Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Robinettes: Apostolic Revival Update Letter

Deputation 2012

God is doing so many powerful things on this deputation! Since October 16th, God has filled 230 with the Holy Ghost, 30 have been baptized in Jesus name, we have raised about 100 new PIM’s and the Lord has blessed us by moving upon the hearts of pastors to help us in significant ways in our project funds! Thank you!

While preaching for Bro. Mooney, God filled about 11 with the Holy Ghost & 3 were baptized in Jesus name. Following the service they received this text from a new person in their church who was watching the service on the internet:

“God can work wherever u r as long as u r willing! throughout the whole service I felt a tug on me, towards the end of the service my legs and arms and hands started to shake, the same as they did the night i got baptized. I sat on this couch shaking with an uncontrollable tremble thru my body. I felt something on me, something in me, I raised my hands and said, God I’m sorry, God I love you, God I want to be with you, immediately my jaw started trembling and my tongue started moving and I jumped up ripped my headphones off my ears and started walking around this apartment speaking things I have never said before. When I sat down I realized the pain in my neck and back that had kept me home for 3 days was completely gone!”

God filled and healed this man at the same time!! Amen! 


While preaching for Bro. Willis in Indiana, the Lord filled 8 with the Holy Ghost and 4 were baptized in Jesus name! At the end of the service, the Holy Ghost moved upon Bro. Willis and he went to the pulpit and said, “we have been saving money in our building fund for new chairs, carpet, paint and tiles, but we have chairs now and we can make do with the carpet we have. Austria has never owned its own building; lets give all our building funds to this missionary so that they can purchase the first building in the nation of Austria!” The whole church began to shout as their pastor made such a sacrificial and faith filled offering to missions! God will not be a debtor to this church! They are going to have revival like they have never had before, and they are going to have the funds to buy more chairs and paint! Thank you!

100 Churches/10 Years!               
German Speaking Nations               
(Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland & Austria)

Africa in Revival - January

Terry Riddick & Rusty Riddick families

A total of ten were baptized in Jesus' name, and eight received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

The Assistant Superintendent of the Church was spared in what could have been a fatal accident. He is recovering from injuries, but we thank the Lord for his life. Please help us pray for a complete recovery.

Nick Sisco & Colleen Carter families

In the Upper East region, fifty-five were baptized in Jesus' name, five received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and twenty-four reported healing.

In two other churches, one received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and several reported healing.

Approximately 500 attended the National Ladies Retreat, and twenty-three received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The ladies also distributed 10,000 tracts during an evangelism walk throughout the town.

Jim Crumpacker & Patrick Groves families

A total of 129 were baptized in Jesus' name, thirteen received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and four were healed.

Thirty have requested and will soon be taught a Bible study on baptism in Jesus' name.

Albert Stewart family

During regular services fifty were baptized in Jesus' name and thirty-seven received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Chris Richardson family

The National Superintendent recently made a tour of twenty plus churches in two weeks time. In those services, a total of fifty-six received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

One pastor from an area inhabited by a tribe of cattle thieves reported that two different church families were robbed of all their cattle. After the church gathered for prayer and fasting, all of the stolen cows were returned. This was a great testimony to that community.

Richard Porter family

A very successful end of the year youth conference had 470 in attendance, eighteen received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and seven were baptized in Jesus' name.

Richard Smoak family

At a regional evangelistic conference, thirty-nine received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and two were baptized in Jesus' name.

At Christmas day services in a local church, eight received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and seven were baptized in Jesus' name.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thank You from Uruguay



We wish to start this update by wishing you a HAPPY & BLESSED 2012! As your missionaries in Uruguay, South America we are excited and full of expectation for 2012! We are going full steam ahead with our Motorcycle Evangelists program and opening new works in the country. We are excited about the prospects of Global Association of Theological Studies (GATS) in Uruguay and specially excited about working with AIMers Jacob and Mandy Palma as they prepare to fully engage in missionary service in this land. It goes without saying that we are looking forward to those we will win to the Lord, baptized in Jesus' name and see filled with the Holy Ghost! Yes, we are looking forward to a HAPPY & BLESSED 2012!

