Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Republic of Georgia: DeTemple June Update


Gamarjoba! (Hello)

We just want to say Thank You! We are so appreciative of your prayers and support! 

Jan & Jenna Mason, thank you so much
for giving the money to Esther to
buy a bicycle! She loves it!! 
We are excited to report that we arrived back in the The Republic of Georgia on June 12th. We were blessed with an uneventful trip. We appreciate all the prayers for us as we traveled back home! Esther & Elijah made the trip well, in fact they were awake for most of it! (exhausted when we arrived in Tbilisi!)

It has been a whirlwind since our arrival. We were able to find and secure a small 2 bedroom home within a week of our arrival. It has a small yard where we can safely park our car and our children can play. This was such an answer to prayer.

Within the first week back, the contract on the building the church had been using was up and we were told that the rent would be increasing. With much prayer and searching, God opened a door in a much better, more central location! We have moved and are currently working on settling into the new facility! We only need to do a small amount of construction to make it fit our needs. This is a miracle, and we are so excited to see where God is taking the church in the Republic of Georgia.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

World Network of Prayer (WNOP) Prayer Connect

Join us in praying for the following world needs this week:

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Recently I attended a prayer conference. There was something taught that impacted me, so I wanted to share it.

We know we are not to be ignorant of Satan's devices and perhaps sometimes we wonder where the enemy may attack next. In Ephesians 6, the Lord gives us the Armor of God.  In doing so, He is showing us the areas He knows that needs protection. Recall the armor and think of this: (helmet of) salvation, (breastplate of) righteousness, (belt of) truth, (feet shod with the gospel of) peace, (shield of) faith and (sword of) spirit. Now I know where I might be attacked: salvation, righteousness, truth, peace, faith and spirit. Perhaps the Devil looks at which area we are weakest and that's where he tries to attack.

Thinking about that I realized I am probably often vulnerable in peace. In short, I worry too much. And the enemy of my soul steals my peace. Since I know the area he is going to attack, since I have weapons for that area, I purpose to make this area stronger by finding verses on peace, covering my mind with the blood of Jesus, and binding any spirits trying to steal my peace. Think of an area I mentioned and see if there is an area in which you're vulnerable. God will help you fortify that area. He already equipped you with the armor for it.

Have a blessed week.

Jill Fierge, Guest Writer
North American Missions
UPCI Headquarters


ECHOgram for July 3, 2018
The Word 

Of late, the Lord has heavily dealt with my heart on the importance of daily spending time in His Word. I'm not talking about the "grab the Bible and read a chapter" method, rather the digging in and spending extended time not only reading, but also studying and praying God's Word.

In the world we live in, we are constantly bombarded with so many ideas, theories and doctrines.  With the help of social media, everyone is giving their opinion about what is right and what is wrong. More than ever, it is vital to be grounded in God's Word, which is the measuring stick by which we can distinguish truth from error.  Studying the Word will help us to be strong in what we believe. Hiding the Word in our hearts will help keep us from sin. But more importantly, immersing ourselves in the Bible will help us know God and His will for our lives.

This week spend a little extra time in the Word.  Read it. Pray it. Study it.

Pray the following:

  • God, let Your Word come alive to me as I read, pray and study it.
  • Lord, help me hide Your Word deeply in my heart.
  • God, help me always look to Your  Word for the final say.  
  • Help me not be swayed by popular opinion, but let Your Word guide me in all things.
  • Help me love Your Word and devote time daily to its study. 
  • Help me make a habit of praying Your Word.

Lisa Marshall
Strategic Prayer Coordinator
World Network of Prayer



Global Missionaries

  • Kirby & Mary Parker (Malta/Morocco/Algeria/Tunisia/Libya) 
  • Daniel & Christine Patterson (Romania)
  • Mike & Jill Patterson (Romania/Bulgaria/Hungary)
  • Steve & Yvonne Phelps (Nigeria)
  • Chris & Paula Richardson (Madagascar)
  • Leonard and Ping-Lan Richardson (Taiwan)
  • Randall & Theresa Richardson (Mauritius/Reunion/Seychelles)

North American Missionaries

  • Juan Martinez-Saenz Family (Manteca)
  • David McGovern Family (Glendale)
  • Bryan Axtell Family (Victorville)
  • Jay Hurley Family (Sacramento)
  • Monte Albalos Family (Carmel)
  • Scott Shoemake Family (Ventura)
  • Gilbert Lozano Family (Arden Arcade)


22 Access Challenged Nations

Join the World Network of Prayer and Global Missions in praying for the 22 nations that are considered access challenged and difficult to get into.  We will focus on one nation each week.


