Thursday, July 28, 2011

Scotland Aflame - June 2011

Jonathan and Jenny Follmer
AIMers to Scotland
City: Glasgow
Supervising Missionary: Robert Kelley

Moving In

June was a very busy month filled with activity and change. It concluded the year for the students of Harvest Bible College and saw most of them return to their respective residences and fields of labor. We wish them all God’s best!

With the school year in the past, our focus was able to shift to other things. Missions Week of the UPC of Great Britain and Ireland helped to spur along that transition. During the Missions Week, churches all across the UK were executing plans they had made to reach into their communities with the Gospel. Amongst other things that we did in Glasgow, we used this opportunity to have a joint Church endeavor into the West End. With a mini-bus and a station wagon, we took saints from the Church in the East End to hit the streets and pray in the West End, where we have a home group. Another car of ladies went to our home to pray for the work and our community. Awesome.

God has been opening doors for Jenny and I in the West End and establishing us in the area. Now, we are moving in with prayer and focusing on breaking into the community more. We know He has great plans for this work and we feel directed of Him in our endeavors here. More to come!

*Please continue to pray for us as we reach out, that God would help us to walk in HIS vision and that He would lead us to hungry souls for the harvest! In Jesus’ Name!

Current Needs: Jenny and I need finances for a vehicle (about 5,000 USD). We have a temporary vehicle that we are borrowing at the moment, but really require our own. Prayer for this and support are greatly welcomed!

•June 1: Jenny teaching at Harvest Bible College
•June 2: Jonathan teaching at HBC
•June 2: WEST END meeting
•June 5: Jonathan leads service at New Life Church, Parkhead
•June 9: WEST END meeting
•June 10: Jonathan and Jenny teaching at HBC
•June 11: Jonathan transports ladies from NLC to “Ladies in ACTSion Day” in Sunderland
•June 12: “Pentecost Sunday” Jonathan leads worship
•June 15: Jenny teaching at HBC
•June 16: Jonathan teaching at HBC
•June 16: WEST END meeting
•June 18: Helped at Nottingham Church dedication service
•June 21-24: Jenny (with her devoted assistant Jonathan)
cooking for students, staff and guests of HBC
•June 22: Jenny teaching at HBC
•June 23: Jonathan teaching at HBC
•June 23: WEST END meeting
•June 27-July 3: Missions Week in UPC GB&I
•June 29: Joint Church prayer walk in the WEST END!

*Plus everything else we’re involved in!

Mexigram - July 2011


Here are some recent pictures of the students in our Bible School in Mexico City, where we have three different formats, now with a total of 235 students.

Pictured above.
Our Tuesday night Bible School with classes from 7 to 10 pm every Tuesday, and the class cycle goes for 10 months. There are 111 students in this format.

Pictured above. Also, there is a Saturday Bible School with classes from 9 am to 12 pm. This format was only started two years ago, but it is also catching on. We have 41 students in this format.

Pictured above. The most intensive course is the Summer Bible School which started July 4th and lasts for five weeks with 7 hours-a-day, from Monday thru Friday and four more hours on Saturday. This is mostly a internship format, with students coming from all over Mexico. They do in five weeks the 150 hours of classes that the other formats do in 10 months. This year we have 83 students in this format.

We started the first Bible School classes in Mexico City in 1992. Today, we have a total of 31 teachers involved, most of whom have graduated from the four year (level) course. The Bible School has become a "greenhouse" for Pastors and Ministers entering the Ministry, but also for solidifying so many good saints in our churches in this great city.

I have a heavy teaching schedule for I teach, at least, one subject in every level and every format, but we love it! That is besides pastoring a wonderful growing Church in the heart of Mexico City that now has over 600 members, which we also love doing! It's so wonderful and beautiful to Pastor!


We are SSSOOOO thankful to the Lord for the tremendous way in which the Central District of the UPC of Mexico is growing. The Central District is simply Mexico City with over 22 million people.


Every first Monday of the month, starting at 6 pm, we have our Monthly Pastor's and Ministers meeting. It is always an exciting meeting with testimonies of great victories, miracles and healings from the month before, and also a SHOUTING time of victory as each Pastor quickly reports the baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost the month before. In this month's meeting (July 4th), there were

a total reported of 282 baptized and

505 that received the Holy Ghost in June.

To God be the glory! The HG amount includes some Pentecost Sunday Rallies that were held on the Day of Pentecost in June. Please thank the Lord and rejoice with us!


July 29-31, 2011

The UPC of Mexico has it's National Convention every two years, with Zonal (Regional) Conventions during the alternate years. This year our National Convention 2011 will be in the Sports Palace (Palacio De Los Deportes) in Mexico City. We are happy that, among the invited guests and preachers, we will have Rev. David Bernard, General Superintendent of the UPCI: We will have over 15,000 in attendance, and our goal is to see over 1,500 receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Yes, we can and will! Why not plan to come and be part of revival Check us out:

Missionary T.Wynn Drost

General Superintendent UPC of Mexico

Update from the Cooneys

Phase 1 of our deputation is complete. When we got our van Fall of last year, it had 9,600 miles on it. It now has 45,000! Since our last update I’ve traveled through Texas, Oklahoma & Illinois. Three U.S. states with 1st class people and Wide Open Spaces!