Motorcycle Evangelists Program

We are proud to announce that we have kicked off our Motorcycle Evangelist program.We are recruiting our Bible school students across this nation to become involved in taking the Gospel to non-evangelized areas. We encourage pastors to start new works in neighboring cities and involve graduates as their "circuit-riding" evangelists. Pictured is Pr. Francisco, from Paysandú, receiving the first donated motorcycle. We are specially delighted to have Azusa StreetRiders as part of our support team. They, along with many churches across America, have donated bikes to be used in this endeavor. They are supplying the patches our evangelists will be wearing as they minister across this land. Thank you, Azusa StreetRiders, for your love and concern for the lost.

GATS Teacher Training 

Leadership training is the key to a strong national church. We have dedicated 36 hours to equipping our Bible School teacher to a higher standard of teaching. Global Association of Theological Studies is making this possible. The Global Association of Theological Studies and its membership schools develop and equip men and women to reach their maximum potential in apostolic ministry. We are in expectation of our 2012 school year prospectives. In February, we are taking four of our teachers to a GATS workshop in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Training is essential to sustained church growth and development.

In Jesus Name

In recent months we have baptized twelve new souls in the name of Jesus mostly resulting from our Home Bible Study program. We did have the joy of baptizing several of our saint's children as well. Over the past year we have seen many baptized and receive the Holy Ghost.There is revival in Uruguay and your giving has made this possible! Thank you for giving to missions in Uruguay, South America! Thank you for your partnership in reaching this country with the Gospel that can save, heal and deliver!

Thank you for your support!

Associates In Missions
The Palmas

Associates In Missions is a program designed to provide missionaries with short-term volunteers in a 2-12 month missions term. During the past year we have had the privilege to host Jacob & Mandy Palma from Virginia. This lovely young couple has totally dedicated their lives to the cause of the Gospel. They came to Uruguay in December 2010 and served tirelessly through this past year. They were such a help to the work through preaching and teaching in different parts of the country, evangelism, helping in our GATS training program, office work, construction, painting and so many other things! We are so thankful for the Palmas and the contribution they are making upon the lives of these people. Help us pray for this family as they prepare to apply for full missionary appointment to Uruguay!

We need you to consider following in the Palma's footsteps and doing AIM in Uruguay, South America. URUGUAY NEEDS YOUR HELP!   

As an AIMer 

As an AIMer you will get the chance to make a difference in a variety of languages, but mostly in the language of LOVE. An AIMer's goal is to be like Jesus and be planted in a place where they can do something significant for God.

As an AIMer you will spend 2-12 months of your life working with a missionary in the field. While there it is our prayer that you will receive both a burden for missions and direction for your life.

As an AIMer you can use your skills and abilities to make a difference. Your assignment can prepare you for an intermediate or career missionary position with the United Pentecostal Church International.

As an AIMer you may get the chance to minister to someone who has never even heard of Jesus Christ.

As an AIMer you will learn what it means to be needed. If you were not there, it is possible that a host of believers would have never come to know the Savior.

As an AIMer you will work with multitudes of underprivileged. These people need encouragement, a smile, a friend, a purpose in life, or a resource for moral authority and an AIMer can provide these for them.

As an AIMer you will work with those who live by faith. Missionaries have learned to live by faith and as mentors of volunteer workers, they foster that quality into the lives of AIM workers.

El Elyon: Update from the Cooneys

Luke 1:30-32 “Do not be afraid Mary, you have found favour with God. You will be with child and give birth to a son, and you will call his name Jesus. He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High!”

