Friday, June 20, 2008

Praise Reports
From Robert Frizzell (Asia):

Golden Triangle
57 souls baptized in water at Maisat this week. These people are animist of the Lahu Tribe.

18 people received the Holy Ghost and they were baptized in the name of Jesus in January. One elderly lady who was blind was taught the gospel, repented, was baptized and came out of the water speaking in tongues and received her sight.

In February
Revival services: 145 received the Holy Ghost and 11 were baptized in the name of Jesus. There were 360 people for each service.

Many of the people testified that they were healed but they do not have the medical knowledge or language to specify to exactness of their healing – they were just healed! Praise the Lord!

10 ladies received the Holy Ghost in a women’s seminar in Phnom Penh. Gayle Frizzell and Heidi King (California) taught the ladies during the day and Chad King, Pastor in Santa Rosa Ca preached the evangelistic services.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Prayer Requests and Missionary Reports

Prayer Requests
From Margaret Carver (Australia/South Pacific/Papua New Guinea):

Please continue praying for our daughter-in-law, Andrea Carver. We would like to thank all of you who prayed for our daughter in law Andrea Carver. She finally obtained her passport and visa to return to Australia for her medical treatment. She is now in the process of having tests done with the specialists over the coming weeks. We would appreciate your continued prayers for her health and the treatment of the suspected Graves Disease (thyroid).

  • Missionary Prayer Focus for Monday, June 16, 2008: Joseph and Jean Collins (Portugal)
  • Missionary Prayer Focus for Tuesday, June 17, 2008: Daniel and Holley Drost (Mexico)
  • Missionary Prayer Focus for Wednesday, June 18, 2008: Lee and Becky Sherry (Vanuatu/New Caledonia)
  • Missionary Prayer Focus for Thursday, June 19, 2008: Lynne Jewett (Guatemala)
  • Missionary Prayer Focus for Friday, June 20, 2008: Jerry and Vicki Richardson (RD, Africa Region)
  • Missionary Prayer Focus for Saturday, June 21, 2008: Wayne and Sofia Monday (Panama)
  • Missionary Prayer Focus for Sunday, June 22, 2008: Tim and Jane Olson (Scandinavia)
  • Missionary Prayer Focus for Monday, June 23, 2008: Chris and Paula Richardson (Madagascar)
  • Missionary Prayer Focus for Tuesday, June 24, 2008: Brad and Lycia Schreckhise (Honduras)
  • Missionary Prayer Focus for Wednesday, June 25, 2008: Mark and Robin Shutes (Belarus/Baltic Republics)
  • Missionary Prayer Focus for Thursday, June 26, 2008: George and Cheryl Craft (Regional Training and Evangelism, EME)
  • Missionary Prayer Focus for Friday, June 27, 2008: Richard and Coral Denny (RD, Pacific Region)
  • Missionary Prayer Focus for Saturday, June 28, 2008: Philip and Linda Walmer (Brazil)
  • Missionary Prayer Focus for Sunday, June 29, 2008: Scott and Linda Guinn (Mexico)
  • Missionary Prayer Focus for Monday, June 30, 2008: Robert and Beth McFarland (Israel/Palestine)
  • Missionary Prayer Focus for Tuesday, July 1, 2008: Gerry and Darla McLean (Nigeria)
  • Missionary Prayer Focus for Wednesday, July 2, 2008: Karl and Mary Smith (South Africa/Regional Evangelism)
  • Missionary Prayer Focus for Thursday, July 3, 2008: Chris and Michelle Weber (Brazil)
  • Missionary Prayer Focus for Friday, July 4, 2008: Kevin and Jeanine Blake (Faith Promise Ministries)
  • Missionary Prayer Focus for Saturday, July 5, 2008: T. Wynn Drost (Mexico)
  • Missionary Prayer Focus for Sunday, July 6, 2008: Chester and Carole Terry (Australia)
  • Praise Reports From Jerolyn Kelley (United Kingdom): Many thanks to all who prayed for my husband's back. There is tremendous improvement and he is no longer in pain. We are also very thankful for the excellent prayer journey we had to 6 cities in Scotland where we need a breakthrough. We even had one to receive the Holy Ghost during the prayer journey. We are believing God for victory in every one of these cities. We also want to give God praise for the excellent Northern District Youth Camp that was held recently. During the youth camp week-end, five were baptised and five received the Holy Ghost.
  • From Monte Showalter re: birth of granddaughter: Check out the article online:,0,5786040.story
  • From DLB: Summons to Sacrifice 2008 was a life-changing event. Around 900 adults and teens filled the gand ballroom of St. Louis’s Airport Renaissance Hotel in order to seek God and to learn how to pray more effectively. They were challenged, motivated, and inspired by the anointed ministry of Dr. Gerald Jeffers, Morton Bustard, and Steve and Barbara Willoughby. One of the highlights of the meeting was when the 100+ children came down from their twelfth floor domain to pray for the missionaries that were there.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


On Target in Brazzaville, Congo

Our newest Africa Regional missionary, Brother Gistophe (from Madagascar), was recently accompanied by area coordinator, Ted Grosbach to the land of his missionary calling and future home in Brazzaville, Congo.

