Saturday, September 27, 2014

News from Namibia

We have seen God do many great things on deputation, including this man being delivered and receiving the Holy Ghost!

We Thank each church here in the U.S. for the continued support to Namibia!  To all of our NEW P.I.M.'s  We thank you for partnering with us and the work of God in Namibia! 

May God bless YOU!

Orphanage in Tsumkwe

These children were so thankful to have bread! Bro. Lorens Hauseb has been making trips carrying in groceries and clothing for these children who are in desperate need of food and shelter.

Harvest News from Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago

Dear friend,
The church in Puerto Rico is marching in victory as they move forward in Evangelism and Training.   To kick off the Bible School term this year we had our first ever UNGIDOS (Anointed) Conference.  We are thankful for Bro. Felipe Pagan, Bro. Danny Johnston, Bro. Albino QuiƱones, Bro.  Paul Thorp, and Bro. Equikel Orueta for their ministry to the 4 areas of Puerto Rico. (Above photo of servce in San Juan)

Training so that laborers can be sent forth

Because of the urgency of the hour, the brethren in Puerto Rico have adapted a new curriculum of Bible School Instruction  We are now using the GATS program.  To our great surprise, we have over 50 students enrolled this semester. The Bible School is now in the East, West, North and South of Puerto Rico.  Please pray for the students and instructors. (Photo of West Campus students)


This year the church was blessed to have Bro. and Sis. Larry Sims, Tallahassee, Florida as the guest speakers of the annual conference. The ministry was challenged by the wonderful preaching and visitors also came and received the Holy Ghost.


Thank you for all who pray for us daily.  The task is great but God is giving us strength daily.  We appreciate your faithful support to see the work of God move forward.  You are vital to the work.  URGENT:  Please also pray for a miracle that our son Joseph Landaw and his family will get their PIMs and be able to get to Trinidad and Tobago.  We need them onsite as soon as possible Gary and Kristi Landaw

Gary & Kristi Landaw 
Missionaries with the United Pentecostal Church International
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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Africa in Revival

 Africa @ Revival
September 2014
Randy Adams family

There were a total of twenty-four baptized in Jesus' name.

Nicky Sisco & Colleen Carter families

A church just started by Bible school students already has one filled with the baptism of the Holy Ghost and seven baptized in Jesus' name.

Ivory Coast
Area Coordinator, Randy Adams

During a special convention for children, there were over 1,000 in attendance, and fifty children received the Holy Ghost.


Jim Crumpacker & Patrick Groves families

Throughout the country twenty-four were baptized in Jesus' name, 104 received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and 169 reported healing.

There were also 434 bible studies taught.

Two were delivered from evil spirits and have returned to the fellowship.

Chris Richardson family

At National Conference, 1,957 received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

There were thirty graduates from this year's Bible school graduation.

During the four-month work program, students reported that 626 received the Holy Ghost and 421 were baptized in Jesus' name. One student had land donated for a church. Another student had a denominational congregation (300+) and pastor converted. Other students reported healings of cancer, and two mutes were healed.

Gerry McLean family

The director of evangelism prayed seventeen through to the Holy Spirit in a recent service.

Our first pastor from a predominately Muslim state just baptized fifty-six in Jesus' name.

A pastor that started a new work in January has already baptized forty-three in Jesus' name.

Randy Adams family

During the months of July and August, there were ninety-four baptized in Jesus' name and 116 received the Holy Ghost.

During a regional ladies conference in one village, four received the Holy Ghost.

During a revival in another village, twenty-four youth received the Holy Ghost. The revival had an attendance of 385.

A new preaching point has been opened in yet another village with ninety-eight new attendees.

Phil Tolstad & Steve Phelps families

One pastor who just moved from Rwanda is starting a new church.

At Pastor/Leadership seminars, four pastors were baptized in Jesus' name, as well as twenty-five church elders/leaders.

At the first service of a new church, eight received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

In several churches, a total of fifty-five were baptized in Jesus' name, including a pastor, and thirty-five received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

One pastor has started four new churches. Nine other new churches were started throughout the nation.

Uganda's new Apostolic Bible College is in session with the second term for the GATS Certificate level program from September 1st through October 10th for this year. They are hoping to have over ten students in January to move on to Diploma level. 


Gary Abernathy family

The Children's Ministries Director reports that thirty-three children have received the Holy Ghost at a recent children's crusade.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Uganda Update 2

Dear Partners and Friends,

Greetings in Jesus Name!

Just returned from an exciting trip to Western Uganda. God is bringing us some great men to do the work of God in the West!

