Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Praise Report

Praise Reports From Bruce Howell (General Director):
We are praising God! We arrived from being out of town to find that our new insurance company has approved the needed surgery for our daughter, Amy. Both Sister Howell and I deeply appreciate your prayers for this situation.

From Maria Strickland (Greece):
Our family wants to thank all of you for your prayers and support in the time of sickness and now sorrow with the loss of my mother.

Mom passed away on Tuesday, August 5, at 8:00 a.m. in Catania Hospital. Mom went in peace after putting in place all she thought needed to as she felt that was time to go.

Please continue to pray for my father who is suffering from my mother's passing. Mom was only 55 years old and she was the "motor" of our home. Her loss is much felt, but we know that God has given her and us grace.

It is going to take much time to get back to normal, but we will try to make it. I will soon return to Greece to continue the lovely work of the Lord with Bro. Jonathan and Ashely.
Love you all very much; you have been my strength.

From Jerry and Vickie Richardson (RD, Africa):
We were so happy to go by and visit Timothy one more time before we left for the airport heading back to the States. His port for the intravenous antibiotics was removed. All medicines have been completed with the exception of one pill the doctor wants him to continue taking until he gets to Houston. His appetite is improving daily and he is definitely getting stronger and stronger each day, if not a little "impatient". Timothy was joking, looking (and acting) like his old self. He is anxious to leave the hospital. The family will remain in Johannesburg another six days before attempting the long airplane flight back to the States.

They need time just to rest and get over the ordeal. The doctor did not want Timo traveling too soon. While we were leaving, the orderly came to take Timo and his parents to the building where he would have his audio testing. We knew he was not hearing from the one ear, but was hoping that it was a temporary situation. The test results indicate that he is permanently deaf in the one ear and has some hearing loss in the other. Although the news was disappointing, we still have to praise the Lord for all He has done for Timothy. The ENT doctor said, looking at his charts, and said that he was a very lucky boy indeed, to be alive after all the infection and trauma of the meningitis. Of course, we know it is more than "luck", it is definitely the Hand of the Lord keeping him and healing him.

Please join with us to pray for this situation. The Lord is able to heal his ears no matter how "permanent" his hearing loss may be reported by the doctors. We also ask your prayers for peace and strength for the whole family and especially for Timothy. We pray that he can be as strong as he has been through these last days of recovery and recognize the miracles in his life done by the Hand of God.Thanks again for all the prayers and the concerns you have shown for this precious missionary family.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Praise Report

Praise Report From Vicki Richardson (Regional Prayer Coordinator, Africa):
We just want to add a praise report for Timo Simoneaux.

He was moved to a private room recently and we are seeing a remarkable improvement. We have been able to spend quite a bit of time with the Simoneaux's the last two days since arriving in South Africa.

We praise the Lord for His miracle-working power. Just to think a week ago we didn't even know whether Timo would make it through the day as he was being flown by special medical jet from Malawi to South Africa.

On August 7th we saw him out of the ICU and getting to be more like his old self. I know there may be several more weeks ahead of the Simoneaux family with possible therepy, etc. But if all goes as planned, we hope that Timothy will be dismissed from the hospital either Monday or Tuesday. We serve an Awesome God.

Thanks for all the prayers that have gone out for Timothy and Bro. Tremayne and Sis. Vicki. They have been so supported by those prayers. I think it has shown them just how "big" the family of God is.

Prayer Request

Prayer Requests From Evangeline Rodenbush (Regional Prayer Coordinator, EME):
Please pray for the family of missionaries Jonathan and Maria Strickland. Sister Strickland's mother passed away last week. Her mother was a faithful saint of God in the UPC of Italy.

From Robert and Jerolyn Kelley (United Kingdom/Ireland/Channel Islands): Please pray for the upcoming General Conference of the United Pentecostal Church of Great Britain & Ireland which will convene August 12.15.

Bro. Limones is the conference speaker along with Bro. Charles Robinette who is preaching the Holy Ghost Rally on the last night. We are believing for a great move of God. Much pre-conference evangelism has been going on and we are praying for a harvest of souls.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Praise Reports

Praise Reports From David Brott (Missionary Envoy and Field Superintendent for Micronesia West):
We have just closed our Micronesia West Leadership Development International Conference on Guam. During the last service Brother Howell preached a great revival message and three people received the Holy Ghost including an elderly lady from Brazil who was on Guam visiting here granddaughters.

Five were water baptized in Jesus Name during the leadership conference! Brother David Bernard, Brother Bruce Howell, Regional Director Richard Denny and Missionary David Dibble blessed the conference with their sessions.

