Thursday, January 31, 2008

Prayer Requests

From Jim and Karen Crumpacker (Kenya):
Please pray for Kenya and an end to the civil unrest.

From Vickie Richardson (Regional Prayer Coordinator, Africa):
Please pray for Roy Well (Furlough Replacement).

From John Hopkins (RD, Central America/Caribbean):
Please pray for the Paul Rivero family (Costa Rica)

From Linda Reed (Middle East):
Please pray for the soldiers in Iraq.

Praise Reports

From Steve Bennett (Gulf States):
I am thankful to report that when they took my mother into the operating room and undertook the surgical procedure this past week they found only a small speck of what may have been a blockage and that NEW veins had grown a NEW PATH GOING AROUND it! She went home later that evening!

From Karl and Mary Smith (South Africa/Regional Evangelism):
Two local churches report baptizing a total of 37 people in December. In a local church in Cape Town one lady was healed of tuberculosis and another was healed of HIV after being baptized in Jesus name. Both of these healings have been confirmed by medical tests. To God be the glory.

From Lonnie James Burton (Venezuela):

Last year on deputation we saw 128 people receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and 25 baptized in Jesus’ name. We have also seen many repent of their sins and miracles.

From Steven Andrus (Benin):
Forty-five people received the Holy Ghost during the Benin national conference where 800-900 attended nightly. At a recent crusade 10 received the Holy Ghost and as a result a new church has been planted in the north of Togo.

From Vickie Richardson (Regional Prayer Coordinator, Africa):
In the church in Moshupa, Botswana, six people complete the new converts class and five receive the Holy Ghost in a Holy Ghost service.
Prayer Requests

From John Hopkins (RD, Central America/Caribbean):
Please remember Lynne Jewett (Guatemala) and Brad Thompson (Guatemala) in prayer.

Also, please remember Bro. Brad Thompson in prayer. He has a severe virus and just can't seem to get over it and really needs a touch from the Lord.

From Ed Hosmer (Japan):
Please pray for eight-year-old Stephanie Mawuli and my Uncle Ken.

Stephanie Mawuli, eight-year old daughter of Sister Francisca, diagnosed of cancer in the cheek bone, hospitalized and undergoing treatment for some months now, suddenly the doctors have declared that they are not sure how to proceed. We believe it is time for the Lord to take over.

Please Pray for Bro. Hosmer's uncle Ken.

Praise Reports

From Lynne Jewett (Guatemala):
I want to thank everyone that prayed for me on Friday. I was in the O.R. for 45 minutes waiting for the anesthesiologist to arrive. Everyone thought it strange that she was late, because she had never been late before. The surgeons, nurses, etc. were all there waiting for me to be put to sleep. Since I was laying down flat, in a cold room for a good 30 minutes, it really affected my breathing. I finally had to sit up to try and stop the coughing. When the anesthesiologist came in, she heard me coughing. She knew immediately, just by the sound of my breathing, that there was no way she could put me to sleep. If she had not been late, I would not have been coughing and she would have put me to sleep. Later, even the lung specialist said that at the very least I would have woken up in Intensive Care on a ventilator, IF they were able to get me to breath at all. It could have been fatal. It was nothing short of a miracle that I did not have the surgery. Keep me in your prayers. Again . . . thanks to all who lifted my name up in prayer.

From Ed and Mary Simmons (Thailand):
We thank God for 35 people being baptized and over 200 claiming their own Holy Ghost baptism at the Thai National Conference in Thailand. Brother and Sister Bruce Howell were in attendance to preach and dedicate the Billy Cole Tabernacle. This tabernacle seats approximately 2000 people. There were over 800 in attendance at the conference.
Prayer Requests

From Brad Thompson (Guatemala):
This past week the missionary family and church in Guatemala has been under attack.

Sis. Lynne Jewett was to have surgery on Friday, but when she was admitted her lungs were in such bad shape that they could not administer the anesthesia. She had surgery on Tuesday.

