Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Prayer Request from Liberia

From Albert Stewart (Liberia):

Please pray for Liberia as it is being invaded by hordes of caterpillars.

Liberia is being invaded by hordes of army worms (caterpillars). The caterpillars have attacked over 45 villages/towns causing mass destruction. They are destroying all vegetations and grass top roofs. Liberia is already suffering from a food shortage and they have destroyed many farms. Thousands are displaced from these villages because when the caterpillars come, you cannot stay. It's a real plague. Liberia does not have the equipment to fight these creatures. Unless God help us they could cover the entire country in a short time.

Click HERE to read more about this report from CNN.

Africa Report

Benin ~
Randy Adams family

*During a regional conference seventeen were filled with the Holy Ghost.

Central African Republic ~
Mike Benson family
reported by Area Coordinator, Randy Adams

*Eighteen people were baptized in Jesus' name in a major city.

Gabon ~
Randy Adams & Joel Richardson families

*During December, three people were baptized in Jesus' name.

Ghana ~
Jim Poitras, Colleen Carter, & Nick Sisco families

*During revival services/seminars, eighty-six received the Holy Ghost and ten were baptized in Jesus' name. There were also at least ten people interested in attending the Bible school.

Lesotho ~
David Kline family

*The Sunday school received a package from the Louisiana District Sunday School Department. The package included a portable puppet stage, two puppets, and resource materials for children's ministry. Dozens of children and youth20repented the first time the puppets were used. A drama team will trained to become puppet masters for Jesus.

The Sunday school teacher training and Bible studies are also going well. Eight new teachers are trained and will begin teaching soon.

In 2008 more than 1,650 Bible studies were taught, and there were more than 880 visitors.

Liberia ~
Albert Stewart family

*During several services, forty-nine were baptized in Jesus' name and fifty-two received the Holy Ghost.

At the annual national crusade, 2003 were filled with the Holy Ghost.

Madagascar ~
Chris Richardson family

*Leadership Conference was held with national leaders all coming together for budget/planning sessions.

Tanzania ~
Richard Smoak & Jim Robertson families

*In New Years services around the country more than 100 people were filled with the Holy Ghost. Many were also baptized in Jesus' name including a Trinitarian pastor.

There was a three year old boy who could not walk. After prayer he began walking.

In a special meeting, several were healed: one person was healed of tuberculosis, several were healed of severe headaches, and two were healed of bleeding ulcers.

In another region, sixteen repented and seven were baptized in Jesus' name.

In one of the local churches the pastor testified about God's provision. Earlier he didn't have seed to plant his farm. After prayer was made, having faith in God to answer, he left and started home. Before he left the Bible school grounds someone had given him bus fare to get home and before he reached home someone had given him seeds to plant his farm.

Togo ~
Randy Adams family

*During the national conference, there were fifty new people filled with the Holy Ghost. A miracle offering of $3,300 was received for the continuation of the Bibl e school building. A preaching point was opened following the conference.

In a new church seven were baptized in Jesus' name, and four received the Holy Ghost.

In another new church, two received the Holy Ghost.

During a Sunday morning service in one church, eight received the Holy Ghost and ten came forward to be baptized.

Zambia ~
Gary Abernathy family

*A full report of the Regional Prayer Conferences of 2008 showed totals of 4,453 in attendance with 101 receiving the Holy Ghost and 105 being baptized in Jesus' name.

Prayer Requests

From Winona Cole (VFMA: Peru):
Please pray for my husband Ronald Cole.

A short time ago my husband, Bro Ronald Cole from Chipman, N.B. had a routine checkup on his aorta. Everything was fine but during the test they discovered a lump on his thyroid.

Tomorrow, January 22 at 1:30 at the St. John Hospital he will have surgery to have the thyroid removed. Please keep him in your prayers.

From Dan Davis (South Africa):
Please pray for the Mkwane Family and for an end to the violence.

This family attended Turning Point until moving to another city for work. They had been in Johannesburg for holiday and were leaving today. As they left 8 men hijacked the car shooting Mrs. Mkwane through the heart, she was four months pregnant and the baby died as well. They also shot the 11 year old son but he lived and kidnapped the daughter who has not yet been found. We are having terrible violence between the Xhosa and the Zulu in certain areas near our home. Last night a policeman was shot in the violence.

From Robert Kelley (United Kingdom/Ireland/Channel Islands):
Please continue to pray for the accreditation of Harvest Bible College and the visa situation for the AIMers who want to come.

Many thanks to all who prayed for the accreditation inspection of Harvest Bible College. This was a very intense time and the enemy has fought very hard to frustrate and discourage us. The inspectors made many favorable comments about the college and also gave us areas of weakness. The final decision will be made on February 5, so we ask for your continued prayers. We are working on some of the recommendations that were made to us so that the accreditation agency can see them before the 5th of February. Please pray that God will give us wisdom and insight into all we need to do as well as the physical and mental strength we need.

