Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tolstad / Uganda December Update

Dear Friends and Partners,

Finished a four day General Board Meeting! It was long but very beneficial, as we were making plans for our General Conference in January and schedule for 2011. We have some great men who are committed to Revival and Truth.

In the last couple of months, we've had some great Regional Conferences and the reports from the Presbyters were very encouraging as the churches are continuing to grow and denominational pastors are coming to visit our Presbyters to see "Why are you growing." Giving the Presbyters time to witness to them of the Power of the Name of Jesus and the Apostolic Doctrine!

The Presbyters reported at the Board Meeting: Ten new churches added last month and two Presbyters are going to go preach at Trinity Churches this Sunday--one in the North and one in the West. They are expecting to baptize most of the people in the churches!

Presbyter Jacob reports two new churches in the Rwenzori (West) Region, 31 Baptized in Jesus Name and 27 have received the Holy Ghost this month. Pastor Jacob became very sick last month; he had a severe case of malaria, and his family were making preparations to take him to the hospital here in Kampala. God spoke to him and told him not to go but to trust Him. It caused the church to have overnight prayers; many pastors came to pray with him and then to go home and pray more. Revival broke out. Bro Jacob is doing well and attended the Board Meeting. Due to the church's praying, many miracles are being testified to: one church had over 15 receive the Holy Ghost in a prayer meeting.

Presbyter Monzira in West Nile reports three new churches. They baptized a Trinity pastor last week in Omoro Village, and he is going to go baptize the whole church in Jesus Name this week. They are holding a Youth Conference next week in Adjumani Town. A crusade is planned over the holidays in Koboko to plant a new church north of Arua.

Presbyter Christia reported a new church in Kamanjja. The pastor is a lady we baptized at the Ministers Conference in August. They are meeting under a tarp under a Mango Tree, and many people are attending.

Presbyter Dison rode his bicycle to a new church in Bududa where 20 where baptized and 13 received the Holy Ghost. We now have two churches in Bududa. A Trinitarian pastor was baptized in Kalilo and has brought his church into the truth. The presbyter is going, in two weeks, to baptize the church. In Amudat, a pastor who was baptized last month at the Conference baptized ten of his people and three received the Holy Ghost. In Nyamtaraduza ( a new church), 15 have received the Holy Ghost.

Presbyter Ogwal reports that last month over 91 people were baptized in his region--with over 60 receiving the Holy Ghost. New churches are in Apach, Pader, Otuke and Oyoung in the North Kyoga Region.

In Omoloto last month, the Trinitarian pastors had organized a protest against our pastor and even blocked the road to stop people from attending the church. Some of the men from the church went to the group and asked them, "Why are you stopping people from being healed." They said, "We don't like your doctrine," and the men replied, "God is going to answer the prayers of those that worship Him. Are people healed in your church? Are people delivered? NO? Well, they are here were we Worship Jesus as God!" They left and went home. In the last month, many of the people from the villages have come to visit and many are being healed and delivered. The church has grown with over 42 people have been baptized in Jesus Name! A total of four Trinitarian pastors have been baptized in Jesus Name this past month in his Region.

We want to thank Pastor Rufus Parker and some of his friends for donating five bicycles for our Pastors. The Pentecostals of Alexandria have donated fifteen bicycles! A bicycle allows a Pastor to travel and preach in different villages and trading centers. It gives him the ability to attend the Pastors Meetings and evangelize his area. Many times they will bring their Youth Pastor or their Wife to help them reach a new area for the Gospel. Pastor Jerry Dean's church in Bossier City sponsored a motorcycle for Presbyter Dison. Thank you, all!

We are working hard to complete five church buildings this month; we still need some help with them. Prices are getting high as supplies are dwindling due to the General Elections being held next year in February. Many companies are not importing supplies till after the results of the Election and the anticipated violence. We covet your prayers for a peaceful election so that we can continue to preach the Gospel.

Thank you for all your faithfulness in Prayers and Finance. Without your support, we cannot build a strong church in Uganda. It takes the power of God and also money to travel and hold seminars throughout Uganda.

United Apostolic Primary School Graduation: At the end of the year, there is a Parents/Student Assembly where the students sing, perform and have a "Parade" of their cultural dress. As UAPS is an International School, it represents 19 different countries and many different tribes from Uganda. With our primary and secondary schools here in Kampala, there are over 900 students and 80 staff and teachers. In the UACU, there are 13 schools throughout the country, as our churches reach out to educate and train young people and orphans.

Phil and Twyla Tolstad


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