Thursday, February 23, 2012

Africa in Revival - February

 Burkina Faso
Ken Cantrell family

There are fifteen new students enrolled in GATS. One student is from Mali, and we thank God for the open door into this country.

Congo (Brazzaville)

Regional Missionary, Gistophe family

Three received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Equatorial Guinea
Regional Missionary, Peter Mua family

Four were baptized in Jesus' name, and five received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

God delivered a deaconess and her son from a fatal car accident that took away lives. The car is beyond repairs, but they both are safe.

A sister from another church had a serious attack and was disfigured beyond recognition. She was rushed to our church for prayer. After prayer was made in Jesus' name, she was completely healed.

A mad man, who had been on the streets for the past ten years, was brought to the church by a brother. After prayer was made in Jesus' name, he began responding well and is now attending our church.

A sister mistakenly gave bleach to her child thinking it was drinking water. She later discovered the mistake, and prayers were made on the child's behalf. The baby was rushed to the hospital, and the doctor said he was fine.

Four other people were healed from different types of sicknesses by the power of God.

Nick Sisco & Colleen Carter families

Representatives from six West African nations gathered for a week of Faculty Education sessions. The instructors were enriched and strengthened.

Nine received the Holy Spirit during regular services at local churches.

Sierra Leone

Area Coordinator, Randy Adams - reported by Superintendent, Christopher Conteh

In one local church, a total of nineteen were baptized in Jesus' name and two received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Richard Smoak family

One Trinitarian pastor and sixteen adults were baptized in Jesus' name as a result of a Bible study from Pass the Word 2012.

Phil Tolstad & Steve Phelps families

There are eleven new churches.

Six Trinitarian pastors were baptized in Jesus' name, and three other pastors came back to our church.

During four evangelistic trips, a total of 148 received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and fifty-eight were baptized in Jesus' name.

Gary Abernathy family

There were a total of 3,457 at two regional prayer conferences, and fifty-two received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. It was reported that several people were delivered from demon oppression and possession. God is still on the throne, and we praise Him for what He is doing across this nation.

Finland's Intercessor Team

Prayer Focus
The Mark Alphin Family

UPCI Missionaries, FINLAND 
February 2012

Thank you for supporting us in either prayer, finance, or both.

Spiritual Warfare Training in Progress!
Today begins the yearly "talvi loma" (winter holiday) here in Finland. School is dismissed, and many people take time from work to go skiing. The weather is currently perfect for it, as we've had a steady snowfall and a good bit of accumulation on top of the snow that had already gathered since the beginning of January. While we're enjoying the beauty of it all, our family is not taking a holiday.

On Sunday the 19th, we began a series of DVD studies on spiritual warfare, and we will continue that teaching throughout this week. We sincerely thank Antioch, the Apostolic Church and Pastor David Wright for blessing us with DVD's from their recent "Call to War" seminar. The material is revelatory, and we are using this tool to further our understanding of prayer.

Puhekieli versus Kirjakieli
We've completed a month of level two language class and our studies are really starting to get interesting. We've learned that Finnish "puhekieli" (spoken language) is much different than the written (kirjakieli), in that many words are shortened in order to make speaking much easier. Our course book has introduced this new phenomenon, and we're finding that it's much like learning two different languages at once!

If you are interested in hearing a little bit of what we are learning, is a Christian radio station that will give you a taste of both Finnish language and music. We've been playing it in our home, trying to become accustomed to hearing sentence structures, word usages, etc. We also purchased Finnish/English Bibles and use those to help us become accustomed to reading out loud. Here is a sample: "Niin Pietari sanoi heille: "Tehkää parannus ja ottakoon kukin teistä kasteen Jeesuksen Kristuksen nimeen syntienne anteeksisaamiseksi, niin te saatte Pyhän Hengen lahjan." (Apostolien teot 2:38 - Acts 2:38) The learning process will not be an easy one, but we know that God is our help! We appreciate your prayers for understanding and clarity. 


Language Study and Contacts 
Mark, Glenda, and Candace are in Suomi level 2. Miranda is in level 1. In addition to expanding our knowledge of the language, our circle of contact possibilities is widening. We have initiated a Finnish study group and have already had one meeting. As of now, all contacts are only interested in studying the language. However, we know that with God's help, that can change!

Pray for studies: clarity of thought, illumination of understanding, bind and remove confusion, loose a covering of peace

Pray for contacts: continued boldness in meeting new people, curiosity in others to cause them to reach out to us, hunger for God
Associates in Missions
One individual has submitted his application for Finland.