Also, please pray for the UPC of Great Britain & Ireland as we work on immigration and visa matters for missionaries and AIMers desiring to enter the U.K. The paper work has been done and now we are believing God for a quick and favorable outcome. Pray especially for John and Susan Beek who need to get here quickly.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

From Richard McGriffin (Hawaii District Superintendent/VFMA: Austria/Germany):
Please pray for the healing of my Achilles tendon.

I have a very special prayer need that if convenient, you might post to the missionary family. About a month ago I tore my right Achilles tendon and will be in a cast for 4 months. This has been a very difficult adjustment for me and has produced challenges I did not anticipate. Suffice it to say, I would appreciate the prayer covering provide by this remarkable group of laborers.
From Steve Bennett (Middle East): Please pray for my father.
My father had a heart attack Sunday night. He patiently waited, sitting in a chair for six hours, because he didn't want to wake my Mom....By the time they got to the hospital and got things sorted out...they found renewed damage to an aneurysm that was worked on a few years ago...that left him greatly weakened.

My Mom has been told that she should consider putting him in a rest home environment because he will need constant care, at least for a while...hopefully until recovered sufficiently to operate okay at home. Pray with me that he regains his strength and mental functioning sufficiently to live at home.

Update on Sister Freeman:
Today has been a little more challenging for Ouma. I went to see her last night to tuck her in around 8:15 and she was already sleeping soundly. I stopped by the nurses station for about 15 minutes to ask how Ouma had been - while standing there, Ouma called the nurse for assistance so I was able to go in and see her.

Yesterday Ouma was taken off of all anitbiotics. Last night she began wheezing and coughing while I was there. The nurse originally said it sounded just to be congestion in her throat because she had no rattle and was moving air very well. I left around 12:15 a.m. this morning.

I spoke with Sandra this morning to find out that doctors have restarted antibiotics for Ouma and are giving her Lasix to remove fluid.

She had improved and continues to do so. But while I was there last night, she was having a lot of trouble resting and her breathing was labored. She does not rest well when people are in the room so I told her I was going to leave - she asked me to stay because she did not want to be alone.

I'm glad to have stayed - we did not talk much - I just wanted her to rest. But she would wake every 10 to 15 minutes to cough or get a sip of water. So much of the night was a chore for Ouma. She was exhausted from the physical therapy she had yesterday - simple things like getting her water or kleenex was almost too much for her.

In the past hour, Sandra says Ouma seems to be doing better than yesterday and just looks tired. It does not look like Ouma will go to the Rehab hospital today. The little that Ouma and I did talk last night was encouraging. She continues to be thankful to Jesus for where she is and what she is going through. She speaks in tongues often. As she was laying in the hospital bed last night, she looked at me and said "I have been led by the Holy Ghost many years - and I am STILL led by the Holy Ghost. I am led by the Holy Ghost sitting in this bed. I am here in Jesus' Name".

There's really not anything you can add to that.....

Friday, January 9, 2009

Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

From General Director Bruce Howell:
Please pray for Sister Freeman. She has had a stroke and is in ICU. She also has pneumonia and is in desperate need of healing.

From Rufus Parker (Asia Military Ministries/Japan):
Please pray for my wife Pam as she continues to battle with her voice loss problem and sickness.

From Eddy and Della Mae Kennedy (New Caledonia):
Please pray for my family in Canada. I received news from my family in Canada that my youngest brother just passed away.

From Tom Suey (International Coordinator, World Network of Prayer):
Please pray for the churches in Nigeria. Persecution has stepped into Africa when hundreds of people in a mob murdered the District Superintendent of the Assemblies of God in Nigeria last weekend. Keep them in prayer.

From Stanley Scism (South Asia/United Kingdom):
Please continue to pray for Dora and Pecos Kutesa's liver transplant surgery, now postponed to January 13.

Here's an update on the liver transplant surgery--date change to January 13. Six SCI students are donating blood on Monday, January 12. Please pray for Dora and Pecos in their surgery, and for the students in their blood donation.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2008: Europe in Great Revival

Charles and Stacey Robinette

I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an OPEN DOOR,
and no man can shut it: For thou
hast a little strength, and hast kept
my word, and hast not denied my name.
Revelations 3:8

2008 will be remembered as a year of victory for the Lord Jesus Christ in Europe. The reports are pouring in from all nations declaring the wonderful works of our Lord. Here are just a few exciting moments we experienced traveling and working in Austria:
  • Over 135 received the Holy Ghost in the country of Austria!
  • A new church has been started in the city of Zwettl.
  • The city of Krems is now open with a weekly house group Bible study.
  • In Holy Ghost Rally’s in Spain, England & Norway 322 people were filled with the Holy Ghost and over 100 were baptized in Jesus name!
  • On our A-Team Crusade to Malawi over 300 people received the gift of the Holy Ghost for the first time!
  • While traveling for a few weeks before Thanksgiving in the USA; 130 people received the Holy Ghost and 22 were baptized.
Our Goals for 2009