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From the Cooneys: Appointed to Ireland

September - October -November 2010
Appointed - Ireland

One hundred twenty six times in the Bible the word "appointed" is used to denote the setting in place of individuals, groups of people, and set times for things to take place.

In 2 Chronicles 31, King Hezekiah appointed Priests & Levites to minister to the people--burning their offerings and giving continual thanks & praise to the Lord. In Luke 10, Jesus commissioned and appointed 70 and sent them out two by two into every city to prepare the people's hearts before he would come. In 2 Timothy 1, the Apostle Paul explains he was appointed a preacher, apostle & teacher to sinners.

In 1 Thessalonians 5, we’re told God doesn’t appoint us to wrath, hatred or anger…but he does appoint us to salvation through Christ. In Psalms 104:19, the Lord appoints the moon & sun for the seasons. The Word lets us know in Hebrews 9:27 that men are appointed once to die, and that the Lord(Acts 17:31) has appointed a day that he will judge the world in righteousness. It's safe to say everyone is appointed for some things!

I like the definition of "appoint" that I found within the dictionary. It means “to select or designate, to fill an office or position, to fix or set by authority or mutual agreement, to furnish.” The adjective "appointed" is even more powerful! It means “decided, set, chosen, established, determined, settled, fixed, arranged, assigned, designated, allotted, commissioned, selected, elected, installed, delegated, nominated, equipped, provided, supplied, furnished, fitted out.” What a blessing it is to be appointed by our master and maker Jesus Christ!

We were recently appointed missionaries to the country of Ireland at the UPCI General
Conference in Houston, Tx. We consider it a great privilege to be called to Europe and appointed to Ireland, and we thank those involved in the decision making process and all those that support us presently and have supported us in the past. We are thankful to be part of a great missionary family all over the world and body of Christ that is never ceasing to reach the lost! This will always be a special year for us. We found out we were being interviewed on my birthday, and we were appointed on Fanny’s birthday.

Upon entering the U.S. the Lord blessed us with a 2006 van that only had 9,600 miles on
it, that we purchased for a 2006 price. We are currently evangelizing and have already traveled 9,000 miles ministering in Ohio, Texas, Indiana & New York. We give God all glory for 30 that have received the Holy Ghost & 6 baptized with many receiving breakthroughs. I guess this will be our last newsletter for this year and before beginning our official deputation; it’s been a great year of reaping souls... And a very challenging and trying year too. Time to regroup for 2011...Going to magnify the number next year!

Our official deputation begins the first week of January 2011, and because of this our travels will most likely have us here in the U.S. for a year and a half. We would greatly appreciate your prayers & financial support during this time.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

God has appointed everyone……….what appointment are you fulfilling for the cause of his Kingdom?

Rev Joe, Fanny & Jaylon Cooney

Missionaries to Ireland - Evangelists to the World

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