Pray for a hedge of protection around our pastors and churches, complete healing for Sis. Lynne Jewett and strength and recovery for Bro. Brad Thompson who is having a struggle to recuperate from a virus.

Thank you for your prayerful support.

From Becky Buckland (Slovakia/Czech Republic):
Please continue praying for my father. I am really praying for clear wisdom and guidance during all of this, that the doctors, as well as mom and dad, will be able to make all the right decisions, and in the right time. This delay could very well be the hand of the Lord - time will tell.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Prayer Requests

From Jim and Pat Hall (VFMA: Africa):
Please pray for our daughter, Melissa Hall Harris.

Our youngest daughter (Melissa Harris-pastors wife in Arlington, Texas) saw an oncologist this morning and they are going to have to do extensive surgery on both sides of her face to remove fast acting cancers, on the fourth of February.

The surgeon is telling her that she will most likely have nerve problems in her face as a result. After surgery, they are planning to do radiation.

Please join my family in prayer that we will have nothing less than a miracle. Thank you!

From Dan Davis (South Africa):
Please pray for Johannesburg, South Africa and the saints in the area.

It has rained in the Johannesburg area for nearly 10 days without stopping. Although we need the rain, there is widespread flooding and some of the people of our church have water standing in the houses. Please ask people to pray for the safety of those who are flooded.

From Stanley Scism (South Asia/United Kingdom):
Continue to pray for the persecuted Christians in Orissa, India

Persecution of Christians in Orissa continues and escalates: four ministers were burned alive. More than sixty churches have been destroyed. More than two hundred Christians are missing (Hindus who kill Christians frequently try to hide the evidence).

Please pray Christians will be:

a. safe, so they can continue telling people about Jesus
b. brave, so they will continue telling people about Jesus
c. anointed, so signs and miracles will convince Hindus that Jesus is the Creator come to earth to save them.

We've seen this persecution before--when it happens, more people follow Jesus.

It was said in the ante-Nicean church that, for every martyr who died, ten people came to Christ. One reason: Christians loved each other so much that even a pagan philosopher grudgingly complimented them for this.

Please pray for the family of Francis Munsey, former missionary to Japan.

Sister Munsey passed Monday evening, January 21, 2008. Her funeral will be 1:00 p.m., Saturday, January 26, 2008, at Cornerstone Church of College Station, in College Station, TX, Douglas Utermark.
Prayer Requests

From John Hopkins (RD, Central America/Caribbean):
Please pray for Lynne Jewett (Guatemala), who will be having surgery Friday, January 25.

Please remember Sister Lynne Jewett in your prayers. She will be undergoing sinus surgery at 7:00 AM on this Friday morning. She has had severe complications in the past from this same surgery, so let's make this a matter of special prayer.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Prayer Requests

From Robert Frizzell (Asia):
Please place Burma (Myanmar) on your prayer listing.

There is plan for another uprising to be done in February 2008.

The Buddhist monks are asking for 100,000 monks to sign up for the revolution. The monks said if you are not willing to die, then do not come or sign up for this. So far 80,000 have signed and more are coming.

Regardless of our political views, this has already and will continue to affect the church in Burma. They desire your daily prayer for the Lord Jesus to protect the church people.

From Steve Bennett (Gulf States):
Please pray for my mother, Leoti Bennett. She is undergoing an in-hospital procedure on 21 January to determine the cause of a blocked artery leading into her heart. Please pray for her salvation and healing touch. My mother is really carrying the burden of running the household since my father's multiple surgeries in recent years and his mental disorientation has made it very hard for him to function independently.

From Stan Scism (South Asia/United Kingdom):
Please keep praying for peace, safety of the Christians, boldness and anointing in Orissa.
A few days ago, I sent a report that 11 churches have been burnt. The count is now that the Hindu activists have burned 32 churches and destroyed 200 homes. It's getting worse. We have to hang in there.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Prayer Requests

From John Hopkins (RD, Central America/Caribbean):

Please remember Gary Landaw’s father and nephew in prayer.

