Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Africa in Revival

Terry Riddick & Rusty Riddick families

In a week of Crusade and revival services held by a local church, thirty-two were baptized in Jesus' name and eighteen received the Holy Spirit. There also were four healings of various diseases.

Congo (Brazzaville)
Regional Missionary, Gistophe family

In regular services, two received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Equatorial Guinea
Regional Missionary, Peter Mua family

A total of nine were baptized in Jesus' name in regular services.

The regional missionary's children were healed during the chickenpox epidemic.

A couple who could not have children now have a beautiful baby girl.

Randy Adams family, reported by Pastor Desire

Three received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and two were baptized in Jesus' name during revival services.

Nick Sisco & Colleen Carter families

In two local churches, a total of eight received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and five were baptized in Jesus' name.

The fifteenth annual ACTS graduation was a success with 530 in attendance. Thirteen graduates were commissioned to go out into the harvest field.

Jim Crumpacker & Patrick Groves families, Reported by National Director of Evangelism

Throughout the country, a total of seventy-three were baptized in Jesus' name, ninety-five received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and seventy were healed of various ailments.

There were also 162 home Bible studies taught throughout the nation.

Chris Richardson family

Pentecost Sunday reports from about twenty churches: 205 filled with the Spirit and 113 baptized in Jesus' name. Fourteen healings were also reported.

At a ladies conference, there were about 300-350 in attendance and twelve received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

A district conference reported 105 filled with the Holy Spirit and six baptized in Jesus' name.

A local church just west of the capital city had two drug addicts delivered and filled with the Holy Spirit.

A regional conference reported 305 filled with the Holy Spirit.

AIMers, Chris Gibbs family

There is a great revival stirring among the college age people of the nation.

Over 200 attended the National prayer and fasting conference. The Lord manifested Himself in every meeting and the effects of this wonderful conference are still being felt.

At one rural church, sixteen received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Gerry McLean family

One minister baptized nineteen in Jesus' name at a new outreach point.

About two years ago, a Oneness Seminar was taught in a remote village. A report was just received that since that time eight pastors representing six different denominations have been meeting to discuss the Oneness and Acts 2:38 salvation. They report baptizing fifty-five more of their members in the Name of Jesus and have extended an invitation for another seminar to be taught.

Sierra Leone
Area Coordinator, Randy Adams - Reported by Pastor Conteh

At two churches, a total of sixty have been baptized in Jesus' name and fifty-eight have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

The Apostolic message was preached at one church, and the Spirit exposed some problem areas. Since then, that church has been closed and the members have joined our Superintendent's church asking to be baptized in Jesus' name.

Richard Smoak family

At Pentecostal Sunday services, thirty-two received the Holy Spirit in one local church.

In regular services, a total of eighteen received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, twenty-five were baptized in Jesus' name, and two were healed in local churches.

A Regional ladies' meeting had 360 in attendance, two were baptized in Jesus' name and thirty-five received the Holy Spirit. A three year old child who had not started growing any teeth was prayed for and the next week, the child started growing upper and lower teeth.

A new preaching point of fifteen people so far was established due to 150 Bible studies taught in one area. Five have already been baptized in Jesus' name.

From a month of National prayer in one area, three new households - a total of thirty-two people - have been added to the church.

At a first ever Regional ladies' meeting in one area, seventeen received the Holy Spirit, two were healed, and one was baptized in Jesus' name.

The National evangelism director had a seminar at a new preaching point. The power of God fell on the meeting, and thirty received the Holy Spirit, eight were healed, eighteen were delivered from demonic possession, and the spiritual resistance to the ministry at that preaching point was broken.

The National ladies' leader held the first women's conference in a newly opened region, and twenty were in attendance.

After only one week of united national prayer in one region, the churches had a total of twenty-two baptized in Jesus' name, twenty-six filled with the Holy Spirit, and five healed.

A woman who was having incapacitating pain was instantly healed while the pastor and saints prayed for her.

Phil Tolstad & Steve Phelps families

In the last few months, forty-seven churches have been started and several healings have occurred.

The assistant superintendent reports great growth and progress after teaching seminars in several areas. Several pastors from other organizations have been baptized in Jesus' name.