The name El Elyon was given by the ancient Hebrews to their God. It means “Highest” or “Exalted One.”  It was first used in relation to Melchizedek, the king of Salem who was called “priest of the Most High.” He blessed Abraham in the name of “God Most High” in Genesis 14:18-20.  In the book of Daniel it tells us the great king of Babylon Nebuchadnezzar was cast down because of his pride, arrogance & haughtiness and then lifted back up as king when he recognized the true power of the “Lord Most High.”  Psalm 91 says, “he who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will  find rest in the shadow of the Almighty.”  When the Angel approached Mary with the good news that she would  conceive a baby, he reassured her that the child would be no ordinary baby.  The Angel told her “He will be great and called the Son of the Most High.”  El Elyon is a perfect description of Jesus. He is the Most High superior to all!  His name is above every name!  When you praise the Most High, you worship the one whose power, mercy, love & sovereignty cannot be matched!

Cody Baird – AIMer 

Cody came to us in October from Tulsa, OK.  It’s his first time outside of the U.S.  He’s been a great blessing to the COA, involved in constant outreach, and has had the opportunity to minister in Vienna & Eisenstadt (Austria), Prague (Czech Republic) & Geneva (Switzerland). A missionary in the making!  We’re thankful for young men who are willing to sacrifice and give of their time & finance to invest and pour into the Kingdom of God!

Prague, Czech Republic

We had the privilege to minister in Prague in November.  This city is absolutely beautiful!  Rev & Mrs Roger Buckland have a great work right in the middle of this city that is reaching people.  Rev & Mrs Monte Showalter have been ministering in the Buckland’s absence making an impact. We did outreach & street preaching, and had a deep move of God in our Saturday Seminar and Sunday Service with many weeping at the altar. 

Eisenstadt Anniversary 

Eisenstadt is the daughter work of the Church of Acts – Vienna. It’s pastored by Rev Leopoldo Capule.  Each week our team does extensive outreach in this area, and has powerful services in a rented out facility in the middle of the town. We celebrated Eisenstadt’s 2 Anniversary last month with a great time of fellowship!

Romanian Pastor & Wife

We met this pastoral couple from another local Romanian Pentecostal group & church. They are connected to 15,000 Romanian Pentecostals around Europe.  This group is very exclusive to just Romanians. This pastoral couple is hungry for more of God and Truth. Please keep them in your prayers!

Saturday Bible Study 

I began a group bible study on Saturday a month ago to see what the response would be.  We had 10 new students, and 10 facilitators (teachers in training) showed up!  This bible study will resume consistently each week beginning in January.

Christmas Cantata
“Christ – The Hope at Christmas”

This year we created a song & drama driven Christmas program from scratch. We passed out 10,000 flyers all throughout the city of Vienna. COA had 31 first time visitors, most consisting of friends & family...the people that stick.  153 total in attendance!  At the end of the service we had cardboard testimonies and visitors were bent over in their seats weeping under the power of God! Afterward, we had a first class banquet for our visitors and saints, and spent a great time in fellowship with one another.


The last 2 months we’ve been visited by quite a few Latinos.  Two of the families are consistent now and are enquiring about being involved in ministry.  We are excited about this new door & opportunity, and looking forward to seeing how it will multiply in the New Year!


Sis Josie Reyes has been battling with liver problems for quite some time now. While back in the Philippines she had to be rushed to the hospital. The doctors believed that her appendix burst and that poison had spread throughout her entire body. Because of this and her current liver problems, the doctors gave her 2 days to live.  Our church went to prayer!  That is 3 weeks ago now! 

We serve the “Lord Most High!”


Sis Christina Capule is our daughter work pastor’s wife.  She was diagnosed with very serious cancer earlier this year.  Our church has been praying consistently and fervently for her.  Her last chemo session was a week ago Monday.  She is doing well and strong in the Lord. 

We serve the “Lord Most High!”