My mind began to race thinking about those 3 words, “Wide Open Spaces.” Pray the Lord of the harvest to send forth labourers into His harvest, “Wide Open Spaces of Opportunity.” Look up Abraham, I will make your descendants as the stars of the sky, “Wide Open Spaces of Promise.” Isaac found a well that he didn’t have to strive for, redug it and called it Rehoboth, “Wide Open Spaces of Abundant Provision.” I believe we are entering a time of Wide Open Spaces, a time of greater revival, a time of greater challenges and a time of exercising & stretching of our faith like never before! Expectation has never been higher in the
body of Christ!

I’ve had great services these past couple months, here are a few highlights of those that have walked into their Wide Open Spaces:

Unlike most missionary deputations, our family has a 1 year gap before we reconvene with the rest of our deputation in August 2012. We’ve been given a temporary assignment by our Regional Director to oversee the Church of Acts in Vienna, Austria beginning August 2011. Our family has been apart since February; we’re looking forward to being with one another again, looking forward to new challenges, growth, experiences and revival!

We have some extra expenses during this transition that we could use assistance with, i.e. flight & moving costs. We are returning to the field with roughly 1/3 of our budget for the year. We appreciate any love offerings or new PIMs during this time. Thank you for your support--prayerfully & financially!

Rev Joe, Fanny & Jaylon Cooney
Missionaries to Ireland- Evangelist to the World

Holy Ghost Outpouring in Barcelona, Spain - Missionary Update

In the month of July, we had our annual regional conference here in Barcelona. This is a conference where the churches in our region of Spain come to worship together for a weekend. We were happy to have Rev. Eli Hernandez, evangelist from California, and his family preach this great event. They did an outstanding job.

We had a record attendance of 831 during this event and 62 that received the gift of the Holy Ghost for the first time! There were also over 50 miracles reported, one of whom testified that she had no use of her right hand before, but when the power of God touched her, she was completely healed and was able to write me a note testifying of this miracle.

We are in the process of starting another daughter work in the Barcelona area. Please keep us in your prayers that the Lord would guide us in this endeavor.

Thank you for all your prayers and support. Together we are claiming Spain in Jesus' name!

God Bless,

Nathan, Tanya, Alaina and Lincoln Harrod

Monday, July 11, 2011

Austria Update

Greetings friends and family,

First and foremost. This past week was incredible. We had a blessed weekend with our AMTC session in Nurnberg, Germany at Bro. Scott’s church.

Bro. Andreassen and Bro. Craft did a fabulous job teaching. Every word that was spoken during these sessions was so anointed. The Spirit of God was so rich it was almost tangible. God truly had His way! Lives were changed. Barriers were torn down. Hearts uplifted. Hope was given. And the path to revival is that much more paved!

Bro. Craft teaching on faith, and how we can all, as ministers and leaders, do the great things Jesus Christ did through our faith in Him.

Bro. Andreassen is talking about letting ourselves be more open to receive the bountiful blessings and anointing from God!

The rest of this newsletter may be a little different compared to the last few that were sent the following months. But, a newsletter is simply a method of spreading good news through a letter, which is what I am going to do. I must point out what great men and women are laboring here in the German-speaking nations of Western Europe. They have got ahold of something great! And the news must be told! Being able to work with men and women who understand what true ministry is is such a blessing and honor. The missionaries and ministers within the German-speaking nations of Western Europe have grasped the revelation of true ministry. It is evident through their faithfulness, commitment, longevity of desire, humbleness, passion, and simply an awareness to not fulfill their will, but God’s will. They understand that ministry is not always going where you “want” to go. Not always going where you feel that God has called you. These men and women understand that ministry is not always easy. But, they know without a shadow of a doubt that ministry is going and helping where the need is.

Another great thing about grasping onto the revelation of true ministry is the fact that once we obtain this revelation our entire outlook on our individual ministry will change. Meaning that we will not stress and worry if we don’t meet OUR expectation. When we preach or minister in some form, we will not feel the weight of failure because no one received the Holy Ghost or no one received a miraculous healing. But, once we have this revelation, we will know that it is not up to us to fill this person or that person with the Holy Ghost, or it’s not up to us to make sure this number of people receive a healing. But, it is solely up to us to have the faith and the works through our ministering. And the rest is up to God. God has blessed these Western European Nations with many fine men and women of God who understand exactly what is being said here!

I must give honor where honor is due. And honor must be given to Bro. and Sis. Robinette and Bro. and Sis. Craft. These great people have influenced and impacted the lives of many. Thank God for their true desire for ministry.

These are just the very few of the many great men and women who understand the revelation of true ministry!

I hope this newsletter finds each of you at that perfect moment!

Your AIMer,
Stephen M. Merritt