traveled to a remote farm where a group of people had been having services.  They were able to baptize eleven people in Jesus name!

    EQUATORIAL GUINEA - Thank you for your prayers for our first Bible School Graduation that took place last month.  It was a great success. Twelve graduated from Faith Institute of Theology receiving GATS Certificate Level diplomas.  These graduates were from five different nations: Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Congo-Brazzaville, Nigeria and Ghana.  There were also three persons who were baptized in Jesus' Name and four received the Holy Ghost.

    KENYA - This past month we had an Evanglism Seminar in Western Kenya. On that Saturday, we distributed tracts about Holy Ghost.  Then during the Sunday service, four were filled with Holy Ghost. One of the new converts had been given one of the tracts.  We travelled to Nakuru on Sunday. On Monday I met with a man and had a chance to talk to him about the Gift of the Holy Ghost.  He obeyed the gospel and I was able to baptize him on Tuesday in Jesus' Name.  On Wednesday after a Bible Study class, he received the Gift of the Holy Ghost speaking in new tongues as God gave the utterance.              - Report given by Kenya's Prayer                                                                        Coordinator, Pastor Richard Shiunwa

    LIBERIA -  We are thankful to the Lord that the sectional conferences have been successful so far in achieving their objectives.  The attendances were very encouraging.  Many visitors who were invited were filled with the Holy Ghost.   We are also thankful to that Bro. Benda was selected as the Guest Speaker for the Intercessory Worship Service in Gbarpolu County, Liberia.  This service began the celebrations of the 166th Independence Day of the Republic of Liberia.  His sermon was entitled, 'RIGHTEOUSNESS EXALTS A NATION".   Hundreds of Government Officials and citizens of the county along with international guests attended this service.  We believe it brought honor to our Jesus and the UPC of Liberia.     

    CAMEROON -  Thank all who prayed for our Minister's Conference.  We had a very good attendance and God moved in and the Holy Ghost began to minister and mend some very old wounds.  A new unity began to sweep over the ministers and we believe it will be like a new beginning for the Church in Cameroon. - The Riddicks, Missionaries to Cameroons . .

    Happening right now in Kenya....  The East Africa Sub-Regional Conference -  At least 8 East African countries sent their delegates, with 75-80 delegates present.  We are also blessed with several guest speakers from North America.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Buckland Newsletter

24 Pacific Island

American Samoa,
Australia, Brunei,
Cook Islands, East
Timor, Fiji, French
Polynesia, Indonesia,
Kiribati, Malaysia,
Nauru, Papua New
Guinea, Philippines, 
Samoa, Singapore,
Solomon Islands,
Tonga, Tuvalu,
Vanuatu, Wallis

Will you join us in
earnest Prayer? 

As Jim Poitras,
Director of AIM, so
aptly put it!

GOAL:  to reach
every nation, island,
and people group!

Apply today as an
AIM worker!
Associates In
Missions ~ join the
Team!   Contact: 


It all begins with just ONE.  Just ONE.                                                       
Just ONE person who is willing to PRAY.
Just ONE person who is willing to GIVE.
Just ONE person who is willing to GO!

The GREAT Pacific Team:              
Missionaries ... AIM workers ... National
Leaders ... National believers ... Partners In
Missions ...

We are grateful for the fantastic TEAM that God
has brought together across the vast Pacific,
strategically placing each one. With hearts
that beat as one, this anointed Pacific Team is
faithfully working ‘while it is day’!

# of Constituents:    414,680                                  
# of Ministers:     4,232                                                   
# of Churches:  3,284                                                 
# of New Preaching Points:  101

...as Bible School classes resume ... as nationals
gather from far and near for Seminars and
Training Sessions ... as National Boards pray,
plan and make decisions in preparation for
the future ... as islands are reached one at a
time ... as churches are birthed one at a
time ...  as souls are added to His kingdom! 

*Over 40 baptisms took place in Vanuatu!
*19 baptized in Honiara, Solomon Islands!
*11 receive the Holy Ghost during Tonga Conference!
*19 receive the Holy Ghost during East Malaysia camp!
*Thank you, KY District, for 6 PIMS!

 The Tonga building pictured (above) still
needs additional work to be completed,
totaling $11,000.  Would you be willing to
help? Contact Missionary Ben Blunt:

Our LOGO represents the fire of the Holy
Ghost descending and enveloping the

The bold colors, the contrast of the flame
and wave of motion, create energy and