Monday, May 13, 2019

New Church Building in Barcelona

Nathan & Tanya Harrod
UPCI Missionaries to Spain

This week we begin construction on our new church in Barcelona! We are reaching out to you asking for you to partner alongside us as we build this new facility that will seat 700+ souls. If you are able to help you can CLICK TO GIVE through Global Missions. After clicking on make a donation you can select "Barcelona Building Fund" to be a part of this vision. Please click on this one minute video to see what God is doing and how you can be a part.
Checks sent to Global Missions need to have 
GMMFB.38739.2110 in the memo. If 250 churches or individuals were to give $1000 it would meet the need. However, any amount that you are able to give would be a blessing.
Thank you in advance for sowing into the Revival in Spain. 

Building Project Barcelona


Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support. If you are not yet supporting the revival in Spain through finance or as a Partner in Missions you can click Enroll As A PIM and sign up through the UPCI Global Missions website. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Mission Senegal

2 Recently Baptized in JESUS NAME

We are excited to report that two more precious souls were recently baptized in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ! God is truly at work in our church plants here in Dakar!

A Great Easter Service

This past Sunday we had 31 people attending our East Sunday service, including 3 first time visitors! It was a tremendous time in the presence of the Lord. After the service. another person requested to be baptized!

Your continuing prayers are greatly appreciated!
God is doing great things in our region of West Africa!
We are excited as we see what God is doing as we work TOGETHER!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

🙏 Help Us Pray for France // Notre Dame Disaster 🔥

Dear Prayer Partner,

Thank you so much for agreeing to join with us in prayer for Paris. As you are likely aware, a symbol of French identity and western culture was badly damaged in a fire on Monday evening. The burning of Notre Dame Cathedral was a visual representation of the relationship with God that the French used to hold sacred.

France is largely post-Christian, with only 25% of the country identifying as Christian, and the majority of those are Catholic. Even with that stated percentage, only 6% of the French attend religious services regularly, and only 14% indicate that they pray once a week or more. As a Spirit-filled believer, these statistics are heartbreaking and stir up something inside of us to see a revival in this great country.

This time of national tragedy is, no doubt, causing many French people to reexamine their relationship with faith. Was it more than just a national symbol? We have to imagine that when the Notre Dame burned it begged the question, "Why do I care so much?”

Each cathedral that dots the countryside is a monument to a relationship with God the people used to have. We pray that God will once again open up doors for faith conversations. Help us pray that God will use this to open opportunities to minister to people who are looking for faith again.

As you are perhaps aware, 1.5 months ago our church engaged in a week of fasting and prayer walking around where we meet in the city. We were praying and believing for spiritual dominion and breakthrough. (We have indeed seen a revival that has begun with 13 being Spirit-filled, 1 baptized, 2 have had demons cast out, and much more.) It was reported the same week we did this that the witches of Paris assembled and did the same thing in the center of the city. There is a spiritual war taking place in the atmosphere here. Please keep the work in France in prayer.

We are attaching prayer points below this message to help guide your prayers.

Once again thank you for agreeing with us in prayer for revival in France!!

God bless!

Baron & Jen Carson
Missionaries to France

Prayer Requests for the work in France

  • Pray for the hurting and people in bondage that they may find hope.
  • Pray for the atmosphere to be changed to make it easy for people to understand and accept Truth.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit will work in homes and lives.
  • Pray for open doors to minister the Word of God.
  • Pray for confirmation of the Word of God with miracles, signs, and wonders. 
  • Pray for the Spirit of God to prevail against strongholds of sin, immorality, addictions, ungodly traditions, apathy, and anti-Christian activities.
  • Pray for a manifestation of God’s glory and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray that Jesus Christ would be lifted up and glorified.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Pacific Prayer & Praise


1-3 KIRIBATI:  Special Services with UPC Australia Ministry
11 PHILIPPINES:  Bible School Graduation (CLAIM)
15 PAC Annual Field Report Deadline
17-18 AUSTRALIA: Home Missions 30/30 Seminar / Sydney
18 PAPUA NEW GUINEA: General Board Meeting
19-21 TIMOR-LESTE: Ldrshp Workshop & Bible School Graduation
21 PAPUA NEW GUINEA:  Bible School Graduation
25 PHILIPPINES: Bible School Graduation (NETS)
29-10 May School of  Missions


29-10 School of  Missions
6-10 Global Missions Board Meeting
24-26 NEW ZEALAND: Ladies Conference / Totara Springs


