Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Africa Report

Randy Adams family

Twenty-one received the Holy Spirit and a church has been opened.

Burkina Faso
Ken Cantrell family

The third session of Bible school is beginning with two new students. Both new students are pastors from other organizations. One is already re-baptized in Jesus' name and by faith, the other will be before the sessions end. Our pastors have been praying for an open door in a specific area of the country. God answered with not only an open door, but a pastor and two congregations.

The missionary's night guard has renounced his previous religion and had moved quickly toward Christianity. This heart change came after an all-night prayer meeting of the pastors on the missionary's rooftop. He is evangelizing his family and will be baptized soon.

Equatorial Guinea

Area Coordinator, Jim Poitras & Regional Missionary, Peter Mua

There was an attendance of 214 at a recent harvest service. Four were baptized in Jesus' name and three received the Holy Spirit.

Randy Adams family, reported by Pastor Desire Rakotondratsimba

Four have been baptized in Jesus' name and five received the Holy Spirit.

There was also a great revival during youth service.

Jim Poitras, Colleen Carter, & Nick Sisco families

National Ladies Retreat had an average of 450 in attendance. Twenty-two received the Holy Spirit and twenty-seven were healed from various illnesses.

At a local church, seven were baptized in Jesus' name.

Jim Crumpacker & Patrick Groves families

A total of 314 were baptized in Jesus' name and 152 received the Holy Spirit throughout the country.

In a recent crusade fifty received the Holy Spirit, twenty were baptized in Jesus' name, and five claimed healing.

David Kline family

The youth group performed their first Christmas play and there were ten visitors with six receiving the Holy Spirit.

A total of twenty-four received the Holy Spirit and two were baptized in Jesus' name.

At a recent funeral, the young ministers were able to preach the Gospel to the family of the deceased and Chief of the village. An altar call was given and there were about forty praying for the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Albert Stewart family

During regular church services seventy-seven received the Holy Spirit and 143 were baptized in Jesus' name.


Chris Richardson family

One church in the capital city reported fifteen receiving the Holy Spirit.

One section in the capital city has started five new churches/preaching points in the last three months.

Last year, in the country, there were eighty-two new church plants.

Gerry McLean family

One of the pastors baptized over eighty in a neighbouring country.

After teaching on the Oneness of God and baptism in Jesus' name on a first time visit to a village church, eighteen were baptized in Jesus' name.

One of the students who started a church under a mango tree, and had previously baptized sixteen, just baptized four more.


Randy Adams & Mike Benson families, reported by AIMer Jaydie Johnson

One pastor recently baptized sixty-three in Jesus' name during the month of December.

A new church has been opened with twenty-one being baptized in Jesus' name and nine receiving the Holy Spirit.

During the national conference sixty-six received the Holy Spirit and twenty-four were baptized in Jesus' name.

Also during the national conference a man who was partially blind was healed and another man who came walking with crutches was healed and walked away normally.

Phil Tolstad family

Over six different regions, a total of 112 were baptized in Jesus' name and fifty-five received the Holy Spirit.

There are three new churches, and two other assemblies joining our church with the pastors being baptized in Jesus' name.

One church construction finished and another completed to the roof level.


Gary Abernathy family

During a recent service, when the altar call was given three received the Holy Spirit and seven were baptized in Jesus' name.

The Dabbs Family Missions Report: The Singapore Adventure


We’ve seen 11 receive the Holy Ghost so far!

We were blessed to hold services in Altus,Oklahoma, pastored by Bro. Mounce: 2 received the Holy Spirit and an offering was given to help us obtain a deputation vehicle. God bless the Altus church! We held a service in Ponca City, & 3 received the Holy Spirit. The next day, I was blessed to attend a Home Bible study with Pastor Hughes where I shared my testimony. One of the HBS students, Michelle, received the Holy Spirit! We held missions services with Pastor Garlitz in Keyser, WV; 2 received the Holy Spirit, and 1 was baptized! Also, 2 received the Holy Spirit in Grayson, KY, in Pastor Knox’s church! We are praying that people will be added to the Kingdom and that churches will be refreshed by our visit while on deputation.

Believe with us in prayer that many churches and individuals will engage with us in a divinely led partnership of prayer and monthly financial investment as Partners in Missions!


Since the Tamil Indian Fellowship was started 2 years ago, I am happy to report that we have seen 30 people who have been born again, 114 first-time visitors, with the highest 2010 Sunday service attendance of 52 people and the highest 2010 Home Fellowship attendance of 54!The Unlocking the Bible home Bible study material was translated into Tamil, and fully-trained Tamil teachers are now teaching it! Tamil ministry is now under the capable leadership of Bro. and Sis. Raja, along with Sis. Priscilla Nathan who assists as the Tamil Administrator and also heads the Tamil translation team.

Please keep these leaders and the Tamil Ministry in your prayers!

(Right: Saranraj, former Hindu, recently baptized with the Holy Spirit)


The annual Singapore Camp Meeting last month was tremendous! We had hundreds from Singapore and 68 delegates from 15 nations (India, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand,USA, Canada, Australia, China [and Tibet], Japan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, Myanmar and Pakistan). Singapore is indeed the Apostolic Hub of Asia!

Lionel, Johanna & LJ Dabbs