Thursday, January 30, 2020

Ireland Update

Dear friends,

Our theme for this year is DREAM AGAIN! We are thankful for this New Year 2020 and all the opportunities it brings. We have started with Prayer and Fasting and believe God is going to release abundant blessings and open many doors.

In January, we had communion and foot washing services. The Spirit of the Lord moved mightily on our people during that time.

We have also connected with a group of Indian people who desire to be taught more about the Bible. Some of them are already Spirit filled. We have met them twice and are excited about what is going to take place in that community.

We had the privilege to be part of the crusade team to Bangladesh. It was a humbling and life changing experience.

We thank our Global Missions leaders, the Corbins and Robinettes for the opportunity to attend and for their vision for a Global Harvest.

We give God all praise for the following report:

Over 12,000

Holy Ghost - 7,000+
Miracles - 7,000+
Deaf hearing - 100
Eyes opened - 75
Tumors disappeared - 53
Healed of Paralysis - 63
Healed of Arthritis - 60
Healed of Pain - 50+

Mute - God healed totally
2 backslidden pastors restored

We have just been in our house for a few months. God has blessed us with wonderful neighbors. It just happens that Paul works in Bangladesh and we were able to connect with him there and introduce him to the Corbins. Our crusade team prayed for him and one of his colleagues. Please pray for Paul and his family, that we can minister to them in a greater way.


One of our goals this year is to get into a building of our own. We desperately need a permanent place of worship to maximize our influence. Would you help us pray to find the right location? We would also appreciate any financial contribution for the purchase of this building.

You can send your check to the address listed at the bottom of this letter and put the Project number #GMGP.117816.2101 in the memo.
You can also text Cooney to 71777 and click the link you will receive. Follow the instructions and select Building Project in the drop down menu.


Please help us pray for several upcoming events, for the planning, outreach, ministry and harvest that will take place.

February: Revival Services with Evangelist Pascal Crites - Ireland Churches
February: Great Britain Northern District Conference - Elgin, Scotland
May: Belfast Pentecost Conference - Rev. Matt Johnson, Dr. Kristin Keller

We THANK YOU very much for your prayers for Ireland and our family. We are also grateful for your financial support that enables us to reach out to the hungry souls of this island and these nations.

Monday, January 6, 2020

Vanuatu Missions Update

Good Morning Friends and Partners in Missions,

Attached is a link to our report for the month of December.  We are staying busy in the work of God, and we are looking forward to the start of a new school year at the ACTS II Bible College in Port Vila.  (The school year runs from January to November here.)  We are believing God for a good group of students this year.   

We so appreciate your faithfulness in giving.  Continue to keep us in your prayers.  God is giving us revival. 


Lonnie Vestal

Friday, January 3, 2020

Austria: 2014-2019 AIM Update


God has done amazing things across the German
Speaking Nations (UPC-GSN) over these last 6 years! 

We have seen revival like never before, breakthroughs with new people groups, hundreds baptized and Spirit-filled, works started in new cities, growing training programs, pastors & entire congregations being baptized in Jesus’ Name, young leaders being raised up…

God has put together a great team in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein. 
The best is yet to come! 

Thank you for your prayers and support, as I am currently in the US fundraising and working on details to return to the field. God is doing a great work in these nations!

Whitney Bateman
United Pentecostal Church


God is pouring out His Spirit on ALL flesh! 

Over the last 6 years, we have seen hundreds of people from different nations, cultures, languages, and religious backgrounds come to Christ.   

Europeans, Africans, Asians, North and South Americans…Serving ONE Lord in ONE faith, baptized with ONE baptism!

During the refugee crisis of 2015, the GSN was uniquely placed in a position to reach people from access challenged nations, as thousands of people from the Middle East became a part of our cities. Since 2015, at least 200 people from Islamic backgrounds have been baptized in Jesus’ Name and filled with the Holy Ghost!


God is raising up young leaders across the GSN! 

GSN Youth Camp, youth revivals, missions trips… the GSN Youth are growing in the Lord, seeing the miraculous, and getting hands-on experience working in the field. 

God has truly done great things in the Kingdomshakers (Vienna Youth). They have grown into amazing leaders, involved in ministry both locally and all across the GSN, being sent out to minister in affiliated and unaffiliated churches in our region. Their passion, commitment, burden for souls, & servants’ hearts are truly inspiring. God has great plans for these amazing young people!


AMTC (GATS) Bible School has been instrumental in discipling saints, developing leaders, and connecting with pastors and churches around the German Speaking Nations. 

AMTC began 11 years ago with 1 campus, and has seen exponential growth over the last few years. In 2019, God opened the door for 30 campuses with 497 total students, 193 were filled with the Holy Ghost, 100 were baptized in Jesus name and 194 notable miracles were reported!


God has opened up many doors over the last few years with unaffiliated pastors and churches throughout our region. 

We are having revival like never before, and seeing entire congregations come to the revelation of the Oneness of God, baptism in Jesus’ Name, and infilling of the Holy Ghost!

Thank you! Danke schön! Merci! Gracias!
I am currently fundraising in order to return to the field.