Monday, July 1, 2019

McBride June AIM Report

This month was so full we are not sure we can fit everything in our Newsletter! It started off strong with our time at the Robert K. Rodenbush (RKR) Training Center. Words can not express what has been imparted to us through our training. We had classes on Latvian culture, cross-cultural communications, Church structure, Spiritual Warfare, Intercessory Prayer, methods of Evangelism, how to build teams, and how to open up new cities with the Gospel of Christ. After classes, we followed up with practicum by having a week of prayer, fasting, and prayer walking, and then starting services in our home here in the city center. We have met many new people and are praying for God to reach them!

We also were apart of many events including:

- EME* Campus Ministries Seminar (June 17-18)
-An area wide Field Fellowship (19-20)
- Oneness Seminar for Russian Leaders
with Rev. David Bernard (June 21-22)
-GATS* Faculty Development Seminar (June 25-26)

*EME is Europe/Middle East
*GATS is Global Association of Theological Studies 

Rep. Dennis Uecker during our first week of training at the Robert K. Rodenbush Training Center. We learned about Revival By Design (RBD) Principles and were taught by many awesome men and women of God! 

We learned SO much in the Campus Ministry Seminar. We were taught and equipped on how to start services and Bibles Studies on University Campuses all over the world. We were thrilled to have Brother Showalter, Sister Sarah Mock, Brother DeTemple, and others share their experiences and advice!

Being a part of the Field Fellowship was such an honor (left picture). We were able to have a seat at the table as our Regional Director, Brother Tuttle cast vision for our region, Northern Eurasia. It was awesome to hear different Representatives give reports of what was happening in their country. At the end Brother Tuttle even asked a few of us AIMers to give a report. Michael gave a report for us and did a fantastic job! This was a humbling experience.
The Oneness Conference (Right Picture) with Brother Bernard was equally impactful. We had ministers from Russia, and several other former Soviet Union countries that cannot be mentioned. At the end, one was baptized and many ministers received revelation of Jesus Name. What a victory! 

Our Team 
We are blessed to lead an amazing team here in Riga! We have us, Alyssa Headings from Florida, Katelyn Gibson from Louisiana, and Sarah Harker from Ohio. We are sad but excited that Sarah and Katelyn will be leaving us this week to go to Poland. They are going to be a great blessing to the team there. (Top Left)

We met Dan very soon after arriving. He is the son of Russian Diplomats here in Latvia. We have had him in our home once a week developing a friendship with him. Pray for us as we work to reach Dan and his family. Also, we were able to give Dan his very first taco! That was fun moment. (Top Right)

We are TIRED!
This picture of Michael is the most accurate portrait of how we feel after this month. HOWEVER, every meeting, service, and class has been such a blessing. We could not be more thankful for all that has been imparted to us! (Bottom Left)

Urshan Alumni
Upon arrival, we were happy to see several familiar faces! We are happy to be here in Latvia with fellow Urshanites! Bonnie will be leaving Latvia this week to go to Jordan. Pray for her! The rest of us will remain in Latvia for the duration of our AIM appointment. We are grateful to have new and old friends here.  (Bottom Right)

We have been hosting a weekly game night every week except last week. We are so excited to have met so many amazing young people. We know God has big things in store for each of them. Please help us pray we will be sensitive and know when is the right time to share the Gospel with our new friends. 

After our week(s) of meetings, we are currently on a short trip to Poland. We arrived June 29th and will be leaving on July 3rd. We are here assisting our Supervising Representative drop off an AIM team that will be working in Warsaw. Poland currently has no UPCI Representative. Please join us in prayer for the team that is here to start a church. Also, pray the Lord will call a full time representative to that nation!


Prayer Requests:
God has really been moving here in Latvia. He has been speaking, and we are listening! Here are a few ways you can specifically pray for us during our time here:
1.) Pray for us to be led by the Holy Spirit about the right time to approach people with the Gospel.
2.) Pray for our small group.
3.) Pray that God will continue to speak to us about our future in missions. 

If you would like to become a partner with us as we AIM for the United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI), there are various ways to give!
You will need our account number which is 435813.
1.) You can call 636-229-7966 to make a donation over the phone.  
2.) You can text "AIM65" to the number 71777
3.) You can enroll online to become a PIM (Partner in Mission). The PIM is NOT an automatic withdraw and has to physically be sent in.
4.) You can mail a check to 36 Research Park Court Weldon Spring, Missouri 63304. It should be made out to Global Missions and memo'd to McBride AIM Account 435813.

Please note if you give money directly to us, we cannot issue you a tax-deductible receipt or give you Global Missions giving credit.