Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Praise Reports

From Paul Dennis (VFMA: Asia):
I just got this from Dennis Graham, he is one of the ministers that was with me in Okinawa. I don't know when he will be back in the United States. Pray for all our Military men and women. Greetings from sunny & sweltering Baghdad!

After 9 months of ministering the precious truths of the new birth, we were privileged to baptize a man from Sierra Leone on the 4th of July. It was a glorious occasion!

Upon baptizing him and giving thanks to God, I remember looking up across at the huge palace that fills the view, and thinking, who could have imagined that in a place where Saddam once lived, we would be baptizing someone into the wonderful name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

That defining moment makes it worth being in Iraq for a year!!!! Perhaps what makes this victory even sweeter and so amazing is for the past 9 months, we have faced much opposition to baptizing people into the name which is above every other name. We have been forbidden to teach it by some of the Ugandan Pastors, even though they were receiving our teachings and still do allow us to teach everything except for baptism as stated in Acts 2, 8, 10, 19 & 22. We have also been hindered by other church leaders who are for keeping unity over teaching Jesus' name, but God has given us a breakthrough for which we are extremely grateful! We are all for unity also but not at the expense of compromising or trivializing TRUTH!

Last Sunday, we baptized 2 more precious souls and are now teaching on the book of Acts from the overseas ministry course in 2 of the camps. I need to clarify that when I say we, I mean the group of fellow believers like Sis Sharon Gillis, Elder Paul Burch, and ministers Troy Fondaw and William Tullos that have all had a part in what the Lord is doing here.

The Lord has been very good to us! There have been many lessons to learn in the desert and number one is to pray as if your life depended on it--everyday!

Thank you for your prayers, love, and support.
Prayer Requests
From Barbara Abernathy (FMD):
Please pray for my uncle, Rev. James McElhaney, who is suffering complications from surgery.

From David Kline (Lesotho):
Please pray for our conference, crusade & Holy Ghost Super Sunday 27 July ‘08 Our special guest speakers from the USA will be Bro. & Sis. M. K. Sartin (Marrero, LA) and several from their congregation as well. (For some this will be there first overseas trip.)

While our visitors are here, prior to the Sunday service, we thought it would be great to have a leadership and pastor training 24th, 25th, and 26th of July.

We will have revival services in the evening as a build up to the Holy Ghost Super Sunday. We are praying for 100 souls to be filled with the Holy Ghost! We have been casting vision for personal evangelism and soul winning. The Pentecostals of Maseru set a goal of 400 Bible studies before these meeting and more the 450 have already been taught. We had to raise our goal to 800. In the month of June alone, 30 people have been filled with the Holy Ghost! Thank you Jesus!

Please pray for:
Safe Travel for the American visitors, Lesotho pastors, and saints.·
Spirit of unity for revival.·
A drawing of hungry souls searching for God.·
A life-changing move of the Holy Ghost!·
For 100 souls to be filled with God's Spirit.·
The new souls to be established in the Lord

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Kindly pray for Bro. Dillip Das.

He got an accident last night on the way home from his office. The accident happened when he got down from the bus, we still do not know what happened.

God who is a good God never leaves His children alone, when Bro. Dillip was lying unconscious on the street, blood came out both from his mouth and his ear, a big crowd was gathering surround him, but no one dared or cared enough to help him, we don’t know how long he was lying there on the street.

Something unusual was happening, Sis. Supriya and one brother was having tea just nearby, this is not their habit to have tea together, they just happened to be there, I think God has placed them there on purpose.

When this brother had left home and Sis. Supriya was about to get into the bus, she saw the crowd just on the side of the road, she normally ignores the crowd, but this time there was an urge in her heart to go there and take a look.

There, she saw Bro. Dillip lying unconsciously on the road. She immediately called for help and also informed Bro. Dillip’s family, some of the people tried to hinder her as they said that this might be a police case, but there were 2 boys who tried to help her.

They took him to the nursing home nearby. There the doctor took some scans on him to see what was wrong with him, the doctor thought there might be an internal injury and suggested them to take him to a bigger hospital, so they took him to ICU in Apollo Hospital.

Right now the bleeding from his nose and ear has stopped but he is still unconscious.

Please pray for him that God will heal him.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Praise Report

From Dan Davis (South Africa):

There is a lady who is a member of our church who has been so faithful and with us since almost the founding of the church. She told me of a great thing that happened last week.

Her son, who occasionally attends our church, was working on a street light. He was on a ladder at the top of the pole and fell. He landed in a standing position and broke his ankle. He told the men at work, "Don't take me to the hospital just take me to my mom and she will pray."

They did. She prayed and when his boss (another member of our church) came to check on him the next day he was up and ready for work - no pain and no broken bones!!!!!

God is awesome.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Praise Report From John Hemus (United Kingdom):

We have just witnessed an awesome miracle.

Peter was scheduled to have open heart surgery last Tuesday. He had to have his Mitra valve replaced and one blockage by-passed.

