Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Luxembourg Missions Update

Greetings from Luxembourg in the Name of Jesus! 

September was an exciting month for us. We were honored to visit our friends and “neighbors” Pastor Jeroen and Yona Van Gorp in Brussels, Belgium for a “Revival Weekend!” The presence of the Lord was powerful and the worship was authentic. We praise God for those who repented, were filled with the Holy Ghost, and baptized in Jesus’ name!

One young man spoke to me after service and said he had only seen me one other time while at a 3-service rally in France. He said that was his first time to be in a Pentecostal service. On the first night he said he sat in the back, afraid, as he saw supernatural manifestations that proved to him the spirit world was real. The second night he moved closer to the front, and the third night he was filled with the Holy Ghost!

Our dear friend, Paul Grohman, has been here for two months now. He is continuing to help us revise Bible study material for small groups and discipleship classes. He did a great job teaching on “Creation Week” in our Luxembourg City location. It is truly powerful that God speaks and things happen! He has begun weekly music lessons, teaching worship songs to those interested in learning to play the piano and sing unto the Lord.

One of his important roles is being my prayer partner. While praying at “The Fortress” of Luxembourg we were walking out of a tunnel to an upper level that overlooks the city. As I followed Paul I looked up and saw him surfacing (pictured above/bottom-right). My mind immediately flashed to a tomb in Jerusalem and I was quickly reminded, again, why we are here. Jesus walked out of that tomb and He is alive forevermore!

Lux Connections 

We were so pleased to have our long-time friends, Pastor Joseph and Amber Hanthorn with us in Luxembourg!

Pastor Hanthorn ministered on a personal level in Home Group about the life of Joseph.

We appreciate him also being led by the Spirit and ministering powerfully to our leadership about the necessity of “Faith & Patience” in the ministry.

They were a tremendous encouragement to us and a great blessing to the work here.

Interested In Visiting

If you, or a group, would be interested in participating in street evangelism, outreach, music, or teaching Bible studies, please contact me.

Many people today want to have a “hands-on” partnership with their missionaries and want to GO themselves. I would be glad to help you start the process to visit the country of Luxembourg!

In His Service,
Jeremy & Khrista Favors