On Thursday, we were in Rugombe, Kynjojo District where Pastor Bajuna Rogers has started a new church. We just stopped for a few hours on the way to Fort Portal. (Pastor Bajuna has just joined the UACU). There were about thirty people who had waited for us to arrive, who were so excited, to be part of the UACU.  Then, we continued on to Fort Portal where we spent the night; the next morning we drove to Bundibugyo Town in the Bundibugyo District. It is a mountainous region (Rwenzori Mountains) bordering on  the DRC (Congo).  We had a great time of teaching and preaching, and then we had a baptismal service where 21 people were baptized. We also had time to look at some land the church wants to buy to build their church. They are ready to start building as soon as the land is purchased.  Pastor Francis Wesige is doing a good work in building the church in difficult times. The major problem is that two months ago there was an insurgency uprising where about 200 people where killed in town due to the Rebel activity. The church had to scatter and many things in town where destroyed, including the location of their church. We are praying for peace so that the church can build and have revival in this city of over 100,000 people. Two other pastors where also baptized in the number and two others are committed to being baptized but want to teach their churches the Apostolic message of salvation, to bring them into the UACU. Then we returned to Fort Portal for the night to prepare for the next safari.

On Saturday, we traveled to Kirugutu, Ntoroko District. This city also had troubles from the Rebels, and many were also killed in this smaller city. When the Rebels attacked, the Area Coordinator was at the Church teaching on Apostolic Doctrine and a Baptism service was planned, but as the fighting broke out and gunfire was going through the dirt walls of the Church, the Church fled, running through the maize fields to safety to the river valley. Thankfully no one was injured and all escaped to safety. Our Overseer did loose his phone, Bible, materials, and his shoes as they fled. Pastor Patrick Irizo then gathered the Church and had several days of prayer for Peace on the river bank where they were staying.  As we were there for a whole day, the community came and assured us, everything was good. Thank God for Peace to preach the Gospel! Our Seminar was a Pastoral/Leadership Seminar and was attended by over 12 Church Pastors and Leaders. We taught on Apostolic Doctrine, Leadership and Christian Behaviors and Fruit. It was a profitable time as many leaders want to know more of the UACU. After the services, we baptized six people, including two of the Pastors.

On Sunday, we journeyed only three kilometers north of Fort Portal at a brand new church Pastored by Happy Edson. (Yes, Happy is his family given name). The Church was only one month old, and we were in the temporary structure for the first service. The building was not finished yet and the wind was blowing very hard on top of the mountain, but through it all, we had a great service and four committed to being baptized (we were not able to have a baptizmal service as there was no water close by, so in these occasions, a special time is appointed for all to meet at the closest river), all had already received the Holy Ghost.

On Monday, we returned to Kampala. On the way we stopped at Kihuura to be with Pastor Baguma William. He was working on a Larger church house and was almost finished. Then we stopped at Kyatega to visit with Pastor Deogracias Mugarura as he has started a new church in this trading center.

Our safari was very profitable as we were in six churches, taught 23 Pastors, baptized 27, including four pastors, and saw the start of three new churches. God is doing great things!

We have rented the property in Fort Portal to start our church in the city, this is the property we would like to buy to become our center to reach the western part of Uganda. Fort Portal is on the border with the DRC, and we have a great pastor and congregation ready to work. If you can help us with the purchase of this land, we still need some help to build this church and buy the land.

UGANDA September Report on our Trips/Seminars/Churches Started

-Kasambya: Eleven Baptized, One Pastor who just moved from Rwanda. He is starting a new UACU church in the next trading Center, Bubanda.
-Bundibubugyo: Pastors Seminar, baptized two pastors, and 21 Church leaders and elders.
-Kirugutu: Pastors/Leadership Seminar; Baptized two pastors and four elders.
-Nyanga: Five Baptized
-Igunda: Eight Baptized and received Holy Ghost
-Isingiro: 15 Baptized and 11 received the Holy Ghost
-Lira: Seven Baptized, One pastor baptized
-Madudu: 8 Received Holy Ghost and baptized
-Kiganda: First service in a New Church; eight received Holy Ghost.
--Pastor Wandera James:  Has started four churches on the shores of Lake Victoria this past month in Yeebe Island, Biisa Landing, Soono Landing and Sinuve landing.

This past month we have started several new Churches:
1. Kiganda, Mubende District
2. Rugombe, Kynjojo District
3. Busaiga, Kabarole District
4. Fort Portal, Kabarole District
5. Kyatega, Kygegwa District
6. Mpara, Kygegwa District
7. Bubania, Mubende District
8. Dokolo, Dokolo District
9. Boliso, Palica District.

We do appreciate all of your prayers as we travel the roads of Uganda and visit some places that are not the safest places to be. Thank you for your faithfulness in your financial support as your PIM makes all our work possible.

Phil and Twyla Tolstad

First service in Buseiga,north of Fort Portal, on top of the mountain.