Miracle in Georgia

Dear Friends,

I wanted to send you all a quick note to thank you personally for your prayers. Today, Kim and I went to look for buildings. We were in need of a great miracle due to the difficult situations that we mentioned in our last newsletter. We took a great leap of faith in this because we do not have the money for such thinking. There is a building that I have had my eye on since we arrived here in Georgia, and so I arranged to go and view it. The owner was asking 200,000 dollars, but as we looked over the place, I felt that God was going to do something great for us. The owner made a statement that surprised me. She said, “Oh, I like you all so much I would give this building to you if I could. How about I let you have it rent free till January, then you pay 600 dollars a month for three years, and if you want to buy it then, I will sell it to you for 90,000 dollars. I was blown away. God had just opened the door for us. She is going to clear this with the Co-owner, and on the fifth of June, we will most likely take possession of a building that is 4,5000 square feet. God is so good to us. Thank you so much for all  of your prayers. There is still much work to be done. The building is not renovated, and we will have a lot of construction ahead of us. I thank God that we are able to have the opportunity for such a work though. If you are thinking about a missions trip and have construction experience, look no further. We could use all the help. We will, of course, begin work immediately, but the real work will probably not begin until July sometime. Also, keep praying that God would provide the 90,000 dollars for the final purchase of this property . Thank you once again for your prayers, love and support.

Your missionaries to Georgia,
Jared, Kim, Emma, Laurissa, Jaida, and Shiloh Staten

Monday, June 25, 2012

Seeking His Kingdom with Kim Hatch (Japan)

A Power-Packed May!
May started out with bang - Our Japan United Pentecostal Church General Conference was hosted here in Tokyo from May 4th to 6th. If we only had pre-service prayer led by Missionary David Doan, then we would have already been blessed. UPCI General Superintendent David Bernard was the main speaker of the conference, and the Lord used him to minister to all present.

Two men from Haijima, Bro Ishibashi and Bro Arai were granted local license, and Bro Higan from Okinawa was promoted a general license. Later this month, it was shared with Haijima UPC that the Ishibashis will be moving to the tsunami-devastated area of Ishinomaki to begin a work as well as help Pastor & Sis Kon in Sendai. This is a tremendous sacrifice, but we know that the Lord has great plans in store for their ministry! We were also privileged to witness and pray with Bro Yokoyama and his family as he was ordained by Bro Bernard. Thank God for men & women who are willing to answer the call!

I was asked to be a part of the praise team that led the worship during the conference. As you can imagine, I was quite nervous, but the unity and flow of the Spirit was just wonderful. The altars were filled each night. At least 3 people were filled with the baptism of the Holy Ghost, one being an 11- year old boy from Haijima.

At the conclusion of the conference, some of us single ladies were able to fellowship with others of like precious faith. The following Sunday, the 11-year old Chinese-Japanese boy was baptized in Jesus' name. Can't put a price tag on that!

To celebrate the recent births of 2 children at Haijima, we threw a baby shower fellowship for the Thomas family (from India) and the Kaseba family (from the Congo). Food, fun, and fellowship was had by all :)

While the Lucases are in the USA for 2 weeks, I am filling in on the keyboard during worship service while the keyboard player plays the organ... and the Lord is continuing to move. This past Sunday we had 2 ladies receive the Holy Ghost: Ono-san and Jin, my Korean-American friend (pictured below in blue shirt).

Prayer Focus
Remembering the prophecy that came forth last month, please join us as we pray 3 focused points for hungry souls that are "marching across the island" as God's Spirit draws them:

    To be born again of the water and the Spirit
    To love the Word of God
    To be committed to grow in Him

God bless,
Kim Hatch

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Republic of Georgia Update

This Month:
This month has been a very emotional month here in Tbilisi. We have had a mix of everything from growth to persecution. Our International church continues to grow, with record attendances of 32 on Sundays. This is amazing considering just one month ago this church did not exist. We have also been asked (or told) by our neighbors that we are not welcome to meet in the facility that we have. They are threatening to call the police. There are two main reasons for this. One is that we are not Georgian Orthodox, and the second is that most of our church is black. We are looking for space, but no one will rent to us because we aren’t Orthodox. I am looking at a few buildings this month to purchase, but we do not have the money. Our building funds are set at 200,000. If you can contribute anything towards to help the persecuted but growing church here, we would be eternally grateful.

Prayer Focus:
Grace and boldness in the face of persecution
A facility or the funds to purchase one
Continued growth
Organization for the growth

More from This month:
On the up side, we have had 4 baptized and receive the Holy Ghost, and average 3 visitors a week. We are also having a great move in the Georgian church. Last month, a young lady was healed from cysts on her ovaries. We are also starting to see visitors come to our Georgian house churches. Pray for us as we grow.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hello from Korea

Praise be to God who does all things well! I am believing him for revival within the Korean church and for the outpouring of his spirit amongst the Korean people. I ache for this and covet your prayers on behalf of this nation.  

Sunday School
Under the direction of Bro. Oh, we have begun a new Sunday school program that teaches the children about God's plan—from creation to salvation, with English learning as a side product and a lure to bring in other kids from the community. Bro. Oh repeatedly demonstrates his burden and passion for Gwangmyeong’s youngsters as he leads us in this endeavor. Pray with us as we continue to seek God’s will and direction in reaching and teaching these kids.

