Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Africa Network of Prayer

Calendar of Events

Nov 1-3
-- Cameroon - - Ministers' Conference in Buea with Rev. Donald Knight
Nov 2-4
-- Madagascar -- Regional Marriage Seminar in Moramang
Nov 4-7
-- Cameroon -- Annual National Convention in Buea with Rev. Myron Wideman
Nov 6
-- Togo -- National Board Meeting
Nov 6-7
-- Uganda -- Rwenzori Region Karonga Seminar
Nov 9-12
-- Kenya -- General Board Meeting
Nov 12-14
-- Cameroon -- Ladies Seminar in Yaounde
Nov 13
-- Benin -- National Board Meeting
Nov 13-14
-- Uganda -- North Kyoga Lira Seminar
Nov 18-22
-- Uganda -- North Kyoga Regional Conference
Nov 26-29
-- Uganda -- Lake Victoria Seminar

Special Prayer Requests

Burkina Faso

Purchasing property in Ouagadougou is quite a challenge. We have
two churches that are needing to make some decisions in the next few months. Both will most likely need to be relocated. Please pray that we not only find good properties at a good price, but that the purchase of the properties goes smoothly. We need wisdom on how to work through this process.

We have a unique opportunity to buy a building in Nairobi. One of our local churches is renting this building at present, and the owner wants to sell it. The price is close to $31,000.00, and we are believing God is going to help us raise this here in Kenya. Please pray with us about this building.

There will be a referendum vote this month while we're away. There were some demonstrations/protests in town last week because of a trial of someone accused of things that took place during the 'coup' that happened a couple of years ago.


Please continue praying for the church legal registration which is now
in process. Pray, also, for the executive board members that God will give them wisdom for leading the work of the Lord with a zeal and fervor.

Please bind together with Pastor Damien as he prayers for 300 AIDS patients from 1:00 to 4:00 every day.

Sierra Leone

Pray for the Last Hour program that is to take place at end of the months of November and December. We are thankful for a recent land purchase for a local church. Help us pray that God will provide the funds needed for the building.


Pray for an upcoming mission trip into Sudan, one of Africa's Target countries. There are some contacts. Please pray that the doors will open to be able to get into the country. Also, pray for national referendum which is scheduled to be held in January, 20

International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church
November 7, 2010

Most of us can be grateful that we have never been persecuted for our faith. Maybe we have been laughed at, ignored or thought to be silly because we believe in God. But most of us have never been beaten, imprisoned or threatened because we follow
Christ. Did you know in other countries that approximately 160 million Christians today are suffering because of their faith in Jesus? Earlier this year, 500 Christians in Nigeria were murdered overnight. In Afghanistan, Christians live in constant fear of violence. In North Korea, it is a crime to be a Christian. Join with people all over the world on November 7 to pray for all Christians who are suffering for their faith. Pray for their persecutors. Pray that the Gospel will spread rapidly in countries where Christians are oppressed, and that ungodly regimes will change as their people are changed by the power of God.

Praise Reports

Burkina Faso

Every day we are receiving calls about someone getting baptized in Jesus Name. The pastors have their eyes focused on the fields. Just 2 weeks ago, we baptized 2 Trinitarian ministers and their wives. We are working with a pastor who lives in the s
outh of Burkina who has received the Word of God, and we will be traveling down to baptize him one the first of December. God is doing a quick work here in Burkina Faso!


In a recent crusade in the Coastal city of For
t Dauphine,

204 were filled with the Holy Ghost. The local church is so thankful and excited! Continue to pray as they begin the "follow up" work this week.

Eleven have received the Holy Ghost, two were healed, and three are to be baptized in Jesus' name this coming weekend!


One couple in Reunion said, "We are going to church there," as they drove past our church sign. During their first visit, he was healed after four specialists had told him he would never be healed. On their second Sunday, she received the gift of the Holy Ghost. On their fourth Sunday, they were both baptized in Jesus' name. They are from a city where we have been praying for an open door to establish a church.

People are receiving the Holy Ghost, and we also have baptized two in Jesus' name. On the 10th, we held a three hour prayer meeting with all the pastors; three days later, there was a failed coup attempt. We are able to continue our services in peace. Also through the power of prayer, a woman & a child diagnosed with AIDS were healed!

In four Regional meetings, 111 received the Holy Ghost and 70 were baptized. There were seven new churches added, and three Trinitarian pastors were baptized in Jesus' name.

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