Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Guatemala Update

Winter Update

Greetings from Guatemala! We are finally starting to see the end of the COVID chaos here. Restaurants, parks, and stores are beginning to open back up. This year has been difficult, to say the least. Guatemala has endured extreme COVID lockdowns, financial repercussions from so many out of work, two hurricanes back-to-back, and now there is political unrest with regular protests. 

Here at HOME, we are giving thanks for our blessings. Things are rolling right along and the kids are doing extremely well. Our staff have really stepped up this past year and we're so thankful for our awesome HOME team!


What We've Been Up To:

In October, we finished the Guatemalan school year with lots of success! The kids had a great year, despite all of the changes because of COVID restrictions. 

All of our kids passed their grades and with averages of over 80. We are super proud of each one of them and their diligence with their school work this year!

We've now kicked off our "summer vacation" learning activities and children are loving all of the things our two teachers have planned. 


In September, one of the girls woke up extremely sick. A couple of trips to the hospital later, we learned that she had a complete bowel obstruction, the result of scar tissue from an operation she had as a baby. She was admitted for emergency surgery.

In the end, she had two surgeries on her intestines, an infection, and was in the hospital for a total of 25 days. She's now home and doing extremely well. We're thanking the Lord for His hand on her!


One unique program that we have in place, is our family reunification program. This is something extra that HOME does to help kids return to their biological families, when there is a safe option willing and able to care for them. 

This year, we've had to change how we work with families. Instead of in person visits, we moved to weekly supervision phone calls. We hired tutors to help the families adjust to the change to distance learning. We also started sending boxes of nonperishable food items to help offset some of the economic difficulties facing the country.

During the past two months, we have successfully closed 5 cases in reunification. We completed our one-year commitment to work with the family and we turned the supervision over to the court system. It's something to celebrate! 


After 8 years of serving in Guatemala, our Director Amber Corey will be relocating back to the United States to serve in a church in Connecticut. She has poured her life into HOME and we are thankful for everything she's done for this ministry. We will definitely miss her but wish her well! 

Taking her place will be Estuardo and Wendy de Larios. This couple and their 3 month old son will be a great asset to the HOME family and we are excited to welcome them as our new Directors! 


Words cannot express how grateful we are for our partners. During this time of uncertainty, your faithfulness and generosity is so very appreciated. Please know that our team prays for you regularly. You are what makes it possible for HOME to continue to be a safe refuge in a world full of chaos. THANK YOU! 


Monday, December 21, 2020

Germany Update

2020 - a year we will definitely remember! 

This year may have turned out differently than many of us expected, but in these unprecedented times we have seen God move in unprecedented ways.

The photos in this year’s update letter consist of a lot more zoom screenshots than usual! But the church has been growing, people are digging deeper roots and growing in their ministries and prayer lives, and we are continuing to see revival.

Amidst the changing times we have served an unchanging God, who has proven Himself faithful time and time again!  

AMTC would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of AMTC President Br. Nathan Hulsman, General Secretary Br. Mitch Sayers, and all of the amazing teachers, missionary team, and translators involved!

‘We Are Stronger Together’ 

The GSN Ladies Department page has been a source of great edification in 2020. Every week, we are brought words of encouragement, worship, and devotions from ladies across the world.

Thank you to the GSN Ladies Director, Sis. Robinette, and Promotions Director, Sis. Hulsman, for this great ministry! 

We have been tremendously blessed by an initiative started by Bro. & Sis. Robinette this year in our Apostolic Mentoring sessions.

Every Monday night, we receive instruction, wisdom, and edification from great apostolic leaders! This teaching has been translated weekly into German, French, Spanish, and Romanian, and has impacted the lives and ministries of many. 

I am so thankful for my home church, Gracelife Pentecostal Church in Memphis, TN and the ministry of Bro. & Sis. Parkey. They are a missions-minded, radically apostolic, revival church and pastoral couple!

In this longer than expected season home as COVID travel restrictions delayed my return to the field, I am so thankful for this amazing homebase and pastoral family who have truly done so much for me and so many others.

I am also thankful in this season to have been granted my minister’s license with the United Pentecostal Church, and approved as Associate Missionary, after serving for 6 years as an AIMer!

God has been so good and faithful this year, and we have been stronger together. Looking forward to an amazing 2021!

Thank you // Danke schön // Merci // Gracias

Friday, December 18, 2020

Vietnam, Cambodia, & Laos Update

4th Annual Graduation  

As we prepared this month for our fourth annual graduation the church in Vietnam has been fasting

every day with 24 hour prayer. We were able to invite over 100 guest to be a part our graduation service.     

Most of the people that attended have never heard the gospel or know the name of Jesus.

There was such a great move of God as He drew many of these Buddhist and non-believers to the front for a time prayer. 

Bible Studies Is The Goal

From this one service we were able to get over 10 Bible studies with many new contacts. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Samoa Update

Dear Partners, Family & Friends,

Talofa in Jesus' name! 

What a year it has been so far! I am sure everyone is well passed hearing about COVID, so I will pass over that and bring you a quick and exciting report from the Samoan Islands!   

Thank you for your faithfulness and commitment to support the revival taking place in Samoa! We cannot move forward without your continued support of prayers and finances. Just know, that we are working as hard as we can with ALL the prayers and ALL the finances coming our way. 

Much love & Merry Christmas from the Merritt’s & the Samoa’s!

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Luxembourg Update

Greetings from Luxembourg In the Name of Jesus! 

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and were able to spend time with those you love. This Thanksgiving I want to put the spotlight on someone whom I am particularly THANKFUL for. I am so very thankful for my wife. Many times her efforts are overlooked and the many things she does to contribute to this mission go unmentioned. 

First of all she sets a very high standard for Christian living and represents the Kingdom of God with grace, virtue, and dignity. She is a supernatural warrior that prays with angels and yet carries herself with a meek and quiet spirit. Her posture and power come from her King, she encourages, edifies and strengthens all those around her.

Lux Discipleship 

Janet Perdomo (pictured below) received her first brand new Bible and my wife is teaching her a Bible study in Spanish! We praise God for what He is doing in Janet’s life! 

A few months ago we launched a discipleship course that will really help new converts by equipping them with sound, apostolic principles that assist their spiritual development. We have two new discipleship students and are excited to see what God does with them next! 

She never shies away from God’s calling, gives of herself without asking for reward and her greatest victories often go unsung. She is a champion among women and a queen worthy of mention. I am still standing because she is by my side.  

She promotes Apostolic community in a godless generation, and just a few of her responsibilities are: keeping a godly household, clerical work and secretarial duties, she plays a vital role in the administrative process for government requirements that include maintaining current visas and documentation, provides language translation in multiple ministries, teaches Bible studies in French, Spanish and English. She never quits and never complains. 

Her qualities and giftings far outmatch the things she faces in her Christian walk and her Kingdom mission. There really isn’t enough room in a single update to include all that she contributes to this family and our mission. We are TRULY THANKFUL for this amazing lady. 

Interested In Visiting Luxembourg? 

If you, or a group, would be interested in participating in the ministry of prayer, street evangelism, outreach, music, or teaching Bible studies, please contact me.  

Many people today want to have a “hands-on” partnership with their missionaries and want to GO themselves. I would be glad to help you start the process to visit the country of Luxembourg!

Jeremy & Khrista Favors