World Needs:  

  • Please pray for the rescue efforts of 12 boys and their coach from a flooded cave in Thailand.
  • Liberia is one of the poorest countries in the world, with some of the worst levels of water hygiene and sanitation. This makes communities vulnerable to the spread of disease. Pray for financial stability to come to this nation and for improvements in their water and hygiene systems.
  • Ongoing political and socio-economic developments have led to as many as 1.5 million Venezuelans fleeing the country in the past 18 months. This includes 35,000 people crossing the border into Colombia on a daily basis to stock up on food and other basics. Annual inflation could reach upwards of 300,000 per cent by the end of the year. The majority of the population does not have access to essential medicines and over eight million Venezuelans don't have enough food. Please pray for economic stability and an end to the food crisis.
  • Please pray for the appointment of a new United States Supreme Court Justice. 


Plowing Before the Planter:

Please pray for the upcoming Plowing Before the Planter event 
that will take place July 6-8, in West Valley City, Utah.


UPCI General Board


Josh Carson
Youth Ministries President

Executive Presbyters:

Jerry Holt, Northwest Region
Mark Johnson, North Central 
Randy Ensey, South Central
Art Hodges III, Western Zone
Rodney Pamer, Northeast
Williams Singleton, Southeast
Jonathan Mullings, Southwest
Brent Coltharp, Eastern Zone
Raymond Woodward, Canada


2018 WNOP Events:

2018 New England Territory Summons - Tiverton, Rhode Island

2018 Ministry and Prayer Seminar - Bridgeton, Missouri

2018 Prayer Changed My Life Seminar

Other WNOP Events:

  • Ontario Summons (November 1-3, 2018)
  • Detroit Summons (November 15-17, 2018)


WNOP Personal Prayer List

To join WNOP in praying for the personal needs submitted by email, phone and website,  please click here.

You may submit requests by email at

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Summer '18 Update - Paris, France and New Normals


Summer has settled here in France and we want to take a moment to update you about everything that’s happened since we arrived in Paris. Upon our arrival, we hit the ground running, and we feel like we’ve been going nonstop since then. We are thankful for the opportunities before us, and look forward to the future here.

Since relocating here, Jen and I have taken up roles assisting at Paris Centre Church where Missionaries Paul and Darla Brochu pastor. We support them with various administrative functions, have helped launch their small group ministry, are connecting with people in the area, developing branding, designing new digital workflows, creating marketing collateral and working to train members of the congregation in these areas. Additionally, we share the load of the preaching and teaching ministry to relieve some of the load from Pastor Brochu. We love this fellowship of believers in Paris and count it a privilege to worship with and serve them.

During our time here, we have seen several people baptized in water and filled with the Holy Spirit. People have been healed by the hand of God, and others have been delivered from evil spirits. We are experiencing a book of Acts church as God works to reach the people of Paris!

Recently, we were in the Middle East for strategic planning meetings. We serve our EME Regional Director, Michael Tuttle, in administrative areas and were part of these planning meetings in that capacity. It was an absolutely incredible experience to be in the Middle East and see what is happening there. We saw people filled with the Spirit and miraculously healed. Sharing time and experiences with the Omani people was truly life-changing. How kind and gracious they were to us. Time, space, and security would not permit us to talk about all the AWESOME things that God is doing in our region! We are extremely thankful to be living in these exciting times! (We will not be sharing photos of these services for security reasons.)

On Pentecost weekend, the UPC of France hosted its Pentecost Convention in Melun with several hundred people present for the meetings. Our Global Missions Director, Bruce Howell, preached powerful messages and several people received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. We are grateful that he and his wife were able to be in France for a few days.

We have been blessed to return to Holland a couple of times in the past few months since moving, and were able to minister in the churches there. It’s great to see new faces as the work grows under the leadership of Missionaries Allan and Carla Calhoun. They have launched new works in the country with new people meeting there. We rejoice with them at the great things happening in Holland. Within a couple of months of us leaving Holland, three people who were much loved by us pass away. Please pray for the families and the close group of believers as they adjust to new normal without their loved ones.

We encourage you to follow us on our social media outlets to see the activities in which we are involved. We regularly post interesting photos and videos.

Once again, we thank you all for your love, prayers and support!

Baron & Jen Carson
Associate Missionaries to France



Camel riding in Muscat, Oman
The most famous tower in the world
Enjoying an evening of fellowship with missionary Brochu, Pastor David Stovall & daughter Gianna, Jen & Baron, Global Missions Director Bro & Sister Howell
Pyramid in front of the Louvre
Traditional Omani meal on the floor
Enjoying time with family in Paris
Notre Dame at night
Another soul takes on the Name of Jesus
The desert outside of our hotel in Oman
The ladies touring a mosque
Ministering in Melun with Pastor Nowacki
2018 ACRC Delegation
Sacré-Cœur Basilica in Paris
With our Regional Directors, Mike and Dianna Tuttle, at Paris Centre Church

Feel free to reach out to us anytime. We love to connect with you!