1-26 Jul NEW ZEALAND:  Next Steps Program
4-6 Area Coordinator & PAC Steering Committee Mtgs / Fiji
8-10 South Pacific Area Wide LDI / Sydney, Australia
13-16 KIRIBATI:  Apostolic Men’s Promotion
12-16 SOLOMON ISLANDS:  Brd Mtgs & General Conference / Honiara
20-23 MICRONESIA: General Conference / Guam
29 NEW ZEALAND:  National Youth Rally

PACIFIC Regional Day of Prayer

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Pace Missions

New church plant in
Vienna, Austria

Interview with new daughter work Pastor Mubobo.
As God continues to work, doors are opening into new language and cultural groups.  We kindly ask you to join with us and all the missionaries and leaders of the German speaking nations in prayer that every city would be reached with the full gospel message of salvation!


May God continue to bless you in all things. Enjoy a beautiful Spring!

The Pace Family

UPCI Representatives in Austria

Thursday, March 28, 2019

The Intercessors: Finland & Iceland

It's a new season and no, we're not talking about spring! We are excited to share just a few of the things that God has done so far this year!

But first, we want to say THANK YOU to all of you who have faithfully read our reports, responded via email at times, and continued to pray even though our schedule got busy and you didn't hear from us for awhile. Last month, we culled our contact database and removed well over 1000 people who had lost interest over time. Rather than feeling down, we were thrilled to see that over 1200 people regularly take part in prayer for Finland and Iceland. That is a BIG DEAL to us. When we say that we could not do "what we do" without you, we truly mean it.

Your prayers matter, no matter how short or how long, for each one goes before the Throne and Jesus hears every word! Thank you for praying with - and for - us!


FINLAND: Over the last few months, some things occurred that confirmed the beginning of a "new
season" in Helsinki. As is typical in ministry, all we could do was wait! We weren't sure exactly how this new season would manifest itself but we know that God always has a plan. On the first and last Sundays of January, first-time visitors walked through the door and into our service! Both had previously experienced Acts 2:38 salvation and in February, one of them was gloriously refilled with the Holy Spirit! We have experienced a greater flow of the Spirit and an obvious change in outward participation. The Lord has spoken on multiple occasions and said, "Watch and see what I will do." We are waiting and watching with bated breath! We are also praying for the Lord to send us people who have a history with Oneness beliefs. Will you pray with us? We've asked the Lord to add 10 to the Helsinki congregation in 2019!

In Turku, they have recently met several brand-new families! The Venturas are actively looking for a meeting place, as their home is not adequate when everyone attends service. Pastor Jun is teaching Bible studies to multiple families, and we are praying that the revelation of Truth will be received through the teaching of the Word.

PRAYER ANSWERED: For months, we have been praying about Joshua Ventura's residence permit application, and we received word this week that the permit has been approved! Praise God! The Ventura family asked that we pass their thankfulness on to all of you; they deeply appreciate your prayers.

Pictured: (top) refilling of the Holy Spirit; (bottom) HBS with a millenial

Reaching Finland
Finnish News

ICELAND: Due to economic issues that are causing multiple strikes and ongoing, monthly disruptions to public services, travel into Iceland has been put on hold for the foreseeable future. We are trusting God's perfect timing; He never fails!

PRAYER REQUEST: For our newly appointed AIM, the Tyrel and Kenda Butler family, who have a deep burden for the country of Iceland. The Butlers have a dual AIM appointment to Finland/Iceland, which will assist them in receiving on-field training. Once the initial term is completed, they will begin working towards being on-site in Iceland. Prior to their entry into global missions, Tyrel was a home missions pastor; he also formerly served as the Youth President of Hawaii.

Iceland desperately needs a full-time presence. Last October, we met this couple in Reykjavik and experienced their burden first-hand. We believe that God intends to expand the Kingdom of God through their efforts. Tyrel and Kenda are in the process of raising their Finland budget and need Partners in Missions. Should you desire to help on a monthly basis, we have provided two ways to do so. You can also use the provided PIM form for a one-time donation. Thank you in advance for praying with the Butlers about their future in missions!

Enroll as a PIM.

