Friday, November 12, 2010

Tolstad Report on Uganda

Dear Friends and Partners,

Folks crowded into the building in Zaipi for the Conference

October saw many victories and blessings! We were able to travel to the Mt. Elgon Regional Conference and to three other seminars.
-- one Pastors Seminar,

-- two Apostolic Doctrine Seminars

Preaching at a new church in the north--translating into ATeso.
Choirs sang in ATeso and Karamajjong.

We were also able to attend the opening of three new churches in t
he North and to visit the construction of two church buildings. Doing all this around our quarterly General Board Meeting!

In the month of October at the services we attended, 113 Received the Holy Ghost, 72 were baptized in Jesus Name, 7 new churches are now called United Apostolic Churches and 3 Trinitarian pastors where baptized in the saving name. This is j
ust in the places we were at; God is adding to the church daily!

Elephants Beside the Road

Our Regional Conference for North Kyoga Region is starting on Nov 19 in Lira in Northern Uganda. We are expecting great things in the Lord. God has given us a great move of God; last Sunday 21 people were baptized at the Headquarters Church in Lira town.

On Nov 26-30, we will be going to the Lake Victoria Region to visit six different churches. This area is the oldest area of the UACU, but it also is the slowest developing. We are praying for a mighty move of God to bring a reviving spirit of God. We had to cancel the Regional Conference in this region due to political violence. Instead of bringing everyone to one place, we are dividing the churches into the six area locations.

Pastor Peterson of Masejja had been invited to preach on the radio two weeks ago. A group of churches in southwestern Uganda heard his message and called him and asked him to come and preach this Apostolic Doctrine and Baptism. We are praying this will open this new area to the Gospel message!

Muddy Roads Hinder Vehicle Travel

We are still needing help with bicycles for pastors. Can you help a Pastor? Most of our pastors have several branch churches and preaching points they minister at each week. A bicycle will make a big difference.

We appreciate so much your faithful continued support and prayers. Without your participation, we would not be able to accomplish much.

Phil & Twyla Tolstad

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