Steps were made toward official church registration and necessary files were submitted. A rental property suitable for a training center, national church headquarters, and residence for the regional missionary was found.

Time was also spent teaching and preaching with special emphasis on doctrine. A total of eight received the Holy Ghost throughout the trip. One morning five were baptized in Jesus name.
Brother Gistophe is expected to move on site September 2008.

Our 2007 Area Coordinator's Meeting confirmed the following nations as our targets:

▪ Sudan

▪ Congo (Brazzaville)

▪ Angola

▪ Eritrea

▪ Mali

We are now on target in reaching Congo (Brazzaville). We have the Patrick Groves family appointed to Sudan. Area Coordinator, Ted Grosbach and his team are following up on promising contacts in Angola. Our sights are aimed at hitting several targets.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Praise Report
From Brad Thompson (Guatemala):

Our Capital city crusade was a great success! Around 5,000 people in attendance, 471 filled with the Holy Ghost and 44 baptized in Jesus Name!

This was in the midst of bus strikes, heavy rains, flooding and landslides!

Pray for 3 more crusades to be held in the interior of the country in the next few weeks. Bro Mark Drost and Bro Mario Oseguera were our guest preachers and their ministry was powerful!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Africa Network of Prayer
June, 2008

Praying together for Africa's needs. . . .

"And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive." Matthew 21:22 .

Praise Reports
BENIN - On Pentecost Sunday in a local church at least 28 received the Holy Ghost.

LIBERIA - At the recently ended Section I conference, 23 were filled with th Holy Ghost and 11 baptized. We also praise God for the installation of Bro Solomon Zangar as pastor of Manna UPC on 10 May 08.

NIGERIA - Missionary McLean writes: "It didn't take very long for a newly enrolled Bible school student from another denomination to believe the message of the Mighty God in Christ and he was baptized in Jesus Name. We went to his congregation and taught on the Oneness of God and baptism in Jesus Name on April 6. On April 27 we returned and baptized 38 adult members. Although many of them already had the Holy Ghost, 5 more were filled with the Spirit of God that same day.

We held a crusade in Anambra State from April 17-19. When we had our minister's convention from April 30-May 2nd, I baptized 8 ministers that helped support that crusade and 5 of them applied for and received a license with the UPCI of Nigeria."

June Calendar Events
01 June
LIBERIA Section VIII Fellowship Service, Funnion Town
02 June
MALAWI Term three begins at Apostolic Bible College
02-08 June
GHANA Ladies Auxiliary Week
04-06 June
MADAGASCAR District Conference in Ambatolampy
05-08 June
MALAWI Northern Region Ladies Conference (Mzuzu)
06-08 June
TOGO Holy Ghost Rallies in the churches in Lome (A group of (thirteen from Woodlawn UPC from Columbia, MS USA will be guest speakers)
06-08 June
UGANDA Ministers conference in Moyo, North Uganda
07-08 June
WORLDWIDE Weekend of Prayer for Children at Risk
07 June
LIBERIA National Board Meeting
08 June
LIBERIA Section III Fellowship Service, Momo Town
10-11 June
MADAGASCAR Ministers and Wives Seminar, Region A
10-11 June
MADAGASCAR Sunday School Regional Seminar in Antanimalandy
10-11 June
UGANDA Ministers Meeting in East Uganda, Jinja
12-14 June
USA Summons to Sacrifice Prayer Conference--St. Louis, MO USA
12-15 June
KENYA Mt. Kenya Region Ladies Convention
MALAWI Central Region Ladies Conference (Lilongwe)
13-14 June
ZAMBIA Regional Prayer Conference: North Western Region
13-15 June
ZAMBIA National Ladies Conference
14 June
SEYCHELLES Youth Hiking and Prayer
GHANA ACTS (Bible School) Graduation
16-21 June
WEST AFRICA Sub-regional Conference in Lome, Togo (Delegates and missionaries will be traveling to Togo from all across the sub-region. Pray for safe traveling and anointed services.)
19 June
MADAGASCAR General Board meeting
19-22 June
MALAWI Southern Region Ladies Conference (Blantyre)
22-24 June
MADAGASCAR Central Region District Conference at Ampandrana
23-25 June
UGANDA West Ministers Seminar, Kassesse
23-29 June
MALAWI Apostolic Bible College Student Wives Training
26-29 June
KENYA South Rift Region Ministers Seminar
CAMEROON National Ladies Convention
28 June
ZAMBIA Regional Children's Crusade: Copperbelt Region
30 June-01 July
MADAGASCAR Sunday School Regional seminar in Toliary
30 June- 02 July
CAMEROON National Minister's Conference

