Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tolstad / Uganda January Update‏

Dear Partners and Friends,

We greet you in Jesus Name in the New Year of 2015!

Our annual General Conference of the United Apostolic Church of Uganda is held the third week of January. We  have to hold our General meeting at a time when it's dry season and school is in recess so most of our Pastors can attend.  The 2015 General Conference was testified to be the very best and greatest! Not to slight the previous years, but it should be that each year should be the best. Fifty nine received the Holy Ghost (many pastors and pastors wives were in the number), 24 were baptized in Jesus Name, nine of them pastors who have joined the UACU. Each night was a highlight as there was great worship, singing, praising and lifting up the Name of Jesus.
    The Conference started with two days of leadership training for our Area Coordinators and Presbyters. It was a great time of training and working together to set goals and make plans for the new year. Conference began on Thursday with five classes each day on Doctrine, Exhortation, Teaching and Evangelism. Saturday was our Business Meeting, in the afternoon we had Holy Communion for all the conference, a great time of unity and Praise. Saturday evening was our Apostolic Bible College Graduation, as nine students graduated from the Certificate Level of classes. The procession was led by the Staff of the College and the fourteen attending students of the college as escorts. Saturday the General Board also met most of the day and night to interview 82 ministerial candidates. Bro Brian Parkey was our special speaker from Poplar Bluff, MO. His ministry was timely and very instrumental in the growth of our Leaders and Pastors. We also appreciated his son, Dillon coming with him to Uganda!
    Sunday is always a special day as it is a time of celebration as many churches from Kampala gather with the conference. After the Conference ended, there were four Pastors who were wed in Christian Ceremony into the late evening. One of those who was wed, was Presbyter Robert Monzira from the West Nile Region.
    The Churches of Uganda are seeing a great growth and a special move of the Holy Ghost. God is confirming his power with signs and wonders. Help us pray that God will allow us the open doors to begin many new works into areas we are not yet preaching the Gospel!
    Many new churches are being started each month, at this time we are in the building programs of four church buildings.
    Thank you all for your faithfullness in giving and prayers!

Philip and Twyla Tolstad
Missionaries to Uganda, East Africa
United Apostolic Church of Uganda
Pic 1 - Praying at the Altar at Conference
Pic 2- General Conference
Pic 3- Apostolic Bible College Choir Singing
Pic 4-Choir from Lake Albert Region, Pastor Richard Asannide's Church
Pic 5-"Suffer the Little Children to come.."
Pic 6-Conference
Pic7- Baptizing at General Conference
Pic8- ABC Graduation
Pic9- Presbyter Monzira Robert standing with his groomsmen at his wedding.
Pic10- Murchison Falls in Central Uganda on the Nile River
Pic 11-12 -  First picture is where thousands of people were getting their water for drinking, cooking. As well as all the animals, washing, etc.  Second pic is the NEW WELL dedicated by "Living Wells" to W.C. Parkey and dedicated by his son and Grandson Rev. Brian and Dillon Parkey, who's family contributed most of the costs to the well. NOW they have clean healthy water to drink and use, that the Abako Church and community is blessed due to the kindness of many people and churches in the USA.

Monday, January 19, 2015


To all Budapest Prayer Participants,


“Bekéseg” is the greeting of the Hungarian church.  It translates, ’have peace’. We appreciate the interest of the region in this city and we believe that we are in the perfect timing of the Lord.  So, we would like to say to all, Bekéseg!  As we unite together in the coming weeks, we are anticipating the culmination of the Lord’s will in this city.  

We have a special request.  It has recently been newsworthy of the nationalistic attitude of the Hungarian government against various religions and human rights.  Viktor Orban, the present prime minister, has overstepped boundaries in a rush to crackdown on rights groups in which churches and yes, our UPCI work, has been affected.  The Superintendent, Brother Kovács, has been to court more than once this year.  We ask you to pray for God’s perfect will in this situation.

This connects to the work in Budapest.  Legal status is necessary for various reasons—visas, rentals, recognition, etc.  It is important to have a solid foundation. 

As God sets the stage, we ask for His Spirit to influence the contacts that we have in Budapest.  We pray for hunger for Truth.  We pray for unity.  We pray for freedom of the Spirit to do the necessary work in hearts and lives.  We pray for open doors to the right people and the right places.

Thank you, again, for your burden for Budapest.  Thank you for your sacrifice in praying and giving of your time and finances.  We anticipate souls as your reward.

See you in Budapest!

Michael and Jill Patterson
Eastern Europe