Reaching Iceland
Icelandic News

Prayer Focus

We are hosting the 2019 Nordic Conference in Helsinki on July 10-12. Our team started planning two years ago and now, it's coming to fruition! We are very excited about the spiritual impact that it will have on our city! We are praying:
*For preparatory work and conference budget: We are beginning to develop plans for strategic prayer walks that will begin in April. Loose wisdom and virtue; ask God to send angels to inhabit the places where we pray, whether walking or driving. Bind all spiritual opposition on every front. Country exposure with a regional conference is a great tool but it's also a very costly one. We are trusting the Lord to provide what is needed. Loose the finances that God has appointed for this event, which will expose our work to literally hundreds of Finns in the capital city of Helsinki. Bind every obstacle that would block the flow of resources.
*For good health: On March 27, Glenda was diagnosed with a viral lung infection and the doctor has again recommended "rest and recovery." (In February, we were both ill for the better part of the month. The enemy is trying hard to slow us down because he's very afraid of what he feels in the Spirit. GOD is GREATER!) Loose healing and restoration, physical strength. Bind infirmity and all destructive plans/devices of the enemy.

The 2019 Team

Mark and Glenda Alphin - Senior Pastor
Johannes and Candace Lindholm (AIM) - Helsinki (Candace, Pastor; Johannes, Deacon)
Jun and Joyce Ventura - Turku (Jun, Pastor)

Arriving in June
Philip and Amy Sword (AIM) - The Swords will arrive mid-June, for 2.5 months, to help with conference and follow-up; they are still raising a separate budget to bring them here for an extended term.
Heather Teer (AIM) - She is returning for almost 2 months and will help with the conference. Heather is in the process of raising her budget.

Watch! Stand fast in the faith! 
Be men! Be strong!
(1 Corinthians 16:13)

Valvokaa, pysykää lujina uskossa,
olkaa miehuulliset, olkaa väkevät.
(Ensimmäinen kirje korinttilaisille 16:13)

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Luxembourg Prayer Points

The Nation Of Luxembourg 

Founded in 963 AD, is a small  landlocked country in western Europe. It is bordered by Belgium to the west and north, Germany to the east, and France to the south. Luxembourg is one of three European Union (EU) capitals and seat of European Union institutions and international enterprises.

It is an international banking nation with extreme wealth giving it the
highest GDP per capita in the world. There are just over 600,000 people in the country with about 150,000 in the nation’s capital - Luxembourg City. Their government is a constitutional monarchy with Grand Duke Henri as “Head Of State.” Luxembourg is “officially neutral in matters of religion” but 87% of the population is Roman Catholic while the other 13% are made up of Protestants, Orthodox Christians, Jews, Muslims, and those of other or no religion. 

