Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Suppan Family Update

Berlin, Germany: 3,5 million people

We are grateful that Global Missions extended our field from Austria, to include Germany. In the next weeks, we will be planting the very first apostolic church in the so called "Atheist Capital of Europe". Many have prayed for Berlin. God has already prepared hearts. We are thankful for several contacts and appreciate the Speckman family and Pastor Scott Ardary from Ohio working with us in the month of June to prepare for the arrival of AYC.

General Conference for the German speaking Nations

God filled 25 with the Holy Ghost, and 15 were baptized in Jesus Name. We are grateful of the ministry of Bro. Howell, Bro. Tuttle, Bro. Cunningham and Bro Robinette during the conference.

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