Monday, July 8, 2013

Africa Network of Prayer

Calendar Events

03 July       EQUATORIAL GUINEA     Board Meeting
02 July       MADAGASCAR         Barnabas seminar in Tsiroanomandidy
02-05 July  MADAGASCAR         Regional Youth Camp in Antsahatanteraka
03, 05 July REPUBLIC OF CONGO        Fast and Prayer in the local church of Massengo
04-05 July  EQUATORIAL GUINEA        Revival program
05-07 July  CAMEROON    National Men's Conference.
06 July        KENYA             National prayer and fasting day for UPCK families
06 July        EQUATORIAL GUINEA      Bible school Graduation Ceremony
06 July        CONGO DRC   Provincial Council meeting in Kinshasa
07 July        KENYA           National Youth Day
07 July        REPUBLIC OF CONGO         Revival in Massengo
08-09 July   MADAGASCAR      Sunday school teachers seminar in Antsohihy A7
08 July        CONGO DRC          Faith group at Christ SauveurChurch--Kinshasa
09-10 July   MADAGASCAR      Sunday school teachers seminar in Ambavan'Isahavato D5
09-13 July   LIBERIA    National Ministerial Seminar at Sinkor UPC Headquarters, Monrovia; Guest Speaker, Rev. Leon Bertram
10-14 July   GHANA       Ministers and Wives' Conference
11 July        EQUATORIAL GUINEA        Youth Fellowship
11-13 July   KENYA           River Yala Region Evangelist & Prayer Coordinator Seminar
12 July        LIBERIA         Section III Pastors' meeting at Abundant Life UPC in Harbel
12-14 July   ZIMBABWE   Midlands Conference, Kwekwe.
13 July        UGANDA        Ministers Leadership in Kampala
13 July        MAURITIUS   Youth Service in Vacoas
13 July        LIBERIA         National Prayer Workshop, Section III of UPCL
13 July        CONGO DRC      Ladies Leaders and Pastors' wives training in districts
13 July        MADAGASCAR  Barnabas seminar in Manjakandriana
14 July        EQUATORIAL GUINEA     Mission Day
15-21 July   GHANA          Youth Week
17-19 July   LIBERIA         National Youth Revival, UPC, Lower Bong County.
18 July        EQUATORIAL GUINEA      Ladies fellowship
18-20 July   KENYA           Nairobi Region Ladies Convention
18-21 July   CAMEROON   National Youth Convention
19 July        REPUBLIC OF CONGO       Fast and Prayer of the local church, Massengo
19-23 July   TANZANIA             Mwanza Regional Conference
20 July        LIBERIA         Sectional rally, Section I at First UPC Church, in Tubmanburg City
20 July        MADAGASCAR      Barnabas seminar in Tanjombato G11
20 July        MADAGASCAR      Barnabas seminar in Ambohimanarina G13
20-21 July   REPUBLIC OF CONGO        Evangelisation, Massengo
22-24 July   MADAGASCAR         Regional Youth Camp in AmbirikyF3
22-28 July    EQUATORIAL GUINEA    Intercessory week
22-28 July    CONGO DRC        Financial Harvest Week In Kinshasa
23-24 July    MADAGASCAR    Sunday school teachers seminar in Ambalavao D2
24-26 July    MAURITIUS      Vacation Bible School Day Camp in Rodrigues
25-27 July    CAMEROON     Minister's Conference and Elections
25-28 July    TANZANIA    Mara Regional Conference
25-28 July    KENYA           Lake Region Ladies Convention
26 July         MADAGASCAR   Barnabas seminar in Alatsinainy Bakaro G5
27 July         CONGO DRC       Baptism Service
27 July         ZIMBABWE   Children's Conference, Matebeleland Section, Bulawayo.
27 July         ZIMBABWE   Pastor's Meeting, New Life Temple, Harare.
27 July         ZIMBABWE   Children's Ministries, Midlands Section, Echopark
30-31 July    REPUBLIC OF CONGO      Seminar for pastors and wives


04 July      AFRICA REGION     Pray for Africa's Children

14 July     GLOBALLY   Pray for the French-speaking nations of  Africa Region and around the world

28 July - 02 Aug    EAST AFRICA    Pray for the sub regional conference being held in Nairobi, Kenya.  Pray for all the delegates coming from all the different countries throughout East Africa

Other Prayer Requests

CAMEROON - Please pray for our missionaries during the time before and during 04-07 July.  They have been asked to minister in a Convention of another church organization.  The leader of this organization is interested in becoming a part of the UPC of Cameroon.

Also, please pray with us for the final registration of our Church.  We have been having problems in some areas of the country.  We have been told that the papers need to pass the office of the Vice President for his approval.  We believe the Lord can give us wisdom needed to go about this in a right way and that we will be granted the papers needed to operate our churches throughout the country without opposition and pressure put on our churches.

- Pray for the safe arrival of our Area coordinator Rev. and Sister Adams and Rev Sisco, the GATS regional representative as they visit Malabo.

LIBERIA - During the month of July, there will be a Section 4 Ladies Fellowship held at the Solid Rock UPC, Owens' Groove District, Grand Bassa County.  Pray for the Section II Churches especially during this rainy season and farming season that the churches can maintain good attendance.  Finally we ask you to pray for Bishop Dr. Stephen T. Y. Benda, as he moves his leadership from his first-year inauguration into his second year steering the affairs of UPC Liberia into greater challenges.

(Rodrigues Island) - Pray for the visit of Bro. Vijay Balgobin and his wife who will be with us for special services scheduled 04-07 July.  Please also pray for the seven new families who have opened their houses for a "Home Bible Studies."

SENEGAL - Please pray for the Sullys as they go to Senegal for a preliminary, fact-finding trip during the months of July and August. They will also be meeting officials in efforts to ensure that all church documents are in order.

SOUTH AFRICA - 1) Retha, a 19-year-old young lady, was diagnosed with a brain tumor and has already lost sight in one eye. Doctors have given her just a few more days to live. This has been an incredible shock for her and her family.   2) Pastor Mark Chummie (Eldorado Park, Johannesburg) lost his wife last week due to Steven Johnson Syndrome. Their youngest child will be 3 years old later this year. Please pray God will continue to comfort the family and guide them.

SOUTH SUDAN - We need your continued prayer for the spiritual growth and direction for the church.  Pray for reconstruction process of our church in Juba which was recently demolished.

- Help us pray that we can sell our present plot of land so we will be able to buy another piece of property for the building of our Bible School.

Praise Reports

EQUATORIAL GUINEA - Four were baptized in Jesus name and four received the Holy Ghost in the past few weeks.

LIBERIA - We are thankful to God that the sectional conferences have been successful so far. We are encouraged with the attendance from the local churches. Many visitors were invited and were filled with the Holy Ghost.  The services focused on church growth.  We are thankful that our National Superintendent was able to be in all these conferences.  We also are very grateful that our Missionary, Elder Albert Stewart and his wife are still here helping in every way that they can during this transitional time.

MAURITIUS (Rodrigues Island) - We now have three new licensed preachers in Rodrigues.

SOUTH AFRICA - We give praise that Pastor Shaun Visagie (Cape Town) was discharged from hospital after triple-bypass surgery. His recovery is slow and painful. We continue to believe God for his complete recovery.

SOUTH SUDAN - Thank you for praying for Pastor Samuel who is now out of hospital and almost fully recovered.

Have you prayed for the Target Countries this month?

Target Countries: 2013 / 2014
1.  Mali
2.  The Gambia
3.  Eritrea
4.  The Comoros Islands

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