Cathy Cooney, my mother, came into this wonderful Truth 4 years after I did, being Catholic for 60 years. She has had health complications this past year affecting her breathing & eating. She dropped down to a scary 107 lbs a few weeks ago, very weak & sick. She was treated in the hospital for her oesophagus, given oxygen and placed on a good weight gain diet. She is doing better and up to 117 lbs now!  Her residence was also filled with smoke from an older central heating system. After prayer, not only has the Lord removed all the smokers from her unit, but He’s helped us find senior housing that is brand new and with no waiting list. She’ll be moving into her new residence in January 2012! What a way to begin this New Year of Miracles!

We serve the “Lord Most High! 

We thank Pastor R. Linder and the ministers from Grace Apostolic, Reynoldsburg for being such a blessing & assistance to her.

Prayer needed:  

Please continue to pray for my wife Fanny Cooney and her U.S. Visa situation. We need a breakthrough and want our family to be together when we resume our deputation Aug 2012. When we as a body of Christ pray, we release El Elyon to do battle for us!            

We serve the “Lord Most High!”

Thank you for your continued support in prayer & finance!

Happy New Year from Finland

Onnellista Uutta Vuotta! 

Happy New Year!

On December 30, during a drive to take our daughters to Vanha Porvoo (Old Porvoo), Finland's second oldest town, I commented that "I'm finally beginning to no longer feel foreign." Glenda responded, "Do you realize that it has been exactly one year since we arrived?"

I can only say "Wow!" when I look back at the last 365 days. We landed with a vision and a plan, then were immediately slapped in the face with reality. I can specifically remember an April day when I was trying to transfer the license registration of the SFC vehicle to our name. I struggled through multiple Finnish websites for three hours! Finally, in frustration, I called our insurance company for advice and was met with a cheery, "Oh, I can take care of that for you!"  Within 3 minutes of my call, the registration was complete. One can't help but be amazed at the unforeseeable challenges that occur when relocating to a new country. To add to the comedy, new national friends don't realize many of the requirements that need fulfilled because they were citizens upon birth.

Why would I share that challenge with you? I simply wanted to give you a glimpse into the world of a missionary. Like you, we deal with a unique set of challenges in life, and each comes with its accompanying stress. I often make the statement, "The more things change, the more they stay the same."

However, the more circumstances change, the more my God remains the same! His presence has never wavered. He has been by our side through each challenge. I can imagine Him possibly chuckling at times, while watching us struggle through any specific day's challenge, and waiting for us to simply ask for His guidance. He has been so good to us this past year. We could never adequately thank Him for His love!

God's vision has not changed. Finland will have a church! He has proved himself time and again in this area by bringing people into our path according to our "bandwidth" (or ability to handle). We have taught Home Bible Studies and seen God wonderfully fill some with His Spirit! We expect 2012 to be no exception.

2012 will be a busy year! Here are a few of our primary goals:

Continuing our study of Suomi (Finnish)
It is a challenging, but rich, language. Each day of study brings a new part of Finnish culture into focus. This is the central key in being able to effectively reach this beautiful country. We greatly appreciate your prayers for our minds. There are few parallels between Suomi and English, which requires us to learn a completely new way of thinking.

Continue to work our way into the culture
We will get involved in local events, reach out to fellow students, become involved in various groups as we learn about them and access their opportunities, etc. The more people we meet, the more people meet Jesus. We ask that you join us in praying for open doors.

Continue to look for needs that Jesus can meet, and then introduce the people to Him
This requires prayer and spiritual sensitivity. There are many hurting people who are looking for an answer to their pain and loneliness. Jesus is that answer! Please pray that we will watch for any opportunity Jesus places in our path, and that the hungry and hurting will be receptive to this wonderful message.

Continue to grow our Home Group by reaching out to the people around us
Please pray that we will continue to find opportunities to teach Home Bible Studies. We love to introduce our Savior to others.

