Thursday, November 13, 2008

Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

Prayer Requests
From Darline Royer (VFMA: Africa):
Please pray for my husband Arlon Royer.

This past Friday, after having had several medical tests on Thursday, followed by a CAT Scan on Friday morning, Bro. Royer received a call from the doctor’s secretary asking him to come to his office that afternoon.

When the doctor entered the room where we waited, he laid the medical file on the side counter, greeted us kindly and then sat down facing us and said, “I wanted you to come so that I could share the report with you.” Then he asked, “Arlon, would you like the report up front?” When Arlon assured him he preferred an upfront report, he said, “Arlon, you have pancreatic cancer. I am so sorry to bring you such a report.” Having shared the shocking news, the doctor took considerable time to discuss the serious medical implications, letting us know in a compassionate manner that few people, if any, survive this type of cancer. Even as we received the doctor’s report, we sensed the peace and comfort of the Lord, and we continue to feel His touch.

By faith we look to The Healer, striving to submit to Him as He leads us through this valley. The prayers of our family and friends provide us with strength and courage.

Last night (Monday) our four children and two of their spouses and a granddaughter joined us for a celebration family dinner at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants to show their love and care! Phil, our oldest son, flew in from Atlanta, Georgia, to San Jose, and then came with our son Stan to be with us for two days. Our two daughters and their spouses live about 20 miles from Gridley, CA, where we are presently living in our motor home.

Together with our family and friends and the missionary family, we pray for God’s miracle of healing! Arlon does need a miracle! He is scheduled with the oncologist for further evaluation on Thursday.

From Carl Morgan (FMD):
Please pray for Steve Willoughby (Singapore).

I just talked with Kent Elliott – very brief as he was calling from a hospital and wasn’t supposed to be using a cell phone from that location. I have also called Brother Doughty for additional information. Steve Willoughby is currently in Georgetown University Hospital undergoing testing. He has been suffering dizziness for some time which got worse during a flight from Singapore to the states. He was unable to preach at Chester Mitchell’s church as planned and went to a local medical facility to be checked out. That facility had him transferred to Georgetown.

From preliminary testing, there is a small amount of blood on the brain; however, the doctors have ruled out a stroke or aneurysm. Additional testing is underway.

Brother and Sister Elliot went from Connecticut to Washington, DC last night and are there now. Brother Elliott’s cell phone is 860-729-8554. He stated the Willoughby cell phone is also there – 314-520-3942. Brother Elliott will call again when he is where cell phone use is permitted with an update. Brother Doughty is also staying in touch with Barbara and will keep me informed as he learns more information.

Later: Brother Doughty just called my cell phone. The doctor has decided that Bro. Willoughby did suffer a stroke. The bleeding that occurred on the brain will be absorbed over time by the body.

From DLB (FMD):
Please continue praying for my father-in-law and family and my daughter. Brother Sponsler is now in the Hospice House of Kansas City and enjoying visits from family and friends. He’s in good spirits and generally mentally alert. The doctor expects the transition will be sometime next week.

After returning from Kansas City Sunday evening, Krystin was in so much pain that I took her to the ER. Although the doctors have ruled out appendicitis, they have not determined the cause of the pain. Please pray that they can find the source of the problem and correct it.

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Praise Reports
From Aurelia Hopkins (Regional Prayer Coordinator, CAC):

The 2008 Breaking Barriers Conference, held recently in the Dominican Republic was a tremendous blessing to the more than 120 ministers and their wives that participated. God mightily anointed the Breaking Barriers Team as they ministered on themes such as Doctrine, Family Life and Church Growth.

A Trinitarian minister that was present for one of the teaching sessions understood the doctrine of Baptism in Jesus Name and was baptized the next day in the swimming pool on the campgrounds.

Bro. & Sister Steve Shirley were wonderful hosts for this memorable event. The Dominican ministers were refreshed spiritually and were challenged to break barriers in their local churches so that they might experience even greater revival in the Dominican Republic.

A special thanks to the Breaking Barriers Team for their spiritual and financial support!

From Gary and Linda Reed (Middle East):
The National Conference of the UPCI of Jordan was this last weekend.

We thank God for the ministry of Bro. Paul Mooney and Bro. Mokhles Sedra, who inspired us to grow in the Lord.

Six people were filled and four were baptized. We praise God for these new souls.


Anonymous said...

I came across Darline Royer's prayer request and since my name is also Royer and we spent several years on the mission fields of Latin America, I want to assure this "cousin" of mine of my sincere interest in this prayer request. We will ask our loving Lord for healing for this servant of His! He has unlimited power!

Dr. Gary Royer
Professor of Missions
Southwestern Assemblies of God University
1200 Sycamore St
Waxahachie, TX 75165

The Evangelist said...

Hello there!

I know that our Lord will hear every single utterance!!

Glory to His name!

Unknown said...

Pray for Austin to find a quick end to an unhealthy relationship with Chelsea. He is drawing closer to God now and is seeking the Lord about how to leave the relationship behind. Please ask God for boldness and grace for Austin to release Chelsea and stand up as a man of God.