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Focus @ Uruguay

Personal Message

We are very thankful for your faithful support and prayers on our behalf. Uruguay is a country of 3.5 million souls that desperately need Jesus. Your thoughtful giving enables us to bring this Gospel of Salvation to this beautiful land. The challenges are many, spiritual warfare a daily engagement. However, the gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church. Engage with us in prayer as we storm the principalities and powers of Uruguay. VICTORY is a sure thing. We are the VICTORIOUS CHURCH!

I want to bring your attention to the links in our story lines. Each one will take you to a particular page on our Facebook site.

Again, thank you for your commitment to the Walmer family. We are certainly thankful! God bless you!

Michael, Ivonne & Christian



How are you, my friend? I hope everything is well with you, your family and the church. We are doing well, keeping busy in our work here in Uruguay and in the region. Missionary work can have its challenges; nevertheless, the rewards are incomparable! I thank the Lord daily for the call of God to work in Global Missions.

Youth Congress Brazil 

I have been traveling a lot these past three/four months. In February I was at a District Youth Congress in southern Brazil where I ministered and translated for another David de Asis from Argentina. We had 100+ receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, and several were baptized.

Try clicking the links below to check out all the activity in Uruguay and in the region!

2013 Youth Congress

Executive Global Council - Dubai, UAE

I also had the opportunity to be a translator at the Executive Global Council in Dubai, UAE. That was quite an experience to say the least. It was an honor to be involved in this forum and watch our leaders from around the world make policy and procedures for the international church.

Executive Global Council

Uruguay National Conference

Our National Conference was held toward the end of April. We had a young minister from Argentina and a pastor from Chile as special guests. What a time we had in the Lord! They say it was one of the best conferences in the history of the church. We had 7 get the Holy Ghost. Praise the Lord! Three of them were from our local church! Hallelujah!

2013 UY National Conference

CEIA 2013

In May I was back in Brazil on two occasions. I preached at the District Conference in Bahia (northern Brazil) where three received the Holy Ghost and later that month participated in preaching and translating at a Minister's Conference in southern Brazil similar to Because of the Times. On Sunday night we held a crusade, open to the public, and we had 74 people get the Holy Ghost and several miracles, including blind eyes being opened! It was such a powerful time in the presence of God. As to speakers, we enjoyed Rev. James Hughes, David Smith, Mike Watts, James Stark, Ivana Norris and David de Asis, from Argentina.

CEIA 2013

Pentecost Weekend Revival

On the third weekend of this month, we had our Pentecost Sunday Rally in our local church! We had an evangelist from Argentina come to speak. We had three get the Holy Ghost and several mighty miracles take place; one lady could barely walk when she came to service that night and, at the end of the service, she gave her testimony and started to run around the church! God is awesome!

Pentecost Revival Weekend

Revival Tidbits

We are excited about our local church and the spiritual growth we are seeing in our people! There is such a yielding to God and a freedom of worship that testifies of what God is doing in the hearts of each one. We see more dedication and consecration. We have had some backsliders return to the Lord and really praying and calling on God. I am thankful.

This last Tuesday I paid a visit to a neighbor of one of our saints, who has suffered from panic syndrome for years. She had been to many doctors and was being told she needed to be hospitalized in a mental hospital. We prayed for her, her home, walking through each room, binding the spirits, and she has been healed completely. She and her family will be in church this Sunday!

Thank you for giving to the Walmer family! You make this mission possible! God bless you! Thank you for your prayers and support!

Keep in touch!

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