From Mike Tuttle (The Netherlands):
Update on: Western Europe Sub Regional Conference, which includes the Area of Scandinavia, Coordinated by Tim Olson, the Area of Great Britain and Ireland Coordinated by Robert Kelley and the Area of West Europe Coordinated by Mike Tuttle. Some have reported it to be the best European Conference ever.

The people who take care of the sound, translation, and recording of the meetings said it was the best one of our meetings they have ever been involved in. The spirit of Unity, worship, and the anointed preaching is an indication Europe is in revival and ripe for a great harvest. Thank you for praying and "don't stop" now!

From James Corbin (Bangladesh):
We want to thank all of you have been praying for Bro. Dilip Das from Kolkata, India. God has certainly intervened in this situation and we thank Him for it, and we thank you for your prayers.

Today we received this report from Kolkata concerning Bro. Dilip Das; Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Greetings to you in the name of Jesus. We would like to thank you for your prayers for Bro. Dillip Das recovery. Yesterday, he was released from the hospital, it is indeed a speedy recovery, he looks very well. He will have another surgery in the next 3 months to put the part of the skull back inside his head. We thank God for His goodness and kindness to all His people. Yours in His Kingdom, Agustina

Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests From Vicki Richardson (Regional Prayer Coordinator, Africa):

Please pray for healing for Louis Johnson, Phil Tolstad, Timothy Simoneaux, and Rosemary Louw. I wanted to bring to our attention several of our missionaries that are in need of prayer.

1) Please pray for Louis Johnson who is in the Nairobi in the hospital. He had his pacemaker replaced on Wednesday and then again on Saturday. He hopes to be released tomorrow which happens to be his birthday. He will have several days of recuperation yet, but we want to keep him in our prayers.

2) Also, please pray for Phil Tolstad. He has been diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis. He is on five medications which have been difficult in finding in Uganda. He is in need of our prayers.

3) Remember to pray for Timo Simoneaux and also for Vicki and Tremayne as they continue to care for our MK.

4) Pray for Rosemary Louw as she is in physical therapy for her back and is on medical leave in the States at present. From Regina Thompson (Guatemala): Please continue praying for Brad Thompson, Lynne Jewett, and for the Guatemalan church. Thank you all for your prayers for our missionary family and the work in Guatemala. Ryan is totally recovered and Brad is home from the hospital and continuing his treatment.

Lynne Jewett continues to need a miracle of healing. God is blessing the work in Guatemala in spite of the attacks we have been facing. This month we licensed 5 new ministers and had 2 new churches established. In recent crusades we had a total attendance of over 7200 and around 650 filled with the Holy Ghost and 100 baptized in Jesus Name.

Due to tropical storms and an extra heavy rainy season we have had 2 church buildings destroyed by mud slides and flooding. We have several families who have lost their homes. We are concerned as the main hurricane season is just getting underway.

Please continue to pray for God`s protection and provision for our churches and this nation.


There are a lot of things to tell today. So I will start with Saturday, August 2.

Timo was able to get up and walk to the restroom. Major accomplishment. All the parents and medical staff were cheering for him as he was taking this walk, although a little wobbly due to weakness.

He was able to drink 1/2 of a chocolate milkshake but sorry to say, he did not retain this. Vicki and Tremayne are thinking this was due to the first "food" he has taken on his own.

Nausea seems to be subsiding today, (Sunday).

All pain medication has been stopped so Timothy is experiencing pain in his head and his neck, We must all remember he had a "tube" inserted into his inner ear and due to the infection, he most likely will experience pain.

BUT....... we know a miracle working God that can come to Timothy and ease all his pains and aches.

Please focus on this part of Timo's recovery when you pray.

Also, while we were there, the PICU nurse came out and said, "Timothy wanted his DAD!!" Bro. Tremayne was eating his supper but up Tremayne went, shook hands with everyone and off to take care of this son that wants his DAD!!

I talked to Sis. Vicki just a few minutes ago and Timo is resting quietly now. Yes, someone is praying somewhere in this vast earth of ours and is touching God for the Simoneaux family.

David Flowers and Karl Smith were able to go into the PICU and pray with Timothy. He opened BOTH his eyes to look at them. They had a good season of prayer with Sis. Vicki and Timo.

Then Mary Smith and I were allowed to go in and see Timo and pray with him. There was such a sweetness of the Lord there with all of us. We felt like crying but did not want to do that in front of Timothy.

God makes Himself so real when we pray and His Presence causes our being to be quite aware of an Awesome Power that has manifested Itself in our atmosphere.