If you could, please remember to pray for my Father who is not doing well at all. His heart is out of rhythm, and he has not been able to breathe well.

This morning, my nephew is having emergency surgery on his pancreas.—Gary Landaw

From Stanley Scism (South Asia/United Kingdom):

Please pray for Christians in India undergoing persecution from Hindu activists who have already burned 11 churches in India and killed people so far uncounted. Several ministers who attended a seminar on Jesus name baptism back in July have been killed.

This violence started in Orissa state, and now spreads to Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and other states of India as Hindu activists hear about the violence in Orissa and try to do the same thing in their state.

Bro Tsathvu Thuvuri, who leads churches in Kanpur District, where 26 churches are now with 2000 people, and where 98 Hindu priests have come to Jesus Christ, could not go to his church meeting, and was turned back due to violence in the streets on this exact subject--trying to shut down or destroy churches and kill Christians.

Your brothers and sisters in India need prayer for:
a. safety
b. courage to keep telling people Jesus Christ saves
c. anointing for signs and wonders to follow them and show people the message is true--that Jesus Christ is the one true God come down to earth for humanity

From Jerry Richardson (RD, Africa):

Please pray for MK Melissa Hall Harris.

Melissa Harris had a growth removed from her jaw and found out yesterday that it is malignant.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Prayer Requests

From Mark Alphin (Finland):
Please pray for Sammy Blomerus in Finland. We are writing to you because we know that you understand how to intercede and touch the throne.

We have been in near-daily correspondence with the only apostolic man living in Finland; his name is Sammy Blomerus. He sent us an email this morning, asking for urgent prayer. His family has been threatened because of their faith; they have been told to “move from the neighborhood, or that ‘they’ would break in and move them.” A friend/neighbor was severely beaten (several days ago) by a group of Nazis that live in his neighborhood, simply because he associates with Sammy; he has expressed an interest in Jesus’ Name baptism.

Sammy is asking for wisdom; he has a family to protect (wife, 5 children). They need safety, peace, wisdom, and provision. We will be calling him today, and will provide an update when it is available. Thank you in advance for your prayers.


From Stanley Scism (South Asia/United Kingdom):
Please pray for safety of the Christian in Orissa, India. Because it is sensitive to India's image in the world, the news media has not covered all the atrocities against Christians in Orissa.

We received a telephone call from reliable sources in Orissa that more than 30 churches were burned down, many pastors and laymen were killed. The rest of the news was not received because the communication was cut off. Bro. Paul, who has initiated a lot of evangelism in that area, says, 'The affected areas are where Hindu activists are jealous of many Hindus because they are coming to the Lord.'The violence is continuing.

Please:1. pray that saints in Orissa will be safe, will be courageous to witness (we know that in times like this, the church can grow even more rapidly) and that they'll be anointed--signs will follow.

2. tell your congressman/woman that India says it's a democracy and has religious rights, and that it wants good relationships with America, but we want religious freedom not simply proclaimed, but practiced and protected.


From Bev Lawrence (FMD):
Please pray for my pastor, Tim Dugas, and his family at the passing of his wife, Mary.

December 30, 2007 At 4:30 this Sunday afternoon, a special treasure was called home. Sister Mary Dugas passed from this life peacefully at home after a year-long battle with cancer. She exhibited the grace of God throughout this journey.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in Sister Dugas' honor to Gateway College of Evangelism. A special learning center will be remodeled there in her memory. Please hold the Dugas family, and their church family at THE SANCTUARY, in your prayers during this difficult time.

Our Partners in Africa

Terry and Cheryl Riddick serve in Cameroon and on the Africa IMPACT Team

Henry and Sharon Ritchie serve in Winword Islands/French Guia

Jim and Latitia Robinson (and family) serve in Tanzania

Nick and Pam Sisco serve in Ghana