Pray for budgetary finances, timing of trip; our ability to adequately prepare for their arrival 

Interpreter Needed 
A family is interested in visiting our Home Group, but feels that they do not know enough English to do so. It will be a good amount of time before we can adequately speak the language well enough to hold a meeting in Finnish. Hence, we need God to send us someone who understands our message, follows it, and is willing to help us.
Pray for God to supply the right person - He knows exactly who and what we need!

Prayer for Finns 
(From Glenda, 2/20/12) This morning as I was seeking God's will in how to pray for the Finnish people, God provided some direction that I want to share with you.
  •  For them to be saved from the enemy's grasp - plead blood covering over those who are searching for Him
  •  That they would find Truth within the Word of God
  •  That they would be baptized in Jesus' Name and filled with the Holy Ghost, with the evidence of speaking in tongues
  •  That they would live an overcoming life
  •  That they would share Him with others
  •  That they would be with Him in Heaven
 Our family has been praying for TEAM FINLAND. May God bless all of you!
Mark, Glenda, Miranda, and Candace

Cantrell Spring Newsletter

Revival is here!

  Land Purchase in the North!

The church in Burkina Faso is aggressively sending the gospel to the north of the country.  We have just purchased our first piece of property in Kaya.  Pastor John Bapste Nabaloum has begun construction of the church. The church is being started in a primarily Muslim area.  We believe that God has given us favor in Kaya as we press into the Islamic communities.  Pastor John Bapste will begin services in the city following his Bible school graduation in April. He is a man of faith and of courage. Please pray for this dear pastor and his family.

Joshua 1:3  Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon, I have given you.  

Bible School Update

Currently we have 15 students enrolled in the GATS bible school program. There are 6 new students this semester including one being from the country of Mali. We are very excited to watch God open the door to this country. 

AIMer Donna Parker packed in our Sheaves For Christ car on our way to church: 

 We are happy to have her here with us helping in children’s ministry for 3 months.  She truly has a love for the children of Burkina Faso. We welcome the help she is bringing to the Sunday School program.

65% of the Burkina population is under the age of 15.


Baby's Arm Severely Burned

David is a two year old baby that lives in our neighborhood. Our night guard informed us that the baby had fallen into a boiling pot of liquid and had burns from his fingertips to his elbow. By the time we got to him, he was in shock and unconscious. It appeared as if his fingers had melted together, and most of all his arm muscles were exposed.  We prayed for him and rushed him to the hospital where they cleaned the burn, applied medicine, and kept him under observation for a week. When the bandages were removed, David had full function of his hand without any webbing or scaring.  This has been a great testimony of Gods healing power to our un-churched neighbors. 

Special Prayer Needs
You Can Help!

For $50 you can feed a family for two months. The months April and May are extremely difficult for some of our village families.  Due to extreme heat and drought conditions, most, if not all crops, were lost. You can help!  $50 will buy one large bag of corn meal. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spain Revival Report

 Bible Schools In Spain

Bible school training is an important part of the growth in Spain. We have Bible schools both in Madrid and in Barcelona. Recently, Missionary Gary Sones who is based in Madrid was able to acquire new facilities to accommodate the second full-time Bible school in all of Europe! In the first semester, we had 83 students at these new Bible School facilities. This past semester we had a total of 140 students between our Madrid and Barcelona Schools.

Though they are now in the new Bible School in Madrid, there is still construction to be done in order to complete the Bible School. If you are interested in investing in the future leaders of Spain, you can send donations to the Global Missions Department for the project.

Bible School in Madrid
Students in Class

 Starting the Year Off Right 

We were glad to have Evangelist Brian Norman with us to close out the year. During these services we had many people testify of physical healing and 13 that received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

Altar Service
 We have now had 19 receive the Holy Ghost in this New Year. God is doing great things!

New AIMers

David Nutt Family
We are happy to have a new Associates In Missions family working with us here in Barcelona. The David Nutt family has been a blessing since their arrival in October. They have been helping in all areas of the church and a great help in teaching home Bible studies. We are always looking for dedicated people that desire to come on AIM and be a part of the work that God is raising up in this nation.

Plans to Start Another Church

In order to reach the masses of people that live in our part of the country, we MUST start new churches. With the help of the Lord, we have started two new churches this term, and our goal is to start another church this year before we begin our next deputation. This year we have begun having house meetings and bible studies in a new city outside of Barcelona.