The Prayer Points 

1. Plead the Blood Of Jesus over Luxembourg City (the capital) and the country of Luxembourg.
2. Claim the entire nation of Luxembourg for the name of Jesus.
3. Pray that it would become easy for people to receive truth.
4. Prepare people’s hearts to receive and obey the Gospel.
5. Take authority and dominion over every spirit that would try to prevent God’s will from being done - in individuals’ lives, in the cities and the nation.
6. Declare the right of every individual to be free from the influence of Satan - from ALL spiritual darkness, rulers of the darkness of this world, spiritual wickedness in high places, and ALL evil principalities and powers.
7. Pray that Mighty Angels be dispatched to bind the Prince of the cities/nation. 
8. Declare freedom and liberty for the nation in the name of Jesus Christ.
9. Pray that Guardian Angels be sent to guide & protect new converts, children, elderly, and those doing Kingdom work.
10.Pray that Ministering Angels be sent to minister to the needs of those doing Kingdom work. 
11.Pray that Elect Angles be sent to minister to the needs of the Church - souls, finances, influence, etc. 
12.Pray that Archangels be sent to reveal EndTime revelation, to remind people of the coming of the LORD, and the urgency of the hour.
13.Pray that Cherubims be sent to reveal and protect God’s holiness in Luxembourg.
14.Pray that Seraphims be dispatched to bring restoration, revival and salvation.
15.Bind every evil spirit in the name of Jesus Christ.
16.Bind the Spirit of Fear that causes people to be untrusting, doubtful, causes unbelief, nightmares, heart attacks, anxiety and stress, torment. Loose the Spirit of Love, Power & Sound Mind.
17.Bind the Perverse Spirit that causes people to have a wounded spirit, causes evil actions, doctrinal error, chronic worry, perverting the Word of God, pornography, sexual perversions, filthy-mindedness, abortion, and atheism. Loose an Excellent Spirit in the name of Jesus.
18.Bind the Spirit of Jealousy that causes murder, revenge/spitefulness, divisions, strife, contentions, extreme competitiveness, hate, anger/rage, and jealousy. Loose the Love of God in the name of Jesus.
19.Bind the Spirit of Error that causes people to be unsubmissive, unteachable, argumentative and drives the new age movement and false doctrines. Loose the Spirit of Truth.
20.Bind the Lying Spirit that causes strong deceptions, false prophesy, superstition and religious bondages. Loose the Spirit of Truth.
21.Bind the Spirit  of Heaviness that leads to despair, dejection and hopelessness. Loose the Comforter, the Garment of Praise and the Oil of Joy in its place.
22.Bind Seducing Spirits that cause a seared conscience, deception, fascination to evil ways/objects/people, causing people to wander from truth. Loose the Holy Spirit/Spirit of Truth.
23.Bind the Spirit of Anti-Christ that denies the deity of Christ and the atonement of His blood, leads to humanism, heresies, lawlessness, worldliness. Loose the Spirit of Truth.
24.Bind the Spirit of Bondage that traps people in fear, drug/alcohol addictions, bondage to pornography, sinful habits. Loose the Spirit of Liberty/Spirit of Adoption.
25.Bind the Spirit of Haughtiness that causes people to be obstinate, proud, rebellious, reject God and be self-righteous. Loose a Humble & Contrite Spirit.
26.Bind the Spirit of Infirmity that causes cancer, bent bodies, frail frames and lingering disorders. Loose the Spirit of Life/Gifts of Healing.
27.Pray for the miraculous to be loosed: miracles, signs and wonders.
28.Loose a spirit of repentance.
29.Pray that all strongholds and fortified places in peoples’ minds will be destroyed.
30.Pray that the blinded minds of unbelievers would come to the knowledge of Truth.
31.Pray that all would submit to the authority of our Heavenly Father.
32.Pray that God’s priorities would become priority in this country.
33.Pray that a revelation of the Name of Jesus be loosed. “Hallowed be thy name…”
34.Pray “Thy Kingdom Come & Thy Will Be Done” in Luxembourg as in Heaven.
35.Pray that the Kingdom of God will come in manifestation in our present world.
36.Pray that holiness and a spirit of true worship be loosed in Luxembourg.
37.Hunger and thirst for righteousness instead of substitutes.
38.God’s will be done in individuals, cities, nation, church, political and spiritual leadership.
39.Pray that government legislation for EU and Lux be led by God’s will and wisdom.
40.Godly leaders be put into power in EU and Luxembourg.
41.Restore righteousness & morality - drive out corporate, political, and national corruption.
42.Forgiveness for international strife, history of wars in Luxembourg.
43.Deliver Luxembourg from the Evil One - clean heart, right spirit, renewed mind.
44.Bind the Strongman of Luxembourg, spoil his armor, let the goods and resources of his house come into the Kingdom of God.
45.Send laborers into the harvest for the nation of Luxembourg - send men and material.
46.Send supplies to all those fighting on the front line for the Kingdom.
47.Pray all glory be given God as He is seen as the One True God - selflessness instead of selfishness.
48.Pray God’s provision be accepted: today is the day of salvation.
49.Pray families be restored and held together - healthy & whole.
50.Pray that the Prince of Peace guide hearts, lives and homes in this nation.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

GM Prayer & Praise

GM Prayer & Praise
Supporting Our Missionary Families

Today's Verse...

"And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful." (Colossians 3:15)



World Needs: 

Chris Gibbs (Malawi): Please have special prayer for Malawi and the thousands facing complete loss due to severe flooding from unprecedented rains. Malawi's president declared Malawi in a state of emergency. 

As of Saturday:

  • 13 districts have reported that 56 people have died and 577 have been injured.  
  • We have over 200,000 people nationwide that have lost their homes from the floods literally washing everything away. 
  • Hundreds of UPC of Malawi members have lost their homes, everything they own, and their crops. They have no food, no clean drinking water and no clothes, other than what they have on.  The loss of crops is devastating due to the fact Malawians use half for food and sell the other half to buy other staples. All wells have been contaminated from the floods leaving thousands with no clean drinking water. 
  • Ten UPC churches have been destroyed and will need to be rebuilt. 
  • Three widows have lost their homes.
  • A member of the UPC was in his house when the house collapsed from the flash flood injuring him severely.  
  • At least 20 pastors so far have lost their homes and all their worldly possessions from the flooding. 
  • Please pray. Cyclone Idai is expected to hit this weekend into next week.
  • Update: The death toll is expected to top 1,000, as Cyclone Idai hit central Mozambique before continuing on to Zimbabwe and Malawi, bringing flash floods and severe winds. (according to news outlets) Please pray. 