We prayed with him on Sunday that he would not have the need for the surgery and that the Doctors will send him home. We received an ecstatic phone call on Monday afternoon. The surgeons could not find any problems with the valve and could not even find the blockage.

We had many visitors on Sunday morning and they all were waiting to find out what happened.

Peters front door did not stop being knocked on all night and his phone rang continuously.

Peter gave God all the glory for the miraculous healing.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Prayer Requests

From Twyla Tolstad (Uganda):
Please pray for healing for Phil Tolstad. Please add Phil to your prayer list. He has been admitted to a hospital (the first time in 37 years that we have been married) here in Kampala with high fever for over a week. Please pray the right decisions will be made by the Doctors!

After tests last night they have found parasites in his blood. They now have his blood pressure stabilized and the fever down. They took more blood today for cultures to find out what parasites and how he might have got them.

It will take up to 3 days to get all the results, but if he continues to feel better he may get to come home to REST until they decide what type of antibiotic to give him. That is what we are praying for, Thanks again.

From Bennie and Pat Blunt (Tonga/Samoa/American Samoa):
Please pray for the upcoming crusade in Pago Pago, American Samoa and for healing for Sister Rose, a pastor’s wife.

We are asking prayer for our upcoming Crusade here in Pago Pago, American Samoa on July 11,12, and 13. We believe that God can break the "bonds of tradition" on this island!

Bro. Scott Graham will be ministering for us, and we are praying for an awesome move of God's Spirit.

Also, one other request - one of our pastor's wife, Sis. Rose, has recently had her left leg amputated above the knee, due to diabetes. This is a very hard trial for her. We desire the prayers of all our friends for her that the Lord will give her complete healing and peace of mind and heart.

From Dan Davis (South Africa):
Please pray for the youth who were critically injured in an auto accident and for the family of the youth pastor who was killed.

Yesterday one of our churches youth groups was returning from a conference. On the way, there was an auto accident leaving the youth pastor dead and others critically injured.

Please ask for those who would to pray for this church, the injured and the family of the deceased.

From Maria Strickland (Greece):
I ask you one more time to keep us in prayer for my mother. She went through a biopsy last week. Today we found out that doctors cannot begin chemo, because the cells taken from her lung did not identify the kind of tumor she has. She must have another biopsy this week. The biopsy will be done at the same lung.

We love the Lord and he has given us Hope and Grace.

Praise Report

Praise Report
From Brad Thompson (Guatemala):
Ryan is home from the hospital. He is doing much better. He will continue his treatment for 8 days and be retested. Our two regional crusades gave us a combined harvest of 571 filled with the Holy Ghost and over 75 baptized in Jesus’ name.

We have another crusade this weekend and one more in two weeks.

This is a time of harvest for the church in Guatemala.

From David Kline (Lesotho):
This month we had special visitors from South Africa, Bro. & Sis. Woulter Coutzee, Capital Park, Pretoria. This is the Church that Bro. & Sis. Freeman founded in 1948. We had our monthly Leadership Training Seminar for June. Bro. Coutzee taught on leadership and the area of change. The pastors and leaders were encouraged and challenged to be TRUE leaders of the gospel!

Please Pray

Prayer Requests
From Dena Hayes (San Andres Island/Colombia):

Please pray for healing for Shane Hayes. He has passed two kidney stones in the past 12 hours (since Sunday, 3pm). He has another one and is in extreme pain. We cannot get him into the hospital here because they charge foreigners over $1,000 per day.

A doctor in our church is treating him but we can't get certain medicines because we're not at the hospital. We need divine intervention.

From Stanley Scism (South Asia/United Kingdom):
A baby was born suffering from esophageal atresia, had to be operated on within 24 hours of birth, and just now died at 3 months. Please pray for the family's comfort in this time of sadness. Please pray for mother of Zahluna (one of the youth leaders in NE India). She suffers from blood cancer Please pray for peace in N Bengal, India. People agitating for separate statehood have held a general strike for 60 days now.

Sanjit Subba came from Galdhakka where 3 people were baptized in Jesus’ name. In that same area, 2 people had been killed during the political violence and many injured. In Galdhakka, Ramala Rebecca Rai is the local pastor. In this same place, I and Van Rosa and Michael Parmley and Joseph visited in early April. Because the transport was shut down, Sanjit had to go to Gorthang, then walk through the forest, where many insurgent live and plot, to his home in Darjeeling, where the whole area is becoming violent. In this same area, people who used to worship idols but have come to know that the Creator loves them so much that he came as Jesus Christ to save them, now love Jesus and spread the message of Him in spite of severe opposition and chaos in the society. Please pray for their safety and courage in the midst of all this.

From Brad Thompson (Guatemala):
Please pray for six-years-old Miguel, who was hit by a car and needs a miracle, and for a presbyter who was rushed to emergency. Miguel is 6 years old and needs a miracle. He has several skull fractures and his optic nerve is damaged. One of his arms is also in very bad shape. We all have served as great support for each other, but we need your prayers.
One of our presbyters was rushed to emergency last night as well, so this situation continues. I know God has something great in store or all of this would not be happening right now.