Other Prayer Requests

GHANA - Please pray for Sis. Abigail Asare. She is the wife of one of our pastors who also serves as the Dean of Students at our Bible College. Sis. Asare has been in the hospital for a month. Originally, a tumor had been found on her brain. The day she was to be operated on, they did another scan to find Dr. Jesus had been at work and the tumor completely gone. She started to improve but has taken another downward spiral. Presently she has extreme head aches that cause dizziness and vomiting. The doctors are trying to find the cause. We know that God does all things well so please join with us in prayer for her complete recovery.

LIBERIA - Please pray for our brethren who will be traveling to Togo for the sub-regional conference. Pray also for the construction of the Conquerors UPC and Temple of Praise UPC. Please pray for the following pastors: Pastor Edward Attoh who is suffering from severe arthritis. Pastors Joe Cooper, Pastor Robert Gargar, Pastor M. Horton, they are all suffering from some type of paralysis.

NIGER - Pray that the Lord of the harvest will send laborers into His harvest. We want (need) a missionary for Niger. Pray that we will be able to purchase the land and building where we are now worshiping. Pray for the crusade that is scheduled in October of this year. Also please pray for a peaceful solution to the uprising in the north of the country.

SEYCHELLES - Pastor Razanazatovo Mamy requests that we pray for a trip planned to go to the third major island of Seychelles, La Digue, on 21st or 28th June. This is small island with only about 1,000 population. Tourism, fishing and wooden boat construction are the main economic activities. "Please pray with us that we may meet with hungry and thirsty souls and that we may deliver unto them the Lord's gospel message of salvation."

TANZANIA - Pray for a special touch of the Holy Ghost upon our Regional Conferences and Youth Conventions, beginning the middle of June. Also, we are experiencing famine in western Tanzania and we need divine intervention

There was a woman of Canaan mentioned in Matthew 15:22 who cried out saying, "Lord, Son of David, have mercy on me." She did not care who heard her or what the people around her thought about her. The disciples said to Jesus, "Send her away." But she had a great need: " daughter is vexed with a devil." The reason why Jesus could not ignore the cry of this woman is found in verse 28 where Jesus said, "O woman, great is thy faith." He complimented her faith that day. We must exercise faith when we come before the Lord in prayer. Faith attracts the attention of God.

Aurelia Hopkins
WNOP Coordinator for Central America and the Carribean

Special Report
Burundi Crusade
Crusade in Burundi

May 16th and 17th was a blessed time for the small country of Burundi. On the 16th over 5,000 people gathered for a crusade meeting on the outskirts of Bujumbura, the capital city. Pastor Kevin Borders, of Norman, OK ministered and the alter filled up. On the 17th the crowd was smaller but still was over 3,000 and again the Lord poured out his Spirit in the alter service. The local saints and ministers wrote down the names and address of 697 souls who claimed to have received the Holy Ghost for the first time.

There were quite a number of leaders and pastors of other organizations at the meeting. They were very impressed by the powerful preaching of Pastor Borders. They expressed a strong desire to know and understand more about what was preached. We plan to return to Burundi and have a pastors seminar and invite all who want to come and know more truth.
Reported by: Jim Crumpacker
Area Coordinator, East Africa

Advanced Faculty Training Seminar
Faculty Training Madagascar

The faculty education program went great. Thirty-six were present to receive special lessons on teaching principles and techniques. They were so receptive to the teaching and each night they took the notes home and really reviewed them. If there was something we needed more information on, they would come back the next day and ask me. One day I just opened it up for questions and closed three hours later. It seemed like nothing to them to sit there for three hours listening, note taking, and asking questions. Madagascar's Bible School will be greatly affected by these leaders and teachers who themselves are eager to learn.

Reported by: James Poitras
Reaching through Teaching Ministries