While we were praying with Timo he had the most beautiful smile on his face. God touches us in a way no one else can. We are looking at 10 - 12 more days to complete a cycle of strong antibiotics that require intravenous connections.

Sis. Carol Simoneaux is here as well and helping in the care of Timothy. She is a great lady with great faith in God.

She has been such a blessing to this family while she is here in Africa.

Timothy was not able to get up this morning due to pain. They are going to try to get him up after he has rested a bit. As we pray together today, let's ask God to help with this pain problem.

We will ask for complete eradication of the meningitis from Timo's body and also that every muscle, ligament, cartilage, tissue and cell will be cleansed completely and made whole one again by the blood of Jesus Christ.

We will pray for his hearing again today. So....... friends and prayer warriors, all of us here in Africa, will meet you TODAY....... at the Throne Room of God as we pray together for the Simoneaux Family.

Love and prayers,
David and Donna Flowers


I'm going to put up a prayer that I prayed at the South/Central Africa Subregional Conference on Saturday the 19th of July.

My mom was doing a promotion for children's ministry in Africa. At the end I prayed this prayer for the 93,745,000 children in our area of Africa.

Lord, hear my prayer today for the 93,745,000 children in southern Africa. I may be young but if you will place your anointing on me I will do my best to reach and influence as many children as I can. But oh Lord 93,745,000 is way more than I can reach alone. Please place a burden on someone's heart for the children of southern Africa.

I know You desire to give them a future and a hope. Your Word does not lie and it says that the promise of the Holy Ghost is for the children as well. Forgive me for the times that I have missed opportunities. I dedicate myself to this mission.

I would love to impact this world and with your help and forgiveness, I will start trying to impact my world by reaching one child at time.

Lord, today I ask that You will protect the hurting children of Africa. Let somebody help them to understand that You love them.

Thank You for giving me this chance to be a part of Your church and thank You for my parents that have passed on to me their strong burden for the children of Africa.

In Jesus Name,


August 2008

Last month, besides language study, we were able to travel to Korat again to preach for the new pastor there.

Please pray for Pastor Tongbai, as he is fighting some real battles right now.

Since arriving in Thailand we have had to leave the country every three months to obtain a new "ninety day" visa. This adds quite an expense to our budget and also requires approximately ten to twelve days per year of travel, waiting in lines, etc., of lost time.

We recently obtained our "one year" visa but after having it for approximately five minutes, just as we were about to walk out the door, they took it back!

So now we must once again, travel out of the country, obtain a different type of visa than we have now, and then hopefully, they will issue us a "one year" visa. Please pray we obtain it this time and we get to keep it. "Five minute" visas are not very practical. :-)

This is a view we are very, very familier with.

Any white elephants born in Thailand automatically belong to the king. We are so thankful we know the King of kings!God bless you for bein g our partners in prayer and support.

Your Missionaries to Thailand,Ed & Mary Simmons Ed & Mary Simmons 8855 Dunn Rd.Hazelwood, MO 63042USAedsimmons 238@yahoo.com

Friday, August 1, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request

July 30, 2008...
Timothy (Timo) Simoneaux, thirteen-year-old son of Tremayne and Vicki Simoneaux, missionaries to Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique, has bacterial meningitis and remains very critical.

July 31, 2008... A call from Vicki Simoneaux to the Foregin Missions Division revealed the following information. They had arrived at the hospital in South Africa. She was greatly relieved - beginning test results were back and all are positive!

Per the conversation:
1. The CT Scan completed showed no pressure on the brain; no air bubbles; no abscesses - all are good signs.
2. Timothy is still on the ventilator and will remain on it for a couple of days to assist with his breathing.
3. The doctor is keeping him in a medically induced coma for the next 2-3 days.
4. A feeding tube will be inserted later today or early Thursday morning - the doctor wants to get nourishment in his body so there is no loss of muscle; he's had nothing since Sunday.
5. For now, it is a matter of waiting for the medicine to work.

We know God will work first, faster, and more complete than the medicine!

Tremayne and Vicki are both in J'burg; Sister Carolyn Simoneaux (grandmother of Timo) has also arrived. Brother and Siste r David Flowers are staying with them also. The Simoneaux family have hotel accommodation close to the hospital; they will not be allowed to stay with Timothy around the clock.

Tremayne had called - he was greatly relieved to be in South Africa. He had been informed the hospital had a letter of guarantee in hand. He did have to pay some costs up-front in Blantyre and they are having to pay some items such as X-ray, etc. in J'burg as these items are not part of the hospital billing (we'll work on resolving this issue). Both Tremayne and Vicki expressed their thanks and appreciation for all the prayers and support received.

It was very easy to pick up on the thankfulness in their voices!