 We ask that you would pray for the city of Manresa that God would lead us in establishing a new church in this city. Recently, we have had as high as 20 people attend this house meeting in this city with no church.  

Thank You!

Thank you for all your prayers and support. Together we are claiming Spain in Jesus' name! 

God Bless,
Nathan, Tanya, Alaina and Lincoln Harrod

Harrod Family

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pentecostals of Geneva Newsletter

Our Turning Point!

We send you greetings from Geneva in the mighty name of Jesus! We are having our first real cold snap of the year, with temperatures in the teens and high winds. But Friday night during our prayer meeting in our “upper room” we were sweating in the heat of exuberant worship, fervent prayer and the power of the Holy Ghost!

We had wonderful Christmas services, in a larger room with several visitors and a time of fellowship after service, which we cannot do often due to cost.

We spent the week between Christmas and New Year’s in Switzerland, visiting Sister Jutta’s sister and husband in Winterthur, then made a brief trip through the Italian part of Switzerland.

For New Year’s Eve we had a worship and prayer service that was powerful, and which, since a couple families could not join us due to being sick or not having transportation from outlying cities, we broadcast our service live on over the internet. We even had visitors from Austria watching in and worshiping with us! And while there were not very many in service that night, the power of God was thick in that room as we dedicated the coming year to the Lord as we prayed through midnight for our city, our country, and our church.   The next day we had our regular Sunday service, but an hour later where the Holy Ghost fell on everyone during prayer service!

We have had good, consistent services so far this year, with about 10 visitors over the last month.  We are excited that people are being drawn by the Holy Ghost and by the testimony of the saints! We have also prayed in unity with our churches worldwide in January following the Prayer UP of the WNOP—this was powerful!

Sister Jutta and I joined in a prayer meeting of all ministers of the German Speaking Nations (GSN) in Nürnberg, Germany in January. We experienced a powerful move of God confirming our direction and encouraging us onward in the vision of 100 churches in 10 years in our region!

We have begun, with Missionary Sascha Wey and his wife in Liechtenstein, to plan for the coming Apostolic Youth Corps week in July.  This will be a time of taking territory in Geneva, Lausanne and also in Vaduz. Please keep these preparations in your prayers!! In addition to this, we have established an evangelism team to expand our initiatives in Bible Studies, personal evangelism, and planning of events in Geneva.  We will meet again this week, and twice a week from now until July.  We believe the Lord is about to do something powerful and great in Geneva!!!

Prayer Requests and Financial Needs

Many movie cinemas in Geneva have closed. This is an chance for us to take back ground from the enemy, and to rent or even purchase one of these sites!! The sound of victory rings in Geneva! Please help this to become reality! 

Bible Studies and personal evangelism to reach the lost one at a time.

Paraguay Update

 We would like to sincerely wish all of our partners and friends a blessed 2012, as well as express our gratitude for your faithful support and prayers on our behalf during 2011. We are thankful to have arrived safely back to the field in December and are continuing to believe God for miracles, revival and victory both in our family and in the work of God in Paraguay.  The next months will be busy with Bible school, in the area of promotions as well as teaching in the central location and traveling to encourage and oversee the extension program. We will also be promoting missions giving in the local churches for the purpose of starting new works in unchurched areas of the country. And very enthusiastically we will promote national evangelism through tent revivals and the printing and distribution of tracts and Bible studies. Thank you for praying and believing with us concerning these different avenues of training and outreach. The goal is souls!


Last year a new addition of offices and a kitchen/lunchroom was built onto the school, relieving the strain on the space and facilities at the central church. Also, government approval was granted to open the next grade, which means the Christian education is now available for preschool through the seventh grade. Many thanks to all who have given and who continue to give in support of New Heights School and the children and families whose lives and futures are being changed one day at a time.

Pictured at right is Ever Romero, a young man who was baptized and received the Holy Ghost last year during the weekly prison services. He was recently released, began attending church, and has a passion to go back into the prison preaching the name of Jesus!

Special appreciation to Sis. Janet Homann, AIMer, for nine months of dedicated service in Paraguay. Thank you for praying, teaching English in the school, and loving souls! May the Lord supply the need so you can quickly return and continue living your dream!

S P E C I A L  P R A Y E R  N E E D S  

These upcoming events:
          Youth Camps—January 12-18
          Children’s Retreat—January 26-28
          Evangelistic Campaign in Pilar—Feb. 16-18
          Evangelistic Campaign in La Colmena—March 23-25
Our youth of the UPC of Paraguay
Elisha and Samuel during this time of readjustment