Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tolstad/Uganda Report

Dear Partners and Friends,

The last two weeks in Uganda have seen God do some tremendous things.

In the town of Lira at the Sunday service, the crowd grew so large the service was taken outside to a park, and over 500 people were in attendance. God moved mightily as many testified to healings, and many received their personal Pentecost; as the number was so large, we where not able to get a count. A doctor from Indonesia, working at the Hospital in Lira, said he had never felt God like he did in that service. Baptismal service is planned for next Sunday.

In Adjumani, record attendance was broken with over 145 adults. Four where baptized in Jesus Name.

In Nkumba village on Lake Victoria, five received the Holy Ghost and three were baptized. In the last week, there have been 19 baptized in that church.

In the church of Kabalagala/Nsambya last Sunday, three received the Holy Ghost! As the altar service was happening, my wife pointed out a little boy sitting on the floor to me; he was about four years old and he was just sitting on the floor with his hands in the air, tears running down his face as he was worshiping. What a great manifestation of the presence of God when even Children feel the mighty power of God!

Doctrinal Seminars are being planned for Naymaingo, Busia, Bugiri and Bulecha this week. Next week an anniversary service in Nansane with many trinitarian pastors in attendance. In July we are having an Doctrinal Outreach in Bushenyi in the West and in Amolotar, Kaberamaido, Dokolo and Apac. If you would like to sponsor a Doctrinal Seminar, please let us know. Our ability to have these seminars and travel is dependent on our finances. We are receiving many reports of God opening many doors and confirming his Word with miracles and wonders.

Several new churches have been started in the last two weeks, but I have not been able to receive those reports. Two new Area Coordinators have received their "pickey pickeys" (Motorcycles) so they are able to travel into the far reaches of their Regions, so we expect to hear great reports from them soon.

Help us Pray for Peace in Uganda as there have been some political unrest, riots and deaths throughout Kampala. We need Peace in the country to travel and preach the Gospel. Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support as we work to reach every tribe and village in Uganda! We cannot do it without you!

If you would like to have someone else receive our monthly emails, please send us the addresses, if you want to be removed from our list also just let us know.

Phil Tolstad
For the souls of Uganda, East Africa

Top: Altar Service!
Second: Pastor John (Baptized two weeks ago, the youth choir singing.
Third: Church in Lira Town
Fourth: Outside Outreach Preaching! With Choirs, Testimonies, Preaching
Fifth: New Church in Nkumba, Pastor Erias on keyboard with praise singers
Sixth: Pastor Christia Testifying!!!!! If you've ever heard him, he is FIRE! What a great blessing he is to Uganda
Seventh: Preaching in Nkumba
Eighth: Altar Service in Nkumba
Ninth: Receiving the Holy Ghost at Baptism!

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