Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Luxembourg Missions Update

Greetings In The Name Of Jesus! 

We recently had two first-time visitors in service in Luxembourg City. Adriana (pictured above: bottom-right) has been in Bible study with my wife after they met in a Luxembourg ladies group. Adriana is married to an atheist but said she felt the Lord had directed her to us to learn truth and has began coming to services on Sunday! Polycarp (pictured to my left) is a real-estate agent in Luxembourg City who joined us for the first time! We are looking forward to what God is going to do in their lives!

In His Service,
Jeremy & Khrista Favors

Friday, September 14, 2018

News from Finland & Iceland

Will you help us pray?


We are traveling in Iceland until September 18. On Thursday (9.13), we are meeting a brand-new contact. On Sunday (9.16), we are ministering at a Trinitarian Pentecostal Church for the 4th time (Glenda will be speaking). We are asking God for deep anointing and divine guidance. We welcome you to pray with us as we seek to do God's will for this country.


After enduring 5 years of familial separation and upheaval, the Ventura family is finally all together in Finland. They submitted residence paperwork for their adopted son, Joshua, on September 5; will you pray with us for divine favor with immigration and a "Yes" to his application? This family desperately needs to stay together.

The LORD is opening doors for us and we are working to be in the right place at the right time; we need His divine direction and guidance. We will update THE INTERCESSORS following this trip; we thank you in advance for your prayers.

Please know that you are appreciated and that we pray for you; may the Lord bless you richly for all that YOU do for the Kingdom.

For souls,

Mark and Glenda Alphin
UPCI Global Representatives, Finland/Iceland

Monday, September 10, 2018

Missions News from Lebanon

September 7, 2018

What an exciting month we've had!!
Great things are happening in Lebanon.
Here is a brief look at what August looked like for us.

We rejoice with the three ladies who were baptized. They have faithfully attended house bible studies and Sunday Service, since their baptism. Please pray for Raychane (top baptism picture). She is returning to Switzerland on September 12, where she lives with her Shi'ite Muslim husband and young daughter. We have connected her with a Missionary in Switzerland who will continue bible studies with her. She is so hungry for the truth of God's word, and for her husband to know the One True Living God. 

"He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed,
miracles that cannot be counted."  
Job 5:9

Many testified of God's healing this month. One lady had a painful foot for three months, and was instantly healed at our Friday evening prayer meeting. Two ladies praised God for miraculously intervening in their individual work situations. 

The country of Lebanon is extremely unique to the Middle East. We marvel each and every week at the wonderful opportunity we have to teach the Gospel to Muslims in Bible Studies and Church Services. Pictured above is a Muslim man seated in the left of the photo. 

All sermons are translated to Arabic by a translator on the stage for those attendees who only speak Arabic. At the same time, you can hear whispers in the audience of someone interpreting the sermon into French for their neighbor, and sometimes Portuguese.   

Every Sunday, following service, we gather in the dining hall for a delicious potluck style lunch. As you can imagine, a multi-ethnic church provides an exciting eating experience. The fellowship is invaluable!! This atmosphere really cultivates a wonderful family environment.

We are so proud of our teens; who are committed to God and to His Kingdom. Their talents and skills are so helpful to the Mission in Lebanon. Every week you will find them playing bongo drums, teaching Sunday School, praise singing, information technology, and whatever else is needed. Matthew and Shaylyn studied French in Canada years ago, and are putting it into good use almost daily.

It has been four months since the May 6 elections, and the Lebanese government is still yet to be formed. The politicians who represent the 18 sectarian religious groups are jostling over cabinet positions. The May 6 elections, which had been postponed multiple times, were the first since 2009. Meddling foreign governments, Lebanese civil wars, and the Syrian civil war further complicate the issue. We desperately need God to install Godly leadership in this country. A Moronite Church and a Mosque sit side by side in Beirut (see photo below).

Prayer Requests

Rachane ~ Encouragement as she returns to Switzerland

Souls ~ For the Gospel to be spread across this nation

Church Bible School ~ Resuming in September

Shaylyn ~ Homeschooling has begun

Protection ~ The roads are full of crazy drivers and inadequate infrastructure

Financial Support ~ We have raised 60% of our budget to date

Government ~ The formation of a Godly Government 

We appreciate you, our friends and supporters. Your prayers, as well as your moral and financial support is the reason why we can minister in Lebanon.  Thank you for partnering with us.

God bless you all!!

The Deweys
Jonathon, Sherry, Matthew, Shaylyn

Friday, September 7, 2018

Missions Newsletter - Sledges

Mission: Germany

Greetings to you in Jesus‘ name!

After the huge semester of AMTC we had in February and recognizing over 200 AMTC students at our General Conference, we could not wait to do it again—so we didn't!  We held classes in 3 campuses in June—Aachen, Mönchengladbach and opened Salzburg, Austria to apostolic teaching — making it the first time to do more than one term in a year! We also plan to hold a 3rd term in October for a group of churches near Lake Constance.

We are actively looking for additional teachers to assist with our next step: 40 campuses in 2019! If you would be interested in helping to teach or in bringing a team of 4 to 6 teachers to serve an entire campus, please email Nathan Hulsman, nhulsman23@mac.com, See http://amtc.u-p-c.eu for more information.

We also just had a powerful Youth Camp with Evangelist Victor Jackson just south of Leipzig, Germany.  The youth team did an excellent job organizing and it was an honor for us to assist! 

We just completed our 4th term of Purpose Institute in the GSN, and will be recognizing 21 graduates at General Conference!!

In Munich, we just baptized Sis. Anne who got a revelation of Jesus name, came to church and asked to be baptized: God has a harvest!

We are now preparing for Elisha Conference, where we expect about 100 ministers, some of whom will hear apostolic teaching for the first time!

Thank you very much for your financial and prayer support!

Mitch and Jutta Sayers
Missionaries to Germany
Unterschleissheim, Germany

Pacific Region Newsletter

September-October 2018
Roger and Becky Buckland


Dear Friends of the Pacific Region,

With a thankful heart we are so pleased to attach our most recent PAC PRAYER and PRAISE Regional Newsletter.

Generally speaking, life finds us all in varying seasons; and so it is in our many island nations spread out across the vast Pacific Ocean. While some works are just beginning to take root and grow, some nations are now in a tremendous time of reaping and harvest.  We weep with those who have recently experienced great tragedy and loss; and all the while we rejoice with those who are experiencing great victories.

Wherever you may be as you read this, and whatever season you may find yourself or your church, we thank God that we are a ‘United’ Pentecostal Church — united by His Spirit for His purpose.

May God bless YOU as you have blessed us,

Becky Buckland

PAC REGION VISION:  "To Reach Every Inhabited Island of the Vast Pacific Region with the Apostolic Message Through Labouring Together in Apostolic Ministry.”



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