Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tolstad/Uganda Update

Dear Partners and Friends,

Just wanted to start by saying a big thank you for having a burden for Uganda! Without you it would not be possible to see what God is doing in the hearts of people!

Last week we gave a Bible Study to two  pastors and baptized them as students at the Kampala Apostolic Secondary School looked on and worshipped God.

Presbyter Jacob Bahemuka called me this morning excited at what God is doing in the Rwenzori Region:

  • Last week, In a two day Seminar in Kabingolinja, a preaching point became a CHURCH! A miraculous healing took place, and many were moved to join the church. God wants to show himself mighty!
  • On Sunday, July 7th:
    • Kazabe Joyce started a church in Nyanga a month ago and has had 45 people baptized and received the Holy Ghost.
    • In Kyabayima the Pastor had died and we were installing a new pastor, 8 received the Holy Ghost, 4 baptized in Jesus Name.
    • Kinyinya, Pastor Kabbara Annasette; three received the Holy Ghost.
    • Nabingoola, Pastor Ruhhweza Gertrude reported a mighty healing in the Church Service.
    • Katamba, Pastor Barongo John, two Anglican men received the Holy Ghost and seven folks were baptized.
    • Nyabutinba, Pastor Kyamanywa John; six people received the Holy Ghost and seven baptized. (The Church is having to move it's building as a road is being built right were it is. The district confiscated the land and has ordered them to move. We are trying to locate a place to build them a church house. If you can help with this need, please let us know. Pastor John is the secretary of the Region and a tremendous help to the work of God.)

In Lira Town last Sunday, the Church marched to the city park a few blocks away and held an open air service. Over a hundred people pledged to visit the church! This Sunday they had over a hundred visitors as God moved in the Service. I will be there in two weeks and will have a baptismal service and another open air meeting in the Park.

Sunday (7th) we preached at one of our new churches here in Kampala, the church is in Nansana and 19 people received the Holy Ghost. I was there a month ago when nine folks received the Holy Ghost, one of the ladies who had received the Holy Ghost in that service, stood and testified, that after receiving the Holy Ghost, she talked in tongues for days, wherever she went, she talked in tongues and many people rejoiced in her experience.

I also wanted to say a few words about our two Schools in Kampala. Sis Tolstad does a tremendous job working with the Primary and the Secondary Schools. There are over 1,000 students and 100 teachers and staff in the schools. It is totally self supporting as we do not put one dollar into the schools from Mission funds. It is a daunting task as there are problems every day, yet the schools are recognized as one of the best in Kampala. Sis Tolstad has worked very hard to bring a Christian influence to the lives of these young people. There are 19 countries represented (Many are Refugees), many religions, about a third of the students are Muslim. Through it all, we have seen God do some great things this year as close to fifty are attending the Youth Services on Sunday and about a hundred stay after school to attend Wednesday night teachings. It is not easy for them as life is very difficult here in Uganda, but Jesus is our HOPE!

This past week we were in the Bushenyi District in Western Uganda. It borders DRC (Congo)  where there is still a lot of fighting going on. Over 60,000 refugees from Congo have come into Uganda. Many of the Rebel soldiers have also come, hiding as refugees, causing many problems. As Uganda has over 20,000 troops stationed in Somalia, Al Quaida has targeted Uganda. But we thank God for a safe journey and a great move of God.

It was a four day Apostolic Doctrine Seminar teaching classes all day. On Thursday and Saturday we spent several hours answering questions that they had on doctrine, tithing, holiness, etc. Twelve folks received the Holy Ghost, 15 Baptized in Jesus Name, two baptized where pastors who have seen the Revelation of God and Jesus Name Baptism. We had a Pastors meeting on Sunday afternoon and am happy to report, they are now preaching the message of Salvation.
On Sunday morning a Sister in the Church testified that Saturday night when she arrived home, they brought her son from the school very sick, she rushed him to the hospital and the Doctor could not find anything wrong, however he just quit breathing and the as the Doctor could not resuscitate him, told her to take him home. When she arrived home, he was quite dead, BUT in the Seminar we taught on Faith in the Word of God  for the impossible!, she called some saints together and they prayed for her son. She said, she did not expect to be in Church on Sunday morning as her son had died, but she was there WITH her son, as God raised him and healed him completely! JESUS is a BIG GOD! He heals, saves and is a mighty God!

We covet your prayers,
Phil and Twyla Tolstad

Pic 1:  Pastor Christia Baptizing Pastors Moses and Joseph
Pic 2: Two bicycles headed for the West Nile Region for Pastors
Pic 3: Pastor Mahulu David preaching with a portable megaphone.
Pic 4 & 5: Primary Students eating lunch; YES, they eat with their hands.
Pic 6-10: Secondary School Chapel Service; Worship & Sis Tolstad Teaching. There are over 400 Secondary Students at school.
Pic 11: Altar service in Nansana
Pic 12: New Church in Katamba, not quite finished, but services are being held!

Some more pictures...
Preaching in Bushenyi

Answering Questions

Ladies seeking the Holy Ghost

Presbyter Jacob leading the Altar Service

Altar Service on Sunday

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