France Newsletter

We bring you greetings from Terre Haute, Indiana! It has been a while since we have sent you an update and for this we apologize.

Our family arrived back to the United States from France this past May to attend School of Missions in Grafton, Illinois and to begin our deputation.

Upon our arrival to the States, we did not have a vehicle for our deputation and we needed a miracle. Pastor Trammell from Albion, Michigan helped us locate a vehicle. We were able to miraculously fly to Michigan from New York to purchase a Toyota Sienna van. The very next day, I attended the annual Michigan men’s conference where money was raised to cover the entire cost of the van! We thank the state of Michigan for allowing God to work through them to be a blessing to us.

Our first official deputation service was with our dear friends Pastor and Sis. Trimble at the Winds of Pentecost in St. Charles, Missouri. During that service two people were filled with the Holy Ghost, one being an uber driver Pastor Trimble had witnessed to a few weeks prior.

It has been wonderful to see what God is doing across the country from state to state. This past week, we were in service with Pastor and Sister Adam Vannoy in Grand Rapids, Michigan where 7 people received the Holy Ghost and 1 was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ! We are thankful for the truly divine connections and the wonderful new friendships we have made.

We ask that you pray for a speedy deputation so we may return to France.

If you would like, you can also click on the link below to support us on a monthly basis or to contribute to any of our current projects.

Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support. We hope to see you in our travels!

God bless you,
Dean, Laureen & Caleb Byfield

Good News from Northern Europe (July)


What do missionaries do? 

Just to give you a taste of our June activities, 
below are some highlights of last month in our area of responsibility:

  • Elgin, Scotland Ladies in ACTSion Day   
  • Year 1 students ministered in London
  • Ireland Ladies in ACTSion Day    
  • Full Time Bible School Concluded
  • Glasgow Ladies Day     
  • Annual Missionary Field Fellowship
  • Edinburgh Men’s Day     
  • Apostolic Youth Corps Concluded
  • First National Music Conference in London   
  • Part Time Bible School Concluded
  • General Board Meeting hosted in Glasgow   
  • Night of Power Prayer for Muslims
  • Preparation for Great Britain & Ireland Conference 
  • Planning for Nordic Conference
  • Preparation for Alumni “Lifted” Concert   
  • Preparation for Bible School Graduation

Local church ministries above and beyond the church service schedule:

  • Family Focus Night     
  •  Home Prayer Meeting
  • Leadership Session      
  • Annual Church Business Meeting 
  • MAD (Mothers Against the Devil) 
  • Prayer Meeting  Homeless Outreach
  • Planning for Annual Children’s Retreat   
  • Connect Young Adult Fellowship
  • Father’s Day Barbecue    
  • Bible School Barbecue 


In our spare time (smile), we took time to celebrate 41 years of marriage and we also celebrate 35 years as missionaries. We thank God for His abundant blessings on our life.

Below are pictures from June:   

While the pastor and his family from Glasgow, the James Beeks, have been on deputation, they have frequently Skyped in to minister to the Glasgow church. Bro. Beek preached on Father’s Day and Sis. Beek taught a session on holiness to the ladies. This connection has been a great blessing to the church. Pray for their quick return to Scotland. 
Ladies in ACTSion evangelism tea in Elgin
Sis. Kelley with the new pastor’s wife in Elgin, Sis. Gina Fyfe
Final Bible School social of the school year—Food and fun cook-out
What a joy to have 3 of our full-time alumni back to visit in June. From left to right: Cori Smith who has jbeen part of the Next Steps Staff in Sri Lanka; Abigail Wallace who does short term missions work; and Christine Patterson who is now an intermediate missionary to Romania. They are pictured above ministerithe current graduates concerning life after Bible School and all the adjustments that entails. God is using many of the graduates in a powerful way in numerous countries around the world.
Night of Power Prayer for the Muslim World: Each year during Ramadan, we have very focused prayer that revelation will come to Muslims. The Night of Power is when they fast and pray. We join in this night and believe God to reveal TRUTH to those who are hungry and thirsty.
The Annual Missionary Field Fellowship was a great time of blessing and refreshing. It was an honor to have our Regional Director and his wife, Bro. and Sis. Tuttle in attendance. He and Bro. Kelley are pictured above addressing the meeting during the business session. 

Thank God for the three current Associate Missionaries in Northern Europe. 

From left to right: Jason Hefner who is working at Harvest Bible College; Kelly Collier who is pastoring two churches in Sweden; and Allison Mitchell who is pastoring a military work in England. These three young adults are being greatly used of the Lord.  We thank God for the highly effective ministry of each of them. If you would like to support their ministry, please write to our email address.