Monday, November 17, 2008

Update on Bro. Steve Willoughby

Dear Friends,

Yes God Can.

I spoke to Sis Willoughby a short while ago. She informed that the results of the PET scan are in. Having reviewed the results, the doctors stated that they are not ready to call it cancer”. They are now considering the possibility of a viral infection. With this in mind, the biopsy that was scheduled for Monday, 17 November has been pushed back to later in the week.

Tonight at Tabernacle of Joy, we had a special service to inform and update the body regarding Bro Willoughby’s condition.

At the start of the service, everyone was quiet and somber. As we prayed specifically for the Willoughbys, the atmosphere changed from one of sorrow to one believing that with God nothing is impossible. We prayed that what God had done with the blood clot, He would do with the growth in the lung. We prayed that the biopsy would show that the growth is not cancer and that there would be no adverse effects from the biopsy. God is answering our prayer!

Please do continue to charge in prayer. It’s not over yet. It won’t be over until both the Willoughbys are restored to full health. He’s doing it! Hallelujah!

Standing on his promises

On behalf of Pastor Timothy
And Tabernacle of Joy

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