New Church in the Mountains in Southern Uganda, Bushenyi District

New Church in Kynjojo, Kiboga District in Central Uganda. Church started on July 27th with only two people, today there are over forty members. Pastor John Mfitumukiza was baptized and is preparing to begin building a permanent structure.

Church house Baguma William is buiding. You notice the mud blocks in front of the picture, that was the old church that was much to small to hold the people.

Pastor Kalanzi Baptising in  Bundibugyo, on the Congo Border.

Pastor and Sis. Anrosi Indostome from Karugutu who were baptised in Jesus Name.

Open Air Evangelism

On top of the Mountain, worshipping!

Karugutu Leadership/Pastors Seminar

"THE" drum

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Uganda Update

Dear Friends and Partners,

Greetings from Uganda, "The Pearl of Africa",

It has been several weeks since we have been able to write you and share the Good things God is doing in Uganda. We have been under the weather for a few weeks, had the All Africa Regional Meeting in Kenya and then have been running trying to catch up with all the things we are doing.

The All Africa Regional Meeting in Nairobi, Kenya was an great time of getting together with the Leadership of all the Nations of Africa and some great teaching from Bro Woodward from Fredricktown, New Brunswick, Canada.

In the last several weeks, the Revival continues in Uganda as we are teaching Apostolic Doctrine Seminars and reaching to new Pastors and Churches. In the last five weeks in five doctrinal and Evengelism Seminars we have had 202 Receive the Holy Ghost, and Baptised 84 in the Name of Jesus. Several great miracles occurred as God was moving in the services, One lady had been bitten by a snake as she was working in her garden, but still came to service even tho she was in great pain, she was instantly healed. To show the power of God, a neighbor was also bitten by a snake the same day and died the next day due to the bite.

In these seminars as we teach Apostolic Doctrine we have many other pastors who attend looking for truth and fellowship. Six trinitarian pastors where baptised in Jesus Name as they received the truth of Baptism. Several more are seeking truth and studying the scriptures. All six churches have now joined us in the United Apostolic Church and are being baptised by their Presbyters and Area Overseers. God is moving on many hearts as there is a hunger for something real from God!

We have finished the purchase of the land in Lira Town for our Church Building and center for the North, we thank all those who have contributed and helped us with this great task. We still have a need to finish our land purchase in Fort Portal on the western border with Congo to have our Regional Headquarters. If you are able to help us, it would be greatly appreciated. There is a building on the land plot already what would make a great beginning for a Church House. The project number is 103.FA.033215.21.2112.-114 Country Churches in Uganda. Please see the picture below.

One of our goals is to create a spirit of Revival and Evangelism with the Truth of God's Word. So at each seminar we also have Open Air Crusade Services (Street Services). This past weekend we were in the Lake Albert Region, just on the side of Lake Albert by Congo in Kapaipi, where we saw a great move of God,  pictures below are of the Open air from Kapaipi. It was also a privilege to go to Kynjojo to a church that has just started, Tarp roof, and wood stakes, but God was there in a special way and we baptised the Pastor, Mfitumukiza John, along with eight members;  they were so excited to be part of the UACU.

May God Bless all of you for your faithfullness in prayers and financial giving, it makes it possible to reach to unreached and preach the Gospel of Salvation.

Phil and Twyla Tolstad

Choir from Myenga UACU singing at the Open Air

Open Air, the whole Village was at the Service, 600-900 People

Open Air

Open Air

Open Air

Baptismal Service after the Seminar

Pastor Winnie Mumgeja from village of Naana, being Baptized

New Church in Kynjojo, Pastor John was also Baptized

New Church in Kynjojo, Pastor John was also Baptized

Plot of Land we need help to purchase in Fort Portal, we are renting the building to have church at present.

Farewell, Georgia

Parting is such sweet sorrow

On Tuesday, September 9th, Kim and the girls are leaving for the USA. Shiloh has had some complications that occurred during birth here. The doctors have told us that there is nothing that they can do here to help her and recommended we go to the USA to see a specialist. I don't want to get into to much detail here, but I do want to say that the injuries are no longer life threatening, but it is a miracle that she is alive today. We are so thankful that God spared her life.

I will be staying here in Tbilisi until the end of October to finish getting the church ready to go on without me for a while. Pray for them as they continue to grow.

Thank you for all of your support and love,
Jared and Family

It was my privilege to install Pastor Timothy as the Senior Pastor of Living Word International Church in Tbilisi. We are excited about the work that God is doing through this church in the nation of Georgia.

The Girls are so excited about going to visit with Nana and Papa in Washington DC. The packing has been crazy, and realizing that our whole lives are once again reduced to fitting into 12 suitcases has been interesting to say the least. Look forward to seeing many of you all again throughout our journeys.