I am filled with anticipation as I look forward to 2012. Will there be challenges? Absolutely! But, "the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits."  (Daniel 11:32)
Mark Alphin

First Finnish Friend

Sirpa is amazing! We met her the first week of January, and our friendship has grown over 2011. God knew we needed someone like her, and we could truly never count the ways she has helped us throughout the year. Thank you, Sirpa, for being such a wonderful person and friend.
Best Memory

2011 was an awesome year for me. One of the things that I enjoyed was Finnish class. Yeah, it made me want to pull all my hair out sometimes, and some nights after class my brain could hardly function, but I enjoyed it. It was interesting to learn about a foreign language, its complexities and simplicities. (In some ways, it's simpler than English, and in others it's more complex.) We had a great teacher, and she helped us understand a lot about Finnish. And, I made a new friend, Angelica, in class. She's an exchange student from Canada, and she now comes to our house often and attends our group. I made a friend and I learned a new language. I'd say that Finnish class was a success!
Oddest Experience


Copenhagen Reenactment
US Civil War Reenactment
in Copenhagen, Denmark!


Most Fulfilling

Every Home Group meeting, Bible Study, prayer meeting, fellowship dinner - all in our home, and all so amazing. Thank you, Lord, for every experience!

But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth. -Acts 1:8

Thank you to our FAMILY, FRIENDS, FINANCIAL SUPPORTERS, PRAYER TEAM members - - all of you have helped to make 2011 GREAT here in Finland. We pray for you often! Our family loves you, appreciates you, and we look forward to sharing all that God will do with us, in us, and through us in 2012.

For souls, until He comes, 
Mark, Glenda, Miranda, and Candace Alphin

Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.
1Thessalonians 5:24

O praise the LORD, all ye nations: praise him, all ye people. For his merciful kindness is great toward us: and the truth of the LORD endureth for ever. Praise ye the LORD.
Psalms 117:1-2

Friday, January 13, 2012

Scotland Aflame



Over the entire Conference, we had reports of  48 (I believe) receive the baptism of  the Holy Ghost, and many were baptized in Jesus’ name in the cold waters of  the bay just in front of  the conference centre.  A lasting impact was made on the town, as well. 


2011 saw the graduation of  one class from HBC and the arrival of  a new one.  This new class is a wonderful and diverse group of  people who have the promise of  God upon their lives, and Jenny and I love and believe in each of  them.  It is a privilege and an honor to teach full-time at the College.

Jenny and I both continue, as well, to teach in the Part-Time College, which has now gone global!  We have a Skype satellite campuses, with one as far as 7 time zones away, plus others in the UK! 


The Church plant in the West End is moving forward.  2011 saw the beginning of  a  commitment to covering our side of  the city in prayer through coordinated prayer walks and drives. 

We set goals for October 2011 - October 2012 and many of these are already being realized. One of  them is to have a campus ministry started on the local University campus, which through the efforts of  some of the Bible College students is already beginning to happen. Also in 2011, we found a hall to move into to hold services in. The venue change will happen on the 19th of  January 2012.


While all of  these things are wonderful, the one highlight that outshines them all for me is that we found out we are going to be parents! Jenny’s having a baby!

Current Needs/Prayer Requests:

Pray that we’ll see a harvest of  souls in Glasgow and that the powers of darkness would be broken in this city. Pray for our health, our minds, and our family.

Looking Forward
What’s in store for Jan 2012?

•Jan 10: HBC full-time resumes after Holidays
(I’ll be teaching Pauline Epistles, New Birth and
•Jan 12: Teaching on the Oneness in Liverpool,
•Jan 19: Vision casting service for the West End,
our first service in the rented facility! (We’re
moving out of  the house and into a rented hall
for services!)
•Jan 21: Catalyst (youth promotional rally) in
•Jan 28: HBC part-time

*Plus everything else we’re involved in! 

Special Thanks!

A HUGE THANK YOU goes to the Temple of  Pentecost in Raleigh, North Carolina and pastors Wayne Huntley and Bryan Ballestero.  We have been needing one of  these since we arrived in Scotland, but now, through their help, we’ve been able to purchase our own car.  This baby gets (I’ve been told...I’m not sure it does when I’m driving) around 55 miles to the gallon.  With fuel at about 8.60 USD per gallon, we welcome the economy.  And, there’s even enough room for a car seat! Praise God for such a blessing!