Wolpyeong Middle School
As the semester at Wolpyeong Middle School is nearing its end, the students are stressing about the upcoming final exams. My after-school class pleads with me to cancel in order to have more study time (I relented and will not have class the week of final exams). I can sense my student's restlessness for the quasi-release of summer vacation, a restlessness that will make the weeks following final exams an interesting lesson in engaging disengaged students. With exciting summer plans of my own, I can certainly relate.

Thank you for your prayers on my behalf and on behalf of the Korean church!! To those of you whom I will see in person before the summer's end, I look forward with great expectation to seeing, talking to and worshiping with you!

Until next time,

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Spain: June Revival Report

Going to another level...
This last month the Lord has been taking our Barcelona churches to another level. As our church has began to pray for signs, wonders and miraculous, there has been some kind of miracle almost every week. We believe that God is using this to reach the unbeliever.

Since the beginning of the year, we have had over 50 receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost in the church in Barcelona and many more in our daughter works. Please pray for us that God would guide us in discipling all these new souls and to help us reach the 46 million in Spain.

Click for Video Update: Revival Update

Deputation Starts in August
In August of 2012, we will begin a time of deputation. It will be a time for us to minister in your churches and share the burden that we have for the souls of Spain. We hope to have the opportunity to visit many of you and be a blessing to you in any way that we can. We need your prayers during this time. We are believing God to do miraculous things to help us raise the funds to quickly get us back to the field that God has called us to. If you are interesting in having us for a service, please contact your Global Missions District director.

In 2012 we will be in:
Kentucky     Aug   7-12
Ohio             Aug 14-19
Louisiana    Sep    4-23
Mississippi  Sep  25-30
Tennessee  Oct     9-21
Missouri       Oct   23-Nov 4
Indiana         Nov   6-18
Illinois           Nov 27-Dec 16

Thank you for all your prayers and support. Together, we are claiming Spain in Jesus' name! 

God Bless,

Nathan, Tanya, Alaina and Lincoln Harrod


Alphin Family Update

The Mark Alphin Family
News update & prayer focus - May 2012

First Finn Receives Holy Spirit

God has filled a Finn with the Holy Spirit - the first since our arrival in Finland!

In April, Pastor Adrian Smith (Stockholm, Sweden) told us of a young lady, that they had met, who lived in the Helsinki area. We will exclude the background and get straight to the point (smile). On May 6, we were blessed to have this sweet young woman receive the Holy Spirit during our house group meeting! God completely overwhelmed her while Mark was sharing the Word of God, even astounding us by the way that He showed Himself! It was absolutely amazing to watch as the Lord gave her a very distinctive experience, bathing her fully with His Presence. After she finished speaking in tongues, and we had talked together for a few minutes, she said, "I want more!"

We appreciate the spirit of unity that exists among the brethren in the Nordic region. There is a definite hunger to see God change the spiritual atmosphere in our countries. We believe this is just the beginning of greater things to come! Please pray for the ministers of the Nordic region as we work together to share the Gospel.

First Bilingual Bible Study

On May 2, we began to help a young lady's dream come true regarding the salvation of her family. A member of the church in Stockholm, pastored by Rev. Adrian Smith, has been witnessing to her mother - who lives in Helsinki - over Skype. When we met with them in March, we learned of the desire for knowledge. There was just one hurdle: a significant language barrier, for while the mother speaks multiple languages, English isn't one of them! With the help of a good Finnish friend, who agreed to translate for Mark, we are in the process of firming the salvation foundation. Two countries and two groups of people, working together for one purpose - to expand the Kingdom of God! Stay tuned!

Focused Prayer Requests

Bible Studies in progress - we have multiple students, and each one is learning a different topic. Studies being written - Mark is writing new studies, and Glenda is illustrating. Pray for clarity of thought - for our students to have open minds regarding the word of God; for us, as we endeavor to create new ways to share the Bible with others.

Contacts - we have made a number of friends and are simply being "Jesus" to them, sharing His Word as He opens the doors. Pray for wisdom, discernment, sensitivity in the Spirit - we want to always be ready when God says "Speak" or "Go."

Studies - our entire family has finished another session of language study. Next, we will begin short, intensive review course during the first week of June, which will cover the first part of our study material. Pray for clarity, focus, and retention - it is extremely important that we are able to remember vocabulary, grammar, etc. when speaking.

God did not create hurry.
(Finnish proverb)

Jude 1:25
To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen.
Thank you for praying with us, supporting us, and believing in - and with - us. God has heard your prayers for Finland; they are working! Our family gives all honor to God for the things that He is doing. He alone makes this report possible.

We appreciate you, and we pray for you. Be blessed, in the mighty Name of Jesus.

Miranda & Candace represent Finland in the SFC 2012 video!