  • Venezuela: Please continue to pray for the nation of Venezuela. Pray for the political turmoil to end, and for aid to get to those who need it most. Pray also for the Lonnie R. Burton and Lonnie J. Burton families, our missionaries on location.

Health Needs:  Continued prayer needed:

  • Robert Addington (cancer)
  • Elizabeth Decker (cancer)
  • Sherri Dominguez (recovering from surgery)
  • Don Clenney (will undergo tests for cancer on April 8)

Permit/Visa:   Continued prayer needed:

  • Gail Burton (Venezuela): resident visa
  • Jonathan & Jenny Follmer (Sweden): resident visa
  • Brandon & Mollie Borders (New Zealand): resident visa


Special Request: 

Bruce Howell, Global Missions Director

As you may be aware Diane was recently admitted to the hospital to determine how best to treat ALS-related symptoms. 

We have returned to the familiar surroundings of our home. We are thankful home health care will now be assisting us.

We continue to lean on your prayers as we believe for healing and full recovery. Our faith in God remains strong, and we sense His closeness.

Texts, e-mails, cards, and gifts from so many strengthen and remind us we are not alone. The love, concern, and prayers of the body of Christ is so uplifting and treasured at this time.

Please continue to pray:

  • for the progression of the ALS to stop. 
  • overall strength to enable her to overcome extreme fatigue.
  • for strength with her speech. It is difficult to talk and takes considerable energy.
  • for peace and understanding until God heals her body.  Her faith is very strong, as is mine. We know HE WILL DO IT.  We will continue to walk by faith until that happens.


Daily Missionary Prayer Focus:

Friday, March 15, 2019

Japan News

Praise the Lord! We are home! After an exciting miracle during an Oklahoma youth rally we were not scheduled to be at, our language project was completed! We praise God because this meeting, along with I AM GLOBAL allowed us to return to Japan about nine months ahead of schedule. Since returning back to Japan this month, we have been able to:

*get our bodies back to normal
*get our house in order
*order our Sheaves For Christ vehicle
*enroll in language school

It is so good to be back on the field. Our first Sunday back, we had a record attendance of 18 people! Glory to God! One family came from Hiroshima. Their little boy, Goma chan was baptized. Miyuki, the mother is a very hungry disciple and is currently being trained to start a small group in her city.

The first day of our language school hunt, the Lord led us to a great one. Only a 9 min. shinkansen ride from our apartment, then a few stops by subway, is the school. During our first trial lesson, the teacher asked us if we drink Japanese alcohol. From there, we were able to share some testimonies and she said, “what kind of God is this?” We are looking forward to her finding out!

We are currently looking for a building for the church in Fukuoka City where we can hold weekly worship and prayer meetings as well as Bible School training. We’re believing for God to help us find the open door soon.

God bless each of you! We think of you often and know without you, we couldn't reach Japan! Keeping you and your families in prayer, and looking forward to sharing more good reports!

For Japan,
Les & Laura Clevenger

Latest News from Papua New Guinea

We were so truly blessed to have UPCI General Superintendent Rev and Sis David Bernard, and our Regional Director, Bro Buckland come to PNG to minister at the Minister's & Wives Conference. There are not enough words that can describe the powerful messages taught and preached to us over the weekend, everything that taught/preached was exactly what was needed. In particular the Husbands & Wives seminar was a great blessing to our married ministers, with Sis Bernard teaming up with her husband to present words of priceless wisdom. We're going to see great changes happening in 2019! Everyone left with a renewed willingness and desire to improve their ministries and “run as Aaron ran”.
The PNG Superintendent gave a wonderful message titled "Up Come Higher" Rev 4:1. This was our Conference theme, it was a great directional message! During this weekend, the Board also appointed an Assistant Superintendent, Rev Andrew Awagl; and Administrative Coordinator Rev Jimmy Wanpis. Bro Jimmy has moved to Goroka to assist with administration of the HQ in the new year. This shows some of the great changes happening in the church in PNG! These surely are exciting times!!

In January of this year we were blessed to have Rev. Jonathan Downs and  Bro Bill from Canberra, Australia, come and minister at our National Youth Conference.

There were up 2500 people attending the services. There was a tremendous move of the Spirit with 103 Baptised and 110 filled with the Holy Ghost!

Everyone walked away with a renewed dedication and a desire to serve the Lord no matter what! Especially good was our daughter, Laura, was at the altar call each service and was filled with the Holy Spirit and renewed in her relationship with God. She left with a life-changing experience!! Surely the Youth are the Church of today!! Please pray for the Youth of PNG.