Finland's Intercessor Team

The Mark Alphin Family-UPCI Missionaries, FINLAND
Prayer Focus
January 2012


The dawning of a new year nearly always brings a mindset of change. No matter what one is considering, whether it be weight, relationships, job, relocation, etc., it always involves changing something about 'life.' Looking back over 2011, we can see where our family experienced a whole lot of change! And, from where we stand, it has all been good. God has been faithful. Our team connection has been strong! And, we have been involved in praying for specific FIT requests in which God has moved in a miraculous way, astounding multiple doctors and proving that time and space does not matter to the Master Physician!

2012 and Finland - here's what we've planned so far (just in a nutshell, mind you, in order to save time and space):

"Light and Might"
In 2012, we are purposing to pray "Light and Might" into the spiritual atmosphere of Finland, asking God to illuminate the spiritual darkness with His Holy light while dispatching angels to fight - with might, strength, and anointing - in order to take territory from the evil one."Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."(Matthew 5:14-16, KJV) Our prayer is that His light, within us, would shine brightly before the Finns!

30 days of Prayer and Fasting
The Europe/Middle East Region is in the midst of a 30-day period of prayer and fasting for the Europe/Middle East. If you are interested in joining us, we welcome you to do so! Sis. Jerolyn Kelley, the EME Prayer Commission Coordinator, had some great fasting ideas: sugar, tea/coffee, eating one meal a day, fasting until a certain time each day, meat, chocolate, bread, internet, newspaper, read nothing but the Bible, and movie/television. There is certainly more than one way to deny ourselves, and with the right motive, our efforts serve to draw us closer to Him.

Read It Through!
Our family is planning to read the Bible through at least once this year. Won't you join us? There are a number of programs available to assist you in making it an easy task, not to mention it has lasting, spiritual benefits! Bread Chart (Bible Reading Enriches Any Day)

Home Bible Studies
Our goal is to reach out to others on a personal level, share our knowledge of Jesus, and help others develop a relationship with God that is built on Truth found in the Word of God. All of us will be involved in teaching Bible Studies!

Looking ahead
In August, the EME Prayer Commission will bring a small team of intercessors to Helsinki, Finland, in order to conduct prayer walks in various areas around the city. We are thrilled that our country was chosen for such a venture, and ask that you help us prepare the spiritual atmosphere for a great awakening in the hearts and minds of men. We will be sharing more about this as the date draws closer. EME Prayer Commission website.

Thank you for being a part of Finland's Intercessor Team.We could not possibly do 'what we do' without you!

Glenda Alphin
UPCI Missionary, Finland
EME Prayer Commission Member


Language Study
Our family begins another round of classes at the University of Helsinki in January! Mark, Glenda, and Candace are going for round 2 - Suomi 2, to be exact - and Miranda will be studying Suomi 1.

Pray for: clarity of thought, illumination of understanding, bind and remove confusion, loose a covering of peace  

Home Bible Studies and Book of Acts Home Group
 Bible Studies: We will soon be starting an additional Bible study. We will be making a number of new acquaintances in language class and want to follow God's direction in making new contacts. Home Group: We have two who call our group home when they are able to attend.

Pray for: direction, wisdom, open hearts and minds, bind deception and release revelation, loose spirit of Truth  

Associates in Missions
We are in conversations with several individuals regarding potential ministry within Finland.  Pray for: wisdom and direction, both for us and each person considering our field of labor 

Ongoing Requests
- A hunger to arise within the Finnish people for an urgency to seek God; spiritual awakening
- Revelation about the Oneness message
- A blood covering over the people of the Name within the country
- Open doors for the Word of God to have free course
- For those we meet to seek our company and want to learn about Jesus
- Associate in Missions help; fellow laborers